WFTDA Preview: Derby City @ Naptown

WFTDA Preview: Derby City @ Naptown Blue Messiah (NRG) sneaks by Sweet Mama (DCRG) from the June 2009 meeting between NRG's Warning Belles and DCRG. Photo: Marc Lebryk for NRG.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — For the second weekend in a row, a WFTDA sanctioned game will be played in the state of Indiana. While most roller derby teams are just starting to get back to training after winter breaks, the Fort Wayne Derby Girls just started their season as covered by DNN last Saturday, and the Naptown Rollergirls (NRG) of Indianapolis are in the midst of theirs. This Saturday, Naptown hosts the Derby City Rollergirls (DCRG) of Louisville, KY (home of the Kentucky Derby, hence the league name). NRG is playing in their 4th season, while Derby City will be playing their first ever WFTDA sanctioned game after becoming a member in 2009. NRG is currently ranked #12 in WFTDA North Central region. DCRG is also North Central, but are not ranked at this time.

Barring technical difficulties, DNN will be bringing you live coverage of this game via text boutcast from Caesar starting at 7:00 PM EST on Saturday, January 16. The first whistle for this single-game event blows at 7:30 PM EST at the Pepsi Coliseum of the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Naptown is 2-1 with an undefeated home record for their current season. A tough road loss after a long trip to South Dakota versus Sioux Falls started things off, but they returned home to beat cross-town rivals Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls. In December they upset North Central #8 Burning River Rollergirls by a score of 99-77. This was a surprising and impressive win, and should have the voters paying close attention to NRG when they fill out their next ranking ballot if they can keep that winning streak going. They just missed a trip to the NC regional tournament in 2009 and are looking to make up ground in the minds of the voters for 2010.
Derby City belongs to one of the newer and lesser-known classes of WFTDA leagues, having just been accepted in 2009 and never having played in a sanctioned game. Last year they started strong, winning over Southern Indiana and Central Kentucky before sliding with losses to Bleeding Heartland, a mixed-skill Ohio Roller Girls team, Naptown’s Warning Belles (B-team) and finally Southern Indiana. Several of the Derby City girls are on the Quad Skate Terrors, a regional all-star team.

A good portion of the team has turned over since last year and some talented new blood has joined the team. They picked up at least one experienced transfer skater in Cardinal Sin (formerly of Ohio Roller Girls), who has stepped into the role of captain for DCRG. As such, DCRG have likely improved considerably heading into this season. Lil’ Bo Teeps is one of those smallish, speedy jammers that can be very effective against taller blockers, of which NRG has no shortage. She can also block quite effectively, along with veterans Carrie A. Glock and Kimmy Crippler. Sweet Mama has a never-quit attitude with skills to match, so she is sure to be a pain for the NRG offense. Cardinal Sin was known in Ohio as being one of the most feared blockers, and her experience, skill and leadership should give DCRG a big boost for this season. Several new skaters promise to be speedy and effective jammers, including Lil’ Rage of Sunshine and Murda Inc. This team is young and untested, which could be a factor in their favor if they can keep the score close heading toward the end of the game.
Naptown’s roster is well-balanced and experienced, led by veterans Touretta Lynn, Sweet C and the ever-improving Joan of Dark in the pack. Katya Lookin’ can play pack or jam with equal efficacy, and does so in a totally fearless and intimidating fashion. New to the offense this year is Dora the Destroyer and Blue Messiah, who have quickly become high point scorers for the Tornado Sirens. Dora has agility and explosiveness, and an uncanny ability to find and exploit holes in defenses. Blue has great awareness and derby smarts to go with her speed and can put up double digit jams. Racer Xtacy will be in the lineup for her first home game as a Siren, after carrying much of the jamming load for the Warning Belles (NRG B-Team) in recent years. Also new to the Sirens lineup for this game are Noxious Donna and Psychedelic Sandy. The Tornado Sirens will be missing one of their most valuable jammers, Blazin’Ace, but the team was without her when they beat Burning River so obviously people are stepping up in her absence.
Naptown is one of those teams that are lucky enough to have an amazing, loyal fan base, comparable to Minnesota or Rat City in size and consistency of their turnout. They regularly draw in the +2000 range. Having a supportive crowd can definitely be beneficial on the track. This, combined with an edge in experience, makes Naptown a solid favorite for this match up. On the other hand, Derby City is playing in their first sanctioned game as a WFTDA league, so they will be looking to impress the derby community with a win. If they can break from the gates fast and keep the crowd out of the game, plus play a smart game as a team, they might beat the Sirens down the home stretch and pull the upset.
4 Leaf Cleaver 777 // Ana Slays Ya 8 // Ima Hurchu 0 // Sweet C 6 // Touretta Lynn F YOU // Shadi Layne 317 // Cereal Killer 2 // Joan of Dark 5 // Sin Lizzie 665 // Katya Lookin 321 // Dora the Destroyer 7 // Slammy Faye 700 // Blue Messiah N3 // Racer Xtasy 9 // Psychedelic Sandy 66 // Noxious Donna 16 //
Cardinal Sin 7 // Lil’ Bo Teeps 4H // Carrie A. Glock .40 // Fury Fae 33 // Gretel Von Slap // Jailbreak Jenny 18 // Jimi Hittrix 1969 // Kennidee Collapser I65 // Kimmy Crippler 1987 // Lil’ Rage of Sunshine 143 // Murda Inc. 1981 // Slamus Aran 5N35 // Sweet Mama 9 // Them Apples 11 // Alka Miss // Rolling Blackout //