New York Shock Exchange Meets Harm City Homicide In First-Ever Full-Length Men’s Bout

KENDALL PARK, NJ — Sunday night will see a watershed bout for the burgeoning men’s flat-track derby scene, as the New York Shock Exchange defends their Athletic Cup trophy against Baltimore’s Harm City Homicide in the first-ever 60 minute men’s bout played under WFTDA rules.

The powerful Shock Exchange come into this bout as the unofficial kings of the men’s derby scene, having dominated their opponents in all of their public events to date. In their first bout, in April 2007, they laid claim to the Athletic Cup after defeating the original men’s flat-track team, Pioneer Valley, 109 to 51, in a 40 minute bout.

In October 2007, they crushed Harm City in a 20-minute expo during halftime of the Charm City Roller Girls championship bout, ruining their home debut with a 97-14 schooling. On March 29, they played a 10-minute expo against Midwest Men’s Roller Derby at halftime of a Windy City Rollers bout, defeating MMRD 12-3.

Finally and most recently, in their first official defense of the Athletic Cup, they again rolled over Pioneer Valley’s Dirty Dozen, 125 to 44, in another 40 minute match.

Harm City had their first public bout in September 2007 against Pioneer Valley, keeping it close for the first 30 minutes but losing steam in the last 10 to end up on the short side of a 100-67 final. They haven’t had another public bout as a team since the October expo against Shock Exchange, but numerous members have participated in mixup East Coast men’s expos during Providence, Charm City and Connecticut bouts.

The undefeated Shock Exchange comes into the bout as a clear favorite over the winless Homicide, but things have changed a bit since their last meeting. Gordon Gekko, who ran up big jam scores in the October bout, has retired from the NYSE, as have Junk Bond and Snausage. The Shock Exchange also lost jammer Teen Wolf to a freak injury in the MMRD bout, leaving them with a core crew of Jonathan R, Rinkworm and Mothra at the second line.

Meanwhile, the Homicide lineup regains critical blocker Sex Ed, who missed the first meeting with a broken wrist, and adds pack help in the forms of Hung Solo, Magnificent Bastard, Carnage Asada and Groper Cleavage. The Harm City jammer crew remains based around Virginia Slim, Deustch Bag and Justice Feelgood Marshall, who is totally writing this in the third person, and that’s totally weird.

While Homicide brings a short roster of 13 to the bout, that’s still a significantly deeper bench than NYSE has faced in their longer bouts — PVRD fielded only 8 in their most recent bout, and in their first meeting, injuries and ejections meant that PVRD had to play the last few jams with the same 5 players.

Audience members puzzled, perplexed, disoriented, bemused or otherwise flummoxed by the sight of boys playing flat-track are in luck: members of the Garden State Rollergirls, who have recently merged with the New Jersey Dirty Dames, will provide a respite, facing off in a 20-minute halftime exhibition bout.
Abe Drinkin’ 4 Score and 7 // Flames Cagney 1000 // Angelo Death 138 // Darth Invader 4ce // Jonathan R 6 // Maulin’ Brando 14 // Mothra 9ish // MotorPsycho 127 // Patrick Bateman West 81st // PsychoBilly 13 // Rinkworm 11 // Filthy McNasty 61 // T-Stop Tornado 517 // Wolfgang Von Stomp 40th

Virginia Slim 523 // Sin Diesel 1* // Justice Feelgood Marshall 1954 // Carpe Demon 7734 // Sex Ed 101 // Man Rayge 22 // Natty Bones 38 // Otto Erotic 2SXY // Deutsch Bag 9 // Hung Solo YT-1300 // Magnificent Bastard 1.618 // Carnage Asada CH4 // Groper Cleavage (infinity)