WFTDA Releases 2008 Fourth-Quarter Rankings

Womens Flat Track Derby AssociationThe Women’s Flat Track Derby Association today released its latest quarterly rankings (see below).  In a departure from the organization’s previous two years of ranking all teams in the nation against each other, the 2008 fourth-quarter rankings are broken out by WFTDA region, with no overall national ordering.

Rankings are still determined by vote of member leagues, though member leagues now only vote to rank leagues within their own region.  According to previous statements, WFTDA uses the voting method so they can provide the most representative rankings possible within the constraints of the limited intercity schedules currently possible between these self-funded, all-volunteer organizations.

WFTDA does not rank leagues that have not kept up with all of their membership requirements, and notably, this quarter sees a higher-than-usual number of leagues that are thus ineligible for public rankings. As notably, many of them are leagues that might have been expected to rank at or near the top of their respective regions.

Three teams that went to the 2008 Nationals — Carolina, Bay Area and Duke City — are left out of the rankings, along with six more teams that qualified for the 2008 regional tournaments (Dallas, Detroit, Kansas City, Providence, Rose City and Tucson.)

In all, 16 leagues are ineligible for rankings, and added to the 12 newest leagues that have not yet played their required 2 sanctioned WFTDA bouts to qualify for rankings, 28 of WFTDA’s 68 leagues are not represented in this ranking quarter.

Current Rankings (provided by WFTDA – original at