Weekend in Review, 3/15/2010

Weekend in Review, 3/15/2010 Skee Town (Muskegon, MI) rolled to an easy victory over Circle City (Indianapolis, IN), 142-56. Photo: Michael Cross.

WFTDA Sanctioned | General Interleague

WFTDA Sanctioned

DC 230, Harrisburg 75 — DC took some pent-up frustration out on a dramatically reconfigured Harrisburg team on Sunday night, ending a 3-game losing streak with a strong first half and a dominating second.

DC was greatly helped by the return of Hoova Dayum and Lenore Gore, both of whom were unable to make the previous night’s loss to Dutchland, but Harrisburg seemed severely hobbled by the loss of the majority of their fairly dangerous 2009 all-star squad. With only three vets on their roster (Skate Edge, Rainbow’s Revenge, and Neve Cannibal) their general inexperience showed in some extremely strung-out packs and inability to take advantage of lopsided pack situations.

DC was up 96-49 at the half, but really poured it on the second, allowing only 26 points to a tiring Harrisburg while running up 134 of their own, including a 18-0 for Roller Rage Rosie and a late 20-0 for Free Radical. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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#12 Charm City 409, River City 22 — A closed but WFTDA-sanctioned bout saw Charm City run up their biggest point total of their history on Richmond’s River City, but they only needed the first jam to seal the win. A 28-0 opener from Bambi’s Revenge over Paris Kills proved to be more points than River City could muster all bout long, and at halftime the margin was a harrowing 237-2.

Trap offense from Charm City repeatedly opened the door for huge jams — including a 35-0 for Just Carol and a 34-0 for Lady Quebeaum — and the 387-point final margin now stands as the second-largest blowout in WFTDA-sanctioned history, behind Texas’ 451-8 carnage on Oklahoma Victory Dolls last year. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Dutchland 156, DC 64 — In their WFTDA season opener, Dutchland used a particularly suffocating defense and speedy jammer crew to send DC to their third straight loss, up by 60 points at halftime on their way to a convincing 156-64 win.

Dutchland took control of this bout almost immediately. On the second jam, Nash Villain scored a 12-3 for the home team, and DC wouldn’t get back on the board until there were under 10 minutes left to play in the half. Over and over, Dutchland’s blockers would pick up DC jammers in the back on the opening pass, allowing lead jammer calls to almost all fall to Dutchland. DC’s offensive woes were only exacerbated by picking up considerably more jammer penalties … and Dutchland built a 49-3 lead as a frustrated DC team could not get anything going offensively.

DC only scored on four jams in the first half, and only actually won one of those jams. At the half, Dutchland was sitting on a 74-14 lead and had the game solidly in hand.

While DC’s offense was a little more sprightly in the second half and had some momentary momentum around the 15 minute mark, the half still went 82-50 to Dutchland. Even on the rare lead jam opportunities for DC, Dutchland jammers were almost always just a step behind — particularly Nash Villain, whose sprinting speed forced multiple 0-0 calls from DC jammers who were in danger of being passed on the way to their first scoring pass.

Hillbilly Hellcat and Lapcat both shone as blockers in a very tough and tight Dutchland pack, while GunHer Down and Condoleezza Slice acquitted themselves well in a difficult night for the DC pack. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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WFTDA Sanctioned | General Interleague

General Interleague

Dutchland Blitz 138, DC Capital Offenders 135 — This match between Dutchland and DC’s B-teams was marked by significant momentum swings from start to finish, with each team going cold just when it appeared that they were going to be able to take control of the bout. The Capital Offenders had the upper hand first after a 4-0, 7-7, 3-0 sequence that had them up 14-7, but a timely 16-0 blast from Dutchland’s Cleaverpatra, followed by an 8-0 for their Ruthless Ness, put Dutchland up 31-14 after five jams.

The Capital Offenders were back to take the lead again about halfway through the first 30 minutes, but with the score 45-40 favoring them, they almost collapsed entirely. The Blitz went on a 33-4 run over six jams that had the Offenders on the ropes, 73-49, in what was the largest point differential of the game. The half ended at 78-59 Blitz.

The visitors came out of the break on fire, though, picking up an 11-0 and a 13-1 in the first four jams to re-take the lead 92-86. From that point on, the Offenders held closely to a small lead that remained mostly in single digits until there were about 10 minutes on the clock and a 117-108 lead on the board. The Offenders finally increased their margin into the double digits as time ticked off the clock, and it appeared that the Blitz would run out of time with the score 131-112 and under 4 minutes to play.

But the last two jams were all Blitz, helped out by a penalty avalanche on the Offenders at the worst possible time. The Blitz’s Rum and Choke got a powerjam on a 4-2 pack, and ran it to a 14-0 win over DC’s Hook and Slasher, putting the score at 131-126 Offenders with 2 minutes to play. In a truly epic final jam, the Offenders’ jammer Ridin’ Dirty was trapped on her first scoring pass while the Blitz’s ace Ruthless Ness wouldn’t be denied, completing three scoring passes for a 12-4 final jam that gave the Blitz a thrilling last-jam victory. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Central Coast 128, Santa Cruz 110 — It was a new season but a familiar story for Santa Cruz as penalties and defensive woes led to a heartbreaking loss to Central Coast, 128-110.  Candy Hooligan grand-slammed 10 points in Jam 2 to put Santa Cruz ahead 10-5, but Central Coast’s Lomag responded with a 10-point jam of her own in Jam 5 when Santa Cruz saw four of their skaters visit the penalty box.  Central Coast went up 15-10 and never relinquished the lead.  Heading into halftime, Central Coast had more than doubled Santa Cruz’s output, 80-37.

The lead got even more comfortable deep into the second period, stretching to a 63-point advantage going into Jam 15, but back-to-back power jams from Memphis-transfer Bella Trixx and Candy cut the lead to 115-85.  With time running down, Santa Cruz needed to catch some breaks to close the gap and did just that in Jam 21 when Central Coast’s star jammer, Hill-Fire, was sent to the box, leaving Santa Cruz’s Lulu Lockjaw to rack up 19 points before calling off the jam.  With only one minute left and 18 points down, Santa Cruz fielded Candy, who had scored 19 of her 52 points in her previous attempt, but before she had a chance, the referees realized their mistake — Hill-Fire had obtained lead jammer status before being penalized, and Lulu’s call-off had been illegal.  She could only watch from the box as Central Coast ran out the clock.

Santa Cruz’s home opener saw the debut of head coach Shamrock N. Roller as well as three transfer skaters, Bella plus Glitter HitHer and Maiden Hades, both from the Jet City squad.  Candy’s performance dominated all others, but Central Coast’s deep bench was the difference: Hill-Fire scored 34, Lacey Thunderware 27, and Dodgeher Blue and Lomag tallied 24 apiece. — Scarlett O’Feral

Race City 148, Flint City 44 — An extremely rare men vs. women game in Grand Blanc, Michigan served as the debut for Indianapolis’ new men’s team, the Race City Rebels. Skating with three female members of the Circle City Socialites against a Flint City team that included their male coach, Race City was victorious by 104 points.

Video highlights and recap from ABC WJRT-TV.

Gold Coast 186, Blitzburgh Bombers 118 — The 10th Anniversary of the Coconut Creek Casino ended with a fireworks display for over 1,000 fans as the Gold Coast Derby Grrls skated their last jam with Spontaneous Combustya racking up the last 11 points over the Blitzburgh Bombers-B team from Steel City.

Gold Coast Derby Grrls had racked up 103 points to the Bombers 75 in the first half. Gold Coast jammer Jess Business started the bout off with a 12-8 jam over Elsie Thud. The bombers kept it neck and neck until Gold Coast jammers Tsunami Tsue and Chickslayer teamed up with a whopping 3 grand slams a piece with the Bombers jammers Miss Ill scoring 2 points and Dakota Slamming getting held in the pack by Gold Coast captains Tally and Freek A Rella.

Gold Coast took the second half as an opportunity to place new girls on the jammer line for experience, but the Blitzburgh Bombers came back hard, reflecting the same team work as the All Star team of Steel City — holding a strong wall and making it difficult for the Gold Coast Blockers to impede their strategy. Newly rostered Stone Bitch Blues found herself deep in the crash zone while jamming as the Bombers blockers took the opportunity to fight back strong with tenacity. Sookie Skankhouse racked up a 10-0 jam over the Bombers as her blockers Dela Ruthless and Juana Puff teamed up together as they found their pivot and additional blocker in the box.

Gold Coast sealed the deal with 186 on the scoreboard after the last jam to Blitzburgh’s 118. All travel, fireworks, and production were sponsored by the Coconut Creek Casino. — Tsunami Tsue

Skee Town 142, Circle City 54 — The upstart Skeetown Skirtz swept past the Circle City Socialites of Indianapolis 142-54 on Saturday, March 13, in Muskegon, Michigan. The new league, founded by former members of Grand Raggidy Roller Girls, has just a couple of bouts under its belt but is off to a roaring start.

CCS was hampered going in thanks to a recent rash of injuries; in the week and a half leading up to Saturday’s bout, they lost three of their most experienced skaters. As the bout started, Skeetown established an early lead, with the CCS jammer going to the penalty box in the second jam and the Michigan girls seizing their chance to rack up a few grand slams. They’re a team of jammers – fast and agile – and almost every skater took on that role with ease. But they proved equally fierce blockers, going on offense at the blow of nearly every starting whistle long enough to break up CCS walls, then quickly falling together to form impenetrable walls of their own. Thanks to their fast footwork, decisive hip hits, and ability to quickly drop low to avoid many CCS hits, the Skirtz smoothly juggled offense and defense with ease.

Quarterboy, Rika Wreckless, and Dot Matrix were among the many Skeetown skaters who posed double threats as jammers and blockers. At the end of the bout, announcers handed Best Jammer (Skeetown) to Keisha Mei Ash and Best Blocker (Skeetown) to Tamara Hurtsworse. Anya Booty, skating in just her second bout ever, was named Best Jammer (CCS), while Beattie Sedgwick picked up Best Blocker (CCS). This was the debut bout for CCS skaters Luscious Lisa, Ionic Bondage and Nova Blaze.

The Socialites take the rink again soon in a recently added bout in Cincinnati on March 27. Skeetown takes on the Mid-Michigan Roller Girls on April 17 in Mt. Morris, Michigan. — Faye Stunaway

Photo gallery from Michael Cook.