Preview: Charm City & Harm City Defend Baltimore from Multigender Invasion

BALTIMORE, MD — On Saturday, January 17th, the Charm City Roller Girls kick off their fourth season — and their second year at DuBurns Arena — by presenting a special charity doubleheader as both the roller girls and roller boys of Baltimore take on visiting rivals from out of state.

First up, the first-ever 40 minute bout at home for CCRG’s brother team Harm City Homicide finds the boys going up against the Connecticut Death Quads, brother team of the Connecticut Rollergirls.

It’s only the third appearance in Baltimore for the Homicide, who debuted at halftime of the 2007 CCRG championship bout with a 20 minute battle against the New York Shock Exchange and also played the Death Quads at halftime of the 2008 championship. This bout marks the first time the men’s team has gotten equal billing with the girls at home.

Homicide has been active on the road, though, with 2007 and 2008 40-minute bouts against the Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen of Northampton, Massachusetts and a full-length 60 minute battle with the Shock Exchange — though their only win to date was the halftime match against Connecticut, leaving Homicide 1-4 in public events. The relatively new Death Quads had their first public match in July of 2008, and are currently 0-3 with losses to New York, Pioneer Valley and Harm City.

Although Homicide routed the Death Quads in the 20-minute October matchup, 72-23, the Death Quads were skating with only 6 players against the Homicide’s 11 due to some last-second dropouts. The numbers look to even out a bit this time as Homicide skates without blocker Natty Bones, first-string jammer Deutsch Bag (hamstring injury) or the retired Man Rayge, leaving them with a short roster of 9.

The Death Quads sport a roster of 10, including ace jammer Johnny Holeshot (who did not make the trip in October) and the Rev, on loan from Pioneer Valley Roller Derby. Homicide will be looking for pack contributions from debuting addition Gearhead, while Carnage Asada steps up to help Hung Solo fill the hole in the in the jammer rotation left by D-Bag.

Virginia Slim 523 // Sin Diesel 1* // Justice Feelgood Marshall 1954 // Sex Ed 101 // Magnificent Bastard 1.618 // Hung Solo YT-1300 // Carnage Asada CH4 // Gearhead 77 // Groper Cleavage ∞

Thing A Mabob ? // Pukee Mcgee 0 // Cirkle Jerk 19 // Johnny Holeshot 30 // Pastor of Muppets 42 // Nizz 51 // Skatebreed 121 // Sergeant Major 175 // B.Radd 643 // The Rev 71

In the second bout, Charm City fields a mix of experienced all-star veterans and up-and-coming talents as Female Trouble to take on Poe’s Punishers, the all-star squad of the River City Rollergirls from Richmond, VA.

Like Homicide, the rotating roster of Female Trouble has played a grab bag of variable-length expo bouts — a 20 minute victory over the Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens of Hagerstown, MD, a 20 minute loss to the DC Rollergirls, a 60 minute win over Montreal home team Racaille, a 40 minute loss to Pioneer Valley, and a 60 minute loss to Dutchland Rollers of Lancaster, PA. This iteration of Fem Trou will feature veteran all-star fan favorites like Holly Go Hardly, Frenzy Lohan, Lady Quebeaum and all-star team captain Flo Shizzle joining forces with new blood including 2008 additions Kelly O’ShankU and Flux Incapacitator in the first CCRG action of 2009.
River City went down to four consecutive defeats during their interleague play in 2008 to the Rogue Rollegirls of Fayetteville, NC, New Jersey’s Hub City Hellrazors, the DC Rollergirls, and the Dominion Derby Girls from Virginia Beach. They’ve had a recent shakeup to their league structure, disbanding their home-teams to go to an A-team / B-team model; this is the all-star team’s first bout billed as “Poe’s Punishers.”

The girls from Richmond feature a lightning-fast jammer in captain Paris Kills along with tenacious pivot Devil Bitch and an intense hitter in Terminal Velocity, and all members will be certainly be bringing their best game in hopes of starting 2009 off on a different foot for River City.

Profits from the bout benefit Movable Feast, a local charity that prepares and delivers meals and groceries at no charge to people and their families throughout greater Baltimore and Maryland’s Eastern Shore who are in need and living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-challenging conditions; Doors are at 6pm with the first whistle at 7pm.

Frenzy Lohan 119 // Flux Incapacitator 88 MPH // Flo Shizzle 24-7 // Kelly O’ShankU 9 // Holly Go Hardly 415 // Minnie Piledriver 125psi // Maiden China 99c // Lady Quebeaum 34 // Penaltyna 7 // Harlotte’s Webb 28 // Fatal Attraction 24 // Deathany 666 // Mistress May Eye 10

Paris Kills 69 // Mortician Murphy R.I.P. // Coco Carnage 5 // Raven Darkhold NC-17 // Devil Bitch 1775 // Shake ‘n’ Baker 3-piece // Maliciously Delicious 33 1/3 // Sway 13 // Raci Lords X3 // Terminal Velocity V-t // Ram Jam Betty 1977

Additional reporting: Frenzy Lohan