Tickets on sale for the 2007 WFTDA Eastern Regional Tournament – “Heartland Havoc”

Heartland HavocTickets are now on sale for the 2007 WFTDA Eastern Regional Tournament, aka Heartland Havoc. The tournament will be held at Battelle Hall in the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH, August 17-19. Prices are $25/day or $50 for the whole event. Get tickets online here. More info here.

The top four teams from this tournament will go on to compete in the National Championship Tournament in Austin, TX in September. Click here to see the lineup.

Here are the teams competing for a shot at the National Championship, in order of probable seed (not official):

  1. Mad Rollin’ Dolls
  2. Minnesota Rollergirls
  3. Carolina Rollergirls
  4. Providence Roller Derby
  5. Gotham Girls Roller Derby
  6. Philly Roller Girls
  7. Boston Derby Dames
  8. Atlanta Rollergirls
  9. Detroit Derby Girls
  10. Windy City Rollers
  11. Ohio Roller Girls
  12. Grand Raggidy Roller Girls