Nashville Beats Fort Wayne, 139-104

Nashville Beats Fort Wayne, 139-104 Jammers R.I.P. Tide (Fort Wayne) and Ramb0 Samb0 (Nashville) make their move into the pack. Photo: Eaton Photography.

NASHVILLE, TN — In their last home game of 2010 and in front of a record crowd of 2835, up 20% from their last home game at Municipal Auditorium, Nashville closed out its season with 2 wins for an undefeated home season. Saturday night’s bouts were a rematch of a double header in Fort Wayne at the beginning of Nashville’s 2009 season.

Nashville started off the game maintaining the lead through the first three jams and scores remained close during much of the first period. The score was tied at 23 in the 7th jam and Fort Wayne jammer Sweet Avenger put up 4 points in the 8th jam to put Fort Wayne in the lead, 27-23. Fort Wayne’s lead was eventually broken in the 12th jam of the second period when Nashville jammer Maulin’ Monroe scored 5 points.  Although the scores remained close for several jams, Fort Wayne never regained the score lead and fell far behind after a 19 point jam by Nashville jammer Susan that was followed by a 14 point jam for Ramb0 Samb0. The first period ended with Nashville up 81-47. Fort Wayne found their groove in the second period and was outscored by only one point (58-57), but could not recover from the 33 points Nashville scored in jams 17 and 18 of the first period.

Standout defensive players of the night were Leeann Crimes for Nashville and Rosemary’s Baby for Fort Wayne. Nashville ended the night with 52 minors and 21 majors to Fort Wayne’s 43 minors and 31 majors.

In the undercard bout, Nashville’s Music City Brawl Stars got Saturday night’s crowd started with an exciting victory over Fort Wayne’s SWAT Team. Similar to the Music City All Stars bout against Fort Wayne’s Bomb Squad, Nashville gained the scoring advantage early on, lost it midway through the first period, and gained it back for good before the first period was over. The final score was Music City Brawl Stars 148, SWAT Team 77.