South Central Regionals Capsule Recaps

South Central Regionals Capsule Recaps Ryder Down leans on Strawberry Cutthroat. Shank watches intently from behind. Photo: Phil Peterson

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Championship: (1SC) Texas 150, (2SC) Kansas City 73
— Recap to come. See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

3rd place: (3SC) Houston 113 vs. (4SC) Dallas 101 — An intense battle for the final remaining slot from the South Central region to November’s Nationals looked like it might end in a upset, as 4th seed Dallas held a small but apparently solid lead for the majority of the game’s midpoint. In the end, though, Houston had just barely enough left in the tank to come back on Dallas and hang on for the critical win.

Though Houston took the lead first, Dallas took it over with about 14 minutes left in the first half at 25-24. Around this point in the game, though, penalties became an enormous issue for Houston, who seemed to start almost every jam with only 2 or 3 blockers. They fell into a 52-32 hole late in the first half, and were down by 19 at the break, 59-45.

Dallas’ lead grew to 27 points early in the first half, and although Houston managed to hack a little bit off of it here and there, it was looking like Houston jammers were tiring and unable to go all out after tough passes through the pack. Even with the bout a 8-pointer at a 90-82 point difference, Dallas still seemed in control — until a nightmare jam for Dallas saw their jammer Roxie La Roo hit the box twice in a row, leaving the floor open for Mistilla the Killa to drop a huge 14-0 followed by an 8-3 for Speed-O. Suddenly, Houston was in the lead again at 101-95 with about 7 minutes to go.

Dallas kept Houston at 101 for three more jams, and strung together tiny margins that eventually allowed Anita Riot to call a quick 2-0 that tied the bout at 101 with about three minutes to play. But yet again, it was a jammer penalty that swung the game — Roxie La Roo’s trip to the box gave Speed-O an unopposed minute to pick up 9 points and give Houston a 110-101 lead going into the last 90 seconds.

Mistilla’s lead jam call on the subsequent jam looked like it was certain to lock up the game, as there was more time remaining on the jam clock than the period clock and all she had to do was run out the clock — but after getting a single scoring pass and 3 points, she inexplicably called the jam as opponent Anita Riot was about to start her scoring pass. There were 4 seconds left on the clock at the moment and Dallas might have been able to call a lightning quick timeout for a final prayer, but time expired before the Dallas bench reacted, and Houston punched their ticket to Nationals in what was arguably the most exciting bout of the weekend.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

5th/6th Place: (5SC) Atlanta 126, (6SC) Nashville 66 — The final score didn’t really reflect the nature of this oddly-paced bout. After Atlanta ruled the first 10 minutes and went up 24-0, Nashville battled their way right back into it and made the game extremely tight for the the majority — until three huge jams in a row in the final 10 minutes made it a suddenly lopsided win for the home team.

The Tennessee team spent most of the first half whittling away the 24 points deficit and finally getting it down to single digits late with a little help from the Atlanta penalty box. Atlanta’s Juju had to serve three jammer penalties in a row over the course of two jams, leaving Nashville with plenty of unopposed power jam time — and by the end of the sequence, Nashville had pulled to within 3 points at 39-36, with about five minutes left in the half. A smattering of 0-0 jams defined the concluding sequence of that half, and Atlanta’s lead stood at 11 points, 47-36, when the opening 30 were over.

Nashville kept the margin at single digits nearly from the first jam of the second half all the way to the 12 minute mark, where the score was 70-66 favoring Atlanta, but the bottom completely dropped out on them at that point. Atlanta dropped an unbelievable 56 unanswered points to close it out, and were able to hand the jam star to league founder Tanya Hyde to claim lead jammer and a few points in her final bout before retiring.

Atlanta ended the tournament in the same slot they were seeded, 5; likewise for 6 seed Nashville.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

9th place /10th place: (10SC) Memphis 134, (8SC) West Texas 82 –– West Texas kept this one in reach almost all the way through, but although they made repeated runs at Memphis, they could not completely erase the lead. The opening three jam were all powerjams, but Memphis got the better of them — 10-0 Memphis, 12-0 West Texas and then 15-0 Memphis. That left the score at 25-12 Memphis, with West Texas digging in to finally claw within 2 points at 31-29 with about 15 minutes to play. That was the first of Memphis’ wake-up calls, and they opened up a 21 point lead from there, 58-37 with five minutes to play — and closed the half on a 15-0 for standout jammer Lil Cinner to leave the score at 73-45.

West Texas came out of the break on fire, though — helped out quite a bit by repeated jammer penalties on Memphis. The opening 4 jams went 13-0 to WTRD’s Mulisha Maiden, 4-0 to WTRD’s Scary Go Round, 3-0 to Memphis’ Irene Business, and then 8-0 to WTRD’s Slyder, putting West Texas within single digits at 76-70.

For the middle of the half, WTRD had the margin just one jam away but never could take the lead back. They got as close as 3 points at 84-81 with 11:55 left to play, but Memphis’ defense simply slammed the door on them at that point, making the final sequence of the game bear very little relation to what had come before. West Texas only got 1 more point in the final 12 minutes while Memphis dropped 50.

Memphis went 1-2 on the weekend and finished in 9th place, an improvement on their 10 seed coming into the tournament; West Texas lost all three of their bouts and finish in last place.

See DNN’s archived boutcast.

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Semifinal: (2SC) Kansas City 118, (3SC) Houston 56 —A particularly speedy game saw Kansas City building up a fairly sizable lead early, up 49-10 with about 13 minutes left in the first half, but Houston played an impressive closing sequence to the half, taking a number of low-scoring margins to keep the Kansas City lead a manageable 30 points at the break, 59-29.

Though Houston got within 23 points early in the second half, it wasn’t too long before Kansas City got the game solidly under control, hitting the 100 point mark with about 7 minutes left in the bout at 101-44. Houston had a tough run in the last ten minutes, as they managed to put together four jams in a row where their jammer burst out of the pack first but without lead jammer — and four times in a row, KCRW jammers called it off at 0-0.

Kansas City advances to play Texas in the championship bout on Sunday night; Houston faces Dallas for a spot in Nationals in the third place bout.

See DNN’s archived boutcast.

Semifinal: (1SC) Texas 288, (5SC) Dallas 19 — Texas stormed to an dominating victory over a Dallas team that chose to sit a number of their most effective players, including Hot 4 Teacher, Anita Riot, Roxie La Roo and Rink Panther, clearly setting their focus on the third place game against Houston on Sunday night. Texas easily advanced to the championship bout against Kansas City, and assured themselves of a trip to Nationals.

See DNN’s archived boutcast.

7th/8th Place: (7SC) Tampa Bay 127, (9SC) No Coast 110 — While Tampa Bay held a fairly comfortable 20 to 30 point lead for the overwhelming majority of the first half and was up 73-45 at the break, No Coast came out of the intermission on fire and very quickly made the game into a minor classic with numerous momentum changes — though most of them were as a result of jammer penalties. After a No Coast 5-0, 14-0 and 4-0 to open the half, it was a single-digit game at 74-68.

Tampa Bay managed to open up a little daylight when their jammer Little A pulled a 13-0 with about 20 minutes left to make it 95-76 Tampa, but once again No Coast rattled off a series of shutout jams that got them to within 95-93 on a chaotic powerjam for Princess Lay Ya Flat.

It looked like No Coast’s Flash Gloria was going to tie it up on the following jam, with Tampa’s Madame Battleaxe still boxed — but Gloria back-blocked her way into the box on the scoring pass. The power jam flip ended a wash with both jammers scoring 5 at the end of the 2 minutes, leaving the margin stuck at 2 points, 100-98.

At the point, the jammers for both teams suddenly became incapable of staying out of the box, with daisy-chained penalties causing shortened power jam after shortened power jam — and after three jams of this action and a lengthy ref timeout to settle the situation, Tampa Bay had barely extended their lead to eight points at 110-102 with 7 minutes left.

Princess Lay-Ya-Flat had to work very hard for a 4-0 on a power jam to draw No Coast a bit closer at 110-106 and 4:12 left to play — but on the following jam, it was once again a jammer penalty as a major factor. No Coast’s Kobra Kai cut track on her opening pass and Tampa’s Six Gun Susie rode that to a Tampa 8-0, making it 118-106 Tampa with just over 2 minutes to play.

No Coast’s Flash Gloria took lead over Little A, but could only turn it into a 4-4, setting up a final jam with 50 seconds left at 122-110 between Tampa’s Rock-C and Princess Lay Ya Flat — and when Rock-C pulled lead, it was just a matter of time until Rock-C’s call-off won a thriller for Tampa Bay.

See DNN’s archived boutcast.

Consolation: (5SC) Atlanta 190, (10SC) Memphis 77 — One of the hardest-hitting bouts of the weekend saw no end of flying bodies and floor-rattling crash landings, but it was Atlanta’s pack control, along with another spectacular performance from Demi Gore with the jam star, that put this game out of reach fairly early. The margin was doable with about 7 minutes to play in the first and Atlanta up 61-27, but ATL jammer Wheelin’ Jennings rolled for a big 20-0 powerjam that made it 81-27 and seemed to be the early backbreaker.

Memphis made sure Atlanta wouldn’t easily forget their meeting, with Bloody Elle, Cat Claus and Ragin’ Caucasian handing out huge hits all bout long, but in the end Atlanta would secure the 100 point margin and more on the final jam.

Atlanta will play Nashville for 5th place at 2pm on Sunday; Memphis will play West Texas at noon on Sunday for 9th place.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

Consolation: (6SC) Nashville 212, (8SC) West Texas 49
— Nashville lost little time taking out their frustrations after their scoreless first half against Texas on Friday — they blasted West Texas from the start with 15 and 20 point jams from Slammylou Harris, Maulin Monroe and ace Ramb0 Samb0, and had quadrupled WTRD’s score by halftime at 100-25.

The big story for Nashville, though, was really the terrifying play of blocker Sexy Slaydie, who seemed incapable of hitting an opponent without sending her flying off the track or into the infield — and more than a couple of jams were stopped as the recipients of those hits couldn’t get back up before the pack reached them again. For West Texas, Slyder and Wild Wookie were heavily used as both jammers and blockers and acquitted themselves well, but the overpowering Nashville team was far too much for a WTRD crew that looked more scattered the longer the bout went on.

Nashville will play Atlanta for 5th place at 2pm on Sunday; West Texas will play Memphis at noon on Sunday for 9th place.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

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Quarterfinal: (4SC) Dallas 122, (5SC) Atlanta 91 — The first few jams in Friday night’s marquee bout left the score at Dallas 8, Atlanta 6, but for the next 15 minutes, it looked as if Dallas was going to run away with the bout, consistently claiming lead jammer status and holding Atlanta to just 1 point while putting up 34 of their own. With 11:50 to play in the first, Atlanta was looking at a 42-7 deficit … but a 9-3 run for Atlanta’s Juju soon followed by a 15-0 for Demi Gore quickly made it a game again at 48-31 with about 5 minutes left in the half. The margin stayed nearly exactly the same as the half ended Dallas 58, Atlanta 42.

Dallas opened up their lead again as the second half started, as both teams very rarely went in with full packs due to penalty issues piling up. With 15 minutes left to play, Dallas had a 97-61 lead, but once again it was Demi Gore with the jam star for Atlanta getting her team back in it just as things looked too grim to recover from — she dropped a critical 13-0 power jam there (although a tremendous hit from Dallas’ Barooski leveled Demi in her final pass and might have saved it from being bigger.)

With the score 97-74, Atlanta kept chipping away to get within 14 points at 99-85 with just under ten minutes to play — but Dallas’ defense firmed up just in time, and as importantly, their speedster ace jammer Miley Virus was nearly a guaranteed lead jammer call every time she went to the line. Atlanta only put up 6 more points in the last ten minutes, and Dallas advanced to become the third Texas team in the four-team semifinals.

see DNN’s archived boutcast here.

Quarterfinal: (2SC) Kansas City 198, (7SC) Tampa Bay 77 — Tampa Bay played Kansas City surprisingly close in the first 15 minutes here, using crunching blocking from Frieda Killigan and some tenacious jamming from Madame Battleaxe and Little A to be down by just 28-24 about halfway through the opening 30. However, Kansas City began to pull away at that point, getting to 46-31 with 11:30 left in the half and then totally arresting TBDD’s offense until the last jam of the half. While TBDD took that jam 9-7, the score was no longer hanging the balance — KC had built a 89-40 at the break.

Kansas City quickly proved that the last ten minutes of the half was not an aberration, squelching Tampa Bay’s upset hopes by running the score margin up to 119-41 in just the first nine minutes of the half. Although the impressive Sixgun Susie managed to pick up a 14-0 on a very light KC pack at that point, it was just a small bump in the road on the way to a 100+ point Kansas City win in the end.

Kansas City advances to the semifinals, where they’ll meet Houston in Saturday’s 8pm bout.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

Quarterfinal: (3SC) Houston 183, (9SC) No Coast 45 — Houston was in no mood to allow No Coast a second upset victory in a row and Houston’s much faster jammers, particularly Death By Chocolate and Mistilla the Killa, had numerous huge jams — Mistilla, for one, dropped a 25-0 with 4 minutes left in the first half, moving a 65-14 score to a 90-14 tally that had ticked up to 93-14 by the halftime break. While No Coast got more offense in the second half, they could still do little to keep Houston from putting up a 138 point margin by the time it was all over.

Houston advances to the semifinals to play Kansas City in Saturday’s 8pm bout.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

Quarterfinal: (1SC) Texas 207, (6SC) Nashville 23 — Texas treated Nashville to one of their traditionally harsh welcomes to top-flight WFTDA play, not allowing a single point for the Nashville Rollergirls through the entire first half, which ended by an utterly dominant total of 127-0 for Texas. Nashville’s second half was noticeably improved, as Nashville jammers Ramb0 Samb0 and Slammylou Harris finally found their way through tough packs for points, and the intimidating Sexy Slaydie managed to lay a few massive hits on Texas skaters. Overall, though, the game belonged to unstoppable jamming from Texas’ Olivia Shootin’ John and tremendously effective play in the back of the pack from Rice Rocket and in the front by Bullet Tooth Tracy.

Texas advances to the Saturday semifinal round, where they will take on the winner of Dallas vs. Atlanta.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

Opening Round: (7SC) Tampa Bay 229, (10SC) Memphis 105 — This one was close for the first 10 minutes at 22-11 Tampa, but Tampa’s superior pack play, along with impressive speed from Tampa jammers that often allowed them to race past on the outside of turns, quickly started growing Tampa’s lead. In particular, jammer Little A’s preternatural ability to make blockers whiff on attempted big hits repeatedly got her out of the pack without help as she’d make herself a big tempting target on a corner and then blink out of the way as oncoming blockers hurtled themselves off the track.

With about 12 minutes left in the first half, Tampa’s lead had ballooned from 22-11 to 78-19, climaxing with a 19-0 for Rock-C. With the score 96-22 and 7:30 left in the first half, Memphis suddenly showed some fire in a 3-0, 4-1, 14-0 run that made the score a more respectable 97-43, but Tampa didn’t allow Memphis to take the momentum into the half by answering with a 14-0 and an 8-4 to end the first 30 at 118-47 Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay’s lead would only increase through the second half.

Tampa Bay moves on to take on #2 seed Kansas City in the quarterfinals, 6pm on Friday.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

Opening Round: (9SC) No Coast 109, (8SC) West Texas 79 — No Coast pulled out to a 23-0 lead after four jams of this one, and it seemed that the whole story of the game was West Texas trying to close that inaugural gap. All game long, both teams relied on a particularly strong set of blockers at the front of the pack — Slyder and Smokin’ EnJen for West Texas and The Bone Setter and ThickaThanAhSnicka for No Coast — who worked together very effectively in bottling up opposing jammers.

West Texas charged back quickly from the 23-0 hole on a couple of big jams for Slyder and narrowed No Coast’s lead to 27-24 with about 15 minutes remaining in the first half. The score stayed at single digits for a while until No Coast finally opened it back to double digits at 43-33, only for West Texas’ Rollin Atkinson to take advantage of a powerjam to get West Texas to within just 2 at 43-41 with about 5 minutes left in the half. But again, No Coast barely stayed ahead of the WTRD charge, closing the half at 57-51 No Coast.

West Texas spent the majority of the second half still hovering between a 5 and 20 point deficit, but they suffered a major setback with about 10 minutes to play, when they were on a power play but their jammer Rollin’ Atkinson was sent to the penalty box — however, she didn’t realize she’d been sent off and her jam ref didn’t realize she hadn’t gone to the box for a couple of critical laps, which had the effect of handing No Coast a much longer subsequent power play than they would have had otherwise. It was West Texas’ last best shot, and No Coast finally opened up their lead too far for West Texas to strike back in the time remaining.

No Coast moved on to face Houston in the quarterfinals, 4pm on Friday.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.