Weekend in Review, 1/18/2010

Weekend in Review, 1/18/2010 Naptown's 4 Leaf Cleaver runs defense on Derby City's Kimmy Crippler. Photo: Tom Klubens

WFTDA Sanctioned Interleague | Local Bouts

WFTDA Sanctioned Interleague

Naptown 225, Derby City 18 — Derby City’s first WFTDA-sanctioned bout was a pretty rough maiden voyage, as Indianapolis’ more established Naptown nearly shut them out in the first half while dropping a triple-digit point margin. Naptown was up 46-2 after 15 minutes, and a half-ending 20-0 jam for Naptown’s Dora the Destroyer gave them a 104-2 advantage at the half.

Almost all of Derby City’s points came on a single jam at about the midpoint of the second half, where Derby City’s Lil Rage of Sunshine trucked for a 13-0 that brought the score to 158-18 with about 15 minutes to play. That was it for Derby City scoring for the rest of the match, though, as Naptown ended on a 72-0 run to win by 207 points.

In the pack, Naptown’s 4 Leaf Cleaver consistently owned the back with dominant positioning and some beautiful lateral-movement takeouts, while Cereal Killer put on a blocking showcase of her own, helping to position and orchestrate the pack to NRG’s advantage.

Of the Derby City players, Sweet Mama put on an especially fierce show. She always seemed to have the opposing jammer in her crosshairs and delivered some crippling hits. Carrie A. Glock sent a few of the Naptown jammers into the suicide seats as well. When her hits connected, they spelled trouble for Naptown.

Naptown was led on the scoreboard by Slammy Faye, with 57 total points; for Derby City, Lil Rage of Sunshine led with 13 points on the single big jam.

Naptown is next up against Memphis in WFTDA action on February 6th; this bout provides another opportunity for Naptown to knock off a 2009 WFTDA tournament team, after their 99-77 defeat of Burning River in December. — Valerie Hurtinelli

Tom Klubens’ photoset from the bout
DNN archived text boutcast from Caesar

WFTDA Sanctioned Interleague | Local Bouts

Local Bouts

[North Star Roller Girls] Banger Sisters 59, Violent Femmes 34 — This 40-minute bout started quite slow on the scoreboard with the Banger Sisters up 8-6 after 10 minutes, but the point-scoring picked up a little bit as the half went on, putting the Banger Sisters up 31-20 at the half.

VF narrowed the margin to 7 points at 39-32 with just over eight minutes to play, but the Banger Sisters convincingly shut the door there and only allowed 2 more points for the Femmes while adding 20 of their own.

Leading scorer for the Banger Sisters was Katarina Hit with 31 points; for the Violent Femmes, Medusa led with 13. Now halfway through the current NSRG home season, the Banger Sisters remain undefeated with a 3-0 record while the Violent Femmes lost their first bout and drop to 2-1. — Justice Feelgood Marshall (from Twitter reports)

[North Star Roller Girls] Delta Delta Di 92, Kilmore Girls 63 — The Deltas were busily opening a small but consistently growing lead in the first half of this 40 minute bout. They were up 17-8 after six minutes and 32-12 with eight minutes to play in the half, but a big 16-0 from Kilmore’s Tin Lizzy nearly erased the margin by bringing the score to 32-28.

By halftime, the Kilmore had taken over the lead at 46-40, but the second half was practically all Deltas. Over the first 15 minutes of the second half, the Deltas scored 45 points to just 6 for the Kilmore Girls, and in the end the second half went 52-17 for the Deltas.

Tara Bichapart led the Deltas with 36 points, while tin lizzy led the Kilmore Girls with 34 points, including a 20 point jam.It was the first win for DDD in three bouts; they move to 1-2 on the current NSRG season while the Kilmore Girls remain winless at 0-3. — Justice Feelgood Marshall (from Twitter reports)

[Tucson Roller Derby] — Furious Truckstop Waitresses 131, NAZRD 8 (20 minutes) // Vice Squad 18, Copper Queens 16 (15 min) // Copper Queens 105, NAZRD 3 (20 min) // Vice Squad 79, NAZRD 8 (20 min) // Furious Truckstop Waitresses 14, Copper Queens 13 (15 min) // Furious Truckstop Waitresses 43, Vice Squad 23 (15 min)

TRD resumed activities this weekend with another packed-house, round-robin, funfest that pitted its three home teams against each other and the visiting Whiskey Row-llers of Northern Arizona Roller Derby in a slate of mini-bouts. The visitors from Prescott, with not even a year of bouting experience, proved no contest for any of TRD’s intraleague teams, but NAZRD blocker Buffy Vanderbush made an impression on both the crowd and her flattened opponents, and jammer Holly Ween did her team proud with smart and aggressive jamming.

The closest contest of the evening was the rematch between the Copper Queens and the reigning local champs Vice Squad, a 15-minute swingfest that ended not unlike last season’s championship bout, with Vice taking the lead on the last jam despite looking overwhelmed early. The final jam between CQ’s Bianka Trohl and VS’s Myna N. Possession outdid any Hollywood scripting and the points were counted and recounted more than ballots in Florida. It was a hard one to call but from the sidelines it looked like the right team won: Vice over the Queens 18-16 in 15 minutes.

The real story, however, is the resurgence of the Furious Truckstop Waitresses. They obtained Bev Rage (formerly Kosma Nauti), from the now defunct Iron Curtain, but are otherwise the same plucky group of newcomers from last year. It seems talk of their intelligence and work ethic was quite a bit more than hot air, as they beat Vice 43-23 and they broke the hearts of the Copper Queens who again lost on the last jam, 14-13. Bev Rage is a key component in this resurgence, as is the much improved jamming of Zippy’s Takeout, but the also much improved defense of Furious Truckstop Waitresses should be credited to the entire team.

Tucson Roller Derby next sees action on February 20th when the Saddletramps take on the New Skids on the Block from Montreal. — Julius Pleasar

[Fox City Foxz] Eightqueen Wheelers 101, Pushy Posse 71 — This bout saw the return of the Eightqueen Wheelers, a team that had been on hiatus since the inaugural season in 2008. The original Eightqueen Wheelers ran the table until they were stunningly upset by the Rollergirl Regiment in the finals; they are currently composed of an equal measure of rookies and veterans. The Posse, meanwhile, have finished dead last in the league standings each year and are made up primarily of rookies, augmented with a smattering of second-year players. The matchup raised a few eyebrows during introductions, with long-time Posse captains Wring Leader and Derrieress making their debuts as captains of the reconstituted Eightqueen Wheelers squad.

The score was tied at the ends of each of the first two jams, but the Wheelers began to clamp down on the younger, less experienced Posse at that point, shutting the Posse out for the next four jams, and building a 23-12 lead midway through the first period. During the ninth jam, however, Mistress Miter Saw — a talented rookie making her debut with the Posse, after seeing travel team duty in October — went ballistic, cutting up the Wheelers for a triple grand slam and giving the Posse their first lead of the bout, 31-27. An eight point jam by Derrieress with just under five minutes to go in the half put the Wheelers back up, 39-36, but a double grand slam by Mistress Miter Saw in the period’s final jam put the Posse up 50-48 at the half.

The Eightqueen Wheelers grabbed the lead for good with the first jam of the second half, with the Derrieress spanking her old team with a 9-2 jam that put the Wheelers up 57-52. At this point, the Wheelers superior defense started clamping down on the upstart Posse, with defensive stalwart Killer Doomkitty proving to be an impassable roadblock for the quick but inexperienced Posse jammers. By the middle of the second half, the Wheelers had pushed the lead out to thirty points, 93-63, and that margin remained for pretty much the remainder of the contest.

Leading all jammers in scoring was Mistress Miter Saw of the Pushy Posse, with 37 points, followed closely by rookie Dizzy Dame of the Eightqueen Wheelers. Rookie Melon Brawler added 30 for the Wheelers, while, on the Posse side of things, rookies Skeater Beater and Ima Wine Ho added 26 and 8, respectively. Veterans Derrieress and Wring Leader added 27 and 2 for the Posse. — Rev. Norb

[Fox City Foxz] Paper Dolls 117, Rollergirl Regiment 31 — In the second bout of FCF’s local-season opener, defending champion Paper Dolls took on a game but depleted Rollergirl Regiment squad. Owing to a combination of injuries, pregnancies, and new skater ineligibilities, the Regiment were only able to suit up eight skaters for the contest. In marked contrast, the Paper Dolls — a team who had a grand total of two picks in this season’s draft, yet somehow managed to parlay said picks into two tenured veterans (standout jammer Slick Nikki and defensive specialist Libby Doe, both formerly of the Pushy Posse) — fielded a full squad that looked more like a Foxz all-star team than a league team. The results were reasonably predictable.

The Dolls jumped out to a fast 16-0 lead after three jams, but the Regiment’s Cherry Grenade took advantage of early Paper Doll foul trouble by busting out a double grand slam, cutting the Paper Dolls’ lead to 16-10 after four jams. Monkey Shines added another point for the Regiment, and the Paper Dolls’ lead was further trimmed to 16-11. Unfortunately, this was as close as the game would get: Tartelette blitzed the Regiment for a double grand slam, and, at the midway point of the first period, the Paper Dolls held a 26-11 lead. The Dolls potent defense began to shut the Regiment down at this point — second-year player/first-year jammer Punk ‘N’ Spice and rookie Lotta Issues added four points apiece for the Regiment, but at the end of the first period, the Paper Dolls led 47-19.

In the second period, the deeper, fresher, and more veteran Paper Dolls scored at will against the undermanned Rollergirl Regiment, with their romp even including a cheeky star pass between jammer Lolly PopYa and pivot Anya B. Hinds midway through the half, which allowed Anya to bust out a 13-point jam to put the game well out of reach at 86-23. The visibly gassed Regiment failed to obtain a single lead jammer in the second half, scoring only twice during that period and limping to a 117-31 loss at the hands of the defending champions. The Paper Dolls were paced by Tartelette’s 34 points; Cherry Grenade led the way for the Rollergirl Regiment with 18. — Rev. Norb