WFTDA Bout Preview: (u) Northwest Arkansas @ (19) Dallas

Unranked Northwest Arkansas (NWA) takes on a daunting task on Saturday night, heading to Dallas to do battle with the 19th-ranked Dallas Derby Devils.

NWA is still looking for its first win as a WFTDA league, with a 102-77 loss to Assassination City in June of 2007 and a considerably closer 90-83 loss to Lincoln, Nebraska’s No Coast in October.

One factor that the NWA girls will definitely have to overcome is the fact that Dallas has been much more active in recent months. While it’s been over a year since the last Dallas all-star victory, they’ve been facing fairly stiff competition the entire time — in the previous quarter, they went down to 13th-ranked Rocky Mountain 85-73, an alternate team from 4th-ranked Texas 142-101, and most recently to 15th ranked Charm City, 117-89.

Dallas’ roster for this bout looks to be a bit different than the one that matched up against Charm City. While the jamming duties will likely still rest greatly on the capable wheels of Hot for Teacher and Anita Riot, there are a few players who didn’t make the previous bout — G-Town Butcher, Barooski, Rink Panther and Ann R. Key.

The bout will be part of a doubleheader with both leagues’ other travel teams — Dallas’ Death Row Rumblers and NWA’s Backwoods Betties. Desi Deck ‘Em and Strawberry Deathcake will be representing for the Rumblers in that matchup. For some more detail, check out Texpert Phil Arnold’s take over on Roller Derby Is Sport.

(A couple of side notes: interesting name matchup in Dallas’ Scary Cherry Bang Bang vs. NWA’s Itty Bitty Bang, and NWA also brings an skater named Unskinny Wop. Seriously, Unskinny Wop. You can’t not love roller derby.)

Ali Gorey 1891 // G-Town Butcher // Anita Riot 138 // Hot For Teacher A+ // Barooski // Heike DeSkirt 36-24-36 // Rink Panther // Keltic Kamikaze 3 Jiggers // Nitro Jen 8 // Wicked Bitch of the West 13 // Ann R. Key // Scary Cherry Bang Bang 505 // Mercy 1 // Lickity Split Tail 241 // Kick Face Trace 1313 // The Shocker 21

Dimah Darling // Saba Taj // Apache Rose // Blackzilla // Dilliverance // Diss Missile // Danger Darling // Itty Bitty Bang // Mellow Yellow // Queen LaTeachya // Pork Pie // Spark Plug // Unskinny Wop