Eastern Regionals: Complete Capsule Recaps


(8e) Madison 143, (9e) Minnesota 67 — Home Madison kicked off their tournament with a solid win over Minnesota, jumping out to a 24-0 lead after just three jams. With Madison doing an excellent job of denying lead jammer status to Minnesota and Minnesota suffering from lots of jammer penalty trouble throughout the first half, Madison would find themselves sitting on a fat 42 point lead at 71-29. Minnesota could only do mildly better in the second half, with Madison’s margin of victory steadily growing throughout the bout.

Madison’s Princess Die, Stitch and Chop Suzzy had particularly effective games in the pack, while their jammers Mouse and Darling Nikki were the scoring engines; for the Minnesota crew, Harmony Killerbruise and Jawbreaker had a number of nice moments in a losing effort.

See archived boutcast here.

(7e) Boston 132, (10e) Grand Raggidy 30 — This bout started out as a very low-scoring, deliberate contest with lots of positional blocking and point-denial strategies on the part of both teams. They traded the lead a handful of times until late in the first half, where Grand Raggidy lost a narrow 27-26 lead to the biggest Boston jam of the bout that far, a 13-0 for Boston’s Krushpuppy over Dot Matrix.

That jam completely changed the complexion of the bout, as Grand Raggidy’s offense was then utterly smothered by Boston’s defense. The half ended 51-28 for Boston, and then an incredible performance by Boston’s blockers, keyed by tremendous work at the front of the pack by pivot/captain Shelby Shattered, held Grand Raggidy to only 2 points by Racey Wreck’Hell in the entire second half.

Boston would win that second half 81-2, building confidence for a Friday night clash with 3rd seed Carolina in a bout that will send one of them to Nationals.

See archived boutcast here.

(5e) Detroit 124, (12e) Providence 70
— Detroit took the lead from the first jam and was never really in trouble against a Providence team that was looking a little disorganized for the majority of the first half, and had very little luck claiming lead jammer, leaving them in a 82-25 hole at the end of the first 30.

Providence was able to put more points on the board in the second half and actually outscored Detroit 45-42 (in part due to a number of daisy-chained jammer penalties on Detroit in the second) but with the point margin so wide in the first, Detroit could easily cruise to victory.

Excellent all-around efforts from Racer McChaseher and Bytch Ryder were critical for Detroit’s first-half opening lead, while the second half saw some tremendously hard hits from Providence rookie Kid Ace, who often sent Detroit jammers flying to the sport court.

See archived boutcast here.

(6e) Charm City 158, (11e) Cincinnati 83 – An extremely physical battle between two hard-hitting teams saw penalties pile up on both crews throughout the bout, with more than a few jams ending with entirely full penalty boxes. Although Charm jumped out to an immediate 14-0 lead with a big jam for Flo Shizzle lapping Candy Kickass, Cincinnati stuck with the Baltimore girls for the whole first half, never letting Charm’s lead get bigger than 20 points. Late in the half, Charm City’s Rosie the Rioter would get the tournament’s first ejection for questioning a referee’s call a bit too directly. After 30 minutes the score stood at 72-52.

Charm City took control in the second half, though, helped out considerably by Cincinnati players spending lots of time in the penalty box. There were at least two short moments in the bout where there were no Cincinnati players on the track at all due to overlapping penalties, and many more where Cincinnati jammers struggled in a 4-2 pack. By the time Cincinnati had gotten over 60 points, Charm City had long passed 100, and would end up outscoring Cincy on the half to the tune of 86-31.

Cincinnati’s Sadistic Sadie was a standout for her team, often managing to battle her way to lead jammer even though packs were lopsided in Charm’s favor; Blu Bayou, Panterrorize and Sk8er Kinney also had good bouts in the pack. For Charm City, Joy Collision spent most of her time in the pack hammering open holes, while Flo Shizzle and Pistol Whip had remarkably good performances with the jammer star.

See archived boutcast here.

(1e) Gotham 138, (8e) Madison 70 (quarterfinal) — The hosts of Eastern Regionals put up a game fight against the top-ranked team in the region, and managed to stick with the girls from the Big Apple for the opening 20 minutes. Unfortunately for their very vocal hometown crowd, a demoralizing 48-7 run for Gotham in the final ten minutes of the first half, along with a big loss for Madison when their jammer Mouse was ejected in the same timeframe, ended Madison’s advancement through the tournament one step short of Nationals.

While Gotham was ahead from the moment Suzy Hotrod took a 1-0 win over Wildberry Punch on the opening jam, Madison kept it between 5 and 20 points up until there were about 8 minutes left in the half, when a 42-22 Gotham lead suddenly exploded into a 58-22 lead as Bonnie Thunders capitalized on a jammer penalty and thin pack for Madison with a 16-0 win over Stitch. Two jams later, star Madison jammer Mouse got lead jammer and was attempting to call off a jam, but was hit with a major before the jam ref called it off — and disagreed with the officials slightly more candidly that the officials were willing to tolerate, earning herself a game ejection. The half ended with Gotham up 80-29, and there would be no closing the gap for Madison in the second half.

Gotham earned themselves a spot in Nationals with the win, and advanced to play Philly on Saturday night, with the winner playing on Sunday afternoon for the Eastern Regional championship.

See the archived boutcast here.

(2e) Carolina 77, (7e) Boston 75 (quarterfinal)
— In what was unquestionably the most exciting bout of Eastern Regionals opening day, Boston came achingly close to delivering a major upset to Carolina, holding a 5 point lead with 3 minutes to play but losing it in the penultimate jam. Boston led the bout for most of the low-scoring first half, which ended 36-30.

The back-and-forth second half saw Boston take their biggest lead of the game with about 15 minutes to play and the score 60-44, but it was only a momentary high-water mark in the midst of four lead changes in the half.

Boston took over the lead for their last time on a 10-0 jam from Krushpuppy over Roxy Rockett, which made the score 70-64 with 7:20 to play, but suffered a fatal setback four jams later, when Krushpuppy was jamming with lead and a 73-68 Boston advantage, but committed a fourth-minor track during her first scoring pass that prevented her from calling off the jam.

With 56 seconds on the clock, the score 75-73 for Boston and Carolina’s Roxy Rockett on the line unopposed, it looked like Carolina had claimed the win when Roxy got lead, picked up four points and called the jam, but she’d called it just a tad too early — with 4 seconds left on the clock and Krushpuppy just freed from the box, Boston immediately called timeout to squeeze one last jam in there.

But Roxy’s tactical error turned out to be just a tease for the Boston fans, as she claimed lead jammer once again on the following and final jam, and immediately called it off once again, this time for good.

Carolina advanced to the semifinal to face Windy City on Saturday night, with the winner advancing to the Eastern Regional championship.

See the archived boutcast here.

Consolation Bouts:
Grand Raggidy dominated an unstructured Providence team 136-21, and in a bout that was considerably closer than the final score implied, Cincinnati went back and forth with Minnesota for almost a full 60 minutes before Cincy finally pulled away in the last five minutes to win 89-58.


(4e) Philly 102, (5e) Detroit 92 (quarterfinal) – Detroit fell in an early hole in this contest, having much more trouble keeping their jammers out of the penalty box than Philly did — Detroit’s Killbox hit the box four times as a jammer in the first half, fouling out of the half on its final jam. About 15 minutes deep into the bout, Detroit was looking at a 28-5 deficit and the margin would hover around 20 points in Philly’s favor for the majority of the half, ending at 53-22 Philly.

However, Detroit would come roaring back in the second half to nearly take the game from Philly. A big second-half opener for Detroit saw a star pass from Polly Fester to Roxanna Hardplace that led to a 13-4 total for Motor City, and a few jams later a 13-0 for Kat Von D’Stroya over Shenita Stretcher  followed by a 4-2 for Boo D. Livers over Mo Pain made it a tight 5 point game at 64-59 with about 20 minutes to play.

But the jammer-penalty bug would be back to bite Detroit. During Detroit’s next two jammer trips to the box, one for Racer McChaseher and one for Killbox, Philly would pick up 20 points while Detroit was unable to score, and this left this score 94-66 with 11:26 remaining.

Detroit had one last run left in them, though, managing to keep Philly off the board for the next four jams in the row while throwing up 22 points of their own and making it a nailbiter at 94-88 with 2:50 to play.

In the end, it would, yet again, come down to a jammer penalty on Detroit that killed their chances — Mo Pain, jamming against Detroit’s Racer McChaseher, played jammer defense against Racer and fell after Racer bumped into her from behind, sending Racer to the box and giving Mo time to rack up an 8-4 that left it at 102-92 with 45 seconds to play. (The foul, fittingly enough, would end Racer’s game, as she was ejected on penalty accumulation.) Teflon Donna was on the jam line for Philly to get the final lead jam call and the win with a timely call-off.

The bout made Detroit the only Eastern team from last year’s Nationals that will not be returning for 2008, as Philly took their slot with this win.

Read the play-by-play in DNN’s archived boutcast here.

(3e) Windy City 137, (6e) Charm City 76 (quarterfinal) – Charm City looked like they might be able to hang with the powerhouse from Chicago for the first 10 minutes of this one, trading small-margin jams and the lead until the teams were deadlocked at 16-16 with 19 minutes to play in the first, but after a huge 19-0 jam for Windy’s Varla Vendetta that found nearly the entire pack for both team in the penalty box, WCR had a 35-16 lead that they would never relinquish.

The score went to 47-16 before Charm City finally got back on the board with a 10-4 for Charm City’s Dolly Rocket over Kola Loka, but that was a very rare jam win for Charm, and the half ended with a commanding lead for Windy City, 87-29.

In the second half, another extremely light pack would lead to another huge jam for Windy City, as Shocka Conduit came within a point of tying the WFTDA tournament single-jam scoring record with a 24-0. That made it 127-54 with 7:22 to play, and it was academic from there (although there would be a scary moment late-game when a thunderous block from Joy Collision took Windy City’s Eva Dead off her skates and left her motionless on the sidelines for about a minute — but Eva proved to be ok and would return that night in the Carolina bout.)

Windy City qualified for Nationals with this one and advanced to play Carolina in the final four.

Read the play-by-play in DNN’s archived boutcast here.

(1e) Gotham 96, (4e) Philly 91 (semifinal) – In a bout that was much more closely contested than most observers had expected, Philly managed to erase a 89-72 deficit with only 4:49 left on the clock  to pull ahead 91-89 with 1:35 to play, but Gotham’s Suzy Hotrod would deny Philly the upset with a last-jam 7-0 over Mo Pain to lift the New York girls to victory.

Philly  led Gotham for a significant part of the first half. Although the score was 17-2 for Gotham after about 7 minutes, Philly turned it around quickly and scored 26 unanswered points to hold their biggest lead of the game at 28-17 about halfway through that opening 30. Gotham’s Bonnie Thunders dropped a 10-0 with the help of a 4-2 pack lopsided in Gotham’s favor, making it a 28-27 game. Gotham would not be able to pull into the lead until the very last jam of the half, though, at Gotham 46, Philly 44.

Gotham started out the second half very strong, putting up 17 unanswered points to make it 63-44 after just two jams. The Gotham lead would swing from about 10 to 20 points for almost all of the second half, and by the time it was 89-72 with under five minutes to play, it seemed that Philly was going to run out of time before closing the gap.

A huge couple of jams for Philly, though, would suddenly turn the bout on its head — Shenita Stretcher found a way to pick up an 8-0 while opposing jammer Sweet Sherry Pie had to watch from the box, and Teflon Donna followed that up with a 11-0 over the unboxed Pie, using every last second she had before Pie could get into scoring position. That thrilled the crowd, as Philly was on the verge of a shocker of a win with a 91-89 lead and 1:35 to play, but in a final jam between Suzy Hotrod and Mo Pain, Suzy’s lead jammer call and lockdown defense from the Gotham pack would let Gotham take the 96-91 win and advance to the championship bout of Easterns.

Read the play-by-play in DNN’s archived boutcast here.

(3e) Windy City 106, (2e) Carolina 66 (semifinal) – Much as they had in their opening bout against Charm City, Windy City took control of a close contest about 15 minutes into the first half and never looked back in this one. It was Windy City 18, Carolina 15 with 14:50 to play in the first, but Shocka Conduit lit up Carolina with a 15-0 that moved the total to 33-15, and WCR piled on the points before halftime, taking a 61-28 lead into the locker rooms.

Carolina made a run at Windy as the second half started, closing to within 18 points at 63-45 two jams deep into the half, but Windy City stymied their scoring for multiple jams to open it up again at 83-45 with 20 minutes to play. Faced with more speedy jamming from Athena DeCrime and Shocka Conduit, along with extremely effective blocking from Malice With Chains and Megan Formor, there would be no more narrowing the margin for Carolina, and the bout ended with Windy City advancing to face Gotham in the championship bout of the tournament.

Read the play-by-play in DNN’s archived boutcast here.

Consolation bouts:
(6e) Charm City delivered an upset to (5e) Detroit, pulling away late in a closely matched bout to win 105-84 (read the play-by-play in DNN’s archived boutcast here); (9e) Minnesota had no trouble with a (12e) Providence team heavy on rookies, taking the biggest rout of the tourney with a 143-16; (7e) Boston handled (11e) Cincinnati 131-76; and hometown (8e) Madison treated their fans to a big win over over (10e) Grand Raggidy, 120-73.


(4e) Philly 112, (3e) Carolina 48 – Philly, clearly sporting some newfound confidence after nearly taking down prohibitive favorites Gotham in their previous match, took a 17-12 lead about 12 minutes deep into this bout and held it for the last 48, sitting on a 57-24 advantage at halftime and keeping it solid throughout the second 30 for a 112-48 victory. Notably, Carolina star Roxy Rockett did not play in this contest, nursing a sore shoulder sustained in the Carolina / Windy City bout. With Roxy out, the bout did feature some more turns with the jammer star for Holly Wanna Crackya, demonstrating very impressive speed away from the pack.

As the tournament’s 3rd place team, Philly will face Bay Area in the first round of Nationals next month; 4th place Carolina will get the top seed from the West, Texas.

Read the play-by-play in DNN’s archived boutcast here.

(1e) Gotham 133, (3e) Windy City 92 (championship) — This one started out similarly to the Gotham-Philly bout, as Gotham jumped out to an early lead at 14-1 about five minutes in, but Windy came storming back with help from a big 16-0 jam for Eva Dead over Cheap Skate. Gotham took the lead back quickly and opened it up to a 50-26 margin late in the half, which was when Windy City suffered a dramatic setback when key jammer Shocka Conduit got expelled from the bout for complaining about a referee call too dramatically. (Gotham’s Fisti Cuffs and Windy’s Yvette Yourmaker would also end the half in the locker room, though they were able to return for the second as they’d just fouled out as opposed to getting expelled.)

Windy managed to keep it reasonably close into the half, down 62-43 at the intermission, and they’d be as close as 65-50 five minutes into the second, but a big 15-0 for Cheap Skate over a light Windy City pack would make it  81-50 for the New York crew with 21 minutes to play, and the margin slowly but consistently grew in favor of Gotham for the rest of the bout.

Windy City had a outside chance with 3:56 left and the score 119-92 for Gotham, but Fisti Cuffs got lead on a pivotal jam over Belle Diablo, and then when WCR stars Megan Formor and Varla Vendetta both went to the locker rooms, ejected on accumulated minors, Windy was both out of time and critical personnel for a last-second comeback.

Gotham’s first-place finish will put them against Duke City in the first round of November’s Nationals, while Windy City goes up against Rat City.

Read the play-by-play in DNN’s archived boutcast here.

Consolation bouts: (11e) Cincinnati delivered their second and the tournament’s fourth seeding upset by taking down (10e) Grand Raggidy 102-58, while (8e) Madison came heart-stoppingly close to a huge last-jam comeback, when a 18-3 final jam left them just two points shy of catching (7e) Boston, 90-88 (read the play-by-play in DNN’s archived boutcast here.)

Team Breakdown

(1e) Gotham went 3-0 with victories over Madison, Philly and Windy City.

(3e) Windy City went 2-1 with victories over Charm City and Carolina and a loss to Gotham.

(4e) Philly went 2-1 with victories over Detroit and Carolina and a loss to Gotham.

(2e) Carolina went 1-2 with a victory over Boston and losses to Windy City and Philly.

(7e) Boston went 3-1 with wins over Cincinnati, Madison and Grand Raggidy and a loss to Carolina.

(6e) Charm City went 2-1 with wins over Detroit and Cincinnati and a loss to Windy City.

(8e) Madison went 2-2 with wins over Grand Raggidy and Minnesota and losses to Gotham and Boston.

(5e) Detroit went 1-2 with a win over Providence and losses to Charm City and Philly.

(11e) Cincinnati went 2-2 with wins over Grand Raggidy and Minnesota and losses to Charm City and Boston.

(9e) Minnesota went 1-2 with a win over Providence and losses to Detroit and Cincinnati.

(10e) Grand Raggidy went 1-3 with a win over Providence and losses to Madison, Boston and Cincinnati.

(12e) Providence went 0-3 with losses to Detroit, Minnesota and Grand Raggidy.