Montreal Storms East Coast on 3-Game Swing

Montreal Storms East Coast on 3-Game Swing Montreal Roller Derby's New Skids on the Block

Still running at a fast clip since kicking off their season three weeks ago against Charm City, the ladies of Montreal follow up a recent Southwest swing with a trip down America’s East Coast this weekend. Friday night, they’ll be taking on Connecticut in Waterbury, CT; Saturday afternoon sees them heading into the nation’s capital to take on the DC Rollergirls; and Sunday morning will pit them against Suburbia in a closed but WFTDA-sanctioned match in Yonkers, NY.

DNN’s live coverage of this weekend’s bouts is developing; stay tuned!

Montreal’s crew is only 11 for all three bouts, but it’s a strong combination that features strong blocking from compact Romeo and small but strong Ewan Wotarmy along jamming keyed by Georgia W. Tush and Iron Wench. Notably absent from this roster is double-threat Beater Pan-Tease, who had a standout weekend against Tucson and Arizona, and Lyndah Kicks, who led scoring against Arizona. It features one all-star debut for Montreal in Nameless Whorror.

After starting out 1-2 on the season, the New Skidz have a chance to claim a winning record this weekend — and as importantly, take the inside line early in the scramble to claim a spot in Eastern Regionals. Last year, Connecticut and DC entered the tournament as #8 and #9 seeds, with DC pulling an upset when they met head-to-head in the opening bout. If Montreal can beat one or both, they’ll have a good argument for heading up the Eastern rankings. Currently DC officially sits at #9 in the East, Connecticut at #11, and Montreal at #13.

Connecticut has not played yet this year; their trip through 2009 was a bumpy one, as they were only able to defeat lowly-ranked Dominion twice and Suburbia once (in Suburbia’s WFTDA debut) while getting pummeled by other opponents that included Providence (twice), DC, Boston and Minnesota. They’ve got a couple of small but very strong standouts in Black Cherry and Pearl Jammer; Chelsea Grin and Milla Lowlife also made marks in CT’s bouts at Eastern Regionals.

DC’s last two bouts have both been big losses to dangerous Steel City, once by 166 points at Eastern Regionals and more recently on February 13 by 96 points. DC has lost the effective X-abitchinest since the Regionals, and it looks like they’re also down a longtime jammer fixtures in Lois Slain and ShREDica, but they’ve got some seriously effective hitters on their team in Hoova Dayum, Condoleezza Slice and Gun’Her Down. Camilla the Hun is a classic double-threat player, and speedy dr. SKabs will likely be a linchpin of the offense, particularly in the absence of Lois and Shred.

Rosters for Suburbia weren’t available at press time, and it’s hard to gauge where the Yonkers team is right now. They lost to Dutchland fairly solidly last weekend, going down by 94. The only other action on their resume is fairly old now; they beat up on perennially hapless Long Island 158-40 last August and lost to Connecticut 124-38 last June.

Montreal Roller DerbySmack Daddy 3X // Georgia W Tush 40 oz // Nameless Whorror // Romeo 222 // Lil Mama 1/2 // Cheese Grater 289 // No Holds Bard 4×4 // Iron Wench 42491 // Ewan Wotarmy 7734 // Rae Volver 38 // Jess Bandit 8

CT RollerGirlsBlack Cherry C4 // Chelsea Grin 777 // Doomcake 13 // Eleanor Bruisevelt 33 // Ether Bunny 2KO // Girl Fawkes 5NOV // Luciana Pulverotti 110R // Milla Lowlife 40oz // Miz Consepjen 7 // Murphy’s Outlaw 15 // Parker Poison 3 // Pearl Jammer G0 // Pepper Grind-Her 10 // Revengela 1234

DC RollergirlsCamilla the Hun 33 1/3 // Condoleezza Slice 202 // Guantanamo Babe 1959 // Gun’Her Down 50 Cal // Hooah!Girl 1775 // Hoova Dayum H20 // Marion Barrycuda 311 // Obitchuary D0A // Roller Rage Rosie 27 // Soledad 3 // Sookie Slaughterhouse 5 // Battery Operated 2AA // Free Radical 1884 // dr. SKabs 89

Suburbia Roller DerbyBrawl Stanley // Domestic Violet // IV Drop // Dina Sore Jr. // Awol // Suffah Kate // Kickin McNuggitz // Slash Gordon // Jeri Fling-her // Lesley E. Visserate // Vixen Von Bruisen // Pony Girl // Rita Wayward // Ann Sane // Hot Ta’Wally // Smashing Pumpkin // Hard Core Vette // Auntie Climax // Grave Robin