Charm City Championship Doubleheader

BALTIMORE, MD — Charm City’s third local season comes to a close with their now traditional double-and-a-half header championship bout this Saturday night. The 2008 season has been far more unpredictable and far more closely matched than the first two, but there is at least one certainty going into the event: when it’s all over, there will be a first-time season champion.

Third Place Bout: Night Terrors (1-3) vs. Speed Regime (0-4)

In 2006 and 2007, this matchup was the marquee bout of the Charm City league — much of the first season and all of the second saw these two teams dominating the Mobtown Mods and Junkyard Dolls. The Regime and Terrors battled each other to closely-matched finishes in both championship bouts, with the Night Terrors coming out on top twice.

Over the six-game history of the rivalry, the Terrors hold a distinct advantage, having beaten the Regime in 4 of their clashes to 2 for the Regime — and they’ve won the last 3 in a row, with the Regime not having gotten the better of them since June 2007.

This season, the Terrors sit at 1-3, while the winless Regime has gone 0-4 — though both teams have suffered a number of narrow heartbreakers in the loss column. Every single loss the Night Terrors had was still in question till the last jam, including last month’s playoff nailbiter, where they lost to the Junkyard Dolls by a single point, 85-84.

The Regime, though they’ve taken two lopsided losses on the season, have also had their share of endgame tough luck in 2008 — in the season opener, they were down by only three points going into the final jam against the Mobtown Mods, but failed to field a jammer in time, which would deny them the opportunity to close the gap. In last month’s playoff bout with those same Mobtown Mods, they led the bout from the very beginning to the second-to-last jam, but lost the lead with under two minutes to play and could not take it back in the final frame, also losing by just one point, 64-63.

A number of the Regime’s roster members are notable for their roles in this one: Sparx, making her debut as a player after spending most of this season as part of the referee staff; Rebel Yellow, who started this season as a promising Charm City rookie before moving down South to join Atlanta Rollergirls, is back as a special guest; and Pistol Whip, a member of the league from the very first bout in April 2006, will be starting the evening a spinster but ending it a blushing bride, slated to marry Charm City All-Stars bench coach Mr. Pistol in an honest-to-God actual wedding ceremony at halftime. Injuries will keep Cindy Lop-Her, Hedda Chopper and Shi Monsta off the roster this time out.

Reckless Ndangerment 116 (captain) // Pistol Whip 44 // Buzz Kill 5-oh // Holly Go Hardly 415 // Jules Burn 81 // Stormin Mormon 68 // Deathany 666 // Rebel Yellow 12AM // Bambi’s Revenge 42 // Loretta Scars 91 // Just Carol 26 // Flux Incapacitator 88 MPH // Sparx 2.5
Rosie the Rioter 100% (captain) //  Blind Banshee 4i’s (co-captain) //  Cheeta Torpeda 37 // Fatal Attraction 24 // Frenzy Lohan 119 // Mibbs Breakin’ Ribs 1010 // Minnie Piledriver 125psi // Pixie Rocket 69 // Radar Love i // Psycho 78 78 // Sister Midnight 515 // Slap Tackle Pop 3E // The Cutz Girl

Halftime Expo: Harm City Homicide vs. Connecticut Death Quads

Baltimore’s men’s team, the Harm City Homicide, play at home for only the second time in their existence as they take on the relatively new Connecticut Death Quads in a 20 minute halftime expo; both teams are looking for their first public wins.

Homicide is still without a victory after 4 public events — a 40 minute, 100-67 away loss to Pioneer Valley in September 2007, a 20 minute 97-14 loss to the New York Shock Exchange in October 2007 at last year’s Charm City championship match, a 60 minute 147-49 away loss to the Shock Exchange in June 2008, and, most recently, they fell just a few points short in their closest contest yet, losing 80-73 in a thriller of a back-and-forth 40 minute match against Pioneer Valley last month.

Connecticut, about a year younger than Harm City, has half as many public events, though an equally lopsided 0-2 record — they lost to Pioneer Valley in July by a final of 123-35 and then to the Shock Exchange earlier this month, 193-13.

The home Homicide will come into this one with a numbers advantage, suiting 11 players to 8 for the Death Quads.

Skatebreed 121 (captain)  //  Cirkle Jerk 19 (co-captain)  //  B-Raddd 643 //  Jacques Strap 010  //  Mick Dagger .357  //  Pastor of Muppets  42  //  The Stoneman Hennesy Hailstones 665  //   Thinga Ma Bob  ?
Virginia Slim 523 (captain)  // Sin Diesel 1* (co-captain) // Justice Feelgood Marshall 1954 // Sex Ed 101 // Man Rayge 22 // Natty Bones 38 // Deutsch Bag 9 // Hung Solo YT-1300 // Magnificent Bastard 1.618 // Carnage Asada CH4 // Groper Cleavage (infinity)

Championship Bout — Mobtown Mods (4-0) vs. Junkyard Dolls (3-1)

After going through the only winless season of Charm City history with a very rough 0-7 campaign in 2007, the red-and-black Mobtown Mods stand on the verge of putting together the only undefeated season in Charm City history with a win on Saturday night.

Though their performance this year has not been dominant — they barely escaped with victories in three of their four wins so far — the Mods have greatly benefitted from fresh blood. 2006 and 2007 MVP Joy Collision joined the team this year after two seasons with the Night Terrors, rookie blockers Knockout Summer Teef and Mya Bloody Valentine have added depth to their pack while mid-season addition Thumper Good has been a standout new jammer, and first-year captains Lady Quebeaum and Judy Boom have provided leadership that has helped move the team from worst to first in under a year. All-stars Duchess of Torque and Ang Thrax are also critical parts of a Mod machine that is playing with more confidence than ever before.

Not skating but providing bench support are Mods Siouxsie Slaughter and Natalie Boh; key jammer Duchess of Torque, who suffered a shoulder injury at Eastern Regionals two weeks ago, will probably be a game-time decision.

The Dolls’ only loss this year was a lopsided one to these Mods, but they did go into that game missing important elements in Killer Kitten and Mistress May Eye, both of whom will be rostered for this one. The Dolls also sport possibly the league’s best one-two jammer punch in all-stars Dolly Rocket and Flo Shizzle, both of whom can — and have — turned games entirely around this season with high-scoring clutch jams. With Killer Kitten and Ella Fitz-Peril backing them up with the jammer star — and a delayed debut from mid-season replacement Cold Crusher, who played for Charm City’s B-team Female Trouble twice this year but was kept out of Dolls bouts by injuries — the Dolls will be sporting a depth they did not enjoy in the last Mods-Dolls bout.

Questionable for this bout is Kelly O’Shanku, who suffered a knee injury this week at practice.

Lady Quebeaum 34 (captain) // Judy Boom 82 (co-captain) // Angthrax 33 // Duchess of Torque 200 lb/ft // Essie Ecks 1/1 // Joy Collision 747 // Knockout Summer Teef  // PenaltyNa 7 // Thumper Good 2012 // Mya Bloody Valentine <3 // Ethyl Hurtz 84 // Major Threat 12XU
Coach Ballbricker 13 // Felonious Punk 416 // Killer Kitten 999  // Cold Crusher 92 // Dolly Rocket GR8 // Aidee Dee // Ella FitzPeril 78RPM // Maiden China 99 cents // Mistress May Eye 10 //  Harlotte’s Webb 28  // Flo Shizzle 24-7 // Kelly O’ShankU