Weekend In Review, 1/11/2010

Weekend In Review, 1/11/2010 Rosemary's Baby (Fort Wayne S.W.A.T. team) tries to avoid fallen WCR The Fury pivot Dee Monica. Photo: John Rothwell.

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WFTDA Sanctioned Interleague

(23) Brewcity 137, Fort Wayne 35 — For almost all of the first half, this WFTDA North Central clash looked set to be a defensively-minded nailbiter. A series of very low-scoring jams was broken up by one 10-0 jam for each team, leaving it 14-13 for BrewCity after 8 jams. A 5-0 powerjam from Fort Wayne’s Majestic gave the home team their first lead at 18-14 with about 15 minutes left in the first.

The defensive struggle continued over the next five jams, with Brewcity just barely claiming a series of very narrow jam wins — 1-0, 2-1, 3-2, 4-0, and 4-1– that got them back in the lead at 28-22 with about 6 minutes to play. But Brewcity nearly doubled their score on the final three jams of the half — 13-0 to Rhoda Ruin, 4-0 to Carrie A. Hacksaw and 10-0 to Cookie Ciano. Suddenly, the game had gotten away from Fort Wayne and they were looking at a 55-22 deficit at the break.

The story of the second half was twofold — first, a spectacular debut performance from BrewCity rookie Skittle, who was playing in her very first public bout ever but looked like an old pro as she racked up three huge jams — 15-0, 10-0 and 20-0. The first two accounted for 25 of Brewcity’s 29 points over the opening six jams of the half, helping to close the door on Fort Wayne’s hopes.

However, the other part of the story was FWDG helping to close the door on themselves with massive penalty trouble that left them with full boxes and occasional box queues. On one particularly unfortunate sequence that led to Skittle’s 15-0, an end of jam penalty pileup left them with three blockers in the box and two on the track, leading to a confused FWDG crew spending more time trying to figure out who was allowed to be on the track than trying to stop Skittle.

In the end, BCB dominated the second half, outscoring Fort Wayne 82-13. Skittle finished the bout with 46 points on 5 jams and a +45 jammer point differential and was named Most Valuable Jammer; Brewcity’s Rhoda Ruin backed Skittle up with 30 points on 7 jams and a +26 JPD. Defensively, Servin’ Justice, Carrie A. Hacksaw and Anna “Killy” Krajcik were major parts of Brewcity’s second-half dominance. Rejected Seoul, historically often used as a jammer, blocked exclusively in this one and was effective enough to claim the Most Valuable Blocker award at the end of the night.

FWDG scoring was led by Majestic, with 14 points on 9 jams but a -25 JPD, while Sweet Avenger came in second in points but first in effectiveness with 10 points on 3 jams and a +10 JPD.

See Bruce “McMoosie” Berna’s photoset from the bout. Brewcity’s next WFTDA sanctioned action is against Arch Rival on February 20th; Fort Wayne takes on Hamilton, Ontario’s Hammer City on February 13th. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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Other Interleague

Windy City The Fury 156, Fort Wayne S.W.A.T. Team 51 — Windy City is one of the most established leagues in modern derby, with their all-stars having made appearances at the last three WFTDA Nationals, but this was the first time one of their four local squads had gone out to rumble with another league. Still, though, institutional experience was the decider here. The Fury jumped out to a 45-2 lead after 8 jams, was up 89-15 at the half, and easily rolled to a 105 point victory over Fort Wayne’s B team.

The S.W.A.T. team had particular trouble handling some wickedly effective back-of-pack play from The Fury’s Ivy Sedation, who consistently wrapped up jammers all by her lonesome about 15 feet behind the main action, and they had no luck stopping returning Windy City jammer standout Kola Loka, who quite often juked S.W.A.T. blockers right off their skates on her way to leading all scoring with 55 points on 9 jams and a +39 jammer point differential. The Fury’s Sargentina collected 35 points on just 4 jams, pulling down a 14-0 and a 15-0, and only 1 point was scored against to give her a sparkling JPD of +34.

Kiki D. Skulzin led S.W.A.T. Team scoring with 13 points on 5 jams, but had a -15 JPD. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Paper Valley 188, BCB Brewcity Battlestars 52 — The Paper Valley Roller Girls bested a game effort by Brewcity’s B-squad, the Battlestars (Milwaukee, WI), notching a 188-52 win at home.  Paper Valley put the visiting Battlestars in a early 62-2 hole, and were never seriously threatened, although the bout remained fast, physical and competitive until the end.  The Battlestars, rostering several rookie skaters, showed considerable poise and tactical ability considering their relative inexperience.  Paper Valley’s scoring leaders were Grin Reaper (68 points/7 jams/5 leads) and Pissy Pistol (56 points/7 jams/6 leads).  Femaldehyde led the Battlestars in scoring with 16 points in 9 attempts. — Todd Lathrop

Paper Valley Flyin’ Squirrels 178, Glass City 91 — In the undercard for the Paper Valley / Brewcity Battlestars bout, the Paper Valley Flyin’ Squirrels blew open what began as a closely contested bout with the Glass City Rollers (Toledo, OH) and rolled to a 178-91 win.  Cyanide Ride (59 points/12 jams/7 leads) and Blazin’ Britches (49 points/8 jams/4 leads) led the Flyin’ Squirrels in scoring.  Glass City was led by Graves (45 points/11 jams/7 leads) and The Joan Ranger (34 points/11 jams/6 leads).

The next action for Paper Valley finds their all-stars taking on Madison‘s B-Team, Team Unicorn, on February 6th; the B-teamers of the Flyin’ Squirrels battle with Iowa’s Quad City Rollers. — Todd Lathrop

Naptown Warning Belles 265, Flint City 9 — On Sunday night, the Naptown Warning Belles completed their sweep of teams from the Flint, Michigan, area as they tornadoed through the home Flint City Derby Girls by a lopsided 265-9 score. Naptown jumped out to a 70-0 lead after five jams, then Flint was able to get a single point in jam 6. At the half, Naptown led 137-5. The second half was more of the same, with Naptown rolling up a 128-4 advantage in that half.

Naptown had 20 lead jammers in the game’s 28 jams; Flint could only manage 6 leads. Naptown rang up at least 37 grand slams, too. Naptown’s Racer Xtasy scored a game-high 80 points, followed by teammates Dazy Disaster and Maiden America each with 49, and Trauma-Lina had 35 points. In all, all seven different jammers for the Warning Belles scored at least 13 points. They also got 6 points from pivot Asian Sinsation when the jammer star was passed to her.

The skater who really dominated play was Naptown’s Psychedelic Sandy. Sandy was belting every Flint skater in sight, finishing with 53 actions (blocks & assists) for the game (32 in the 1st half alone), including 16 knockdowns (15 of those to jammers). Naptown’s blockers dominated the front of almost every pack, building a three-skater wall, then leaving a blocker (usually Sandy) in back to harass the Flint jammers. Flint was never able to solve the Naptown defense. — Rusty Wheeler

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Local Bouts

[OC Rollergirls] Psycho ExGirlfriends 105, Back Bay Bombshells 57 — The final intraleague bout for OC’s longtime rivals (OC will be going to an all-interleague format from here on out) was a nailbiter through the first half, but the Psycho ExGirlfriends dominated the second half to claim the victory in Huntingon Beach, CA.

At the half, it was just a 1 point game at 35-34 Psychos. Psychos Ice Cube and Bombshells Beantown led their teams in scoring with 14 points each.  Both teams kept it clean and not many girls were repeat offenders in the penalty box — though that would change by the end of the bout, by which time Psycho Ruby Rocker had visited the sin bin enough times to warrant a change-of-address form, with 5 trips to the penalty box.

During the second period, the Psychos’ offense exploded and they doubled their first-half point output while holding the Bombshells to 11 fewer points, winning the half 70-23. Psychos Ice Cube and Wild Bella each had a 13 point jam and finished with 27 and 24 points respectively.  Bombshell B-Train led her team with 14 points and teammate taylor swiftli scored a 9 point jam, and the bout also featured a late-game jamming debut from Puck Her Up, OCRG’s first 18 year old player.

OCRG is next in action as a travel team as they take on San Diego Roller Derby in San Diego. — B-Train

[Fargo-Moorehead Derby Girls] Fighting Suzies 131, Monkey Wenches 107 — In the debut bout for Fargo-Moorehead’s two local squads, the Fighting Suzies took the lead about 15 minutes into the game at 25-19 and didn’t relinquish it again, although they never established an insurmountable lead.

At the half the score stood at 71-53 Suzies, and they’d open it up to 28 points late in the second half before the Wenches’ Shock Therapy rolled for a huge 19-0 jam that put her team within striking distance at 110-101. The Wenches could only pull down 6 more points in the remaining time, though, while the Suzies ensured their victory by adding 21.

Derby veteran Athena Barbitol, originally of Las Vegas’ Sin City Roller Girls, was joined by rookie Maulflower as the major defensive elements of the Suzies’ victory. Fargo-Moorehead goes interleague in their next action, as they take on Duluth, MI’s Harbor City. — Julia Childless