MooseCast: (u) West Texas Roller Dollz at (u) Oklahoma Victory Dolls

Brand new WFTDA member leagues West Texas Roller Dollz and Oklahoma Victory Dolls faced off Saturday in Oklahoma City, and DNN cub reporter Moose Ondaluce was there to capture pre- and post-bout interviews.

Additional notes from Moose:

This was actually a WFTDA Regulation Bout, not Sanctioned as stated in the MooseCast.

Oklahoma Victory Dolls got off to a slow start in their first WFTDA bout as Marie LaRolle did some top-notched jamming for West Texas Roller Dollz. OKVD was quick to catch up and take a short lead, but was eclipsed by a 14 point jam by Marie LaRolle. OKVD faught back hard with Jiligula and Pusshy Control in the jamming positions, bring the score at half-time to OKVD 69 – WTRD 77. 

The second half was close until Marie LaRolle scored 19 unanswered points in a single jam as the OKVD jammer was in the penalty box. OKVD made a valiant attempt at a comeback, but the final score was WRTD 145 – OKVD 123.