Weekend In Review, 6/14/10

Weekend In Review, 6/14/10 #4 Denver sent visiting #6 Rat City to their third loss in three meetings, winning 205-135 and defending their position in the competitive WFTDA Western Region. Photo: Bill Ross.

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WFTDA Sanctioned

#4 Denver 205, #6 Rat City 135 — On Saturday night, Denver defended their home turf and their spot over Rat City in the WFTDA Western Region by defeating the Seattle team for the third time in three meetings.

Advantage in this one switched hands a few times in the opening ten minutes. Scoring opened in Rat City’s favor as Rat City’s Primp Daddy got lead for Rat City and took a 4-0 win over Julie Adams. The Rat City pack tried to keep things fast to combat the Denver defense, but Denver struck back immediately in jam 3, as Heather Juska took lead in a power jam for a 13-0 win over Juliet Bravo. Denver would also suffer from jammer penalties as Rat City pulled within one point when Juliet Bravo took a 8-0 win against Monica Carson during a power jam, and then regained the lead in another power jam, this one 15-4 for Primp Daddy over Juska to make it Rat City 27, Denver 22.

The Mile High Club pulled to 30-30 all tied with about 17 minutes remaining and then started to build a serious lead in jam 10 with Juska’s 10-0 win against Juliet Bravo. Monica Carson grabbed lead and a 8-0 win over Jalapeno Business to extend the lead to 52-30. The Mile High Club defense continued to hamper Rat City jammers, allowing Denver to outscore Rat City 55-18 in the last 11 jams and close the first half with a solid 85-48 lead.

Denver exploded for one of their signature huge powerjams early in the second half, where Julie Adams dropped a 24-0 on Primp Daddy and gave Denver a 111-51 lead. Although the Denver lead didn’t get too much bigger than that over the course of the second half, more than enough damage had been done, and Rat City went down by 70 in the end. — Moon Yang

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[Honky Tonk Stomp] Hard Knox 127, Memphis 109 — In the first tournament bout of Nashville’s Honky Tonk Stomp mini-tournament, Knoxville came away with their first win against Memphis in six attempts. Memphis kept Knoxville at bay until the 5th jam when Knoxville led 17 to 15. The score lead bounced around between teams throughout the first period keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. The teams went into the locker room at half time with Knoxville at 46 and Memphis at 41. The score bounces kept on track in the second period with the lead changing back and forth several times. The score was tied at 109 in the 16th jam of the second period, but Knoxville managed to keep Memphis at 109 while gaining 4 points in the second to the last jam of the bout and ending with a 14-0 point jam in the last of the night to end with a final score of Knoxville 127, Memphis 109.

Team penalties were fairly close with Memphis earning 53 minors and 18 majors and Knoxville coming away with 59 minors and 20 majors. Memphis’ standout defensive player was Bloody Elle and Knoxville’s was Tank Her A. — Leann Lewis

[Honky Tonk Stomp] #17 Nashville 180, Memphis 83 — Game 3 pitted Memphis’ Hustlin’ Rollers against Nashville’s Music City All Stars. Although the Memphis v Knoxville game just previous was the most exciting in terms of lead changes, this bout was very active with many skater penalties. Nashville maintained lead jammer status over Memphis throughout the entire bout, forcing many zero point jams on Memphis; at the half, it was 85-35 Nashville. The second period proved even more difficult for Memphis as their jammers were only able to obtain lead status in two of 19 jams and one of those was a lead loss due to the Memphis jammer going to the penalty box for a major back block. The final score was Nashville 180, Memphis 83.

Nashville’s standout defensive player for this game was Jenny “The Jet” Rodriguez and Memphis’ standout defensive player was again, Bloody Elle. Nashville earned 62 minors and 29 majors compared to Memphis’ 51 minors and 20 majors. — Leann Lewis

[Honky Tonk Stomp] #17 Nashville 160, Hard Knox 51 — Nashville began the championship bout of the Honky Tonk Stomp tournament against Knoxville visibly focused, which was evident from the 22 point jam put up against Knoxville’s 2 points out of the gate. Nashville kept Knoxville from scoring in 13 out of 19 jams of the first period, while Knoxville was only able to shut Nashville out of scoring in 7 jams, 4 of which were 0-0 jams. The halftime score was pretty close to the previous game’s half time score with Nashville up 78-33.

Nashville started up the second period with another big jam, putting 15 more points on the board against zero for Knoxville. Knoxville fought hard in the second period, but only managed to score in 4 out of 17 jams and the bout ended with Nashville at 160 and Knoxville at 51.

For the final game of the night, standout defensive players repeated their performance from earlier games, with Jenny “The Jet” Rodriguez from Nashville and Tank Her A from Knoxville leading the charge. Nashville’s focus translated to fewer penalties than the earlier game with 47 minors and 26 majors against Knoxville’s 41 minors and 14 majors. — Leann Lewis

Salt City 152, FOCO 78 — Salt Lake and FOCO (Fort Collins, CO) met up for the 2nd time this past weekend at the Salt Palace in Downtown Salt Lake, where SCDG took control of this game pretty much from the start. Dominating the course of the game was spectacular jammer NOS, who rolled to a huge 95 points in the game with some serious moves and speed. She was backed up by teammate China White with 31 points; both jammers got lead jam 80% or better through out the game. 

Fort Collins was led by jammer Iggy Cocks with 23 pts. Chocolate Milfshake stood above the crowd in both height and presence and tried mightily tried to make sure that Salt Lake earned every point. Finkzilla also put up 19 pts for FOCO. Phatal Pheramone, Smack and Deckher and Dirty Pirate Hooker were a few of the blockers for SCDG that helped them dominate this game. — Gil Leora

Green Country 150, Dixie 53 — Early big jams and consistent solid blocking led to 150-53 victory by the Green Country Roller Girls over the Dixie Derby Girls Sunday night in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

The game was close for only four jams, with Green Country up 24-11 going into the fifth. That jam proved to be the highest scoring jam of the evening. GCRG’s Perkeylicious dropped a 20-0 for the home team, and another shutout jam for Green Country and seven points for Listol Pistol moved the home team out to a 51-11 lead after only six jams.

Starting in the eighth jam, the Dixie Derby Girls made a comeback behind six consecutive shutout jams. Cakeface Killa scored seven points in the 11th jam on Dixie’s 11-0 scoring run. But Green Country finished out strong in the closing jams of the first half. Mistress Doom scored seven points in the 16th jam, Perkeylicious scored nine points in the 17th jam, and Perkeylicious scored six more points to close out the half as the home team outscored Dixie 28-2 in the last five jams to take a 84-26 lead.

Led by a couple of solid jams by eRacerX, the Dixie Derby Girls scored an 11-10 point advantage over the home team in the first four jams of the second half. But the Green Country Roller Girls’ blockers started putting shutout jams onto the scoreboard. In the next eight jams, the visiting team would not score a point, leading to a 48-0 Green Country run. With the score 143-37 favoring the home team, it was only a matter of time before GCRG came away with the 150-53 win.

Leading point scorers for Green Country were Perkeylicious (73), Listol Pistol (35), Mistress Doom (23), and Filthy Vicious (17). All individual scoring is unofficial. Top blockers for the team in Green included Electra Violette, Hott Rodd Havoc, and Bounce-Her.

Dixie was led by Cakeface Killa (26 pts), C.U. Afterclass (15, even though she went out on injury late in the first half), and Ebbin Flow and eRacerX (7 each). Leading blockers for the team from Huntsville, Alabama were Snidely Bitchslap, Asian Invasion, and Nookie Monster. — Phil Arnold

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General Interleague

DRD Bruising Altitude 183, SVRG Killabytes 85 — Denver’s Bruising Altitude B-team faced their toughest challenge to-date with the Silicon Valley visiting B team, but the sticky smart defensive pack, ultra fast and tireless jammers for Bruising Altitude managed a 183 to 85 win. Bruising Altitude jumped out to an early lead 23-2 within the first three jams with help from Kendra Blood, Fawn Stalking and Dharma Gedden (a longtime veteran double-threat skating in her last bout before retiring from the Denver Roller Dolls.) The Killabytes  were not able to grab a lead jammer call until jam 8, but still could not outscore Bruising Altitude.
Bruising Altitude consistently got lead jammer calls in the first half.  Kendra Blood took a huge 35-0 win over Postal Servix in a power jam set up by Deadly Long Legs. Kendra demonstrated her speed and endurance for an overwhelming 88 to 17 lead for Bruising Altitude.

Though the game was all but out of reach there, the Killabytes did put together a nice rally to stay even with Bruising Altitude for the rest of the half. A false start by Fawn Stalking resulted in a power jam for the Killabytes and Catherine Beata Bones was able to take a 5-0 win; that was followed by Zootown Throwdown scoring a 10-0 win over Dharma Gedden in the next jam, pulling the Killabytes within 56 points at 88 to 32.  Bruising Altitude then held the Killabytes scoreless for the next four jams while Fawn Stalking and Barbie Boop took advantage of their team’s aggressive defensive pack to score over 20 points combined. The end of the first half had the score at Bruising Altitude 111, Killabytes 36.

Penalties plagued both teams in the second half, and though the Killabytes only lost it by 23, the opening 15 minutes of the game assured there would be no opportunity for a visiting-team upset. Bruising Altitude scored 72 with help from a big 20 point jam from Kendra Blood as the Killabytes scored 49 with help from Cyntax and Zootown Throwdown. Deadly Long Legs and Kendra Blood were effective blockers and jammers who both went on to skate in the marquee Denver vs. Rat City bout that followed. — Moon Yang

NRG Brawl Stars 176, Little City 68 — Nashville’s Honky Tonk Stomp mini-tournament kicked off with a regulation but non-sanctioned bout between Nashville’s Music City Brawl Stars and Johnson City’s Little City Rollergirls. In this undercard bout, the score difference remained close through the 4th jam of the first period with both teams at 11, but the tide turned quickly and the Brawl Stars increased their lead to 17 in the 5th jam and then maintained a score lead for the remainder of the bout. Half time ended with the Brawl Stars up 91-36 and the final score was NRG Brawl Stars 176, Little City 68. — Leann Lewis

HRD Knockouts 193, Crude City 106 — A steady scoring offense led Houston’s B-team, the Knockouts, to a 193-106 victory over Crude City Roller Derby Saturday night in Robstown, Texas.

In the first jam of the night, the Knockouts delivered a serious wakeup call when Big Bad Voodoo Dolly scored 18 points to lift the the visitors to a quick lead. Things remained relatively evenly matched over the next nine jams, though, with Crude City whittling 11 points off that lead at 32-25 Knockouts.

The 11th jam would stand as the turning point, as Crude City’s jammer was expelled from the game on an intentional low block. There was no score in this jam for either team, but the Knockouts went on a big scoring run immediately after. Goldie Bloxx of the Knockouts scored 10-0 in the 12th jam, and The Prosecutor dialed up a 6-0 jam in the 13th jam and a 11-4 jam in the 16th jam for the Knockouts, giving the visiting team a 71-39 lead.

The biggest jam of the night would blow the hinges off any hope Crude City had in winning this bout. Big Bad Voodoo Dolly scored an amazing 24-2 powerjam to give the Knockouts a 95-41 lead that they took into halftime.

Though Crude City had a 18-4 run over the first three jams of the second half, the Knockouts decisively responded with a 60-2 run of their own, kicked off by a 19-0 from the Prosecutor. By the time the Knockouts were done, they were up by nearly a hundred at 159-61, and the final margin was much the same at 193-106.

Leading scorers for the Knockouts were Big Bad Voodoo Dolly with 66 points, The Prosecutor with 61, and Marianne Morgue with 23. Top blockers for the Knockouts were Goldie Bloxx, Chainsaw Chic, Sick Nick, and Tempestua.

Top scorers for the Third Coast Offenders were Zee with 53 points, Dead Lee with 43, and Catazon and Hollow Point with five each. Crude City’s Beather Baily put on a show of power blocking at various times taking out three opponents with a block and with legal blocks inflicting pain on opposing jammers. Other leading blockers for the home team included Texas T, and Tonya Hurting. — Phil Arnold

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Circle City 157, Lafayette 46 — If fans at the Forum in Fishers on Saturday night were expecting a repeat of last October’s match-up between these two Indiana teams — a nailbiter with fierce packs and big hits in which the Socialites squeaked out a victory in the very last jam — they were in for a surprise. Indianapolis’ CCS dominated the game from the start, building strong defense, playing aggressive offense, and grabbing lead jammer status 17 out of 20 times in the first half.

Strong performances from individual Brawlin’ Dolls, including agile jammers Fierce B-otch and Valentine Massacre, weren’t enough to break through CCS’s walls. In one particular dramatic moment, CCS jammer Anya Booty showed Lafayette blocker Heartless B just how low she could go when, on turn three, Heartless went in for a big hit and flipped over Booty’s back, giving Booty lead jammer status (and cheers from the stands). CCS jammer Roll-R Damage pleased the crowd by gliding on one foot around turn 4 to get lead jammer even while receiving a big hit from Psycho Socializer.  When the first half ended, Lafayette had only scored during three jams, trailing CCS 88 to 8.

Lafayette kicked things up in the second half, with their jammer Fierce B-otch grabbing 4 unanswered points in the first jam while CCS jammer Robin Sock’em was in the box. Then a controversial call ejected veteran CCS blocker Faye Stunaway from the bout —  a ref decided that an errant elbow amounted to “gross misconduct,” earning her the dubious distinction of being the first CCS player to get ejected from a game this season.  Lafayette went on to rack up 38 points in the second half.  Cruel Whip of CCS managed to get two grand slams and 10 points her first time jamming.  Beattie Sedgwick jammed just once and grabbed the most points in a single jam, with an unanswered 13.  

This marks the third straight win for the Circle City Socialites, who next take the floor July 3 in Fishers against another Indiana team, Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls of Bloomington. The Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls play next at home in West Lafayette on June 26 against the Roller Girls of Southern Indiana (Evansville). — Jamburglar

Choice City 185, Slaughterhouse 133 — Two powerful Northern Colorado teams met at the Slaughterhouse Derby Girls’ Kill Floor in Greeley Saturday night. After a runaway victory by the upshot Choice City Rebels in its debut bout with the Slaughterhouse Derby Girls late last fall, excitement and hopes were high. Unfortunately for Slaughterhouse, the outcome was the same as Choice City left the Kill Floor with a 185-133 victory.

The Rebels worked quickly to establish its dominance in the first half of the game. A couple of benched Slaughterhouse jammers gave way to three consecutive 10-point jams for Choice City’s I’llbruisa Peach, Coco She’ll Nail Ya and Poison Divey. Later in the period, Rebel Rhoda Destruction capitalized on a boxed Flammabelle to pick up 15 points. Midway through the first half, Choice City had quickly put up a 60-point lead.

Following a timeout, Slaughterhouse successfully changed gears and was able to get the upper hand in lead jammer status for the remainder of the half, 9 to 7. During the stretch, Slaughterhouse’s Skater Bater put up two Grand Slams plus All Systems Go posted a half-ending 19-point tally. Even with an 111-60 at halftime lead for Choice City, Slaughterhouse’s points scored in the last four jams of the period proved they were certainly in the game and ready to rally.

Following an intermission featuring SDG’s Butcher Babes Junior Roller Derby team (a 55-50 victory for Team Black), Choice City once again sprung out of the gates quickly, taking lead jammer status in the first three jams. In the process, Coco She’ll Nail Ya grabbed two Grand Slams before being sent to the penalty box.However, back to back jams from Choice City’s Divey and Destruction – a massive 20-pointer with All Systems Go in the penalty box – would continue keep the mark out of reach for Slaughterhouse. The 60-point foundation laid by the Rebels in the first period was maintained effectively and resulted in the 50-point-plus win.

Choice City’s Rhoda Destruction led the Rebels in scoring with 81 points, while All Systems Go paced Slaughterhouse with a career-high 51 points.

With the 185-133 victory, Choice City heads into action next weekend against the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls. Meanwhile, Slaughterhouse travels on the road in two weeks to face Wasatch. — Mizz Communication & Grand Poobah

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Men’s Derby

New York 171, Harm City 105 — The history between New York Shock Exchange and Harm City Homicide stretches back for five meetings since 2007, but this fifth meeting ended just like the first four, with NYSE skating away with the victory.

Though NYSE grabbed a 16-0 lead after the opening two jams with the help of a leadoff 14-0 jam for Jonathan R, Homicide managed to nickel-and-dime their ways into a short-lived tie after the next four jams — 5-0 Carnage Asada, 8-5 Justice Feelgood Marshall, 4-0 Virginia Slim and 4-0 Quad Almighty had the teams tied up at 21 after about 10 minutes. But an NYSE 14-0 powerjam there for Ladies Knight put NYSE in the lead for good.

Homicide had an enormous opportunity get turned around on them with about 12 minutes left to play in the first half. NYSE jammer Ladies Knight was boxed at the very end of a 10-0 jam for Homicide’s Quad Almighty, leaving the score at 70-45 New York with a five-against-two situation on the next jam. NYSE got out of that with the next Homicide jammer going to the box and Ladies Knight coming out for a 10-0, pushing the score to 80-45. NYSE finished the half just shy of triple digits at 99-54.

As in the first half, the second half saw very few jams with more than a single scoring pass — but, again, the few that occurred favored NYSE. NYSE had 2 multiple-pass powerjams: a early-half 15-0 for Jonathan R that put the score at 123-63 and a mid-half 19-3 for Teen Wolf that put it at 166-74. Homicide seriously arrested NYSE scoring over the last nine jams of the game, outscoring them 31-5 to make the final score slightly more respectable, but the damage had long since been done.

The top NYSE point scorers were fairly close to one another — Ladies Knight with 42, Rinkworm with 39, and Jonathan R and Teen Wolf both with 38. Jonathan R led NYSE point differential with a +24. For Homicide, Virginia Slim led scoring with 35 points and Justice Feelgood Marshall had 26; Abe Froman led point differential with +2 (on 3 jams).

New York is now halfway through their MDC season, having defeated each other team in the organization once for a 3-0 record; Harm City is at 0-2 after a season-opening loss to Pioneer Valley and will try to get their first season win against the Connecticut Death Quads on July 17. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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Banked Track

LADD Aftershockers 157, Arizona Derby Dames 64 — LA Derby Dolls’ Aftershockers rushed to an early lead over the Arizona Derby Dames and never looked back, registering a comfortable 157-64 win in front of a packed house at the Doll Factory on Saturday night.

The Aftershockers’ Raven Seaward earned plaudits as the bout’s standout jammer, tallying 23 points on three jams in the first quarter alone.  Vulvarine contributed a six-pointer for the Aftershockers early on to extend LADD’s lead over AZDD to 48-10 by the end of the first quarter.

LA continued to pour it on in the first half, extending their already substantial lead.  Raven Seaward and Vulvarine did most of the jamming damage for the Aftershockers, with co-captains and veteran blockers Trixie Biscuit and Suzy Snakeyes helping to smother AZDD’s attempts to mount a comeback.  Ellie Mayhem and Goody Goody Blooddrop got AZDD on the board with a pair of smooth four-point jams, but by the end of the half LADD had opened a huge lead over their banked-track foes, 85-24.

Arizona’s Derby Dames earned the first ten points of the second half to close the gap a bit to 85-34, but the Aftershockers never really looked like giving up their massive margin, and by the end of the third quarter LA led, 114-50.

The final quartile was mostly pro forma, as the Aftershockers padded their lead to win the bout at a canter.  Vanessa Velocity contributed much of the heavy lifting in the AZDD pack all night, but found herself on the wrong side of the referees’ scorecard halfway through the fourth quarter, and was ejected to raucous cheering from the LA crowd.  As matters wound down, Lucky D’Irish threw down a five-pointer in the final jam, putting a flourish on the Aftershockers’ emphatic victory. — DF

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