Weekend in Review, 5/3/2010

Weekend in Review, 5/3/2010 Circle City (Indianapolis, IN) exploited a series of second-half powerjams to score a big 178-89 victory over Quad City (Moline, IL). Photo: Junior Say-ow.

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WFTDA Sanctioned

(18) Nashville 115, Arch Rival 82 — Tennesseeans braved torrential rain on Saturday night to witness Nashville’s most exciting bout this season. The crowd was smaller than usual, but the regular score changes kept fans on the edge of their seats. Unlike Nashville’s previous games this season, the score in Saturday night’s bout was not in Nashville’s favor the entire night.

Nashville seemed ready to repeat history with St. Louis’ Arch Rival Roller Girls scoring no points in the first three jams of the night. ARRG changed the scoring trend in the 8th jam of the first period when the score was 15 ARRG and 14 NRG. NRG continued to creep up the score until ARRG took the lead in jam 13 and kept it until the end of the first half. The score at half-time was 43-42 for Arch Rival.

The second period seemed destined to duplicate the results of the first period, even with a 14-point jam putting Nashville briefly in the lead in the second jam. The tide finally turned in the 10th jam of the second period when Nashville put up 12 points against Arch Rival’s 4 and the bout score was 82 to 76. Nashville found their groove and maintained the score lead for the rest of the night.

The teams were fairly evenly matched on penalties, with Nashville receiving a total of 68 minors and 21 majors and Arch Rival receiving 64 minors and 20 majors. Nashville’s stand-out defensive player for the night was #36DD Maulin Monroe who played double duty jamming and blocking. ARRG’s stand out defensive player was #929 Davey Blockit. — Leann Lewis

Houston 188, Dixie 31 — The Houston Roller Derby HaRD Knocks utilized numerous big jams and a stingy defense to defeat the Dixie Derby Girls 188-31 Saturday night in Houston.

The bout started off evenly with both teams scoring a point in the first jam. But with each team’s jammer serving a penalty in the second jam, Jekyll and Heidi scored a 9-5 advantage giving Houston a 10-6 lead.

Then the HaRD Knocks proceeded to tighten up its defense. Over the next seven jams, the home team would shut out the visitors from Alabama on a 36-0 run. After a 4-4 tenth jam, Houston went on a 23-2 scoring run featuring a 15 point jam by Beverly Kills, pushing the lead to 73-13. At the half, Houston led 100-18.

While the first four jams of the second half were fairly evenly matched, Houston scored three huge jams in the next four jams to reestablish command of the bout. Carmen Geddit came out of the penalty box, took lead jammer status and scored 13 points in the sixth jam. bo Bituary followed that up with a 12 point jam for the HaRD Knocks, and then Mistilla dropped the largest jam of the bout, a 19-0 that gave the home team a 155–30 lead. Houston applied shutdown defense the rest of the bout, allowing only one more point and taking a 188-31 victory.

The leading scorers for Houston Roller Derby was Mistilla with 45 points, Beverly Kills with 43 points, Candy Codeine with 18 points, and Carmen Geddit with 16 points. Leading the strong defense for the home team in the blocking department was Rebel Ann, The Prosecutor and Becky Booty.

The top scorers for the Dixie Derby Girls were Wicked One with 17 points, CU Afterclass with seven points, and Cakeface Killa with six points. Leading blockers for the team from Huntsville, Alabama included Snidely Bitchslap, Lola Pirhana, eRacerX, and Ebbin Flow. — Phil Arnold

Reprinted with permission from Phil Arnold’s Examiner page.

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General Interleague

Circle City 178, Quad City 89 — The Circle City Socialites of Indianapolis took on the Quad City Rollers of Moline, Ill, at The Forum at Fishers in front of a full house on Saturday night. After a hotly contested first half, with both teams taking turns in the lead, CCS skated away with a decisive victory in the second period.

During the first period, CCS jammers Anya Booty, Fly, Robin Sock’em, and Roll-R-Damage scored multiple grand slams thanks to solid defensive work from teammates Splatty Hearst, Lady Miss Bier, Spleana Rupture, Beattie Sedgwick, and Faye Stunaway. Quad City blockers Hannibal Nixon and Mexican Monster delivered tremendous hits and established solid defensive walls up front, while their jammers JoJo Killabytch, Lady Gotcha, and Sugar N’ Slice racked up points to keep the score neck-and-neck. While Quad City jammers waited it out in the penalty box over and over again, CCS took advantage of several golden opportunities to score offensively, bringing the pack to a halt to help their jammer lap it.

The Quad City jammers had a difficult time breaking free from the walls of CCS blockers in front, trailed by fierce sweepers Uzi Q and Faye Stunaway in back, despite good hits from QCR’s Hannibal Nixon and Mexican Monster. The Illinois girls also ran into repeated foul trouble, particularly in the second period, when it seemed that the Quad City jammer skated straight to the penalty box partway through nearly every jam.

Despite a long, hard-fought bout, everyone had plenty of energy for the final jam of the night, keeping the pack speed fast and throwing plenty of hits. CCS gave the blocker MVP to Quad City’s Mexican Monster and the jammer MVP to Sugar and Slice. — Jamburglar

Silicon Valley 142, Central Coast 108 — The lead changed five times in the first 8 jams of this bout before Silicon Valley’s Death By Dollface came out of the penalty box, gained lead jammer and then fifteen points over Ivanator to take a 32-21 lead that Silicon Valley would not relinquish.  Despite courageous blocking and jamming by Lacey Thunderware, April Fools and Ivanator, Silicon Valley slowly increased their lead by “hit it and quit it” tactics until the half, where the Dots were up 60-45.

The second half picked up where the first had left off as the Dots continued with single scoring passes until a track cut put CCRD’s jammer Hill-Fire in the bin. That opened the door for Dollface to run up one the few double digit jams for the game, bringing the score to 95-54 Silicon Valley. Later, Dollface sealed it for SVRG with a 20-4 jam over Zona Hussy and a short pack, bringing the score to 138-79. Although Central Coast took the last three jams by a score of 29-4, time had run out, and Silicon Valley had their victory, 142-108.

Top jammer and MVP for Silicon Valley was Death By Dollface with 70 points for the game. Top jammer for Central Coast was Hill-Fire with 57 points, with MVP honors going to Ivanator for CCRD. — Southbay

SVRG KillaBytes 190, CCRD SLO Slammers 62
— In a battle of the Silicon Valley Roller Girls and Central Coast Roller Derby B teams, the SVRG Killabytes were up by almost 70 at the half and didn’t slow down in the second to claim a big win.

The first jam set the tone for the bout as Zootown Throwdown put down a 15-4 jam over Slammer Golden Delicious, and then later an 18-0 over LoMag. Zona Hussy responded with a couple of 4-0 jams over Beth Sentence and Cyn Tax, but by halfway through the first half the KillaBytes held a comfortable lead of 54-18.  The half continued apace with the Killabytes’ Zootown making multiple scoring passes, but only Zona Hussy able to respond for the Slammers. By half time the score stood 100-32 KillaBytes.

The second half was very much a mirror of the first, but with Cyn Tax and Catherine Beata Bones skating more jams. Zootown had another 18-0 jam, this time over Doll Dozer. With 16 minutes left in the game, the KillaBytes had extended their lead to 153-38. The Slammers had a nice moment late in the game, though, as Golden Delicious and Mafia Mistress combined for a 17-4 mini rally over the last two jams to bring the first game of the bout to a 190-62 win for the KillaBytes.

Zootown Throwdown won MVP and was top jammer for the KillaBytes with 75 points.  Zona Hussy won MVP and was top jammer for the SLO Slammers with 26 points. — Southbay

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Local Action

[Gotham Girls Roller Derby] Bronx Gridlock 145, Brooklyn Bombshells 52 — In the opening matchup of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby intraleague season, the Bronx Gridlock steamrolled the Brooklyn Bombshells by a score of 145-52.

The sold-out crowd at Hunter College witnessed a dominating performance by the 2009 GGRD champions, who welcomed three rookies (B. Zerk, Tough Muffin, and Rushin’ Revolution) to the sqaud, and rolled with fan favorite Beyonsláy back on the track for her first bout action in thirteen months.

The Gridlock jumped to a 9-point lead in the first two jams, courtesy of jammers Bonnie Thunders and Luna Impact. Brooklyn’s Carmen Monoxide answered with a grand slam over Care Bear Scare in the third jam, but the Bombshells would remain scoreless for the next seven jams as Bronx jammers piled on an additional 32 points. At the end of the first half, the score stood at 72-19 in favor of the Gridlock.

Bronx started the second period on a 49-1 tear, including a 25-0 jam for Bonnie Thunders as Brooklyn experienced jammer penalty trouble. Brooklyn caught a break in the seventh jam when Bronx jammer Care Bear Scare went to the box on her fourth minor, and Bombshell rookie (and Tallahassee transplant) Score of Babylon escaped from the penalty box to slice through the pack twice for a 10-0 jam.

Throughout the remainder of the period, Brooklyn crept back up, scoring in six of the next seven jams and outscoring the Bronx on a 23-12 run. In the final jam, Care Bear Scare scored 8 points over Brooklyn rookie (and former Long Island star) Tail Gunner Flo, grounded in the box on a cutting the track major. In the end, the Bronx Gridlock flexed their collective muscle in a 145-52 win over the Bombshells.

Leading scorers for the Bronx were Bonnie Thunders (71 points and a whopping +70 point differential), and Luna Impact with 29 total points. For Brooklyn, Carmen Monoxide scored 28 points and Score of Babylon made her Gotham debut with 11 points. Bronx blocker Ginger Snap and Brooklyn blocker Hard Anya earned MVP nods for the bout, which also marked the first bouting action for Brooklyn rookie Lady Fingers. — Dainty Inferno

[Windy City Rollers] The Fury 125, Hell’s Belles 110 — When the last drop of sweat had been dropped Saturday night at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, The Fury and the Double Crossers had each earned a spot in the Windy City Rollers Ivy King Cup Championship game on June 5th.  The Fury outlasted Hell’s Belles 125-110, and the Double Crossers thumped the defending champion Manic Attackers, 121-91.

The Fury stormed in on a three-game winning streak, looking to feast on a rookie Belles team that has not won since the 2009 season.  But Belle captains Shocka Conduit and Hermione Danger changed up the game plan; 6 of the least experienced Belles played in a minimal amount of jams, and the Belles came at the Fury hard with just 3 jammers in heavy rotation.  The Belles decisively won the penalty margin, and with three veteran Fury blockers out for this game, Belle jammers found holes.

Danger took advantage of a power jam in the third, pushing the Belles to their biggest lead of the season, 21-0.  Just four jams later, however, Kola Loka shredded Belle blocking for ten and the Fury was on its way to a 69-45 halftime lead.  

The two teams traded punches until two huge jams on either side of an official time out.  Loka scored twenty of her sixty-eight total in the seventh as Sonya Mouthshut, Dee Monica, and Tori Adore provided open lanes.  In the eighth, with the Fury penalty box packed full, Deb Autry put up seventeen of her forty-two, cutting the Fury lead to twenty-two. Conduit put up another twenty in the twelfth, and Belle blockers Pominatrix, Bloody Elle, and Mya Ssault played over their heads in the last ten minutes.  

Down just twelve with fifty-five seconds to go, the Belles looked like believers. Conduit called her own number to jam against Loka for the game.  But Conduit would be sent off with a major, and Loka ran out the clock—and then some—to button down the Fury win and take HOWCOOL.COM Player of the Game. — Mike Ondolences

[Windy City Rollers] Double Crossers 121, Manic Attackers 91
— The Double Crossers went into Game 2 hopeful of finishing off the Manic Attackers to avoid a second-place bottle-neck heading into the last game of the season on May 22nd. The Crossers built a twenty-five point lead through the middle of the first half on solid pack management by Georgia on Yer Behind, Karmageddon, and Reina Chaos, who did not jam but may have had her strongest game yet as a blocker.  

In the fifteenth, Di Richmond locked down the Crosser jammer, allowing Wreck N Shrew to take lead. While the Crosser pack dwindled to two blockers, Wreck circled for twenty points. Two jams later, with just one point separating the teams, Crosser captain and Player of the Game Julia Rosenwinkel picked up her team and put them on her back.  She scored nineteen of her 67 points on that jam, putting the Crossers up 57-39 at the half.

The Manics held the Crossers scoreless for five consecutive jams early in the second half, but they couldn’t make a significant dent in the lead. The Manics seemed to play much of the second half with players rotating in and out of the penalty box, but Ruth Enasia milked the most out of a power-jam in the fifteenth, and the Manics were down by just ten. The Manics filled the box again in the nineteenth, however, and Indy Cent iced the win with a fifteen-point jam.

In the last regular-season game of 2010 on May 22nd, the Belles hope to catch fire against the Manics and the Crossers and Fury square off in a preview of the league championship game. — Mike Ondolences