Weekend in Review, 2/15/2010

Weekend in Review, 2/15/2010 Charm City's Twibite tries to duck around Montreal's Jess Bandit. CCRG was victorious 159-57 in the first-ever meeting between the squads. Photo: Glenn Fitzpatrick.

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WFTDA Sanctioned

#12 Charm City 159, Montreal 57 — A slightly rusty Charm City crew with a handful of debuting members took a little while to get in their groove against Montreal, but once they found it it was all Baltimore. Montreal was able to claim two 4-4 draws in the opening two jams, and on jam 5, they grabbed the lead at 13-11 as their speedy ace jammer Iron Wench put up a 3-0 win over Allie B. Back.

The lead changed hands twice in the next two jams, and Montreal was barely ahead again at 17-15 ten minutes into the bout — but Charm City finally got a big jam and some daylight as Just Carol dropped a 13-0 powerjam on a boxed Georgia W. Tush. They also got almost complete control of the Montreal jammers, as MTLRD could only muster 8 more points in the half, all by Iron Wench. Still, though, a number of scoreless and low-scoring jams kept the overall halftime total fairly low at 56-25 Charm City.

By the time the second half started, though, Charm City had fully shaken off the early uncertainty. Through the opening 15 minutes of the half they added 59 points and allowed just 15 for Montreal, bringing the score to 115-40 with 14:25 to play, and it was only a matter of time. The second half went 103-32 for Charm City.

Charm jammers Bambi’s Revenge and first-game rookie Twibite tied for the points lead, racking up 36 points apiece (Bambi took 22 of hers in one big second-half jam.) MTLRD also had a tie at the top of their jammer stats, with 19 points each for squirrely speedster Iron Wench and always-persistent Georgia W. Tush. Both women managed to sneak through the pack despite the unrelenting defensive play of CCRG’s Joy Collision, who was playing her first bout since she sustained a severe knee injury during last fall’s Eastern Regionals.

Montreal goes far afield next weekend when they go up against Tucson and Arizona on February 20 and 21st; Charm City has another closed bout against Richmond’s River City on March 14 before a big West Coast trip in April that’ll put them up against Rose City, Oly and Rat City on consecutive nights. — Justice Feelgood Marshall & Ewan Wotarmy

Archived text boutcast from Justice Feelgood Marshall & Slack Kerowhack

Full video courtesy Dr. Johnny Capote: First Half / Second Half

#20 Steel City 157, DC Rollergirls 61 — On February 13, the Steel City Derby Demons’ Steel Hurtin’ braved historic amounts of snow to face off against the DC Rollergirls’ DC All-Stars in their first WFTDA Sanctioned bout on their home turf, the DC Armory. The two teams last met when they vied for 7th place at the 2009 Eastern Regional tournament, where Steel Hurtin’ handed the DC All-Stars a punishing 222-56 loss.

In this game, DC benefited almost immediately from a major penalty called on Steel City jammer The Crippler, allowing new All-Stars Roller Rage Rosie and Lenore Gore to put up 7 unanswered points over the course of two jams. But DC soon found its fortune reversed when Gore was sent to the box, springing Crippler, who, thanks to a tight Steel City offense, was able to post 14 points in return.

Early on, the Steel City pack—led by captain Athena—demonstrated their adeptness at trapping DC jammers, effectively holding back Marion Barrycuda while Steel City’s Snot Rocket Science sailed through to a triple grand slam that catapulted Steel City into a solid 34-16 lead. For the remainder of the half, DC took advantage of Steel City penalties to force low-scoring jams, but Steel City proved more adroit when given the same opportunity, with jammer Hurricane Heather putting up a whopping 24 points in two jams while DC jammers sat in the penalty box. By halftime, Steel City had considerably widened their lead to 79-30.

DC started out strong in the second half, with Hoova Dayum keeping Steel City jammer The Crippler occupied while teammate Free Radical fought her way through on the inside line to earn lead jammer status, going on to earn 12 points for DC. But Steel City continued to rely on a well-honed offensive strategy that sent jammer after jammer through the pack on 20-foot calls, as DC jammers either found themselves in the penalty box or trapped behind a virtually impenetrable wall of yellow.

Penalties would plague the DC offense throughout the second half; that, plus a late addition to Steel City’s jammer lineup (The Shocker, who earned her team a total of five grand slams during her time on the track) allowed Steel City to build its lead into the triple digits. Not ones to go out quietly, DC put jammer Rosie (a recent transfer from “the other” Washington’s Slaughter County Roller Vixens) on the line in one of the final jams of the night. Rosie’s takedown of rival jammer The Shocker and subsequent grand slam elicited hearty cheers from the packed house at the Armory. But it was ultimately too little, too late for DC, as they racked up their first loss of the WFTDA season with a final score of 157-61.

DC’s next WFTDA-sanctioned matchup will pit them against Montreal on March 6 at the DC Armory. Steel City, now 1-0 for the season, will take on Maine in Pittsburgh on March 20. — Lady Burn Johnson

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General Interleague

CCRG Female Trouble 149, MTLRD Les Sexpos 69 — Charm City fielded a mix of A and B team skaters in their match against Montreal’s mostly green B team here, as 7 of Charm’s 13 skaters had just played in a WFTDA sanctioned bout against the Montreal all-stars. As in the opening game, the first few jams were pretty closely matched before the Baltimore skaters began to open up a serious lead.

The bout opened 4-4, 0-0 and 4-4 before Allie B Back gave Female Trouble the lead for good with a 5-0 over Squarrior. Female Trouble would rely heavily on Allie and very new skater Twibite on the jam line, and with backup from Slap Tackle Pop, LA Riot and Kelly O’Shanku, they delivered a 32-15 lead about 15 minutes into the game. The Sexpos were within shouting distance for most of the first half, but FT got a game-breaking jam from ShankU with about five minutes left — she turned a 61-32 lead into a 75-32 with a big 14-0 powerjam behind blocking from Xena Paradox and Essie Ecks. At the half Female Trouble enjoyed a 79-36 lead.

The Sexpos started getting in the same second-half penalty trouble that had bedeviled the Montreal all-stars in the first bout, but the scoring ended up more or less the same. FT took the second 70-33, closing with two successful jams for usual blocking specialists Xena Paradox (4-1) and Flux Incapacitator (10-0).

For the home team, jammer Hustle Rose had speed and some agile jukes that made her look like a potential up-and-comer, while Ana Thema, K-Dawg and Ninja Simone were effective in the pack. Resilient jammer Squarrior was also a big part of the Sexpos offensive attack. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Archived text boutcast from Justice Feelgood Marshall & Slack Kerowhack

FWDG SWAT Team 52, Circle City 45 — The Circle City Socialites of Indianapolis played their first bout of the season on Saturday night in Fort Wayne, where they were edged out 52-45 in a hotly contested 40 minute match-up.

The SWAT girls took the lead right off the bat for a score of 9-2, but the Socialites quickly gained ground throughout the 20-minute first period. They built up to a 25-16 lead just before halftime, but Fort Wayne racked up a 6-point power jam to end the first half down at 25-22.

At the start of the second period, with the Socialite jammer still in the box, Fort Wayne racked up a major jam to establish a 15-point lead. The score then stayed pretty close for the rest of the bout, with strong blocking from both teams consistently keeping the jammers back — often on the ground — and the overall score low. A last-minute rally by the Socialites wasn’t quite enough to earn that key final 7 points.

This was the first bout ever for four Socialites: Anya Booty, Dublin Ur Pain, Spleana Rupture, and Trouble Helix. Their gracious Fort Wayne hosts also handed out awards, as decided on by the three announcers, to three CCS players: Roll-R-Damage (best CCS jammer), Robin Sock’em (best CCS pivot), and Beattie Sedgwick (best CCS blocker). Standout SWAT girls included the quick, agile jammer Kiki U. Skullzen and the powerhouse blocker Oreo SlamHer, who also triumphantly took the floor as a jammer in the final minutes of the bout.

This was the first half of a sold-out double-header. It was followed by a full 60-minute game between the Hammer City Roller Girls of Ontario, Canada, vs. the Fort Wayne Bomb Squad all-stars; Fort Wayne took that win 119-44.

The Socialites are in action again on March 13 in Muskegon, Michigan. Both Fort Wayne teams take on the Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls of Bloomington, Indiana, on March 27. — Kelly Kendall

Photo gallery from Derek Lang

Paper Valley 170, MRD Quad Squad 92 — Paper Valley’s All Stars trounced Madison’s Team Unicorn in Appleton last weekend. They did the same with one of the Mad Rollin’ Dolls’ local teams, the Quad Squad, in an unsanctioned interleague bout.

After falling behind 19-0, the Quads at least kept it close until PVRG’s Cyanide Ride laid down a 14-0 jam for a 72-41 lead. Pissy Pistol bracketed half time with 26 points, and PVRG maintained a 60 point margin for most of the second half.

The Quad Squad beat Paper Valley last spring, but a year of team work demonstrates that Paper Valley possesses some serious talent.  Top of that list is Pissy Pistol, who followed last week’s 92 points with 72 this time around.  PVRG’s pack put up a solid three-skater defensive front, and held the Quads to just five points during back-to-back PVRG jammer penalties.

Thunder Kitten had 38 points for the Quad Squad, and rookie Aleta the Hon 28. — Geoffrey Saucer

Skeetown 222, Flint City 60 — The Skeetown Skirtz (Muskegon, MI) hosted their first ever home bout versus the Flint City Derby Girls and did not disappoint their fans in delivering the goods. Jumping out to a 67-0 lead after just 6 jams, the Skirtz never looked back and easily cruised to their third victory in as many bouts since their inception in July of 2009.

With a roster bolstered by veteran league co-founders and former Grand Raggidy standouts Dot Matrix and Tamara Hurtsworse, the Skirtz jumped all over Flint City (also in their first year of interleague play) early and often en route to a 222-60 victory.

Bout Offensive MVP Hurtsworse had 7 slams while adding 11 assists and 12 defensive actions throughout the night.  Many of her assists were in the opening 10 minutes, while the Skirtz tenacious defense stymied Flint’s jammers, holding them scoreless through the first 6 jams. With a 67-0 lead in hand, the Skirtz never slowed down and used their deep roster of speedsters to continue to pour on points throughout the night.

Flint City struggled with the Skirtz speed off the bench but fought valiantly and got on the board when jammer Lexi Pro juked her way through the pack in the 7th jam to get Flint on the board. Still, though, Skeetown led 135-11 at the half on their way to the 162-point victory.

Skeetown was led by Matrix’s 45 points in 5 jams and Hurtsworse’s 38 points in 5 jams. They sent 12 different jammers to the line throughout the course of the bout, 10 of whom scored in double digits. Lexi led all Flint scorers with 19 points on the night while Leanimal and Slapher Sally chipped in 17 and 14 points respectively for the visitors.

Skeetown hosts the Circle City Socialites in their next interleague bout in March 13 while Flint City takes on their cross town interleague rivals, the Mid-Michigan Derby Girls the very next night on March 14. — Darryl B. Payne

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Banked Track

[LA Derby Dolls] Tough Cookies 103, Fight Crew 93 — In their first game since their 107-91 victory over the San Diego Derby Dolls Swarm, the two time Derby Dolls season champion Tough Cookies defeated last year’s third place Fight Crew 103-93.

The Fight Crew took an early 17-5 lead with a 9-0 jam from FC Captain, Haught Wheels, but the Cookies came back from the 6th jam with a couple of single pass grand slams and a 6 point double pass from Gori Spelling to tie up the first 15 minute quarter 24-24.

The Fight Crew grabbed a razor-thin early lead in the second quarter, 28-24, but the Cookies momentum continued on track from their first quarter performance, and the Fight Crew lost ground. With five scoreless jams in a row for FC, the Cookies defense shut down the Crew just enough to get them a 40-30 edge by the 7th jam. The quarter ended at 50-40 Cookies.

While the Fight Crew appeared to be holding their own through the last part of the second quarter, the Tough Cookies really cranked up the defense in the outset of the third quarter. The Cookies took consistent single pass journeyman scores for the most part, while the Fight Crew struggled through a series of bad defensive decisions that cost them critical point differentials. With 8 non-scoring jams for the Fight Crew and only 4 non-scoring jams for the Cookies, the Cookies widened their opening lead from 10 to 29 points, finishing the 3rd quarter 86-57.

In the 4th quarter the Cookies lead got as large as 101-64 before the Fight Crew caught fire, but it was too late. A 7 jam, 29-2 rally, including a game ending 10 point double grand slam power jam from Haught Wheels, could not overcome the Cookies substantial dominance of the 2nd and especially 3rd quarters. The Fight Crew’s 36-17 advantage in the quarter still left them 10 points short and the Tough Cookies won 103-93.

Gori Spelling (TC) led the scoring with 39 points, followed by Haught Wheels (FC) with 33 points and Judy Gloom (FC) with 26 points. — Busta Armov

Photo gallery from Stalkerazzi

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Local Bouts

[Mad Rollin Dolls] Reservoir Dolls 121, Unholy Rollers 118 – In a Madison local game featuring nine lead changes, a resurgent Reservoir Dolls team pulled out a narrow upset of the Unholy Rollers, 121-118.

With six lead changes in the first half alone, the Unholies held a 62-55 lead at halftime.  The Res Dolls broke out to a 101-70 lead halfway through the second, but Mack the Knife eliminated most of that with 20-0 jam with 12 minutes remaining.

With just over four minutes to go, the Unholy Rollers’ Mack the Knife went down with a knee sprain, but left her team with a 114-106 lead. Back-to-back eight point jams from Mouse and Charlie Hustle followed, and the Res Dolls were up 121-118 with just 44 seconds left. With a five-to-two player advantage, the Reservoir Dolls’ Vicious van GoGo — a recent transfer from Texas — sealed the deal with lead jammer status.

Both defenses were solid.  The key to the balance of the game were five jammer penalties for the Unholy Rollers to just one for the Res Dolls. Charlie Hustle scored 56 points for the Res Dolls, followed by Mouse with 39.  Mack the Knife led the Unholy Rollers with 54 points. — Geoffrey Saucer

[Detroit Derby Girls] D-Funk Allstars 102 vs. Devil’s Night Dames 59 — In Detroit local action, the D-Funk Allstars funked up the Devil’s Night Dames on February 13, dominating the first half en route to a 102-59 victory. D-Funk limited the Dames to just 15 points in the 1st half, leading 53-15 at the halftime break. The Funk held the Dames scoreless in 13 of the half’s 19 jams.

The 2nd half was much closer in score, although the Funk still won that half by a 49-44 tally. The Dames had a slight edge in lead jammers, 9-8, but could never get any closer than 30 points. D-Funk played mostly defensively in the half, although they enjoyed two big jams where the Funk’s Ghetto Barbie scored a 10-0 power jam win with the Dames jammer in the penalty box and when Polly Fester reeled off a 14-0 double grand slam win.

The offensive highlight of the game for the Dames came when Formosa Fury scored a 10-0 double grand slam power jam win in jam 9. The D-Funk kept their jammers out of penalty trouble in the half, though, only losing two jammers to the box and only allowing 12 points against by way of power jams, denying the Dames a chance to catch up.

Racer McChaseHer led the Dames with 21 points while jamming only 8 times. Formosa Fury was the only other Dames jammer to score in double-digits (16). The Funk’s Sista Slitchya pulled 25 on 10 jams, and was supported by Ghetto Barbie with 21 points.
Several skaters had outstanding blocking efforts. For the Funk, Roxanna Hardplace led the way with a total of 46 actions (blocks, assists, and knockdowns). For the Dames, it seemed Racer McChaseHer was concentrating more on blocking than jamming as Racer had a fine total of 38 actions to lead her team.
The Detroit Derby Girls next intraleague game is Saturday, March 13, with last year’s defending champs the Pistolwhippers entertaining the Devil’s Night Dames. — Rusty Wheeler

[DC Rollergirls] Scare Force One 108, Cherry Blossom Bombshells 53 — In the fourth bout of the DC Rollergirls’ intraleague season on Feb. 13, Scare Force One took home their second win this year against the Cherry Blossom Bombshells.

The first half saw veteran Scare Force jammers Marion Barrycuda, Lenore Gore and Lois Slain going up against relatively new Bombshells Sookie Slaughterhouse, Boom-Chicka-Doom and Miso Knotty. Both teams put up a solid defense, with jammers often emerging neck-and-neck out of the pack. Scare Force heavy hitters like Gun’Her Down and Soledad, despite having just fought it out with Steel City in the opening bout of the double-header, proved to still have plenty of power left to hold back Bombshell jammer Slaughterhouse as Scare Force’s Slain earned her team a triple grand slam in third jam of the night, catapulting them to a substantial early lead.

Scare Force was able to hold the Bombshells scoreless for several subsequent jams, until a perfectly timed whip from Guantanamo Babe launched rookie Boom-Chicka-Doom out of the pack to grab lead jammer status and 4 unanswered points for the Bombshells. But that coup was immediately followed by another pair of grand slams from Scare Force jammer Gore, pushing the Fright Attendants to a 30-point lead. In the last jam of the first half, rookie star Slaughterhouse powered past Scare Force blockers Gun’Her and Dr. SKabs for a grand slam of her own, but it only put a small dent in Scare Force’s lead, which had swelled to 66-26 by halftime.

Scare Force kept up the fierce defense in the second half, holding the Bombshells scoreless for five jams in a row, until Slaughterhouse was able to squeak by and add another 5 to the Bombshells’ total. The rookie sensation scored all but 5 of the Bombshells’ 25 points in the second half (fellow rookie Ivana Tripabitch netted a grand slam, courtesy of an effective 20-foot pull by the Bombshell pack), but even her explosive power wasn’t enough to touch Scare Force’s lead. While the margin of victory wasn’t as great as Scare Force’s 153-46 win over the Bombshells earlier this season, the Fright Attendants claimed another commanding victory, with a final score of 108-53.

Scare Force’s win secures them a spot in the April 10 intraleague championship against Season 3 champions the DC DemonCats. Meanwhile, the Bombshells, out of the running for a championship berth, will attempt to nab their sole victory of the season when they face off against the DemonCats on March 6. — Mini Vandal

[OC Rollergirls] Huntington Heartbreakers 101, Back Bay Bombshells 99 — The Huntington Heartbreakers narrowly squeaked by with a comeback defeat over the Back Bay Bombshells 101-99 in local Orange County Roller Rollergirls action Saturday, February 13.

Taking an early 4-3 lead, the Heartbreakers fell behind the Bombshells 33-16 by the 11th jam in the first half. Two jams later, the Heartbreakers’ Rolla Cholla narrowed the gap a little with a 12-4 jam, the game’s first triple pass. But the Heartbreakers just couldn’t build the momentum to fend off the Bombshells advance, and the first half finished with the Bay Back Bomshells leading 57-46.

In the second half, the Bombshells widened their lead to 18 points, 76-58, by the 5th jam, followed by three tightly contested 0-0 jams. But Rolla Cholla opened up the scoring again, narrowing the lead with a 4 pass 15-8 jam, 84-73. The Heartbreakers took advantage of a flurry of Bombshells penalty box trips and edged their way up starting with an 8-3 jam from Raggedy Amber, to a 15th jam 96 point tie, thanks to a 7-4 jam coming once again from Rolla Cholla.

With a 3-1 jam from B-Train, the Bombshells inched ahead to lead 99-97 with bare minutes left in the game. Heartbreaker Kay Hoenaze put 4 on the board to push the Heartbreakers into a 101-99 lead and called it. When the Heartbreakers’ Beantown Brawler took the lead in the final jam, she called it quits while they were ahead, leaving them with the win.

Rolla Cholla led the Heartbreakers and the board with 42 points. Hell Toro notched 32 points, scoring exactly 4 points in all her jams but one. With 26 points, Poison led the Bombshells, and On The Roxy scored 25. — Busta Armov

Photo Slideshow from the OC Weekly
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