North Central Regionals Capsule Recaps

North Central Regionals Capsule Recaps Cincinnati vs. Arch Rival. Photo: Jason Bechtel.

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Championship Bout: (1NC) Windy City 150, (3NC) Madison 56
— Windy City’s pack control was aces in the first half here, as they completely asserted their will on Madison’s blockers — Madison could not get on the board until Windy had scored 30, and by the time Windy cracked 50, the score was 56-3 after just 11 minutes.

Madison didn’t really get anything going until there were about 13 minutes left in the bout. A 10 point jam on a star pass to Mouse with about 13 minutes to play gave the Madison fans a rare chance to cheer, as it increased Madison’s score to 37 from 27 — but at that point the score was out of hand at 113-37. Though Madison picked up their play in the final ten minutes — even going so far as to call timeout with 2.6 seconds remaining to force a final jam — there was no getting out of the halftime hole.

Windy City earns a bye at Nationals with their victory; Madison will battle Boston in the first round at Nationals.

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Third Place Bout: (2NC) Detroit 126, (4NC) Cincinnati 62 — The final score in this bout didn’t fully reflect the closeness of the contest overall, as Detroit scored a single monster jam in the first half that was responsible for nearly half their lead. With the score a very manageable 32-11 favoring Detroit with 10 minutes left in the first half, Cincinnati gave up a 10-0 to Sarah Hipel and then an enormous 30 point jam where Sista Slitycha scored 10 and then passed the star to Racer McChaseher for an extra 20. Suddenly Detroit had more than doubled their score in two jams, and Cincy was looking up from a 73-18 hole at the halftime.

To their credit, through, Cincy played the second half tough and kept it almost perfectly even with Detroit in the second half, with Detroit taking 53 points to 44 for Cincinnati — but the big two-jam, 40-0 blast from Detroit in the first half was really the deciding moment of the bout.

Detroit heads to November’s Nationals for the second time in three years, where they will face Gotham in the first round.

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9th/10th Place Bout: (6NC) Minnesota 91, (7NC) Grand Raggidy 75
— Narrowly contested all the way through, the opening bout of Day 3 found Grand Raggidy with a small early lead, but Minnesota grabbed it back at 15-14 about halfway through the first half, and from then on had to work hard to keep Grand Raggidy from making good on a consistent comeback threat. Minnesota’s lead was 20 points at 39-19 with nine minutes left in the first half, but that was the largest it got for the remainder of the bout. Grand Raggidy charged right back to make it 39-34 going into the half’s final jam, where Sweet Justice gave Minnesota some halftime momentum with a 7-2 run that left MN up 46-34 at the break.

GRRG pulled to within 74-72 with about eight minutes left in the game, but just when it looked like they were poised to finally snatch the lead back, Minnesota’s Psycho Novia took advantage of a very spread out pack and powerjam to go 10-0 and give Minnesota a 84-72 advantage with about five minutes left. Grand Raggidy had multiple shots in the last few jams for a comeback, but had to call jams early with no margin until the last jam, where a LJ call for Minnesota’s Harmony Killerbruise plus a box trip for Grand Raggidy jammer Viva La Boom iced the victory for Minnesota.

Both teams finished three slots lower than their seeding — Minnesota in 9th and Grand Raggidy in 10th.

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5th/6th Place Bout: (8NC) North Star 85, (6NC) Arch Rival 43
— Things here started very low scoring, as only 10 points were scored in the first ten minutes, all to North Star. Arch Rival didn’t get on the board till about 15 minutes were off the clock in an 8-0 to South City Shiner — and that was pretty much their entire offensive production for the half. Arch Rival jammers weren’t getting much help in the pack, but their defensive work kept them within comeback range. North Star was only up by 36-8 with 4 minutes to play in the half — but by halftime it was 51-8 favoring North Star.

While Arch Rival improved their game in the second half and seemed like they could be a few big jams away for most of it, North Star never allowed them to close to any closer than 66-32 with about 11 minutes to play, and the small-margin jams consistently piled up in favor of North Star, ending the bout at 85-43.

North Star improved on their 8th place seeding by finishing 5th for the weekend, while Arch Rival placed 6th.

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Semifinal: (3NC Madison) 107, (2NC) Detroit 95 — From the start, an opening ten minutes was almost perfectly matched, as the teams traded lead jammer status and small margin jams — with 20 minutes left in the first half, they’d landed at the football score of Detroit 14, Madison 7. Madison got a break on Detroit’s first jammer penalty, with the score 18-7 favoring Detroit — Jewels of Denile rolled up a 15-0 to get Madison the lead at 22-18 with 16 minutes left in the half. Things only got closer through the midpoint at 26-25 Madison with 13:45 showing on the clock before Sista Slitycha got the lead back to Detroit at 28-26 — but only for a handful of jams, as Jewels grand slammed her way to a 35-32 lead change to Madison.

Yet again the lead changed on a quick 4-0 for Detroit’s Sista Slitycha, making it 39-36 Detroit with five minutes to play. Detroit blocker Cookie Rumble had Juke Boxxx’s number on the following jam, and Detroit got their biggest jam and biggest lead with a 10-0 for Killbox, moving the score to 49-36 Detroit with 3:10 to play.

As if there hadn’t been enough changing of the lead yet, Juke Boxxx capitalized on a box trip for opposing jammer Boo D. Livers and muscled her way to a 15-0 that put Madison in the lead yet again at 51-49 on the period’s penultimate jam… and the 4-2 Detroit that ended the half tied the bout at 53. At the end of the half, there had been 5 lead changes and two tie scores.

While there weren’t quite as many lead changes in the second half, the momentum was still swinging hard. Madison jumped out of the gate strong and held the lead for the first ten minutes of the second half, but at about 12 minutes in, Detroit took advantage of a powerjam that spanned two jams, with Sista Slitchya’s 12-0 giving Detroit the lead at 76-67.

It seemed that Detroit had found control of the bout at that point, blanking Madison for the next few jams and extending their lead to 19 points at 86-67. But with 12 minutes to go, Madison snatched back the advantage for good: a 8-0 for Darling Nikki, followed by a huge 14-0 for Jewels of Denile as Madison blockers worked over Detroit’s Sista Slitycha, put Madison in front 89-86 with just under 9 minutes to go.

Madison’s Jewels all but put the game away at about the 5 minute mark, as a 4-2 pack favoring Madison, plus a poorly timed trip to the box for Detroit’s Sarah Hipel, cleared the path for a 15-0 that changed a narrow 90-87 Madison lead to a 105-87. While Detroit had a outside chance on the final jam when they were down 107-87 and Jewels of Denile got boxed on a back block, Madison’s defense was not about to give up 20 points to Racer McChaseher, and Detroit’s 8-0 wouldn’t be enough to close the gap.

Madison secured a trip to Nationals with the win, and will face Windy City in the championship at 7pm on Sunday night; Detroit has to defeat Cincinnati in the third place game to get a trip of their own to Nationals.

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7th/8th Place: (9NC) Brewcity 126, (10NC) Burning River 116 (OT) — In a bout that Brewcity had been trailing since the 8th minute of play, they scored an incredible comeback to erase a 30 point deficit in just under 6 minutes and take 7th place in overtime, 126-116.

This one started out with the teams trading the lead through the first few jams until Erin Gargulio gave Burning River some separation with a 15-0 powerjam over Brewcity’s Romaniac — that made the score 25-7 Burning River and that jam gave Burning River something to build on. With 11:51 to play in the first half, they were up by 29 points at 43-14. Still, though, Gargulio’s power jam stood as the only double-digit jam in a half that was almost all about small margins.

Brewcity chipped away, particularly with the help of some very physical jamming from Carrie A. Hacksaw, and closed to 21 points at 46-25 with just over five minutes left in the half. Brewcity had a big opportunity when BRRG jammer Killustrator was boxed early in a opening pass, but could only take 5-0 — but it did keep the Brewcity rally going. With two minutes left in the half, the Burning River lead was down to 16 points at 46-30, and it was Hacksaw with the star again. She took 4 points and then gambled for a second pass — and it paid off as she pulled 9-2 over Eva Lucien and got Brewcity within single digits at 48-39 going into the half’s final jam. High D Voltage sent the Milwaukee team into halftime with momentum, grabbing lead a quick 2-0 to end the opening 30 at Burning River 48, Brewcity 41.

High D Voltage dropped a 14-0 about 9 minutes into the second half that got Brewcity within four points at 59-55, but Erin Gargulio was in for an 11-0 that gave Burning River a little more daylight at 71-55 with about 18 minutes left in the bout. Momentum went back to Brewcity with more small margins: 4-0, 2-0 and 4-0, and the score was 73-67 after a 2-all tie at the 15 minute mark.

But again Burning River got a big jam win right when it looked like Brewcity might erase the lead. Stroker Ace took an 8-0 as Rejected Seoul was hammered by Professor Booty and Pretty Scarrie, and three more lead jams — along with the help of a box trip for Brewcity’s High D Voltage and subsequent 14-0 powerjam for BRRG — extended the Cleveland team’s lead to 30 points, 100-70 with 6:30 left to play.

Right about here was where jammer penalties gave Brewcity just enough daylight for a thrilling comeback. Brewcity won a 9-3, but more important Burning River’s Killustrator went to the box as the jammer at the very end of the jam, though High D Voltage could only pull out a 3-0 on the subsequent jam.

With the score 107-82, BRRG lost their jammer to the box again — this time Erin Gargulio — and Carrie A. Hacksaw dropped a 13-0 in her absence to make it 107-95 with 50 seconds left to play. High D Voltage took the jam star for Brewcity and started unopposed, making three passes and lapping Gargulio twice for 14 points … but Gargulio had managed to find 2 points of her own, tying the bout at 109-109.

In the overtime jam, Brewcity’s defense stepped up big against Eva Lucien, with Servin’ Justice putting her on the floor twice — Eva was only able to get partially into a second scoring pass for a total of 7 points, while Hacksaw picked up 9 before passing the star to Rhoda Ruin for 8 more. In a bout that Brewcity had been trailing since the 8th minute of play, they scored an incredible comeback to take the win in overtime, 126-116.

Brewcity finished in 7th place for the tournament, and Burning River took 8th.

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Consolation Bout: (5NC) Arch Rival 141, (7NC) Grand Raggidy 26 — Arch Rival put up a very effective defensive performance, consistently denying points to a Grand Raggidy team that seemed incapable of busting up Arch Rival’s tough walls and replacement blocking — and the frustration boiled over on the GRRG bench more than a few times during the bout and occasionally into the GRRG penalty box. It was 75-5 at the half and Grand Raggidy didn’t break into the double digits until there were only 14 minutes left in the game, at which point the score was 122-11 Arch Rival and the outcome was just a matter of time.

Arch Rival will take on North Star for 5th place on Sunday afternoon, while Grand Raggidy plays Minnesota for 9th place.

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Consolation Bout: (8NC) Northstar 71, (6NC) Minnesota 61 — The first regulation-length meeting between WFTDA’s two leagues in the Twin Cities drew a raucous and passionate crowd to kick off Saturday’s action, and the game ended up being every bit as close as the cross-town rivalry would have suggested, with three lead changes in the second half before North Star finally put the game away very late.

Susie Smashbox got Minnesota’s first points after about 9 minutes, capitalizing on a power jam to take a 4-0 and set the score at 20-4 favoring North Star. It wasn’t too long before standout jamming from North Star’s MEDUSA and Jawbreaker increased the lead to 30-7 North Star with about 15 minutes left in the first. Minnesota was having trouble turning their own lead jam calls into significant margins, pulling two in a row for hometown favorites Susie Smashbox and Harmony Killerbruise but only shaving 4 points off the NSRG lead.

A dramatic jam at about the 10 minute mark saw Minnesota’s defense lock down on the hard-to-contain North Star jammer Jawbreaker, who gave up on trying to break pack after a minute of fruitless scrapping and turned to jammer defense on MNRG’s Harmony Killerbruise — JB couldn’t score, but did manage to keep Harmony to just one scoring pass. However, that jam did get Minnesota as close as they’d been since the start at 33-21, and Suzie Smashbox added a crowd-pleasing 4-0 to make it North Star 33, Minnesota 25 with 7 minutes left in the first half. By halftime, North Star had managed to add only one point to their lead at North Star 41, Minnesota 32.

Momentum swung wildly to start the second half: 7-0 to Minnesota, 8-0 to Northstar, and then 8-0 to Minnesota on a power jam, leaving it a two point game at 49-47 — and then Minnesota took the lead for the first time with about 21 minutes left in the bout on another power jam, 53-49. But Katarina Hit regained the lead for North Star two jams later, lapping Minnesota’s Sweet Justice and going 8-0 to make it North Star 57, Minnesota 53 with 16 minutes to play.

The score remained frozen there for a few jams before MEDUSA grand-slammed and gave North Star a 9 point lead at 62-53 with 12 minutes to play. North Star continued to pull away with small-margin jams, and they were up 70-56 with about five minutes to play.

A well-timed 5-0 from Susie Smashbox over MEDUSA, though, had Minnesota in position to come back in the final minutes, down by 9 points … but it was ex-Minnesota player Jawbreaker who’d return to haunt her old team, pulling lead jammer and a 4-0 that burned critical time off the clock, leaving it 74-61 North Star with 1:18 to play. When MEDUSA claimed lead jammer with about 30 second left on the clock, all she had to do was wait for the period time to expire … and when it did, she iced the jam for a 76-61 North Star victory.

On Sunday, North Star will play for 5th place against Arch Rival, while Minnesota will play for 9th place against Grand Raggidy.

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Quarterfinal: (4NC) Cincinnati 94, (5NC) Arch Rival 86 – Cincy was threatening to run away with this one early, pulling out to a big 57-11 lead with just over 5 minutes left in the first half, but Arch Rival managed to turn a powerjam into the start of a much needed rally to close the opening 30 — a big 15-0 for Artemischief followed by a quick 4-0 on a light pack for Keligula got ARRG 19 much needed points. Cincy’s Sadistic Sadie closed the half out on a 5-0, but the score was closer than it had been in awhile at 62-30.

Once again Cincy opened up the lead as the second half started, getting out to 76-30 about seven minutes in — but that was when Arch started making a push that was helped along by a few horrendously timed jammer penalties against Cincy. It was 80-50 with 14 minutes to play, 86-60 with 11:25 to play, and then 86-73 after a textbook 4-0 from Artemischief and a 9-0 powerjam for Enya Nightmare.

With about 5 minutes left to play, Cincinnati jammer Sadistic Sadie put on a clinic in clock-killing jammer defense, managing to tie up Chokehold Chanel for about 30 seconds after both jammers had made their initial pass — and the Cincy pack picked up on her game and sped up to reabsorb Choke, leaving Sadie free to scamper for a 4-0 that burned critical seconds off the clock and temporarily stalled the Arch Rival comeback.

Down 17 points at 90-73 with under three minutes to go, it looked like a lead jam call for Cincy’s K. Lethal would be the final nail in the coffin — but K only scored one point before getting boxed on a major back block. That gave Arch Rival’s Artemischief the line to a 10-1 jam that got Arch Rival within single digits for the first time since the very beginning of the bout, 91-83 with just under a minute to go.

But Arch Rival couldn’t grab the critical lead jammer call on the final jam. Nuk’Em got it for Cincy and got one pass before period time expired, at which point she promptly called the jam and Cincy celebrated a narrow escape from a fierce St. Louis comeback.

Cincinnati advances to take on top seed Windy City at 5:30pm Saturday in the semifinals.

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Quarterfinal: (3NC) Madison 199, (9NC) Brewcity 56 — In another game that was decided very early, Madison was all over Brewcity from the start, taking advantage of their fresher and more experienced crew to blast to a 78-6 lead after just 15 minutes worth of play. The Dairyland Dolls seemed to take their foot off the gas a little bit after being up by 105 points at the half, 127-22, but the margin continued to increased even though the second half was somewhat less lopsided at 72-34.

Madison advances to Saturday’s semifinals, where they will take on the winner of Burning River vs. Detroit.

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Quarterfinal: (1NC) Windy City 155, (6NC) Minnesota 25 – After three jams that left the score at 11-9 favoring Windy City, the famed WCR defense utterly shut down Minnesota’s offensive production — Minnesota could not get on the board for the last 24 minutes of the half while Windy City scored at will. It wasn’t until 10 minutes into the second half that Minnesota finally scored again on a 5-0 for Mitzi Massacre, by which time the Windy City lead was 120-14 and the bout was far out of hand.

Windy City advances to Saturday’s bouts, where they will play the winner of Arch Rival vs. Cincinnati.

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Opening Round: (10NC) Burning River 130, (7NC) Grand Raggidy 66 – Grand Raggidy took a small lead early and held a 28-13 lead, but Burning River went on a massive tear led by jammers Eva Lucien, Erin Gargiulo and CoCo Sparx, denying Grand Raggidy any points until the very end of the half. The 28-13 lead for Grand Raggidy changed to a 72-28 lead going into the final jam of the half. Hot New Girl grabbed a 8-0 for Grand Raggidy to end the action at 78-36, but Burning River had all the momentum.

GRRG kept it at about the same margin for the first 15 minutes of the second half, but couldn’t make any inroads into the Burning River lead, which stood at 92-53 with 14:05 to play. Once again, the Cleveland team took over at the mid-half point, though, dropping a easy 15-0 on an extremely light GRRG pack followed by a 10-0. With the score at 117-53, Burning River took multiple 0-0 jams to run down the clock, and coasted to a solid 64 point win for the tournament’s second upset in a row.

Burning River advances to play Detroit in Game 5 at 5:30pm Friday.

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Opening Round: (9NC) Brewcity 140, (8NC) North Star 113 — Brewcity established themselves off the bat with a 14-4 lead after the first couple of jams, and though North Star made a couple of runs at them, Brewcity never lost that lead. A big 13-0 jam for NSRG’s Jawbreaker made it 36-22 for Brewcity about halfway through the opening 30, but consistent effective pack play, particularly from Anna Krajcik and HackSaw, allowed Brewcity to extend their lead to 40 points at 78-38 late in the half. Jawbreaker once again gave her team a jumpstart with a 18-2 jam to close it out, though, leaving the score at 80-56 at the break.

Brewcity started the second half strong with a 13-0 to High D Voltage and a 10-0 for Hacksaw, padding the lead to 103-56. While North Star stopped the bleeding for a little while, it wasn’t until — once again — Jawbreaker took the jam star to put up a big-margin jam, 13-0 to make it 114-80 Brewcity with 15:12 to play.

North Star continued to whittle away at the Brewcity lead, getting it down to 129-98 with just under 7 minutes left on the clock, and big jams for North Star from Katarina Hit and MEDUSA gave them an outside chance at a last-jam miracle. The score was 135-113 with 1:45 left to play, and Brewcity took a calculated risk by having Rhoda Ruin pass the star to Rejected Seoul out of the penalty box, giving up their chance for lead jammer — but it worked out on their favor, as Seoul took 5 points to 0 for Katarina Hit and iced the win for Brewcity.

Brewcity advances to play Madison in Game 4 on Friday afternoon — that bout kicks off at 4pm.

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