PVRD & Connecticut Meet in Men’s/Women’s Doubleheader

HOLYOKE, MA — The ladies and gentlemen of Northhampton, MA’s Pioneer Valley Roller Derby play host to their sisters and brothers of Connecticut, as the Connecticut Rollergirls and the Connecticut Death Quads men’s team rolls in town to face PVRD’s female squad, Western Mass Destruction, and the male team, the Dirty Dozen.

PVRD Dirty Dozen vs. Death Quads

The opening bout serves as a rematch of arguably the biggest upset in the relatively short history of the men’s flat-track game. In April of this year, the boys of the Death Quads were not only winless in 4 outings, they’d been punished by lopsided margins each time — 123-35 to Pioneer Valley in the Death Quads’ 40 minute debut, 193-13 to the New York Shock Exchange in a 60 minute bout, 72-23 to Baltimore’s Harm City Homicide in a 20 minute expo, and 145-29 again to the Homicide in a 40 minute bout.

But the Connecticut crew clearly learned something from those beatings and stunned the boys of the Dirty Dozen with a heavily defensive 49-46 victory in 40 minutes for their first win. The Dirty Dozen will be looking for revenge this time out, while the Death Quads intend to prove that their victory was not a fluke. CTDQ stands at 1-1 for 2009 with that January loss to the Homicide, while the Dirty Dozen is 0-2, having lost to the still-undefeated New York Shock Exchange in May.

As has been their wont for most of their existence, the Dirty Dozen rolls in with a roster short of an actual dozen. Their longtime jamming core of Jurasskick Park, Dr. Spankenstein and Davy Jones remains intact, and newer players Fresh Eddie Fresh, Will Jettison and Brutus Priest are stepping to up refresh the talent pool. Blockers The Rev, Bazooka Joe and Rollin’ Redshirt fill out the Dirty Nine.

The Death Quads have one player up on their hosts, bringing 10 players. New-ish additions to the team include Will Whomp-Ya and Zakk Sabbath, neither of whom played in January against the Homicide. The ace jammer Johnny Holeshot co-captains his team along with imposing blocker Skatebreed, and history suggests that Pastor of Muppets and Cirkle Jerk will be shouldering jamming duties with Holeshot.

B. Radd #643 // Cirkle Jerk #19 // Nizz #51 // Pastor Of Muppets #42 // Sergeant Major #175 // Stoneman #665 // Willy Whomp-Ya #71 // Zakk Sabbath #4 // Johnny Holeshot #30- co-captain // Skatebreed #121- captain

Bazooka Joe #49 // Brutus Priest #39 // Davy Jones #78 // Dr. Spankenstein #113v (Captain) // Fresh Eddie Fresh #<3 // Jurasskick Park #1993 // Rev #71 // Rollin’ Redshirt #1955 // Will Jettison #VF-84

PVRD Western Mass Destruction vs. Stepford Sabotage

The ladies’ half of the night is also a rematch of an extremely close bout, though the last meeting between Western Mass Destruction and the Connecticut Rollergirls was a bit longer ago and featured a mixed team for Connecticut rather than their official all-star team. In that July 2008 bout, Western Mass Destruction took the win by 4 points, the final score 47 to 43.  Connecticut’s Stepford Sabotage is currently officially ranked #11 in a tough WFTDA East Region (PVRD is ineligible for WFTDA membership due to including a men’s division.)

The Stepford Sabotage have not seen much public action this year, playing their only bout so far in January against Pittsburgh’s Steel Hurtin’ — it proved to be a rough bout for Connecticut, who lost 149-33. Despite a large score differential early in the bout, Sabotage had determination, but it was no match for the strong defense of Steel City. Milla Lowlife was the first jammer to put points on the board for CT early in the bout, but it took almost the entire first period for the Sabotage to reach double digits.

The Sabotage went into this bout with a short roster of only 9 skaters, and lost Girl Fawkes to an ACL injury in the second jam. While it’s hard to say how much an effect a short roster has on the outcome of a bout, it is worth noting that the Stepford Sabotage played all but 1.5 jams of the bout with only 8 skaters, missing a key offensive player in jammer Black Cherry as well as the blocking skills of Fawkes and Luciana Pulverotti. While Fawkes is still out due to her knee injury, both Cherry and Pulverotti are listed on the roster for the bout against PVRD’s Western Mass Destruction.

Black Cherry and Pearl Jammer may be wearing the star panty more often than others on Saturday, but the Sabotage has many options to choose from when it comes to skillful jammers. Milla Lowlife, Eleanor Bruisevelt, C Mya Rage, Doomcake and Chelsea Grin are all quite agile jammers who can be called upon as needed. Where the Sabotage may need to concentrate on Saturday is in the pack, as the women of Pioneer Valley have been quite effective in the pack as of late, playing smart and hitting hard while building walls that stop speedy jammers.

Last we saw the Western Mass Destruction in action they dominated the NJ Hellrazors with a 109-45 win. Nora Morse, Chickadee Struction and Bloodbath & Beyond showed off their jamming skills, treating their fans to grand slams and multiple scoring passes, while their blockers worked effectively in the pack and held NJ to many scoreless jams throughout the bout. WMD blockers also played a smart game using power plays effectively by trapping a NJ blocker, slowing down the pack and giving their jammer ample time to make a number of orbits arount the track, or conversely, successfully speeding up the pack when their jammer was boxed, allowing only a few points to be scored by NJ.  

Ballistic Miss L #720 // Beast Infection #533 // Big Vinny’s Kid #13 // Bitches Bruze #802 // Bloodbath & Beyond #99 // Chickadee Struction #413 // Clam Jammer #7 // Diesel ‘N Gin #25 // Holy Hellga #32 // Juggernaut Bitch #454 // Nora Morse #11 (Co-Captain) // Pink Panzer #88 (Co-Captain) // Router Girl #17

Black Cherry #4 // Chelsea Grin #777 // C Mya Rage #86d // Doomcake #13 // Eleanor Bruisevelt #33 // Ether Bunny #222 // Luciana Pulverotti #110 // Milla Lowlife #40oz // Miz Con SepJen #7 // Parker Poison #3 // Pearl Jammer #G0 // Revengela #1234 // Violet Riot #911