Weekend in Review, 7/19/2010

Weekend in Review, 7/19/2010 WFTDA apprentice league Santa Cruz scored a solid victory over venerable Tucson, jumping out to a 43-2 lead on the way to a 108-74 final. Photo: Nocklebeast.

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WFTDA Sanctioned

#4 Philly 161, #14 Steel City 63 — Philadelphia established early that their front wall, led by Sunshine Skate and Shenita Stretcher, was going to control the pace of this bout, taking a 19-0 lead. The Crippler put a great move on Castro to become Steel Hurtin’s first lead jammer but an ill-timed skate malfunction blew the scoring opportunity. ‘Snot Rocket Science, skating like she had decided to take the team on her back, scored 10 points to halve the gap. At this point the game started to get rough with two to four skaters seemingly in the box jam after jam. The Liberty Belles were able to kill off powerjams with speed and shorthanded walls holding back Steel Hurtin’ jammers while Steel Hurtin’ countered by pulling back to slow down skaters returning in-bounds. As the fifteen-minute mark passed the score was 47-18 Philadelphia.

A 19-0 powerjam for Philly speedster Persephone here moved the lead from solid to overwhelming, and although scoring was nearly even for the remainder of the half, Philly enjoyed a 86-36 advantage at the break.

Steel Hurtin’ coaches BArf and Temporary Sanity unveiled a new strategy for the second half focused on brief jams. ‘Snot Rocket Science led the scoring before getting blown out like a candle by birthday girl Heavy Flo, narrowing the lead to 94-53. The Liberty Belles reasserted their pack control, led by a triple take-out by Heavy Flo, and Shenita Stretcher stretched the lead back to 111-57. Despite having multiple skaters serving penalties, the shorthanded 2-woman walls of Philadelphia kept the Steel Hurtin’ jammers in check. Persephone racked up another 8 and with 15 minutes to go, the score was 119-61.

With both packs skating at breakneck speed, Shenita Stretcher took advantage of a great trap to score a big 9. As Teflon Donna headed to the box after a huge back block, ‘Snot Rocket Science again shot through the pack with a head of steam looking to make a last desperate attempt to narrow the lead when a referee misinterpreted her arm movement as calling off the jam. This last bit of bad luck broke the team’s back as her two points would be the last Steel Hurtin’ would score this night. Philadelphia’s speed killed off the penalty as the new jam started and a cut by Cheeseburger, unable to stop herself after a good hit to the inside, set up Teflon Donna to score 15 on her own powerjam.

There was virtually no scoring again until Mo Pain racked up 9 on the final jam after period time had expired. Despite the 98-point final difference, the bout was highly contested and incredibly tense and exciting. – Michael Frighten’d

Tampa Bay 104, #22 Dallas 101 — In the semifinal of the Rocket City Rumble tournament, #3 seed Tampa had to defeat Dixie to reach a fresh Dallas team, but Dallas’ bye didn’t help them hold off a Tampa team on a mission. Looking for revenge for a contentious loss earlier this year at Franky Panky, Tampa barely came out on top of a bout-long series of back-and-forth jams, 104-101, in a final that further scrambles what’s shaping up to be a serious battle for the top three spots in this fall’s WFTDA South Central regional tournament.

A early 13-13 tie led into a 23-22 Tampa lead, but they’d lose it to Hot 4 Teacher when Tampa’s squad sent two blockers to the penalty box, giving up a grand slam and making it Dallas 30, Tampa 27. The intensity in this match was consistently ratcheted up as each point became a battle with strong blocking from Harazzis Mine and Mona Bruiser for Dallas matched by that of Bettie Kruger and Leia Flat for Tampa. All the while, the revolving chair penalty box carried on, giving neither team an advantage nor even the lead at the half (53-53).

Things changed quickly in the second half, as Little A grabbed an early lead for Tampa at 58-53. Next up, Dallas jammer Miley Virus, caught behind a Killigan, Kruger and Bopabitch wall, could only watch as A and Susie proceeded to extend Tampa’s lead to 70-55.

With 15 minutes to go it was Tampa 89, Dallas 62, but just when it looked like Tampa Bay might pull comfortably ahead, though, Dallas started a 33-3 comeback run,

Miley Virus gained her revenge when she brought in a 7-1, thereby doubling her teams’ scoring output since the break in just one jam. Virus was followed by a Roxie la Roo jam just big enough to scare the Tantrums into calling a time-out with a 92-73 lead and 11 minutes to play. 

Undaunted, Miley Virus continued cutting into Tampa’s lead. Tampa gave up an 8-0 power jam that made it 92-81 Tampa, and Roxie la Roo jam completed the comeback with a huge 14-0, giving Dallas the lead back at 95-92 with just over 6 minutes left to play.

Unfortunately for Dallas, six minutes was about one minute too long to hold on to that lead. With enough time for one more jam and the score 101-95 Dallas, penalties again took their toll and Tampa’s Little A got to enjoy a power jam at Dallas’ expense.  Proving why she’s one of Tampa’s most dangerous jammers, Little A scored the 9-0 needed to seal Dallas’ fate — and though Little A fouled her way to the box at the very end of the jam, there wasn’t enough time for Dallas’ Hot 4 Teacher to score. — Timothy Blaszka

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Original version of this article on the Tampa Bay Roller Derby Examiner.

Tampa Bay 187, Dixie 47 — Still smarting over their two losses at the East Coast Extravaganza (here and here), the Tampa Tantrums travelled to Alabama for Rocket City Rumble II looking for vindication and… Dallas.  In roller derby, as in all sports, never underestimate how large a role revenge can play as a motivator. But first they’d have to go through tournament hostesses Dixie Derby Girls — a task Tampa wasted no time accomplishing, handily winning the bout 187-41.

Hitting Dixie with everything they had early on — namely, jammers Little A, Sixgun Susie, and Rojo Grande, the Tantrums quickly staked out a considerable 18-0 lead.  Even after hitting a rough patch where Tampa lost the majority of its blockers, Dixie still couldn’t pull ahead, setting the stage for one of the biggest routs Tampa has yet pulled.

The Tantrums’ roster, learning from their loss to Dallas at Franky Panky, was now skating clean, and capitalizing off of Dixie’s miskates.  Dixie, on the other hand, was struggling to keep their jammers out of the box. That penal discrepancy allowed Tampa’s all-star blockers Leia Flat, Bettie Kruger, Anita Bopabitch to do what they do best — deliver devastating blows and run the pack.  The Tantrums would dominate so completely that Cakeface Killa’s aforementioned two point jam would be all Dixie would score in thirty minutes, leaving the score at 99-2 at the break.

Dixie was still unable to control its penalties in the second half, though they did get a handle on the jammer penalties, letting jammers such as Wicked One bring in small offerings of points as the Tantrums began experiencing penalty problems. These penalties, along with the ubiquitous half-time strategy change,  accounting for Dixie’s improved scoring in the second half.  Despite their considerable improvement between the halves, it just wasn’t enough, ending with Tampa taking a 141 point win. — Timothy Blaszka

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Original version of this article on the Tampa Bay Roller Derby Examiner.

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General Interleague

PRG Independence Dolls 142, SCDG B-Unit 28 — The heretofore undefeated B-Unit went into the first bout of the night against the red-liveried Independence Dolls with plenty of experience in one-sided matches. Unfortunately on this night, they’d have to taste how it felt on the other side. The Dolls asserted themselves early and never relinquished momentum until the end. The B-Unit jammers could not escape the initial crimson walls and the score was quickly 22-0. Fannie Mayhem broke the shutout with 6 points — unfortunately, that would be 75% of the team’s scoring for the half. With Copper Top knocking B-Unit all over the place, Rollanya Asse personifying a nightmare for the usually top-scoring McShovin, and the very speedy Annie Christ and Alessa Evil shooting through the pack, a 35-6 Independence Dolls lead midway through the half seemed insurmountable.

A large crowd of extremely vocal Philly fans brought a competitive intensity that hasn’t been seen at Romp ‘n’ Roll this season. They had plenty to cheer for, as Rollanya Asse laid multiple big hits on McShovin and Wendy Whiplash closed out the half scoring 24 points on a 3-woman advantage to bring the score to 86-8.

The second half continued with total pack control by the Independence Dolls. Each jam featured a relentless series of bumps causing the B-Unit jammers to always be catching up, and never getting much momentum. It always seemed like a bird-dogging blocker was just ahead waiting for them to make a move. Copper Top and Feisty Psyche laid good hits left and right. With B-Unit co-captain Velvet Assassin trapped in the back, StingRay built up a head of steam for a double grand slam. Then with three of B-Unit in the box, Annie Christ sacrificed her body to trip up the remaining 2-woman wall of Mission Impassible and Busty Brawler from behind to free LaiYa Out Ali for a double grand slam of her own. With 10 minutes to go, the score was 121-8.

In the last quarter of the bout, the B-Unit was finally able to make some adjustments. With lots of penalties on both sides, McShovin, Fannie Mayhem, and Death Cake for Cutie capitalized on powerjams to score 4, 5, and 4, respectively. The final jam of the bout featured an inspired McShovin speeding through the pack as her nemesis Rollanya Asse was taken out on a big hit by Tower O Terror. McShovin’s 7 completed a 20-6 run by B-Unit as time expired. – Michael Frighten’d

Santa Cruz 108, Tucson 74 – WFTDA Apprentice league Santa Cruz Derby Girls have finally notched a win over the Tucson Roller Derby. After losing to Tucson’s Copper Queens and Iron Curtain in 2009 and getting dismantled by the Saddletramps 156 – 76 in March at the Dust Bowl Tourney the Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bombshells scored a convincing win over the Tucson all-stars at the Civic Auditorium (“SCDG Stadium”) in Santa Cruz, California.

Tucson led off the scoring, going up 2 – 0 on the first jam by Bianka Trohl (who led all Tucson jammers with 42 points), but then were blanked for the next 11 jams as Santa Cruz went up 43 – 2 over the remainder of the first quarter of play.

The 8th jam was the decider. With the Saddletramp jammer in the penalty box Sheila, Princess of Power – although not lead jammer – piled up 18 points behind the inspired pivot work of Foxee Firestorm and a glacial pack that barely managed two laps in two minutes. Foxee literally capped this jam by switching panties with Sheila just before the 2 minute whistle.

Tucson was down 63-15 going into the last jam of the half, but Bianka Trohl took advantage of jammer Lulu Lockjaw being in the box and reeled off a 17 point jam as the half ended, bringing the score up to a more presentable 63 – 32.

The second half featured a strategy of defense and time management by the Santa Cruz squad, and Lulu put the game out of reach 92 – 45 in the 13th jam with a 14 point showcase of her moves, acceleration and new found leaping ability. Though Tucson outscored Santa Cruz 29-16 over the final jams of the night, the damage was long since done; SCDG skated away with a 108 – 74 win.

Tucson’s Bianka Trohl led all scorers with a whopping 50 points, while the SCDG trio of Sheila, Princess of Power, Candy Hooligan and Lulu Lockjaw contributed 46, 30 and 26 points respectively.

Halftime featured a mini-bout by the Santa Cruz Derby Groms, the kids and young adult skating program that is now in its second year. Before this bout the Bumper Scars and the Sugar Skulls were tied at 1 – 1 in halftime bout play. On this day the Bumper Scars emerged victorious 50 – 32 in a win that included an inspiring return for Bumper Scar blocker G-Thang, back on the track (and in the penalty box) after a horrific broken ankle injury only two months ago in her derby debut. — Angus McMahan

Bout photo gallery from Nocklebeast.

TXRG Hustlers 297, HRD Brawlers 30 — The Hustlers from the Texas Rollergirls showed why they are competing in their league championship bout later this month as they allowed just 1 first-half point while confounding the Brawlers from Houston 297-30.

The team from Austin opened up with a steady attack that gained the Hustlers a 29-0 lead after five jams. Molotov M Pale scored the first big jam of the night for the Hustlers with a 14-0 jam in the sixth jam. Tammityville Horror put the first point on the board for the Brawlers, but Molotov M Pale put up eight points in the 8th jam giving the team from Austin a 55-1 lead.

The Hustlers did not allow another point the rest of the half, while Babe Ruthless scored a 10 point jam, Molotov M Pale added a 15 point jam, and Babe Ruthless finished off the first half with a 19 point jam giving the team in purple a 145-1 lead.

Babe Ruthless started off the second half with a strong scoring jam, but Black Sunshine came out of the penalty box to the cheers of the home crowd and picked up eight points for the Brawlers, while the Hustlers had picked up 13 points to expand the lead to 158-9.

In the third jam Speed O’ broke out with lead jammer status for the Brawlers and put up a 9-4 score for the home team. Acute Angel of the Hustlers made sure there would not be a trend as she scored a 25-0 jam to move the lead out to 192-18 in favor of the visiting team. Speed O’ gained a 3-1 jam for the Brawlers and Black Sunshine picked up a 2-0 jammer for the home team in a bit of a mini-streak for the team in blue, but that was the last positive jam for the home team on their way to a 267 point loss.

Molotov M Pale led the Hustlers with 91 points, paced by Acute Angel with 88 points; the top scorers for the Brawlers were Speed O’ with 12 and Black Sunshine with 10.

The next action for Houston Roller Derby will be August 21st in Houston when the Psych Ward Sirens (1-2) take on the Brawlers (2-1), and the Bayou City Bosses skate against Spindletop Roller Derby from Beaumont, Texas. The Hustlers will be in action on July 25th in Austin as they take on the Hotrod Honeys in the Texas Rollergirls championship bout. — Phil Arnold

Reprinted with permission from Roller Derby Is Sport; original article here.

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Men’s Derby

Harm City 216, Connecticut 48 — Baltimore’s Harm City Homicide had had a frustrating season so far with only 1 expo-bout victory in 7 outings, but they scored a blowout win at home over the winless Connecticut Death Quads for their first full-length victory since a defeat of Tucson in October 2009.

Connecticut nabbed a 2-0 lead on the first jam with Zakk Sabbath beating out Virginia Slim, but that was as long as the Connecticut lead survived. Homicide took lead jammer on the next six jams, and a 15-0 jam from Homicide rookie Abe Froman over Pastor of Muppets had Homicide up 40-13 about 12 minutes in.

Harm City was fairly effective at establishing the pack speed by capturing a Connecticut player in the back, and in powerjam situations, that translated into big lopsided wins. With the score 44-18, the game-defining sequence came on jam 10, where the Homicide blockers put on a molasses-slow trap on a powerjam for Justice Feelgood Marshall. That went 24-0 for Justice, and two jams later they did the exact same thing for a Virginia Slim 20-0. In three jams Homicide had doubled their score and opened up a 88-21 lead.

Both teams were skating short with 10 players, but Connecticut was hit hard by the loss of jammer Zakk Sabbath at the very end of the first half. He’d be removed on a backboard and taken to the hospital for observation — though he’d be quickly cleared, it left Connecticut looking at a 116-42 deficit and reduced to a two-jammer rotation of Cirkle Jerk and Pastor of Muppets for the remainder of the bout.

Although CT battled through the half, led by an MVP performance from the seemingly inexhaustible Cirkle Jerk, the second was mostly more of the same. Homicide was able to kill most of their penalties while exploding for big wins when they had the jammer advantage, including a 18-0 for Justice and a 19-0 for Quad Almighty. In the end Homicide took the win by 168.

Justice Feelgood Marshall led Harm City scoring with 78, with Virginia Slim (48 points) and HCH MVP Quad Almighty (21) just behind; Cirkle Jerk led Connecticut with 47.

Harm City improves to 1-2 in the Men’s Derby Coalition inaugural season, while Connecticut remains winless at 0-3 — they meet again on August 7 in Yonkers, NY. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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WFTDA Sanctioned | General Interleague | Men’s Derby | Local Action

[Houston Roller Derby] Bayou City Bosses 119, Psych Ward Sirens 106 — The Bayou City Bosses withstood a late rally and defeated the Psych Ward Sirens 119-106 Saturday night in a bout with championship implications for the Houston local season.

A big 13-point score by Big Bad Voodoo Dollie in the fourth jam put the Bosses up 20-7, but the Sirens put up their first large jam of the night with Candy Codeine scoring a 9-0 jam in the ninth jam to narrow the score to 25-20 Bosses. Again the two rival teams basically broke even over the next five jams, but Cinder Hellyeah took advantage of a Psych Ward Siren jammer penalty to put up an 8-0 jam in the 16th jam of the half and keep the Bosses ahead at 38-26. At the break the Sirens had narrowed the margin, but not by much, down 44-36.

The first half was pretty much a defensive struggle, but the second featured quite a few large jams. The Sirens’ Candy Codeine opened with a 10-0 to give her team their first lead at 46-44. However, that was their only lead, and it was short-lived. The Bosses struck right back with a 9-0 jam by Baby Face Assassin for a 53-46 lead.

A number of double-digit jams for both teams followed, but the Bosses narrowly had the better of it, up 89-81 ten jams deep into the half. Here, the Bosses took their biggest jam of the night on a powerjam for Big Bad Voodoo Dollie, who cruised behind lockdown blocking for a 23-0 win. That gave the Bosses a 112-81 lead.

Time was running down on the Sirens, but they made a final run over the last three jams with the score 119-92. Jekyll and Heidi scored a 6-0 jam for the Sirens, and then Mistilla scored an 8-0 jam in the 20th jam and called off the jam with only three seconds left on the game clock. With the score 119-106, the Sirens had a prayer, but Beverly Kills of the Bosses would have nothing to do with that speculation as she grabbed lead and called instantly for a game-sealing 0-0.

The leading scorer for the Bayou City Bosses was Big Bad Voodoo Dollie with 49 points, while Mistilla led the Sirens with 42. — Phil Arnold

Reprinted with permission from Roller Derby Is Sport; original article here.