Charlotte Defeats Classic City, 110-64

CHARLOTTE, NC — The Charlotte Rollergirls christened their new venue in impressive fashion, posting a 110-64 victory over the visiting Classic City Rollergirls from Athens, GA. Saturday’s sellout (att: 1200) bout was the long awaited re-match between these two teams, and Charlotte’s opportunity to avenge the 137-18 loss suffered in Athens in October 2007.  Although both teams had only seven common players apiece from their previous showdown’s rosters, the most noticeable absentee was Classic City’s Carmen Slamdiego, who out-jammed the Charlotte jammers by an incredible 56-0 margin in the first meeting between the two teams.

Charlotte looked comfortable on their new Sport Court surface right out-of-the gate, starting the game with three straight 4-0 jams. The ladies in purple built their lead to 21-0 over the first 6 jams, before CCRG’s Psycho Deluxe posted a 7-0 jam over Charlotte’s Jack the Maniac, bringing Classic City back to within striking distance. Charlotte answered with another spurt, though, earning lead jammer status in 5 of the next 6 jams, calling jams after a single scoring pass, and pushing the score out to 40-11.

Still not fazed, Classic City answered with a 4-0 jam of their own, and then took advantage of a Charlotte jammer in the penalty box to ring up a 10-0 differential on the following jam.  After a 3-0 jam by CCRG’s Chimera in the next jam, Classic City had closed the lead to 12 points again, 40-28.  That was as close as Classic City would get in the first period, though.  The teams played out four more jams, and skated into the locker rooms with the halftime score Charlotte 48, Classic City 32.

Classic City came out in the second half, putting a new strategic emphasis on controlling the front of the pack, which proved to be effective early.  After a 10-0 jam by Chimera over Jack the Maniac, Classic City had closed the lead to 11 again, 60-49. 

Charlotte was able to adapt at that point, content to control the rear of the pack, and 11 points was as close as the visitors from Athens would get. In the remaining 20 jams, Charlotte jammers grabbed lead jammer status a remarkable 18 times. Charlotte used their lead jammer status strategically to keep those all of those jams except for one to a single scoring pass, if not calling it after the initial pass, to melt the clock away.
Versatile Jen Fizz led the jamming attack for Charlotte, jamming 8 times, earning lead in 7 of those jams, and outscoring her Classic City counterparts 26-3 in those jams, for  a  +23 differential.  Classic City’s most proficient jammer was the energetic Psycho Deluxe, who jammed 11 times, and outscored Charlotte 26-23 when donning the star helmet cover. The Charlotte team persevered, despite committing 6 more major penalties, and spending 7 more minutes in the penalty box, than their guests.

Charlotte will next be in action April 18th, when they host recent WFTDA addition River City Rollergirls from Richmond, VA. Classic City’s next scheduled game is a trip to Fayetteville, NC to play the Rogue Rollergirls on July 19th.

Photos: Mickey Holcomb