Weekend in Review, 8/30/2010

Weekend in Review, 8/30/2010 Atlanta blocker Killy Wabbit defends the front from Carolina jammer Holly Wanna Crackya as Eva Lye stumbles. Atlanta needed a late-game 29-0 jam from Demi Gore to hold off Carolina, 114-84. Photo: Ryan Shuckhart.

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WFTDA Sanctioned

#20 Atlanta 114, Carolina 84 — Carolina hasn’t been in the unofficial top 25 since March of this year, but proved they’re still not to be taken lightly as they made a very serious run at #20 Atlanta on Saturday night. They held a small lead with under ten minutes to play in the bout, but a huge 29-0 jam from Atlanta’s Demi Gore accounted for nearly the entirety of Atlanta’s 30-point margin of victory.

Carolina had the smallest of leads to start the bout at 1-0 for Holly Wanna Crackya over Wheelin’ Jennings, but the remainder of the half saw Atlanta narrowly but fairly consistently coming out on the right side of jams. ATL won all the rest of the first 15 minutes’ jams to go up 24-13, and even though Carolina answered with back to back wins, they were too small to swing the momentum (1-0 to Kali and 2-0 to Kitty Crowbar).

Atlanta had nearly doubled up Carolina at 31-16 with about 11:30 left in the half, and went on to open up their biggest lead of the half at 55-25 with about a minute left, though Carolina’s Celia Fate gave CRG halftime momentum with a 5-0 behind effective blocking from Ms. Anthrope the Mordant. At the half Atlanta led 55-30.

The visitors came out strong in the second half, nickel and diming points off the lead. After about 10 minutes, Carolina closed to 10 points on their biggest jam of the game to that point, a 10-0 to Celia Fate, this time with Kitty Crowbar and DVS playing effective D in a light pack situation. When followed by Holly Wanna Crackya pulling a 9-0 and going right back in for a 10-0 after an ATL timeout, Carolina had gone on a 29-0 run to lead for the first time since the first jam, 72-63.

With about 17 minutes left in the game, Atlanta got their offense back, but the margins remained very narrow, and Carolina stayed ahead for 5 close jams to hold a 75-72 lead with 9:30 to play. Right then, though, Atlanta exploded with the key jam of the game — Demi Gore jamming to a 29-0 behind a pack of Belle of the Brawl, Switchblade Siouxsie, Alassin Sane and Amelia Scareheart. That made it 101-75 with 7 minutes to play, and Carolina wasn’t able to get back within reasonable striking distance in the remaining time.

MVPs were Demi Gore for Atlanta and Ms. Anthrope the Mordant for Carolina. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Full bout video | Archived textcast

#14 Bay Area 174, #19 Cincinnati 65 — Though Bay Area and Cincinnati were fairly close on DNN’s unofficial Power Rankings in August, results from earlier this month suggested that Bay Area was rapidly improving, as they defeated #7 Rat City and lost to #6 Rose City in very close games. On Saturday night in Richmond, California, Bay Area continued their comeback summer with a triple-digit defeat of visiting Cincy in the final tuneup game before each team attends their respective regional tournaments.  

Bay Area jumped out to a big lead from the start, scoring 26 points in the first three jams on the backs of Burly Bot, Astronaughty and Ivy Profane. In the fourth jam, Cincy’s Hannah Ouchocinco finally got her team on the board with a 2-0 over Bay Area’s Chantilly Mace.  As Bay Area’s Demanda Riot dominated the back, Cincinnati adjusted their play establishing a strong front wall with Sk8r-Kinney leading the defense. Only two Bay Area jammers consistently broke through Cincinnati’s great front wall, Burly Bot and Ivy Profane. But Bay Area’s wall consistently gobbled up Cincinnati jammers either sending them out of bounds or forcing track cuts.

Penalties hit both teams early and often — rarely was there a jam when someone wasn’t sitting in the box. Cincinnati showed greater skill at killing penalties than Bay Area, but they still couldn’t keep the BAD girls from increasing the gap. At the end of the first half Bay Area owned lead jammer status in 12 of the half’s 18 jams and had turned that into a 76-28 lead.

Cincinnati came out defiant in the beginning of the second half, going 4-1 over the first three jams, but Burly Bot blew all gains away with a 13-0 jam over Hannah Ouchocinco, who never completed her initial pass. The rate of penalty calls actually increased from that of the first half, so much so that the penalty trackers choked on the flow. In the second to the last jam Nuk’Em fouled out, the only player of the game to do so, and the game’s last jam ended with time having run out as Bay Area’s Astronaughty and Cincinnati’s K Lethal both scored 8 points with a minimum pack. Bay Area increased their lead over Cincinnati in the second half, winning the final 30 minutes 98-37, as the game ended 174-65 with the Bay Area victorious.

At the end of the game Bay Area jammers Burly Bot and Ivy Profane each scored 64 points in 9 jams, 128 of Bay Area’s 174 points.  By contrast Cincinnati’s highest scoring jammer, Hannah Ouchocinco, scored 20 points in 9 jams. Bay Area was hit with 101 minors and 35 majors, while Cincinnati picked up 81 minors and 25 majors.

In two weeks Cincinnati enters the North Central tournament as the #4 seed, pitted against #5 seed Brewcity, a team they’ve already beaten this year. On the opening day of the WFTDA Western Regional on October 1st, Bay Area (6th seed in the West) goes against Denver (3rd seed) in what will be the first-ever meeting between those two teams. — Southbay

Photo set from Mark Nockleby | Photo set from Mike Butler

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Banked Track

[LA Derby Dolls] Tough Cookies 135, Sirens 130 — The Tough Cookies remained undefeated, edging the Sirens by 5 in a high-octane LA Derby Dolls bout on Saturday night.

The Cookies enjoyed a 34-25 lead after the first quarter, with half of their points coming from two big jams by Stefcon 1.

Six of the last seven second-quarter jams were of the power variety. TC veteran Laguna Beyatch racked seven points on her two solo jams, and at halftime, the Cookies led, 67-57.

Early in the third quartile, Cookies, Sniperella, Gori Spelling, and Aggro Vader all contributed point-scoring jams as the league champs extended their margin. At the end of the third stanza, the Cookies led by 109-84, pointing toward another dominant win.

But iconic blocker Krissy Krash was ejected early in the fourth quarter, changing the bout’s complexion. Over the next four jams, Sirens Raven Seaward, Dash Assault, and Tilda Whirl grabbed nineteen points, cutting the Cookies’ lead to a mere two.

The Cookies fought hard to keep the Sirens at bay, keyed by Legacy’s outracing Sirens Amber Alert! and V. Lee in a rare three-skater jam that devolved into a flat-out sprint.

With less than a minute to go and the Cookies clinging to a slim one-point lead, Raven Seaward chased down Gori Spelling and eluded the pack to tie the contest at 130-all.

Raven had called with four seconds left, though, setting up yet another jam. Siren Minnie Juggs broke the pack first and tried to call, but the refs declined to blow the whistle because Minnie had committed a major (ramming) right off the line. Laguna Beyatch took full advantage of the opportunity, blowing past the Sirens and netting five points for a dramatic 135-130 victory that makes the Cookies a virtual lock for a spot in their third consecutive LADD championship bout. — DF

Check out DF’s original version of this recap, which unfortunately was too awesome to fit on our website.

Photo gallery from LA Derby Dolls

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Local Action

[Dallas Derby Devils] High Seas Hotties 114, Wrecking Crew 64 — The High Seas Hotties started off strong and held off a late rally to beat the Wrecking Crew 114-64 to win the Dallas Derby Devils 2010 championship.

The Hotties opened up their championship bout with Strawberry Deathcake and Hot 4 Teacher scoring back-to-back 10-0 jams, and that was the beginning of a solid run. After 8 jams, the undefeated Hotties owned a 34-6 lead. The Wrecking Crew closed off the final jams of the half with Anita Riot scoring a 5-4 jam, and Weapon X scoring a 2-1 jam, but were still down 43-17 at the break.

Once again, the Hotties started off the half with an unanswered fusillade from Strawberry Deathcake and Hot 4 Teacher — 9-0 Strawberry, 4-0 Teacher, and 5-0 Strawberry, putting the Hotties up 61-17 three jams deep into the second half. The Wrecking Crew took advantage of a powerjam as Anita Riot racked up a 15-3 jam, nearly equalling the Wrecking Crew’s entire scoring output up to that point. Rink Panther countered with a 4-0 jam for the Hotties, but the Crew started chipping away, gaining back a couple of points and narrowing the lead to 73-39.

The Wrecking Crew changed their strategy and started slowing the packs down to try to make a comeback, but they’d only get as close as 84-51 before Hot 4 Teacher dropped a 10-0 before being injured and carried off via backboard (though after the bout this proved to be strictly precautionary.) The final jam was fairly unorganized — with the pack almost standing still, Crazy Heart scored 14 for the Hotties while Weapon X picked 13 points for the Wrecking Crew, giving the Hotties the win at 114-64.

The leading scorers for the High Seas Hotties were Strawberry Deathcake (41 points), Hot 4 Teacher (36), and Crazy Heart (18). Top blockers for the champion Hotties were Mona Bruis’R, Cheatin’ Chong, Lickty Splittail, and Rink Panther.

The top scorers for the Wrecking Crew were Anita Riot (34 points), Weapon X (22), and Lucky Lou (8). Leading blockers included Dolla Billen, Mary Ate Ashley, and Ingersoll Rand. — Phil Arnold

[Dallas Derby Devils] Death Row Rumblers 94, Suicide Shifters 81 — In the third place game for the Dallas local season, the Death Row Rumblers narrowly held off the Suicide Shifters. Postal Penny opened up with a 4-0 jam for the Rumblers, but the Shifters’ Olive Illegal struck back immediately for a 15-0 jam. The lead switched again after the Rumblers Heike DeSkirt scored a 7-2 jam and Postal Penny added a 10-0 jam to give the Rumblers a 21-17 lead.

This bout would swing back and forth with the score being tied four times before Heike De Skirt scored a 5-1 jam and Postal Penny scored a 4-0 final jam to give the Rumblers a 43-35 lead over the Shifters at the halftime.

The two teams stayed even in the second half until the Shifters went on a 24-2 run highlighted by a 10-0 jam by Olive Illegal, leaving the score at 78-65 in favor of the Suicide Shifters ten jams deep into the half. However, a jammer penalty that started in the previous jam gave the Death Row Rumblers a huge advantage and Postal Penny scored a 19-2 jam putting the Rumblers back in the lead 84-80. Going into the final jam, the Death Row Rumblers led 86-81, and Postal Penny added 8 points to the Rumblers’ margin before calling it off.

The top scorers for the Death Row Rumblers were Postal Penny with 52 points, Heike DeSkirt (29), and Go-Go Ballistic (7). Leading blockers for the Rumblers included Jackie Lation, Fairy Painful, Rumble Kitty, and Boston Massacre.

The leading scorers for the Suicide Shifters were Olive Illegal with 40 points, Jamie Lee Hurt Us (20), and Kernal Angus (12). Top blockers for the team in green included Sweet Baby Jane, V-Twin Vixen, Amazon Assassin, and retiring captain Ol’ Dirty Basher. — Phil Arnold

Reprinted with permission from Phil Arnold’s Examiner page.