National coverage done damned well

With the impending flood I keep going on about, we’ll be talking more in the next few weeks and months about how to make the most of your media exposure opportunities.  In the mean time, take a peek at this very good CBS Early Show feature with the Garden State Rollergirls, followed by a little discussion from Belle N. Somebashin’ on the efforts GSRG took to lay the groundwork for a positive media encounter.

(a short ad precedes the feature)

Says Belle (reposted from the roller_girls Yahoo group, emphasis is mine):

When I spoke with the producer for the segment I made it very clear to her that we were not interested in taking part in a piece that dealt with misconceptions on the sport – that we’re a bunch of girly-girls just looking to dress up and have fun; we consider ourselves to athletes training for a sport and genuinely love the game. I think the willingness to give up a nationally aired spot that was going to focus on anything other than the sport and comradery among our players made it clear to them how serious I was about it.

I spent about two hours on the phone with them before they came out to the rink to film the piece and directed them to check out the boards online to get an idea of the scope the sport now has and to see how serious most of the leagues out there are about the revival of the sport, not the spectacle. Luckily our efforts paid off.

I’d say so too.