Weekend in Review, 2/8/2010

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WFTDA Sanctioned

Nashville 108, Atlanta 73 — In a rematch of a consolation-round bout of the 2009 South Central Regionals, Nashville got revenge for their 126-66 loss there by leading Atlanta for the whole bout on their way to a 35 point victory. At the half, Nashville was up by 25 points, and Atlanta could never quite close to striking distance, with their jammers having particular trouble with Nashville blocker Fully Addomatic.

Atlanta got within 16 points five jams deep into the second half at Nashville 57, Atlanta 41, but that was as close as it got. The widest point margin would come late in the half at 106-56 favoring Nashville before Atlanta went on a a too-little-too-late 17-2 run at the end.

Nashville scoring was led by Ramb0 Samb0 with 46 points and a +31 jammer point differential; Atlanta’s highest scoring jammer was The Merchant of Menace with 24 points and a -4 JPD. Although Atlanta spent considerably less time in the penalty box, it didn’t translate to an advantage for them; ARG had 49 minors and 27 majors against 71 minors and 39 majors for Nashville.

In the undercard bout, Nashville’s B-team, the Brawl Stars, defeated the Atlanta Rumble Bs 158-51. — Leann Lewis

Photoset from this bout (Derek Dewesse)

WFTDA Sanctioned | General Interleague | Banked Track | Local Bouts

General Interleague

Paper Valley All Stars 229, MRD Team Unicorn 46 — The main event of a Paper Valley doubleheader turned out to be even a bigger blowout favoring Appleton than the undercard.  PVRG’s Pissy Pistol and Chop Stick Ya cut through the Team Unicorn defense for a combined 20 grand slams. Pissy Pistol put up an jaw dropping 92 points; Chop Stick Ya an equally impressive 73 points.  A force at B3 all night, Gynomite took PVRG’s final turn at jammer.

Stymied the entire bout, Madison’s Team Unicorn managed only nine leads in the 33-jam game.  Rosetta Stoned led the Unicorns in scoring with 21 points. One bright spot for Madison was Stevie Knocks. The Ashwaubenon native garnered the lead and local cheers in her two turns at jammer for a total of ten points. — Geoffrey Saucer

Paper Valley Flyin’ Squirrels 239, Quad City Rollers 65
— Cyanide Ride had 64 points, and Amy Grindhouse added 63, including two 20 point jams in the second half, as the Paper Valley B-team, the Flyin’ Squirrels, cruised to a 239-65 final.

The legendary Pink Taco led the Quad City Rollers with 28 points. Despite the mismatch in experience and stamina, QCR were nevertheless game all night.  A small-market league, QCR will take the lessons learned home to continue building a surprisingly vital eastern Iowa derby scene. — Geoffrey Saucer

Photoset from this bout (McMoosie)

Fargo-Moorhead 181, Harbor City 75 — Fargo-Moorhead Derby Girls came up with another big win, this time against Duluth’s Harbor Roller Dames. FMDG took an early lead in the first pushing the score up 61-10 by the half. Harbor City had a hard time getting past Fargo blockers Athena Barbitol and Karmic Recall. Despite her four trips to the penalty box in the first half, Karmic came up with some excellent hard defense against the more experienced Harbor City team.

Fargo continued to dominate with 14 point jams by both Hjelle Roll and RushHerella in the second half. Harbor City never quite recovered despite the 17 points put up by Daisy Duker in the second half and the blocking skills of Jilly Willy as they tried to hold FMDG at bay.
The score was due in part to point differential differences in Harbor City’s jamming staff. Crazy Stitch, while getting lead jammer status most of the time, had a hard time keeping a high scoring differential staying at just +3 for the bout.

Harbor City will have a chance to duke it out again with Fargo/Moorhead on March 20th when they meet FMDG on their home turf. — Julia Childless

SRD Backyard Bullies 113, CTRG Yankee Brutals 89 — In Westchester, NY, Suburbia Roller Derby’s B-team, the Backyard Bullies, defeated Connecticut RollerGirls local team, The Yankee Brutals, in the first 2010 bout for both teams.

The Bullies started strong, securing a ten point lead after the first two jams and using the momentum to build a 67-25 advantage at the half. A second period rally led by Yankee Brutals jammers Pam Terror and Murphy’s OUTLAW closed the gap to within eleven points, but the Bullies responded with a series of point scoring jams, combined with some penalty box trouble for the Brutals.  Rita Wayward had a thirteen point jam to end the bout 113-89 for the Bullies.

SRD’s first home bout on February 27th will be a WFTDA sanctioned bout pitting Suburbia Roller Derby’s All Stars, The Suburban Brawl, against the Dutchland Rollers (PA). CTRG’s next home bout will be their first international one, featuring the Stepford Sabotage v. Montreal’s New Skids on the Block on March 5th. — Marc Santos

Photoset from this bout (Marc Santos)

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Banked Track

San Diego 193, Mitten Kittens 58 — The San Diego Derby Dolls premiered their brand new banked track Saturday night by dominating Michigan-based all-stars Mitten Kittens on it. While some Mitten Kittens skaters did have some banked track experience from both playing in Texas’s banked track league and being stunt doubles in Whip It, they are usually a flat track team. This was the first time the Mitten Kittens competed as a team on the banked track. 
SD’s Kiki DiAzz started off the rout with a 4-0 SD jam against the Mitten Kittens’ Kat Von Destroya. By the end of the first quarter SD had increased their lead to 56-10.  At the beginning of the first quarter it looked as though the Mitten Kittens had pulled it together and had a chance to catch up.  Mitten Kitten jammers ReAnimateHer, Racer McChaseHer, and Kat figured out how to put some points on the score board and brought the score to 59-23 by the third jam of the second quarter.  The Mitten Kittens weren’t able to hold on to this scoring pattern and only scored 1 one more point in the remainder of the second quarter leaving the score 111-29 at the half.
During the second half SD continued controlling the scoreboard, opening the margin to 100 points by the end of the third quarter at 149-42 and ending with a final score of 193-58.  The high scoring jammers for San Diego were Kung Pow Tina (45 points) and Steely Jan (44 points); the Mitten Kittens’ point leaders were ReAnimateHer (22) and Kat Von Destroya (15).
This is San Diego’s second win for 2010, coming on the heels of their flat track win against AZRD in January. SD is starting off 2010 nationally power ranked at #22 by DNN. — Kali Katt

Photoset from this bout (KustomKulturePhoto)

WFTDA Sanctioned | General Interleague | Banked Track | Local Bouts

Local Bouts

[Minnesota Rollergirls] Atomic Bombshells 63, Dagger Dolls 38 — The Atomic Bombshells began the first half with ten straight lead jams and kept the Dagger Dolls scoreless until the 8th minute when Dolly jammer Psycho Novia took advantage of a power jam off of L’exi-Cuter and scored eight, leaving the score 26-8 Bombshells with ten to go.

Following that jam, the Doll defensive front–led by Shiver Me Kimbers and Wonderbroad–held the Bombshells to only eight more points until the end of the first half’s final whistle while their scorers led the last two jams and scored twelve more.  The refs also took Bombshell co-captain Misfit Maiden out of the game on a gross misconduct violation to the vehement boos of the fans.  Bombshells ahead at the half, 33-20 Bombshells.

The second half was far more even in terms of lead jams, but the Dolly jammers could not break through the pack quickly enough to keep the opposing jammer from nipping at their heels.  Psycho Novia led an early rally, scoring ten over the first three jams, but the Dolls did not score again until the eleventh minute of the twenty-minute half as their jammers slammed into a constantly-recycling wall. At that point, the Bombshells had increased their lead to 48-30.  

Dolly jammers appeared to balk at the very thought of trying to break past Bombshell blockers Diamond Rough and Tara Skatesov, while Bombshell jammers patiently added to their score by fours and fives.  The game finally cracked open when L’exi scored nine on a power jam late in the second half (she led the game with 36 points overall while Psycho scored 30), and the Dolls simply could not recover. The Atomic Bombshells emerged with the 63-38 win and an near-lock on a ticket to the season championship in April. — Garrison Killer

Photoset from this bout (Apron)

[Minnesota Rollergirls] Rockits 118, Garda Belts 43 — This rematch of last year’s season championship (Rockits won 92-31) began with the Gardas holding a small lead from fast-moving jammers Suzie Smashbox and Angelfire.  The Garda defensive machine — led by lone-wolf Tiki Torture and co-captain Citizen Pain — held the Rockits to just 12 points in the first twelve minutes (15-12 Gardas).

That changed when Suzie Smashbox went to the box, giving Rockit Harmony Killerbruise a power jam opportunity and a 18-0 win. Suzie returned to the box the following jam, and it was all Rockits from that point. By the end of the half, the Rockits had increased their lead to 46-19.

The Rockits continued to take every advantage given to them by the Garda Belts in the remainder. Garda jammers sat in the box seven minutes of twenty during the second half, and in only three jams in the second half did the Garda girls in green have a pivot in for the full jam. Garda veteran Rumblebee was expelled after four major fouls in the first ten minutes. By that time the Rockits had doubled their score to 91-25 — including another triple slam from lead point-scorer Harmony Killerbruise (58 points, 5 for 7) — and it was only a matter of time.

The Rockits are now in second place in the league with one game to go; Garda Belts fall to third. — Garrison Killer

Photoset from this bout (Apron)