Western Regionals Capsule Recaps

Western Regionals Capsule Recaps De Ranged is focused on the track as Begeman goes in for a hit. Photo: Jules Doyle

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Championship Bout: (1W) Oly 119, (8W) Rocky Mountain 64 — In a very high-speed final, Olympia WA’s Oly Rollers proved themselves best in the West by denying the hometown 8 seed Rocky Mountain a satisfactory end to their Cinderella story.

Oly took a 13-0 lead in the first two jams of the bout, though Rocky’s Frida Beater took lead jammer and a quick 2-0 to get the hometown heroines on the board — but Oly answered with a 1-0 of their own to make it 14-2 after four jams.

Rocky suffered a sudden unexpected setback in the fifth jam — their new star De Ranged took lead jammer, but before any points could be scored, RMRG blocker Annia Lateher went down on injury. Though she was able to skate off under her own power, that jam went 0-0. The strength of the Oly jammers seemed to be a significant advantage for them, as larger, more powerful jammers like Atomatrix, Heffer and Tannibal Lector were able to block their own holes open in the pack while the smaller RMRG jammers like She Who Cannot Be Named and Whipity Pow had more trouble shrugging off hard hits. For the first half, Oly dominated the lead jammer battle. In the jammer position, only De Ranged’s mix of speed and strength seemed particularly effective throughout the bout for RMRG.

After about 13 minutes, Oly held a small 21-9 lead, but it was a De Ranged powerjam that finally got Rocky Mountain on the board in a big way, as she rumbled for a 14-0 that put Rocky in the lead 23-21 about halfway through the opening 30.

Blonde n Bitchin’, D Bomb and Tannibal Lector had De Ranged’s number on her next turn with the star, though, and Oly took back the lead 25-23 on the back of a 4-0 turn from Atomatrix. Oly continued to increase their lead through the following few jams, but couldn’t drop any big jams.

While Oly had cleaner jamming through the first half and was rarely stuck with the star in the box, Rocky Mountain was fairly effective at speeding up the pack to avoid big losses on those powerjams. Oly was only able to pick up about 4 or 5 points when they had unopposed opportunities, and they were often forced to call jams while unopposed because the RMRG blockers had complete control of the speed of the pack. That left the score at Oly 40, Rocky Mountain 23 with 5 minutes left in the half.

Rocky Mountain finally got a long-delayed lead jammer call for Whipity Pow in the half’s second to last jam, and had a powerjam on top of it, but while it got some more points on the board for RMRG, the margin hadn’t changed too much by the half. Oly was up 47-35 at the break.

Ten minutes into the second half, Oly had managed to increase that lead a little bit, particularly with the help of a 9-0 powerjam going to Heffer at the 25:00 mark. That placed the score at Oly 69, Rocky Mountain 46 with 19:24 left to play. However, it was right about here that Oly began to assert control over the bout. They dropped 28 unanswered points on Rocky Mountain over 7 jams before Rocky Mountain’s De Ranged finally got the home team back on the board, but by that time Oly held a 101-48 lead with 11:30 left on the clock.

Apparently sensing the game was about to slip away, Rocky Mountain started handing the jam star to De Ranged over and over again, running her almost every other jam for the next series. Mostly on De Ranged’s jamming, RMRG did narrow the margin slightly to 101-63, but Oly’s Atomatrix continued to put on a clinic of her own, dropping a 11-0 with 5 minutes left to play that was the nail in the coffin. Oly was up 112-63 at that point, and there wouldn’t be enough time for the hometown crew to close the gap.

Oly’s first place finish gives them a bye in the first round of November’s Nationals; they will draw the winner of Gotham / Detroit in the tournament’s second round. Rocky Mountain will face down the South Central’s third seed, Houston, in the first round.

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3rd place: (2W) Denver 172, (4W) Rat City 94 – Denver quickly redeemed themselves after their heartbreaking controversial loss to rivals Rocky Mountain on Saturday, using their speed and pack control to consistently open up the margin on a penalty-prone Rat City.

The first half of this bout was easily the most penalty-laden of all the tournament’s bouts, as both teams’ penalty box filled up in the very first jam and Denver’s jammer Heather Juska ended up jamming in the first three jams due to ending the first two penalized. Regardless, Denver had a lead in the end of the sequence, up 15-4 after five minutes, and they never let that lead go.

More penalties rained down for the subsequent 25 minutes, but they fell on Rat City much more often, garnering quite a bit of booing from the partisans in the stands. It seemed that Rat City had 2 blockers in the boxes for nearly the first 10 minutes of the bout, as the queue backed up and many Rat City blockers had to await their turns in the box. Denver’s skill at drawing back-blocking penalties on Rat City jammers with last-second lateral movement from their blockers was a major part of that.

At halftime, Denver held a 81-43 lead, still doable for the Rat crew, but they could not close against a Denver team — partially due to Denver’s defense but also due to Rat City’s propensity for consistently losing powerjam opportunities when unopposed Rat City jammers hit the box. Rat City was within striking distance at 109-85 with 12:33 to play, but Denver slammed the door on them at that point, dropping 48 unanswered points to make the margin an insurmountable 157-85 with 4:10 left on the clock.

Denver finished in 3rd place for the tournament and will face Kansas City in the first round of Nationals; Rat City misses the Nationals for the first time in their existence.

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5th/6th Place: (5W) Bay Area 105, (6W) Duke City 103 — Recap to come.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

9th/10th Place: (9W) Tucson 185, (7W) Pikes Peak 91 — Tucson opened up a significant lead in the first half of this one with jammers Sami Automatic and Luce Bandit leading the charge, and they also got a little bit of help from some questionably timed jam calls on the part of PPDD lead jammers — more than a few times, PPDD held lead but waited too long to call it, allowing potential 4-0 jams to become ties. The Tucson lead hovered around 20 points for the first part of the half until they opened it up on a big 15-0 for Myna N Possession, making it 57-20 with ten minutes left in the half.

Pikes got something going at the very end of the period — they faced a 73-32 deficit with five minutes to play, but two powerjams in a row went 9-0 for Pikes, and they ended with a 4-0 for Kamilla Bloodspilla to make it just a 19 point difference at 73-54.

Unfortunately for Pikes, the second half was practically all Tucson, and on top of that Pikes Peak jammers took a number of avoidable penalties, particularly big track cuts that left them boxed while Tucson blockers Deadlock Doe Holiday, Helen Wheels and Sunni Sideup blasted open holes for their own jammers. Tucson outscored Pikes in the second half 112-37, cruising in a much easier final 30 minutes.

Tucson finished in 9th place, keeping their original seeding; Pikes Peak was the only team to finish the weekend winless at 0-3, and landed in last place for the tournament.

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Semifinal: (8W) Rocky Mountain 122, (2W) Denver 107 — This instant classic between the co-hosts of the tournament completely lived up to the feverish pre-game hype — Denver and Rocky Mountain had shared the same city for four years, but had never faced one another in public play. Denver seemed to have a tiny advantage in speed, but Rocky Mountain had an equally tiny advantage in pack play — and if Denver had originally held a small advantage in athleticism, that was canceled out with the recent addition of Psycho Babble and De Ranged to the RMRG crew.

Denver led for most of the first half, but Rocky Mountain made a big move with the help of a huge 25-0 jam for De Ranged with 6 minutes left in the half — that vaulted Rocky Mountain from a 46-23 deficit to a 48-46 lead. The teams traded the advantage for the remaining jams of the half, with Denver holding a 60-56 lead with a minute left to play in the half — but De Ranged was yet again the difference-maker for Rocky Mountain, dropping a half-closing 10-0 to put RMRG up 66-60 after the opening thirty.

Rocky Mountain’s halftime lead would only last a few minutes into the second half, as DRD tied it up at 71-71 with 23:53 to play. Denver’s Heather Juska pushed her team into the lead with a 9-0 at that point, making it 80-71 Denver with 22:17 left in the half. Though Denver clung to their lead, the bout’s intensity didn’t decrease in the least. They managed to push it to ten points at 90-80 with 16 minutes in the half, but RMRG’s De Ranged made the crowd blow up with a 3-0 featuring an incredible gravity-defying opening pass to avoid losing her footing.

At 90-83 Denver, rookie Whipity Pow burst her way to lead jammer over Julie Adams and picked up 2 more for Rocky Mountain, closing the lead to 90-85 Denver with 13:30 left in the game. Denver’s Teresa Rusk pulled lead and a slick 4-0 to almost erase that short RMRG run and make it 94-85 with 11:34 on an official timeout.

Still the bout hovered between double and single digits. At 99-89, RMRG’s Whipity Pow grabbed lead and points in a photo-finish 3-0 — and then both Teresa Rusk and De Ranged hit the box as jammers within seconds of one another in the following jam — but Denver’s Rusk had to go back on a fourth minor upon returning. When that chaos was over, Denver was up 103-96 with 5:35 to play — but Rocky Mountain’s Whipity Pow was on the line alone to start the next jam.

Rocky Mountain’s advantage vanished instantly, though, when Whipity Pow picked up a major on her opening pass. Rusk burst out of the box to take a controversial lead, as Rocky Mountain’s Psycho Babble blocked her out of bounds at the front of the pack and then turned tail and ran to the back of the pack — but Rusk’s jam ref let Rusk re-enter, judging that Psycho Babble had left the engagement zone.

Final minutes of Semifinal 2: Denver vs. Rocky Mountain

That jam ended 107-100 for Denver after Rusk went back to the box, but DeRanged tore it up on the following pass as the Denver jammer was boxed again — and Rocky Mountain took back the lead to an insane crowd response as DeRanged dropped a huge 18-0 on a confounded Denver pack. Suddenly RMRG was up 118-107 with 40 seconds to go.

What happened next was the most unlikely last jam conceivable — RMRG sent DeRanged back out to jam unopposed, and while she broke pack without lead, there was about a minute more on the jam clock than on the period clock. When the period clock expired, the fans rushed the track, causing an early end to the jam with Rocky Mountain up 122-107 and no time left on the period clock.

The result was a very lengthy referee timeout as the refs and announcers attempted to restore order. After about five minutes of conferring, the final decision was that the jam had been called due to an unsafe condition on the track — and with no time left on the period clock, that meant the end of the game. 8 seed Rocky Mountain claimed a shocking and historic win over longtime rivals and 2 seed Denver.

Rocky Mountain assured themselves a trip to Nationals and a date with Oly on Sunday night for the Western Region championship — Denver will have to knock off Rat City in the third place game to get their own ticket to Philly.

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Semifinal: (1W) Oly 127, (4W) Rat City 90 — This long-awaited grudge match had Oly in the front from the jump, but Rat City never let the margin get out of hand in an extremely physical and very high-speed bout.

The intensity of the bout was clear when the first three jams all ended 0-0 as lead jammers cut things off early due to unfavorable pack setups on approach. The fourth jam went 7-0 for Oly in a jam where both teams’ jammers visited the box, and that was a lead that Oly never let go of.

One of the memorable matchups in the bout was Oly’s super-fast jammer Atomatrix going up against Rat City’s super-heavy-hitting blocker Anya Heels — many times in the bout, Atomatrix attempted to make a high-speed pass of Anya only to get a perfectly timed hit that sent her off her feet. Those hits made the famously tireless Atomatrix a little slower on her passes, but regardless, Oly’s jammer crew of Atomatrix, Heffer and B Tease N were able to grow the lead with the help of very effective blocking from Sassy and D-Bomb. At halftime, Oly was up 53-27.

Oly added to their lead as the second half got underway, though they had to fight for every point — making it to 78-29 about 10 minutes into the bout. Rat City’s X-Khan kept Rat in the bout with a 15-0 to make it 74-44, but things spooled out in Oly’s favor for the remainder of the half. They put it away in the final ten minutes, taking a 125-61 lead with about 5 minutes to go — and while Rat City charged back to close to 127-86 going into the last jam, that wasn’t a doable margin in a single jam.

Oly picked up a guaranteed trip to Nationals and goes on to the finals to face the winner of Denver v Rocky Mountain — Rat City gets the loser of that match in the third place match, with the winner getting the final Nationals slot.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

7th/8th Place: (3W) Rose City 241, (10W) Angel City 42 — Portland’s Rose City didn’t waste too much time opening up a significant lead on their competition from Los Angeles, holding a 27-0 margin in the first ten minutes before Punk N Da Trunk got a 4-1 jam win for Angel City to make it 28-4.

Angel City managed to tread water during the midpoint of the half, with the score hitting 44-21 with about 10 minutes left in the first half, but Rose City’s significantly more effective play at the front of the pack, featuring Cadillac and Sol Train, wouldn’t let Angel City start closing the gap.

A 20-0 powerjam for Rose City’s Cadillac with about 5 minutes in the half increased the Rose City lead from 30 to 50 points at 77-27. The powerjam rolled over to the subsequent jam, and Rhea DeRange added more damage with the help of Blood Clottia, Marollin Monroe, Mick U Cry and Axl Rolls. That 15-0 left Rose City up 93-27, and Rose City was in the driver’s seat for good. At the half, the Portland team was up by 73 points, 102-29.

Rose City’s defense locked down even harder in the second half, allowing only 9 points through the first 20 minutes while piling it on with 89 points of their own. WIth 8 minutes to go, Rose City held a 191-38 lead, and when it was all over Rose City had easily cruised to victory, just missing a 200 point margin with a 241-42 final.

Due to their seeding, Rose City was the only team in all four tournaments to only play two bouts, and finished in 7th place; Angel City, with their first-round upset of 7 seed Pikes Peak, improved on their 10 seed by finishing in 8th place overall.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

Consolation Bracket: (5W) Bay Area 242, (7W) Pikes Peak 78 — Bay Area held the advantage in almost all aspects of the bout, from energy to agility to pack awareness, and a full-length 20-0 for BAD’s Nock Nock about 10 minutes into the bout had the San Francisco crew up 51-7 early.

However, the one area where Bay Area emphatically did not hold the advantage was in clean play in the first half. Bay Area continued to suffer the penalty box woes that ended up sinking them in their quarterfinal match with Rat City. For nearly ten minutes, Bay Area lost their jammers to the box over and over again, allowing Pikes Peak to sneak their way back into the bout.

The Colorado Springs crew was able to capitalize on a lengthy string of powerjams and light packs to put up 26 unanswered points and narrow it to 51-33 with about 12 minutes left in the first half. Bay Area squeaked out 5 points during a rare appearance of their jammer on the track, but with 8:52 left in the half, Pikes Peak had closed all the way to 55-40, cutting deeply into BAD’s early 44 point lead.

Once Bay Area figured out how to stay out of the box, though, everything changed again. The last nine minutes of the half went 54-3 for Bay Area. A 20-0 for Burlybot quickly killed Pikes Peak’s momentum, making it 75-40 with 6:53 in the first, and the margin increased in Bay Area’s favor for the rest of the half, ending the opening 30 at 109-43.

The second half opened with nothing but bad news for Pikes Peak, as Bay Area took complete control, shutting out PPDD for the first 13 minutes of the half and dropping a dominating 80 unanswered points. Pikes Peak’s Kamilla Bloodspilla finally got her team back on the board with 17 minutes to play, but by that point Bay Area held an insurmountable 193-45 lead and it was just a matter of time.

Bay Area will be playing Duke City in the 5th/6th place bout at 1pm on Sunday; Pikes Peak tries to stay out of last place when they take on Tucson in the 9th/10th place bout at 11am Sunday.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

Consolation Bracket: (6W) Duke City 142, (9W) Tucson 62 — Recap to come. See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

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Quarterfinal: (4W) Rat City 115, (5W) Bay Area 103 — Bay Area was slightly in the lead for almost this whole bout and looked to have an upset in hand almost all the way through, but in the critical last sequence it was, as is so often the case, poorly timed jammer penalties on BAD that allowed Rat City to sneak ahead in the final minute and take a dramatic victory.

While the bout started with a few surprisingly high-scoring jams — an 18-8 to Bay Area followed by a 6-5 — things calmed down on the scoreboard for a little while, as both teams stepped up their defense. Bay Area’s lead lasted until there were about 13 minutes to play, where Rat City’s Valtron took advantage of a powerjam to tie the bout at 40-40.

Bay Area opened it back up to 50-40, but yet again it was a jammer penalty on BAD that changed the tide. Wile E. Peyote motored for a 10-4 while BAD’s Jane Hammer had to sit in the box, and Rat City narrowed it to 54-50. However, Bay Area continued to hold off the Rat City charge, and had a 69-56 lead going into the half.

For the first 15 minutes of the second half, Bay Area solidly increased their lead, which stood at 93-69 halfway through — and then the full penalty box came back to haunt BAD. Rat City’s Meg MyDay had an unopposed jam while facing just 2 BAD blockers. Meg’s 15-0 got the Rat City fans screaming and made the score 95-84.

Still, though, Bay Area bounced back strong with a series of small margin jams that extended the lead to 103-84 with about 7 minutes to go. Like clockwork, a BAD jammer in the penalty box gave Rat City the chance to come back on the following jam — and even though critical Rat City blocker Anya Heels went out with a broken skate halfway through the jam, Meg MyDay rumbled for another 15-0 that saved Rat City’s chances, leaving the score at 103-99 with 5 minutes to play.

After a 2-0 for Rat City and a 0-0, there were just under two minutes to play and Bay Area was clinging to a 103-101 lead. Astronaughty took the star for Bay Area while Juliet Bravo went for Rat City — and Bay Area immediately had the two worst possible things happen to them, as Juliet took lead and Astronaughty went to the box almost immediately afterwards.

Juliet only needed to get 3 points and stay out of the box, and she handled it and more with help from blocker Carmen Getsome, rolling to a 14-2 full-length last jam that put Rat City in the lead for the first time all half.

Rat City escaped to battle Oly in the 8pm semifinals on Saturday night, while Bay Area faces Pikes Peak in the consolation round at 4pm on Saturday.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

Quarterfinal: (2W) Denver 307, (10W) Angel City 32 — Denver dismantled Angel City from start to finish in this one, with the Angel City girls’ moderate size advantage being no match for the agility and teamwork of the Mile High Club. Angel City didn’t score their first points in this one until Denver had already broken triple digits, as ACDG’s Go Go Gidget took a 4-0 after 20 minutes had elapsed — that jam made it 119-4 favoring Denver, and while it might have given the underdog fans something to cheer for, it was just a momentary respite from lead jam after lead jam and grand slam after grand slam for one of the two hometown teams.

Denver broke 300 points with just a jam left to go, and ended up falling just a few points short of Rocky Mountain’s new record for most points scored and biggest point margin in a WFTDA tournament bout — Rocky scored 319 and beat Tucson by 292 in the tournament’s opening bout while Denver scored 307 and beat Angel City by 275 in this bout.

Denver will go on to face cross-town rivals Rocky Mountain in Saturday night’s semifinals at 10pm Mountain time, while Angel City goes up against Rose City in Saturday’s 7th/8th place game tomorrow.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

Quarterfinal: (8W) Rocky Mountain 101, (3W) Rose City 77 — Rocky Mountain proved their huge 319-27 opening round win over Tucson wasn’t an aberration, taking the lead from the start against the favored 3 seed and never trailing while battling back a fierce Rose City struggle. Rocky Mountain’s win stands as the biggest seeding upset of the tournament cycle thus far.

Rocky Mountain established a 15-0 lead after a couple of jams and worked it carefully through a relatively low-scoring opening sequence. While they held a 32-16 lead at the 14:07 mark, an explosive 15-0 powerjam for Rhea DeRange nearly erased the entire lead and made it 32-31with about 11:50 to play.

While Rocky Mountain avoided losing the lead, Rose City consistently hung just about 15-25 points back for almost the rest of the bout, seemingly just a couple of breaks away — but those breaks never came against an RMRG playing with impressive confidence. At the half, the score was 60-43 favoring Rocky Mountain, and Rose City never got closer than the 17 point margin there, though they got back to it a few times in the second half.

The main story of the second half was incredibly effective jammer on jammer defense from all of RMRG’s stable, including Frida Beater, She Who Cannot Be Named, Psycho Babble, and De Ranged — over and over again, RMRG was able to control the speed of the opposing jammers away from the pack. RMRG also got stellar blocking from Annia LateHer and Assaultin’ Pepa, among others.

Rocky Mountain got to their biggest lead at 31 points, 97-66 with about six and a half to play, and while Rose City hung in there long enough to have a prayer with the margin 20 points at 97-77 with 1:20 to play, a lead jammer call for RMRG’s Frida Beater sealed the deal, and she picked up a 4-0 on the way to skate out the clock and notch the immensely crowd-pleasing win.

Rocky Mountain goes to the semifinals and will face Denver in Saturday night’s marquee bout; this guarantees that there will be at least one Denver team at Nationals, possibly two if the loser of that bout wins their subsequent third-place match. That action goes down at 10pm. Rose City is eliminated from Nationals contention and will play Angel City at 6pm on Saturday for 7th place.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

Quarterfinal: (1W) Oly 165, (6W) Duke City 92 — Last year Albuquerque’s Duke City Derby became the Cinderella story of the Western Regionals, knocking off reigning national champion Kansas City in this very bout to secure an invitation to the 2008 WFTDA Nationals. Matched up once again against the West’s #1 seed, Duke City showed early potential to repeat the feat, taking a 20-12 lead in the first seven minutes before the Oly Rollers’ defense locked it down.

Oly scored the next 27 points and never again relinquished the lead, though they also struggled to land a knockout jam until late in the game. While Duke City scored infrequently, they kept in the game by maximizing jammer advantage situations, with Muffin turning in the early 15-0 jam to establish their brief lead, Meep Meep running up a 12-4, and Kamikaze Kim reeling in a 13-3 later in the first half, all on power jams. Steady scoring from Oly brought their halftime lead to 87-49.

Oly assumed a much more dominant stance in the second half, with top scorer Atomatrix, Tannibal Lector, and Blonde N Bitchin earning lead jammer status in jam after jam to steadily draw out their lead. Aside from a standout 20-0 jam from Duke City’s Meep Meep, nearly every jam in the half went Oly’s way. On the strength of this 165-92 victory, Oly became the first team in the tournament to advance to the quarterfinals.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

First Round: (10W) Angel City 86, (7W) Pikes Peak 67 — Angel City built a small but durable lead in a relatively low-scoring the first half here, using jamming from Estro Jen, Felony Friendly and Shiv along with some particularly hard hitting from the intimidating Hard Cora. Angel City seemed to benefit from having an overall taller and physically stronger bench, with smaller PPDD jammers like Kamilla Bloodspilla and Hawaiian Punch having trouble absorbing the big corner hits.

The Angel City advantage was particularly evident on the last jam of the half, where Punch started unopposed on the jammer line but was stymied for a full minute by Diesel, Hard Cora and Fighty Almighty until Shiv came back out of the box and took lead jammer away. At halftime, Angel City held a 43-30 lead but seemed to be physically dominating the game more than the 13-point difference suggested.

However, Pikes Peak closed the gap quickly in the second half, grabbing a 48-46 lead with about 23 minutes left to play with the help of a grand slam from Pepper Slay and a 8-0 from Rushin’ Bride. The teams traded jam wins over the next 15 minutes, keeping it almost dead even at 52-51 favoring PPDD at the 20 minute mark and 61-57 with 12:13 left to play. A power jam for Angel City got them back into the lead at that point, though, with Duchess Von Damn and Estro Jen blocking a path for Fighty Almighty to get a 9-0 win that set the score at 66-61 with ten minutes to play.

On the following jam, it was Angel City showing their defense, as Va Va Va Gina, Diesel, Shiv and Selacidal killed the majority of a power jam by holding the Swiss Missile to just a 2-0 in a full length jam. The defensive stand kept PPDD from grabbing the lead back, and ACDG’s Go-Go Gidget managed to extend the lead on yet another powerjam, dropping a 11-0. That gave Angel City the first double-digit lead since the half’s second jam, up 77-63 with 6 minutes left to play.

The following jam would be a comedy of jammer errors — both Fighty Almighty and Audi My Way went to the box twice in the same jam, with Audi picking up back to back illegal procedures penalties for cutting her way into the pack on her way back in. Pikes lost a major opportunity there, unable to get any points and falling behind 84-63 with two minutes to play.

PPDD scraped out 3 more points, setting up a last-jam prayer with the score 84-66 and 35 seconds to play. Swiss Missile grabbed a quick lead jammer call over Pepper Slay, but Estro won it 2-1 to make it 86-67. For a moment it looked like Pikes Peak was going to be able to call a literally last-second timeout with 1.8 left on the clock, but the refs determined the timeout was not called before time expired, and Angel City scored a delayed upset.

Angel City moves on to take on Denver at 7pm today in the quarterfinals; Pikes Peak goes to the consolation rounds to play the loser of Rat City vs. Bay Area at 4pm on Saturday.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.

First Round: (8W) Rocky Mountain 319, (9W) Tucson 27 — Rocky Mountain utterly dominated from the start here, dropping grand slam after grand slam on a Tucson team that was having immense trouble giving their jammers any offensive help in the pack or controlling the front of the pack. She Who Cannot Be Named, Frida Beater, Anne Shank and new face Whipity Pow had field days dropping 20 point jams on Tucson and had their team up by 176-9 by halftime.

In the second half, Rocky Mountain switched up their jammer rotation a little bit, giving more time to their new acquisitions Psycho Babble and DeRanged with the jam star — and they continued to bring the pain on Tucson. The final score of 319-27 stood as the biggest blowout of the tournament cycle so far, eclipsing the record set just a weekend ago when Texas swamped Dallas 288-19.

Rocky Mountain moves on to play Rose City at 5pm, while Tucson moves on the the consolation rounds and will face the loser of Oly / Duke at 2pm on Sunday.

See DNN’s archived boutcast here.