Weekend in Review, 8/23/2010

Weekend in Review, 8/23/2010 Charm City's Joy Collision tries to cut off Boston jammer Claire D. Way. Charm City was victorious in a nonstop back-and-forth battle, 152-136. Photo: Craig Lammes.

WFTDA Sanctioned | General Interleague

WFTDA Sanctioned

#8 Charm City 152, #11 Boston 136 — Charm City and Boston continued their long standing tradition of exciting bouts on Saturday in the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, MD. In a bout with fast packs and 13 ties or lead changes, the game came down to the last jam, where Charm held on to win 152-136.

The bout began with 1-1 and 4-4 tie jams, but Boston’s Krushpuppy was able to gain lead and 5-0 over Charm’s Allie B. Back for the first lead of the game. The lead changed hands twice more before Charm equalized again at 24-all after 15 minutes. Charm and Boston traded some small margin victories before Boston’s defense held I.M. Pain long enough for Krushpuppy to earn a huge 15-0, putting Boston up for the biggest lead they’d see all night: 46-28 with 7:44 remaining in the half.

Charm City took a timeout and it clearly paid off with a 44-3 run. Holden Grudges’s first jam of the night ended with a huge 21-0 swing to put Charm ahead 49-46. In the next jam Charm’s defensive wall of Joy Collision and Dolly Rocket forced Killary Clinton to call the jam at 0-0, but Krushpuppy was able to pick up a 3-0 to tie the game yet again, 49-49. Charm ended the half strong; Just Carol dropped an unopposed 15-0, with Holden following with an 8-0 to put Charm up 72-49 at the half — their largest lead of the game.

The second half began with Boston barely outscoring Charm 7-6 over the first four jams, but the Charm lead quickly vanished after that. Sugar Hits picked up lead jammer while Just Carol picked up a 4th minor, giving Boston a huge leg up with a 19-0 jam to put score at 77-75 for Charm.  Krushpuppy followed with a quick 5-0 to give Boston the lead yet again, 80-77. Each of the next three jams would also see lead changes, and after the dust settled Charm was in the lead 104-91 with 16 minutes left.

Boston regained the momentum, shutting out Charm for the next 4 jams to take the lead back to 106-104 Boston. Two jams later, Charm’s blockers trapped Etta Maims and stopped the pack while I.M. Pain took advantage of a power jam to earn a monstrous 17-5, putting Charm back in the lead again at 123-112.  Boston answered with a 5-0 and 7-0 jam of their own to go ahead yet again at 124-123 with just over 5 minutes remaining.

Flo Shizzle lined up for Charm against Claire D. Way for Boston with full packs on the track.  Flo earned lead and was able to gain 8-4 for Charm City for one more lead change, putting Charm City up 131-128.
With just under two minutes to go, Charm was up 134-128 and Boston jammer Lil’ Paine had to start the jam in the box — but Flo Shizzle committed an ill-timed major forearm penalty that sprung Paine. Paine was able to earn lead status, but a jammer takedown allowed Flo to earn a grand slam out of the box before Paine called it off, netting a 5-2 for Charm as Boston called timeout with 0:23 remaining and the score 139-130 Charm City.  

Krushpuppy got lead over I.M. Pain in the last jam, but Boston’s final chance dissipated when Krush was boxed in her second scoring pass on a track cut. I.M. Pain finished with a 13-6 jam to ice the game for Charm City, 152-136.

Boston’s defense was led by Claire D. Way and Lil’ Paine, while their scoring was led by Krushpuppy (53 points) and Sugar Hits (34 points). Sugar Hits earned the MVP. Charm’s defense was led by Reckless Ndangerment and Deathany while their scoring was led by I.M. Pain (38 points) and Holden Grudges (30 points).  I.M. Pain earned the MVP. — N8

See full bout video from Tuffnerd Productions (first half, second half) and archived textcast.

#3 Rocky Mountain 151, #10 Windy City 56 — The Windy City Rollers’ All-Stars were served a brutal 95-point loss at the hands of the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls’ 5280 Fight Club at the UIC Pavilion. Ranked #10 in DNN’s unofficial national power rankings and #1 in WFTDA’s North Central Division, the WCR All-Stars faced aggressive, athletic jamming and blocking from the #3 power-ranked Fight Club, who are second only to Oly in the West.

Rocky Mountain jumped to an early, substantial lead with DeRanged’s fifteen-point first jam. Athena DeCrime put three points on the board for the All-Stars in the fifth jam, but Fight Club blockers effectively recycled WCR jammers to keep Windy City to single digits for the first eighteen minutes of play. DeRanged and She Who Cannot Be Named played both aggressive defense and offense from the jammer line, relentlessly widening the gap and leaving the floor with a 77-22 halftime score.

The second half saw RMRG jammers DeRanged, She Who Cannot Be Named, Urrk’n Jerk’n, and Frida Beater taking lead jammer status and aggressive defensive action against WCR jammers. Rocky Mountain’s blockers controlled the pack with hard hits and an intermittently successful slow game strategy. Despite facing a nearly standstill pack that drew scattered boos from the crowd, Athena DeCrime took lead jam and scored 10 for the All-Stars in the eighth jam. Back-to-back trips to the penalty box for Varla Vendetta and Ruth Enasia, however, gave RMRG power jam opportunities that threatened to widen the lead to the century mark. With less than six minutes left in the bout, the All-Stars fought point by point to save themselves from that fate but suffered their second loss at home with a final score of 151-56. — Poppy Spock

Archived textcast

#5 Denver 180, #13 Madison 63 — Denver improved to 7-1 on the 2010 campaign with a solid triple-digit rout of visiting Madison. Madison dropped to 1-7, continuing to struggle with a very tough strength of schedule that has seen them play 5 top-ten teams this year.

The first jam started off evenly, with Denver’s Julie Adams getting lead jammer and Madison’s Jewels of DeNile right on her tail. Adams called for a 0-0 jam. But the second jam would set the tone for the night as Denver’s Andrea Hill scored 25-0 over Madison’s Mouse, who went to the box, along with two Madison blockers, making it a full penalty box for Madison.

Gabby Begeman followed up in the next jam with a 19-0 over Sugalumps, and Madison did not score until the eight jam, with three points for Darling Nikki over two for Julie Adams. The first half ended on the strength of a 14-0 for Denver’s Andrea Hill over Charlie Hustle, making the halftime score 125-19.

The second half saw eight lead jammers for Madison, only one shy of Denver’s nine. Madison, however, was unable to capitalize on their lead jammers as much as they needed to. In the second half, they scored 44 points to Denver’s 55, much closer than the first half. But Denver had already run away with the score in the first half.

Top scorers for Denver were Andrea Hill (82 points on 9 jams), Julie Adams (27/14), Monica Carson (27/8), and Gabby Begeman (21/2). Top scorers for Madison were Chop Suzzy with 21 points on 4 jams, Jewels of DeNile (13/4), Vicious van GoGo (12/3), and Darling Nikki (8/6). — Yi-Nan “Double Easy” Zhang

Archived textcast

#16 Steel City 182, Nashville 69 — In what began as a penalty-free low-scoring, pack control-focused bout, the Nashville Music City Rollergirls crossed the Mason-Dixon line for the final regular-season Steel City Derby Demons event. After two jams, and a 2-1 Nashville lead, ‘Snot Rocket Science played some good Steel City jammer-on-jammer defense against Britches N’ Hose. As the Nashville pack slid back to their jammer’s aid, ‘Snot Rocket Science sped for lead jammer. Friction Vixxxen, making her Steel City debut after previous stints with Austin and Denver, kept Britches N’ Hose under control while ‘Snot Rocket Science’s 4 points captured a 5-2 lead for Steel City.

The mighty Showstopper for Nashville kept The Crippler under control long enough for Rambo Sambo to tie the game at 5. Hurricane Heather, using her speed to escape the relentlessly hard-hitting Nashville blocker Union Jack-U-Up, finally cracked things open for a pair of grand slams. The 18-5 Steel City lead would never be reduced or relinquished. In the first powerjam opportunity of the bout,  Hurricane Heather put some big moves on Showstopper and Britches N’ Hose and leapt over a Union Jack-U-Up block for 15 points. Midway through the first half, Steel City had a 39-10 lead.

With what would essentially be a tie game without the two breakout jams by Hurricane Heather, good defense by both teams continued to dominate the second quarter. Steel City blockers managed to shut out Nashville 7 of 9 jams in a row. ‘Snot Rocket Science and Maulin Monroe both went to the box as jammers in the last jam of the half, but SRS pulled out a 8-3 to close the half at 75-20 Steel City.

The second half opened things up for longer and higher-scoring jams for both teams, though the advantage began to overwhelmingly go to Steel City. Four-Leaf Roller continued to be a defensive standout for Nashville, but her jammers could not seem to break through as Steel City blockers began a 15-jam series shutting out Nashville in all but 2 line changes. With 15 minutes remaining, the gap was opened up to 127-46.

Again and again, Nashville’s lead jammers found themselves calling off their opportunities before they could be outscored by the accelerating Steel City jammers like The Shocker, who acrobatically leapt past a 3-blocker wall and then dodged a big hit by Britches N’ Hose. As time wound down, and more and more tired out Nashville skaters rested in the penalty box, ‘Snot Rocket Science ole’d Showstopper in a 24-0 jam and Steel City had a huge 180-49 lead. On the final jam, Maulin Monroe found herself with a powerjam and a full two minutes to play with, and almost doubled her team’s second half scoring with 20 points, ending the bout at 182-69 Steel City. — Michael Frighten’d

#9 Texas 209, Dallas 35 — Texas utilized a strong offense and a stingy defense to defeat Dallas 209-35 Sunday night in Austin, Texas. This bout was a warm up for the October 8th South Central WFTDA Regional tournament to be held in Lincoln, Nebraska. Both teams will be participating in that tourney, with Texas seeded #1 and Dallas seeded #4.

The Texecutioners shut out Dallas for the first five jams of the bout and took a 15-0 lead. Detroit transfer Sarah Hipel, skating in her first bout for Texas, scored the first big jam of the bout with a 9-3 score in the sixth. Olivia Shootin’ John followed it up with a 20-0 jam in then eighth jam and another 20-0 jam in the 12th jam which made the score 80-5 in favor of the home team. OSJ also closed out the half with a 4-0 jam giving the Texas Rollergirls a 114-7 lead at the halftime break.

Dallas came out of the break showing they were not about to quit. Anita Riot scored a 2-1 first jam, which was followed up by a 4-0 jam by Rink Panther. Anita Riot and Olivia Shootin John broke even in the fourth jam with a 3-3 score. Still, it was only a short reprieve from the blowout. Penalty trouble for the visiting team’s jammer allowed Luce Bandit to score an 18-5 margin in the fifth jam increasing the Texie’s lead to 138-21. A 13-2 seventh jam by Molotov M Pale increased the Texas lead to 154-23, and Dallas only scored 12 more points in the game to Texas’ 55.

The leading scorers for the Texas Rollergirls were Olivia Shootin’ John with 69 points, Sarah Hipel (54), Luce Bandit (46) and Molotov M Pale (40). The top blockers for the Texies were Belle Starr, Curvette, Lucille Brawl, and Devil Grrl. Top scorers for the Dallas Derby Devils were Rink Panther with 12 points, and Roxie La Roo and Anita Riot each with 8 points. Leading blockers for the Hell Razors were Mona Bruis’R, Juicy J, Lickity Splittail, and The Shocker.

The opening exhibition bout before main bout was a demonstration match up with skaters aged 8-17. The Austin Derby Brats helped out by the Sparkle Derby Dollz of Corpus Christi gave a crowd pleasing, fun flat track derby exhibition. Participating skaters for derby fans to keep their eyes on for future derby events included jammers French Toastie and Scalpem’ X, and blockers Spawna Chainsaw and Kuromi. — Phil Arnold

Reprinted with permission from Phil Arnold’s Examiner page (see original)

North Star 80, Arch Rival 75 — In their first meeting since the 2009 North Central Regional Tournament, the Arch Rival All Stars and the North Star Supernovas tangled in a fast-paced and highly defensive bout on August 21 at the Lakeville Hasse Arena near Minneapolis, MN. Leading at the half by five, the Supernovas held on through six lead changes in the second half to close out the bout with an 80-75 win.

Defense was strong for both teams, with the Supernovas repeatedly building solid walls in front while Arch Rival excelled at blocking jammers in back. Ten minutes into the bout, ARRG took advantage of the opposing jammer being boxed and cut the Supernovas’ lead from 13-3 to 15-10. The last two jams of the half put up nine unanswered points for ARRG and left the score at 39-34 in NSRG’s favor.

The second half started with a bang for ARRG who took over the lead thanks to the NSRG jammer starting in the box. This was the start of ten minutes of lead trading until, at 40 minutes, ARRG capitalized on the NSRG jammer’s back-blocking major and gained six points to make the score 59 ARRG — 52 NSRG.

With ten minutes remaining, NSRG’s raucous fans roared at the sight of ARRG jammer Downtown Dallis heading to the box only to watch their unopposed jammer fight hard – and fail – to stay in bounds on a fast turn. After the three scoreless jams that followed, Dallis was in the box again and NSRG jammer Katarina Hit earned 19 to reassert an 80-72 lead for NSRG. ARRG added three points in the penultimate jam, but final NSRG jammer MEDUSA made it through first and held on as lead jammer while the clock ticked down, sealing the Supernovas’ five-point upset. — Ayn Rant

NSRG vs. ARRG photo gallery

WFTDA Sanctioned | General Interleague

General Interleague

Rocky Mountain Contenders 130, Windy City Second Wind 124 — In a battle of b-teams, the Windy City Rollers’ Second Wind traded blows with the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls’ The Contenders in a seesaw bout that saw Second Wind ultimately felled by The Contenders 130-124.

Making her travel season debut, Kola Loka drew first blood for Second Wind with three easy points in the first jam. But The Contenders’ Ho J answered with four in the second, followed by a 15-point jam by Uber Alice and an early lead for by the Rocky Mountain B team. Excellent blocking teamwork a few jams later by Carnage Wilson, Mya Ssault, and Tamikaze held back Uber Alice, allowing Kola Loka to score 15 and recapture the lead. With just under nine minutes remaining in the half, Mo Vengeance was sent to the penalty box wearing the star and May Q Pay cleared an inside lane for Little who brought her team back within two points. Despite increasing penalty trouble, Second Wind held the lead until the final jam of the half which saw Rose Feratu trying to fight her way out of the pack as Uber Alice racked up fifteen points and a 73-63 halftime score in favor of The Contenders.

Second Wind started the second half with Rose Feratu in the penalty box and a power jam for the speedy Uber Alice, who added another nine points to her team’s lead. AliSin Chains, Norma Lee Wright, and Bork Bork Bork teamed up to support Kola Loka for a 14 point jam with 23 minutes remaining. Much of the rest of the second half was a jam-by-jam battle with blockers on both teams keeping jammers to single digits, but was Second Wind steadily gaining ground. Breakout jams by Zoe Trocious brought Second Wind within five points with just under eight minutes remaining. But a double penalty for Kola Loka for an illegal procedure and insubordination left Second Wind jammerless for nearly two minutes, allowing The Contenders to pull away in the final minutes for the final 130-124 score. — Poppy Spock

Denver Bruising Altitude 212, Fort Collins 42 — In the undercard bout for Denver vs. Madison, Denver b-team Bruising Altitude put the finishing touches on an undefeated season by swamping the all-stars of Fort Collins.

Bruising Altitude has been undefeated since their inception at the beginning of 2009, with recent wins over the Silicon Valley KillaBytes of San Jose, California, in June and the O-Town Derby Dames of Ogden, Utah, in May. This was the third meeting between Bruising Altitude and the Fort Collins all-star team. The last two match-ups happened in 2009, when the Fort Collins team was known as the Kung Fu Donnas, and ended with 160-89 and 156-112 wins for Bruising Altitude. The Microbruisers also played Denver’s all-star team, the Mile High Club, in April 2010 and was steamrolled 391-14.

The bout started off with a 13-3 for Fawn Stalking of Bruising Altitude over Double D Struction of the Microbruisers in a full-length jam with no lead. However, after the initial 3 points, the Microbruisers would stay scoreless for the next eight jams while Bruising Altitude piled on 58 points. While the Fort Collins blockers made great walls and gave massive hits, they were no match for the agility and speed of the Bruising Altitude jammers. At the end of the first half, the score was 115-10 in favor of Bruising Altitude. In the second half, FoCo regrouped and more than tripled their point total from the first half. Both Bruising Altitude blockers and jammers repeatedly ended up in the penalty box, giving FoCo pack advantages and power jams.

Top scorers for Bruising Altitude were Fawn Stalking with 74 points on 6 jams, Gator Dunn (50/11), Kish of Death (36/4) and Paxa Punch (29/5). Both Gator Dunn and Paxa Punch were January 2010 Denver recruits playing in their first bout ever.

Top scorers for FoCo were Aimee Armalite with 20 points on 6 jams, Double D Struction (9/7) and Sally Terry Confinement (8/3). — Yi-Nan “Double Easy” Zhang

Steel City Blitzburgh Bombers 54, Nashville Music City Brawl Stars 46 — In the 40 minute opener for Steel City vs. Nashville, both league’s b-teams went at it in a narrow bout that saw the home Blitzburgh Bombers get their first lead of the game on the bout’s final jam.

The Brawl Stars came out strong against Blitzburgh in the opener. Dramatic Pyrony and Whip Lashes got them started right with a 8-0 lead, but it wasn’t long until Blitzburgh had nearly erased that lead. After ten minutes, it was 12-10 favoring the Brawl Stars. Dramatic Pyrony racked up a very tough grand slam, surviving multiple hard licks. With the score 19-10, Pinky Dontchadare-o laid a big block to free Moxie Crimefighter for another 4 points. Meanwhile the Brawl Stars’s Mackin was finally able to take out pivot Attaxl Rose who had been wrecking shop in virtually every jam she skated, but as she went to the box for the illegal block, managed to inadvertently upend the taller Steel City skater again on her next time around. The halftime whistle sounded with the score 3 touchdowns to 2 — Brawl Stars up 21-14.

The second half began with more great defense by the Brawl Stars led by captain Suzy Ho’maker. The Brawl Stars got the breakout jam they needed with great defense by Hildabeast and a bout-high 9 points from the swift-skating Whip Lashes. In what had been a very tight race, the Brawl Stars looked to have breathing room with the doubled-up 30-15 score. The score remained the same until Cruisin B Anthony toed the jam line alongside Whip Lashes. Putting a great move around Suzy Ho’maker, Cruisin B Anthony grabbed lead jammer and racked up a 15-0 against a full pack, while Dakota Slamming and The Maestro led a shutout of Whip Lashes. Suddenly, it was a tie game. But Dramatic Pyrony answered with a 10-point powerjam. With only 10 minutes to go, the Brawl Stars had reasserted a 40-34 lead.

But the lead wasn’t safe. With three minutes to go, Blitzburgh’s speedy Moxie Crimefighter scooted to the outside to tie it 46-46. . Hildabeast laid a massive hit on Cruisin B Anthony in the next scoreless jam, but the dominating Brawl Stars blocker was called for a penalty along with Suzy Ho’maker just as the jam ended. With a minute-and-a-half to go and a short-handed pack for the Brawl Stars, Dakota Slamming squeezed through and raced through for 8 points and the ultimate victory for the Blitzburgh Bombers: 54-46. — Michael Frighten’d

Chicago Outfit Shade Brigade 129, Fox City Scream Puffs 87 — Eight WFTDA apprentice league and regional “B” teams traveled to the Indoor Sports Center in Loves Park, Illinois for a full day of competition at the Screw City Smackdown, hosted by the Rockford Rage.  The day culminated with the Chicago Outfit’s Shade Brigade dumping the Fox Cityz Foxz Scream Puffs 129-87 in the day’s sole 60-minute regulation bout.

The Shade Brigade marched confidently to the final with wins over the Brewcity Battlestars and the host team in the tournament’s 30 minute mini-bout format.  The Scream Puffs’ trip to the final was less certain, with squeak-by wins over the Springfield (Missouri) Rollers and Madison’s Team Unicorn by a total margin of five points.

The odds seemed stacked against the Scream Puffs, but they managed a narrow 20-12 lead in the opening minutes of the game.  The Shade Brigade stepped up and blanked Fox Cityz for a 12-miniute stretch, while The Joan Ranger and Kim Mortal combined for 38 points in back-to-back jams that proved to be the game’s turning point.  The Shade Brigade led 72-40 at half, and maintained their 30-40 point advantage throughout the second half.

The Shade Brigade brought a balanced scoring attack.  Valerie of the Dolls led the Outfit’s B-side with 40 points, Kim Mortal with 39 points, and The Joan Ranger 36 points.  All six of the Scream Puffs jammers were in double digits, but it was Derrieress leading the way with 26 points, followed by Dizzy Dame with 16 points. — Geoffrey Saucer

Demolition City 228, Gem City 34 — Demolition City Roller Derby’s Dynamite Dolls met the Gem City Rollergirls for the first time after two earlier aborted attempts. They finally met in the Orbit Fun Center in Huber Heights, Ohio. Tied 3-3 after three jams, the Dolls took the lead at 7-3 and never trailed. Lillith of the Valley put up the first power jam, scoring 14 points behind Ima HoKiller, Shelby N Pain, Bangs McCoy and Megan M Hurt to make the score 41-5 near the mid-point of the half. Three jams later, Godjilla added 16 points.

Over the final eight minutes of the half, the DCRD tacked on another 88 points courtesy of two 20-pointers from Lillith, another 14 points from Godjilla and the highest point jam of the evening from Shelby N Pain; Shelby’s 24 points closed out the half and came courtesy of blockers Latin Shover, Elle on Wheels, Spank You Very Much and Jetsy Rockette. The Dolls led 149-8 at the half.

After finishing the first half in the box, Shelby entered the first jam of the second half to add 15 more points when GCRG’s Angry Ann took Shelby’s place in the box. The big jam in the second half came when Racey Rocker went to the box and DCRD’s Latin Shover scored 23 points to make the score 222-25; her pack was made up of Bitter Cup, Jetsy, HoKiller and Bangs. Gem City outscored the Dolls 9-2 over the last four jams to make the final score 228-34.

Top scorers for the Dolls were Lillith of the Valley with 66 points, Shelby N Pain with 47 and Godjilla with 45 points. All of Godjilla’s points and 60 of Lillith’s came in the first half. Gem City was led by Racey Rocker with 16 points and Rage-L with 9 points.– Barry Heathcotte

Santa Cruz Harbor Hellcats 137, Eastern Contra Costa 126 — The Santa Cruz Derby Girls’ b-team, the Harbor Hellcats, were victorious 137 to 126 over Eastern Contra Costa in a close game that saw many lead changes and kept fans on the edge of their seats until the final whistle blew.

ECC was back as visitors in front of another sold out Santa Cruz crowd looking for vindication from last year’s loss of 171-98 to the Harbor Hellcats. This year, the tough match up made for a tense and thrilling game for the crowd and a busy one for the officials—with both teams racking up majors. The Hellcats had 23 to Contra Costa’s 16, and minors almost too numerous to count.

In this hard fought battle, the first quarter mark showed a tied score of 27-27. The lead changes continued back and forth through the half until Eastern Contra Costa eked out a 59-55 lead in the last jam of the first half. The Harbor Hellcats maintained a narrow lead through most of the second half and led 100-96 at the end of the third quarter marker. As both benches closely managed the pressure of rotating players in the box and short line ups, ECC pulled ahead 122-118 with 4 minutes left in the game.

With 2:45 remaining, a Queen Litigious jam regained the lead for the Hellcats, and they were able to fight their way to a 137-126 victory.

The highest scoring jammers for the night were Raven Von Kaos for the Hellcats with 51 points and Sew Evil for Contra Costa with 41 points. — SD