WFTDA Releases Second-Quarter Rankings

WFTDAThe WFTDA released its hotly anticipated second-quarter rankings on Monday of this week. While the results of these new rankings will be used to determine invitations to and seedings in the four 2009 regional tournaments, there’s still some question as to whether certain leagues will be eligible to attend as they’re listed as “inactive” on the official WFTDA spreadsheet. It remains to be seen what, if any, effect this will have on tournament invitations.

For this reason, these new rankings can’t be used to definitely plug teams into all the regional brackets just yet — but there’s some movement from the 1st quarter rankings and a few leagues making their debut in official WFTDA rankings.

It also appears that the East region, which has no “inactive” leagues, does in fact have their regional bracket completely set, assuming all 10 leagues accept the invitation.

Getting to the championship bout of the regional guarantees a spot in Nationals. The losing teams in the semifinals would get a trip to Nationals by winning the third place bout. Teams that lose in the quarterfinals or opening round cannot advance to Nationals.

Derby News Network will bring you full coverage of all 4 tournaments, and full previews will come out as the tournaments approach and the attendees are certain. Until then, here’s a quick overview of what’s changed in the rankings, which teams may or may not make it in due to inactive status, and what brackets we might expect to see for the tourneys.


The densely packed East Region had the greatest amount of WFTDA action through 2009 thus far, and as such most teams here are pretty well slotted in their ranks through head-to-head histories. There’s no movement in the top 5 as Gotham, Philly, Charm City, Carolina and Boston keep those slots. Providence bounces up to #6 on the strength of a 102-82 April win over #7 Harrisburg, who in turn barely knocked off #8 Steel City 187-175 on June 7.

#9 Maine and #10 Connecticut round out the top ten, which is the cut-off point for tournament invites. DC is just outside at #11, while Montreal (#12) and Dutchland (#13) both debut. #14 Dominion falls near the bottom while #15 Long Island still has not won a sanctioned bout since the original East Coast Extravaganza.

If the top ten leagues accept the tournament invitation they will earn by being in the top ten, the Eastern Regional will look like this:

North Central

The top of the North Central remained even more stable than that of the East; teams #1 Windy City through #8 North Star stayed locked right into their first-quarter rankings. Milwaukee’s Brew City is the biggest mover in the region, popping up from #12 last quarter to enter tournament-invite territory at #9, and Cleveland’s Burning River pops up a single spot to round out the top 10.

Again, assuming tournament invites go to the top 10 teams, Fort Wayne and Naptown will just barely miss out — they were #9 and #10 in the last quarter but tumble to #12 and #13 respectively, while Ohio, previously #13, moves up a couple to #11.

Sioux Falls debuts at #14, while Omaha takes #15 and the long-quiet Gem City holds the bottom spot at #16 — Gem City popped back on the radar this quarter after playing no sanctioned bout since August 2007, but got smoked by 181, 138 and 239 points in their three 2009 bouts.

The inactive status of Madison creates a question as to whether they will be invited to the regional tournament, which could open the door for Ohio to sneak in. Assuming that Madison does get in, the North Central Regional will look like this:

South Central

Similar to the East, the South Central keeps its ordering of the top five leagues — Texas, Kansas City, Houston, Dallas and Atlanta — but there’s a little movement in the 6-10 range that nudges a couple of teams out of the tournament cutoff range. Former #6 West Texas drops a couple of slots to #8, and that opens up new #6 Nashville and new # Tampa Bay to bump up a slot each from their first-quarter rankings.

This quarter brings bad news for fans of previous #9 Assassination City — not only does Lincoln, Nebraska’s No Coast take their slot, they’re passed by a debuting team in #10 Memphis and also #11 Northwest Arkansas, dropping them out of the tournament invite list at a new ranking of #12.

The South Central is currently the largest region in the WFTDA with 17 — it’s rounded out by 13 Green Country, 14 Alamo City, 15 Oklahoma, 16 Big Easy, and 17 Dixie. Notably, original WFTDA league East Texas joins OC Rollergirls this year as one of the only two teams to leave the organization after being accepted.

Houston and Atlanta are the teams listed as “inactive” on the WFTDA ranking list, so seeding will change depending on whether they’re invited — but as Atlanta is the host of this month’s tournament, it seems unlikely that they, at least, won’t be present. Assuming both Houston and Atlanta show, the South Central looks like this:


In a notable difference from the other three regions, the West has their top five scrambled from the previous quarter’s rankings while the 6 through 15 slots remain static.

It’s upstart Oly making the biggest noise — they debuted at #2 in the region in the previous quarter, and boot Bay Area out of the top spot. Bay Area takes a plunge all the way to #5 in the region after suffering a lopsided loss to Rat City last quarter. With Bay Area’s fall, three teams tick up a spot — Denver to #2, Rose City to #3, and Rat City to #4.

Duke City only had one bout in the region last quarter, playing a last-jam nailbiter against Rat City — their two-point loss there keeps them at #6. The top ten is rounded out by Pikes Peak at #7, Rocky Mountain at #8, Tucson at #9 and Angel City at #10.

The inactive question marks here are Rose City and Duke City. If they miss the tournament, that’ll lift #11 Sacred City and/or #13 Salt City into the Western Regional (#12 Arizona is also listed as inactive on the WFTDA site. #14 belongs to debuting Slaughter County, while Sin City continues to occupy the cellar at #15 — Sin City is now on a painful 10-game losing skid in WFTDA sanctioned bouts, dating back to April 2007.

If Rose City and Duke City do make it into the tournament, the Western bracket will look like this: