Weekend in Review, 7/26/2010

Weekend in Review, 7/26/2010 The Jersey Shore Roller Girls (in blue) beat out Dutchland's B-team, the Blitz, 132-98. Photo: Sergio Keith Abe.

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WFTDA Sanctioned

#5 Denver 208, #8 Charm City 101 — On Saturday night, #8 Charm City hosted #5 Denver for the first time in their history at the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, MD.  The first half of the bout saw tight play by both teams keeping the score low and close. The second half, however, saw Charm City playing too many jams shorthanded and Denver took perfect advantage to earn a solid win over the home team.

The bout opened with plenty of very slow pack play and very little scoring — none of the first 14 jams had more than a single scoring pass.  With twelve minutes remaining in the half, Denver held a small lead at 20-13 and Charm City’s Holden Grudges matched up against Denver’s Heather Juska.  Holden earned lead while Joy Collision and Dolly Rocket continued to hold Juska in the pack.  Denver’s blockers began going to the box, allowing Flo Shizzle and PENALTYna to help hold Juska, finishing the jam with a big 18-4 run for Holden Grudges putting Charm City ahead at 31-24.  

Charm’s lead wouldn’t last too long, though. The following jam Denver’s Julie Adams began with an early power jam when Just Carol false started.  After scoring 10, however, Adams was called on a back block when she landed from a daring apex leap on the back of Charm blocker Reckless Ndangerment. That allowed Carol to recover eight points of her own bringing the score to 39-34.

A quick 3-0 jam for Denver followed, putting the score within two points with Lady Quebeaum lining up for Baltimore and Andrea Hill taking the star for the Mile High Club, who held a 4-2 pack advantage.  The pack advantage quickly turned into a power jam as well as Lady Q was sent to the box on a back block and Denver regained the lead with a big 14-0 jam. The last four jams saw at least two and sometimes four blockers in the penalty box at a time, but the scores remained low to end the half at 56-46 advantage for Denver.

The second half continued the pace of the first half as both teams traded 4-0 jams until the fourth. Denver had a power jam but was down a blocker, but they were still able to trap PENALTYna and force a 20’ call that sent both Joy Collision and Flo Shizzle to the box, which Heather Juska used to earn a monstrous 24-0 over Charm.  

From this point on Charm City appeared rattled and slipped into a long run of trouble; 6 of 8 consecutive jams had 2 Charm blockers in the penalty box, often with one or more waiting for an open chair. Dolly Rocket fouled out of the game with more than 12 minutes remaining, and finally bench coach Virginia Slim lost his temper at a referee and found himself quickly ejected from the game.  

In the mean time, Denver continued to play beautifully and broke open the bout with a 114-10 run that included 18 Grand Slams.  By the time Charm City regained their footing there was only 6:15 left and Denver still wasn’t willing to let up. Charm City ended on a high note with a 14-0 jam by Just Carol on a boxed Monica Carson, but the final score was Denver 208, Charm City 101.

Denver’s offense was led by Julie Adams with 67 points and Andrea Hill with 48 points and a +6.5 point differential per jam. Their defense showed solid team play, but Gabrielle Begeman stood out enough to earn the MVP.  Charm City’s highest scorers were Just Carol with 42 points and Holden Grudges with 25 points and the only positive point differential of +11.  Joy Collision earned the MVP for both offensive and defensive contributions. — N8

See the archived boutcast here.

#13 Madison 180, Houston 80 — After a string of losses to top-10 teams, Madison’s Dairyland Dolls (13) notched their first interleague win of 2010 against the unranked Houston’s HaRD Knocks behind 86 points from Mouse.

Close at first, Houston managed a small 9-4 lead behind a defense that held Madison scoreless for five jams. Madison then took control of the game, and late in the first half pounced on the night’s first power jam situation. In four minutes, Madison grew their lead from 18 points to 61, a big part of that on a 30-point effort from Mouse.  At halftime, Madison held a commanding 99-29 lead.

Mouse’s point parade continued in the second half, thanks to two 19-point power jam scores. The Dairyland Doll jammers hit the penalty box only once, in the night’s penultimate jam, and Mistilla “The Killa” took advantage for 15 points and Houston’s biggest score of the night. For the visitors, it was too little too late.  Final score, 180-80.

Houston has lost 10 of the players that helped them make it to the WFTDA Championship Tournament last fall, and despite a disciplined and spirited pack, the lack of experience and depth showed.  Captain Carmen Gedditt was a standout on defense, while Mistilla led the HaRD Knocks in scoring with 33 points. — Geoffrey Saucer

River City 96, Long Island 86 — In a battle to avoid last place in the WFTDA East Division, the River City Rollergirls Poe’s Punishers of Richmond, VA came away with their first WFTDA-sanctioned win, emerging victorious over the Roller Rebels of Long Island. Although the Rebels made their case early for a change of address from the basement of the rankings (at one point leading by seventeen points), the Poe’s Punishers proved too much in the end, eking out a nailbiter with the final score of 96-86.

For most of the rest of the first period, River City could only watch helplessly as Long Island put the hurt on them thanks to several ill-timed penalties and strong performances from C-Roll and Celtic Thunder. The onslaught began at with about 20 minutes left in the period, as C-Roll knifed through a penalty-depleated Punishers pack to make it 17-11 and Celtic Thunder chimed in with seven point jam of her own with 15 minutes left to go in the first period. A few jams later, C-Roll again made her presence felt with a 7-point jam as River City was once again caught shorthanded by penalties, making the score 36-19.

The Punishers were not quite ready to go quietly into the sweltering Virginia night, though. Raci Lords of RCR initiated the comeback in earnest with 2:45 left in the period with a brilliant six-point jam to make the score 39-26, and, after an injury to LI jammer Point N. Shoot, the Punishers continued the charge with five-point and three-point jams by Lenore Quicksilver and Paris Kills, respectively, leaving the score at the half 40-34 Long Island.

Into the second half, the Punishers were able to pair their timely offense with stout defense, with Raven Darkhold posting 5 unanswered points and Shake ‘n’ Baker doing the same, laying claim to a 44-44 tie three short minutes into the period. Lenore Quicksilver pushed through with four points of her own on a power jam with 24:30 left on the clock, giving the Poe’s their first lead since nine minutes into the first period. A few more power jams from Raven and Shake ‘n’ Baker left Long Island reeling with the scoreboard reading 68-44 Punishers. C-Roll did her best to answer on a power jam of her own with 18 minutes left in the bout but a track cutting penalty cut her heroics short and left her seething in the box with only four points to show for it. Lenore and Baker widened the lead to 79-49 with 13:43 showing on the clock.

C-Roll and Celtic Thunder would not be denied late in the second period, however, putting a serious scare into the home team. C-Roll once again led the charge with a fantastic ten-point jam with 10:30 to go, willing herself through several vicious hits. Another flurry of points (and some penalty confusion from the officials, giving C-Roll a much-needed rest) and the score read 79-71, River City.

Her late charge would fall short, however, as C-Roll feel victim to another track cutting penalty, leaving Shake ‘n’ Baker an open invitation to pad the Punishers’ lead with an epic fifteen-point jam, putting the tally at 94-76 with 5:50 left to go. Once again, Long Island did their best to weather the storm posting two unanswered three- and five-point jams, but Raci Lords sprang from her stance in the last jam and established lead jammer immediately to seal the win at 96-86. — Andy Liguori

WFTDA Sanctioned | General Interleague | Local Bouts

General Interleague

CCRG Mobtown Mods 157-119, Suburbia 119 — On Saturday, Suburbia (Yonkers, NY) traveled to Baltimore to take on Charm City’s second place home team the Mobtown Mods in the evening’s undercard bout at the Du Burns arena in Baltimore, MD before the Charm City / Denver headliner. Throughout the bout, the Mods were able to pick up several huge jams that would prove to be too large for the visitors to overcome.

The bout began with the hometown debut of I.M. Pain, a transfer from New River Valley, facing off against Suburbia’s captain Dina Sore Jr.  Dina picked up lead first but was only able to pick up a 1-0 with Pain chasing her down.  The two teams traded small fire until the Mods’ defense was able to lock down Smashing Pumpkin and Duchess of Torque gained a huge 16-0 jam to put the Mods up 20-6.  The next few jams were slightly in favor of the visitors 13-10 until I.M. Pain came to the line against Dina again.  Pain showed her speed as she was able to take a huge 25-0 jam to put the Mods up 55-19.  The teams kept pace with each other until the end of the half, when Suburbia’s AWOL and Lesley E. Visserate were able to net 12 points in their jams against Nuckin Futz and Dosa Badazz to put the score at 74-50 Mods lead at the half.

The second half began with All Star Lady Quebeaum picking up a 14-0 when Lesley E. couldn’t get through the wall of Joy Collision, Reckless Ndangerment and Thoroughbled.  Two jams later I.M. Pain picked up a 23-4 jam as AWOL got called on a track cut major, increasing the Mods’ lead to 114-63.  The Mods slowly increased the lead further to 143-72 with 12:30 left to play when a 4-2 pack advantage for the Brawlers would help AWOL turn a 10-0 jam against Slap Tackle Pop.  

Suburbia was able to gain a little ground in the remaining jams, and in the final jam Lesley E. earned her team a huge 20-0 with a 4-2 pack advantage and a power jam when Joy Collision cut track, but it wasn’t enough.  The final score was Mobtown Mods 157, Suburban Brawl 119.

The Mods scoring was led by Duchess of Torque with 18 while I.M.Pain scored 54 points with a +48 Point Differential and +9.6 Point Diff per Jam and earned the MVP.  Thoroughbled was the most notable defensive skater for the Mods.  Suburban Brawl’s top scorers were AWOL with 23 points and Lesley E. Visserate with 47 points and a +20 Point Differential.  Their top defensive threat was Brawl Stanley, who also earned the MVP. — N8

Jersey Shore 132, DDG Blitz 98 — The weather was hot and sticky, the moon was almost full, and in front of a home crowd of 2000 screaming and (mostly) ironically fist-pumping derby lovers, the Jersey Shore girls treated their fans to a win of 132-98 over the B-team from the regional rival Dutchland Rollers, the Blitz.  

The Dutchland Rollergirls have been a subject of attention in the east lately due to an infusion of talent in the form of Nash Villain and Renegade Raven from Harrisburg and Milk Maiden and Sukkubus Strike from Lehigh Valley.  After impressing at the East Coast Extravaganza with solid wins over Hammer City and Harrisburg, Dutchland’s  A team took a partial break and sent the Dutchland Blitz with a mix of rookies, vets, and transplants to take on the WFTDA hopeful  Jersey Shore Rollergirls All Star team.

Jersey Shore came out swinging with strong performances from Dodge Awol who had a 13-1 jam in the 3rd and Ciri L Killer who grabbed a 10-1 in the 5th jam to make the score 30-7 JSRG just 8 minutes into the game.  In the 7th jam Treasure Chest shut down JSRG go-to jammer Chelle B Evil and Sukkubus Strike was able to pick up a few points for the Blitz, but with 19:20 on the period clock, the score stood at 30-10 Jersey and a trend was established.  For the next 10 minutes, Jersey continued to play effective defense and build up the score.

At 8:56, the Blitz was looking at a 60-31 deficit, and JSRG finished the half particularly strong, with 15-0 and 5-0 jams from Ciri L Killer to close the opening 30 at 89-38 Jersey Shore. Notably, there were few box trips and no power jams during the first half of the game.  

Dutchland rolled strong to start the second half with a 4-0 shutout of Ciri L Killer by Ruthless Ness, but then scoring bogged down for several jams that featured full packs with a lot of big blocking and heavy defensive play on both sides.  There wasn’t a single power jam until the 7th jam of the second half when JSRG jammer Ciri L Killer took a trip to the box , allowing Sukkubus Strike to rack up a 9-4 jam for Dutchland.

Blocker penalties were even throughout the game, but JSRG saw Ciri take the star to the box three more times in the second half.  Ruthless Ness and Spanish Incollision capitalized for 10-4 and 8-0 points on respective power jams, but it was not enough to cover the deficit.  Despite a valiant last jam 12-3 effort by Ruthless Ness, Jersey Shore prevailed over the Blitz 132-98.

High scoring jammers for JSRG were Ciri L Killer with 51 points, Dodge Awol with 43, and Chelle B Evil with an uncharacteristically low 38 thanks to Treasure Chest’s relentless blocking.  For the Dutchland Blitz, Ruthless Ness racked up 48, Sukkubus Strike had 30, and Blue Scream of Death and Spanish Incollision put up 10 each. — Bone Crawford

See Sergio Keith Abe’s photo gallery.

Demolition City Dynamite Dolls 206, Killamazoo Derby Darlins 61 — Despite finishing the jam in the box, the Demolition City jammer, Godjilla, set the tone for the night when she opened the bout with a 19-0 jam against Killamazoo’s Charisnakov at the Memorial Coliseum in Evansville, Indiana. The Dolls’ defense had only one lapse in the first half; in jam 5, KDD’s Lady Hawk was able to board 9 points when Godjilla again found herself in the box for cutting the track. Hawk’s points narrowed the Dolls’ lead to 23-11.

Four jams later, Lillith of the Valley and Shelby N Pain had their first back-to-back matching point jams; each scored 13 points. When their next rotation came around, Lillith and Shelby did it again, this time with each putting 10 points on the board and bringing the score to 82-18 with six minutes left in the half.  In three of those four jams, the Killamazoo jammers were watching from the box. DCDD was able to overcome their jammer fouls, but Killamazoo didn’t fare as well and closed out the half trailing Demolition City 93-31.

The DCDD offense came out firing in the second half and claimed fifteen of eighteen lead-jammer positions, including the first nine of the half. Aided by excellent pack control and K’zoo’s continued jammer-foul problems, DCDD steadily added points. Hazardous Dooks and Bangs McCoy each had 10-point jams and B Dawn Kadonk had back-to-back 10 and 9-point jams. Blockers-turned-jammers Elle on Wheels and Ima HoKiller added 9 and 8 more.

Meanwhile, the Demolition City defense, lead by Jetsy Rockette, Bittercup and Bangs McCoy, held K’zoo scoreless over nine consecutive jams and allowed only 10 points in the half before giving up consecutive 10-point jams by Charisnakov and Ramona D Flower to end the bout.

Godjilla led the Dolls in scoring with 64 points followed by Lillith of the Valley with 49 and Shelby N Pain with 32. Charisnakov led the Darlins with 25 points.

The Dolls remain undefeated this year at 9-0. — Barry Heathcotte

Chemical Valley 88, DCRD Destruction Dames 80 — In a shortened preliminary bout, the Chemical Valley Rollergirls (Charleston, WV) and DCRD’s Destruction Dames met for the first time in the third annual Broads on Quads in Evansville, Indiana’s Memorial Coliseum; CVRG took home a warm heart.

Chemical Valley built a 8-0 lead over the first three jams through 4-point jams from each of Slambellina and Annie Knuckles. However, 22 points from Abs of Steel, Full Throttle and What’s Her Face were able to overcome the 8 points added to CVRG’s total by Tess LaCoil and give the Dames a 22-16 lead near the quarter mark. It lasted only one jam. Knuckles out-dueled Abs 11-4 to take back the lead for CVRG 27-26. In the next jam, Throttle was sent to the box after scoring 1 point, and Tess took advantage of the fact by adding 19 points and giving CVRG a 19-point lead, a lead the Dames were able to reduce by only 3 points before the half. Halftime score CVRG 53, Dames 37.

After having reversed a 29-point first-half deficit last month against many of the same skaters, the Dames were hoping to overcome the 16-point deficit in this bout. However, they fell short. They were able to put some brakes on Tess, who had 27 points in the fist half, by holding her to only 8 points in the second half. And four jams into the half, DCRD’s Whats Her Face was able to reverse the lead with an 18-point jam to give the Dames a short-lived 2-point lead at 59-57.

Once again, though, the lead lasted only one jam as Crush Groove out-pointed Abs 4-1 to re-establish CVRG’s lead at 61-60. Despite some hard jammer hits from Deflower Power and ChasD Belt, CVRG’s jammers Tess, Slambellina, Knuckles and Crush were able to 2, 4 and 5-point jam their way to an 88-80 victory. CVRG was led in scoring by Tess LaCoil’s 35 points; she was followed by Annie Knuckles with 26 points. What’s Her Face led the Dames with 36 points, Full Throttle came in second with 26 followed by Abs of Steel with 18. — Barry Heathcotte

Humboldt 199, Sac City 110 — Almost three months after a rough bout against Sac City’s Capital Punishers on their native Sacramento soil, Humboldt Roller Derby’s skaters fought the same battle at home on Saturday, July 24th – and won by a landslide.

Sac City’s girls were unexpectedly aggressive at their first meeting in May, and had some interesting moves in starting off the pivot line. While previous bouts had usually a fast?paced dash, the Punishers would hold back and try to delay the start of the jammers. This didn’t throw anyone off on Saturday – as soon as Humboldt’s blockers got 10 feet forward, the jam started anyway, and Sac City’s blockers became susceptible to penalties for “destroying the pack” if they didn’t get going immediately.

Some of Humboldt’s star jammers for the night, in terms of impressive total points per jam, included Rust E. Machete (with 21), Jule Injection (with 19), and Avi N. Flew (with 15). The Humboldt Roller Derby All?Stars finished with 199 points at the end of the night and a 89?point victory. Christi Coffman

WFTDA Sanctioned | General Interleague | Local Bouts

Local Bouts

[Toronto Roller Derby] Gore-Gore Rollergirls 124, Chicks Ahoy! 80 — In a highly anticipated matchup in Toronto Saturday night, the defending champion Gore-Gore Rollergirls took on their long-time rivals Chicks Ahoy! in a bout between the two remaining undefeated teams in the league. It was a hard-hitting, scrappy affair in a packed and sweaty Hangar, a bout that the Gores took control of early and maintained control of throughout, pulling into the top spot in the standings with a 124-80 victory. 

Both teams seemed hesitant at first, with neither capable of taking a clear advantage. Jammers took leads only to be reeled in before completing a scoring pass, or got caught up in back walls before being forced to call. The Gores’ Bambi finally broke the deadlock, recovering from a thundering jammer take out by Nasher the Smasher to pick up 7 points and open up a 10-0 lead five minutes in. It would be short lived though as the Chicks tight pack work was quickly rewarded with a power jam. Rebel Rock-It pivoted a strong, slow pack, while Mach Wheels danced her way to 15 points and a brief 15-11 lead. In an exciting turn of events, the Gores were immediately given a power jam of their own and Lunchbox took back the lead with a triple grand slam. The Gores would hold their lead and build it up to 74-37 at the half.

Traditionally, the Chicks were known as a hard hitting, defensive team, but they showed great preparation for this bout and a willingness to adjust to their opponents. Taking a much more strategic approach (pace control, isolation and trapping), the Chicks were able to wrestle control away from the Gores in the early going of the second half.  Over a series of jams (including another well-executed power jam) the Chicks were able to reel off 23 unanswered points to pull within 19 (91-72) midway through the half.

Not to be outdone, the Gores adjusted to their opponents as well, playing a very physical game. Power blocker Foxy Sinatra led a Gores attack that was complemented by a group of talented rookies and the veteran presence of pivots Brim Stone and Junkie Jenny. With the Gores controlling the pack, the Chicks took some untimely penalties, and another 15 point power jam by Bambi restored the Gores’ cushion and set up their eventual 44 point victory. — The Derby Nerd