2010 North Central Regional Preview

Watch whistle to whistle coverage of the 2010 WFTDA North Central Region playoffs right here on DNN. Coverage presented by Fast Girl Skates.

Opening Round: #8NC Arch Rival vs #9NC Naptown
10:00 AM, Friday, September 10

The opening game of the tournament pits St. Louis’ Arch Rival team against Indianapolis’ Naptown. In last year’s North Central tournament, Arch Rival came in a few slots higher at #5, but lost their first bout against Cincinnati and got sent to the consolation brackets, where they finished sixth overall. This will be Naptown’s first appearance in a WFTDA playoff tournament.

Arch Rival has gone 4-9 in sanctioned play this year. They had a good swing at May’s Midwest Brewhaha, where they edged out Tampa Bay 115-110 and easily knocked off Burning River 161-57. Although they went 0-4 in August, most of those losses came against highly regarded teams that made it to last year’s WFTDA championship tournament — Philly, Detroit and Kansas City. They also played a close one against the 6 seed in this tournament, North Star — North Star pulled it out in a 80-75 final.

Naptown has been intermittently successful this year, with their high point arguably coming at May’s Spring Roll tournament where they managed to stick right with very tough Detroit for the first half, though Detroit took control in the second half and won 150-94. Results since then haven’t fully reflected that potential, though, as they lost a close one to DC 122-106 at ECE and barely squeaked by Maine, 100-96. Their most recent result was another narrow conclusion, a five-point victory over the Chicago Outfit on August 14.

It’s worth noting that both teams are historically known for low-scoring battles. Naptown has played in the first and third lowest-scoring WFTDA bouts ever (a 59-32 loss to Cincinnati in March 2008, and a 63-49 win over Brewcity the next month). The sole previous meeting between Arch Rival and Naptown was also a relatively low-scoring affair — in March 2009, Arch Rival came out on top 93-61.

Whatever the final score, whichever team gets out of this one is going to have their work cut out for them, as the reward for victory is a matchup with top seed Windy City, who have never lost to an opponent from the region.

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Opening Round: #7NC Minnesota vs #10NC Omaha
11:45 AM, Friday, September 10

The tournament’s second bout is very much a battle of old vs. new as Minnesota goes up against bottom seed Omaha. It’ll be the first sanctioned meeting between the two teams.

Minnesota comes into this tournament with an interleague bouting history that stretches back to the early days of the modern game, their first all-star bout coming in late 2005. They appeared at the first national tournament (February 2006’s Dust Devil) and have been in each of their regional tournaments since then. However, they’ve been eliminated from advancement in their first bout for three years in a row (against Detroit in 2007, Madison in 2008 and Windy City in 2009) but they have probably their best chance to break that unlucky streak when they take on bottom seed Omaha on Friday.

Last year, Minnesota finished 9th out of the 10 teams in the 2009 edition. They had the unfortunate luck of drawing the #6 seed while hosting the tournament, meaning they had to go up against buzzsaw Windy City in their first bout — Minnesota was eliminated from the advancement bracket quickly in that 155-25 game. They also lost to crosstown rivals North Star and defeated Grand Raggidy in two close consolation-round games.

Since that rough ride, though, Minnesota has quietly been building up a string of wins and count Providence, Tampa Bay and Carolina among their victims in a 8-1 record. Their only slip was against Dallas in July, where they lost 113-73. Though they lost an A-list jammer in Harmony Killerbruise this year as a transfer to Oly, they also picked up one when Madison’s Juke Boxx joined MNRG.

Omaha kicked up their national profile considerably when they came within just 11 points of perennially tough Kansas City in April of this year, but beyond that they haven’t had any bouts against top-25 teams. Overall, they’re 4-2 on the year, with the losses coming against KC and No Coast.

The winner here goes up against Detroit in the quarterfinals.

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Quarterfinal: #3NC Madison vs #6NC North Star
1:30PM, Friday, September 10

The opening quarterfinal match sees last year’s runner-up team Madison taking on North Star.

This year, Madison has been doing a lot of losing on their way to a 1-7 record — but they’ve also been challenging themselves against very tough competition. They’re currently unofficially ranked #14 in the nation, and every team but one that they’ve faced in 2010 is ranked above them, including #1 Gotham, #2 Oly, #5 Denver and #6 Rat City. All of those losses were blowouts, but they came a lot closer to the rest of their opponents, including #11 Windy City (an 11 point loss), #12 Boston (a 21 point loss) and #13 Detroit (a 25 point loss). Their one win is a 100-point thumping on Houston in July.

North Star’s 4-3 win-loss record looks better at first glance, but comparing how both teams did against their sole shared opponent Windy City, Madison seems to be a significant favorite here (North Star lost by 100, while Madison came within 11.) Cincinnati and Brewcity also handed North Star big losses this year, with Brewcity winning 148-68 and Cincinnati winning 119-50. They did have a good run at June’s ECE event, taking care of Carolina and Nashville by about 30 points each, and squeaked by Arch Rival 80-75 two weeks ago.

The winner of this match moves into the semifinal round, where they’ll likely face Detroit unless Minnesota or Omaha can score a significant upset in Detroit’s quarterfinal.

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Quarterfinal: #1NC Windy City vs. Arch Rival or Naptown
3:15 PM, Friday, September 10

Since 2007, Chicago’s Windy City has been one of the strongest teams in the nation, finishing second to Gotham in the Eastern Region in 2007 and 2008 and handily winning the North Central when the WFTDA split into four regions in 2009. Along with Texas and Gotham, they’re one of only three teams to have advanced to the championship tournament three years in a row, and they reached the final game in 2008 before losing to longtime foes Gotham. In the 2009 championship tourney, though, they were booted in their first game against the then-revolutionary slow game from Denver.

Windy City has never lost a sanctioned game to an opponent from the North Central region, but there’s reason to think they might be more vulnerable than they were last year, when they easily cruised through the tournament with wins of 130, 127 and 94 points. The NC tournament championship bout last year was a 150-56 Windy City win over Madison, but Madison came much closer this year in a 115-104 final.

Additionally, WCR cleaned up nationwide in 2009, building a 10-2 record — so far this year, they’re a humbler 3-3 with their only dominant win over North Star. They almost gave up a big halftime lead against Boston — Windy City was up 76-29 at the break but had to survive a strong comeback to win by just 6 points, 121-115.

The Chicago crew has lost two major elements of their 2009 roster in Malice With Chains and Megan Formor, but made a significant pickup in 2010 with the addition of double-threat Grand Raggidy transfer Jackie Daniels. A notable return to the WCR roster comes from Kola Loka — she missed all of 2009 due to a pregnancy and has seen action in B-team and local games this year, but this tournament will mark her first all-star action since the 2008 WFTDA championship tournament.

Windy City has faced Arch Rival twice before, winning both matchups (95-49 in January 2008 and 186-45 in April 2009); they have not previously faced Naptown. If Windy City advances as expected from this matchup, they will be up against the winner of Cincinnati / Brewcity in the semifinal on Saturday.

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Quarterfinal: #2NC Detroit vs. Minnesota or Omaha
5:00 PM, Friday, September 10

Detroit has long been one of the most consistent teams in derby, winning often and usually by large margins against many top-25 teams, but haven’t quite been able to penetrate the top echelons. They reached the championship tournament in both 2007 and 2009, but were quickly and definitively bounced in first-round action. Detroit also came pretty close to qualifying for the 2008 championship tournament, but were eliminated in Regionals by Philly in an exciting 102-92 quarterfinal.

This year, Detroit lost the services of longtime all-star standout Sarah Hipel, as she headed down to Austin to join the Texas Rollergirls, but it doesn’t seem to have affected their performance negatively. They’ve put up an impressive 8-2 record — only the very strong Philly girls have been able to stop them, and Detroit came within 31 points of them in August, 120-89. Those 8 wins include June defeats of the #3 and #5 seeds in this weekend’s tournament, Madison (139-114) and Brewcity (195-47).

A Minnesota-Detroit matchup would be a particularly interesting angle for longtime derby fans. Back in the first Eastern Regional in 2007, Minnesota was the #2 seed and a strong favorite to advance to that year’s championship tournament, but #9 seed Detroit stunned them in a 99-77 final to eliminate them in one. Detroit and Omaha have never met in sanctioned action.

Should Detroit win this match, they will likely meet Madison in the semifinals. The Detroit / Madison rivalry has become a pretty hot one since last year’s North Central tournament — Detroit holds the all-time series 2-1, but Madison won the previous tournament meeting 107-95 (which had the effect of relegating Detroit to third place, meaning they had to face juggernaut Gotham at Nationals).

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Quarterfinal: #4NC Cincinnati vs #5NC Brewcity
7:00 PM, Friday, September 10

For the second year in a row, Cincinnati comes into the tournament as the 4th seed, putting them in the Friday night closer in what is the closest seeding matchup of the first day. Last year Cincy went up against Arch Rival; this year it’s tournament hosts Brewcity in a rematch of a June bout that Cincinnati handily won 139-71.

Cincinnati had a strong year, starting with 7 WFTDA sanctioned wins in a row (though they lost a squeaker to non-WFTDA San Diego during that run). Most of them were about 70 point wins, but they had two very close matches — 68-66 over Dallas in April and 126-117 over Atlanta in June. It wasn’t until August that they lost their first WFTDA bouts of the year, going down to Kansas City (168-128) and Bay Area (174-65) on consecutive weekends, leaving them with a 7-3 record overall on the year.

Brewcity also stands at 7 wins and 3 losses, with their season marked by blowouts whether they’re on the winning or losing side. In addition to the 68 point loss to Cincinnati, they were pounded 195-47 by Detroit and 171-45 by Steel City this summer, while their most notable wins were over North Star (148-68) and Tampa Bay (168-99). The only close game they’ve played this year was in July against Houston, who have been having some rebuilding problems in 2010 but managed to give Brewcity a run for their money in a 120-102 final.

Legal troubles mean this tournament will likely be the swan song for original Cincinnati all-star Sadistic Sadie (UPDATE: according to Cincinnati’s website, Sadistic Sadie is serving a six-month suspension and will not skate at this tournament) but Cincy has long been building up a solid core that includes a very effective jammer combo in Hannah Ouchocinco and K. Lethal along with hard-hitting from Nuk’Em, Trauma and Buckhead Betty. Brewcity, on the other hand, has a notable rookie jammer in Skittle to add to a rotation that includes High D. Voltage, Rejected Seoul and Carrie A. HackSaw — their standout blockers include the current president of the WFTDA in Anna “Killy” Krajcik and Servin’ Justice.

The winner here moves on to challenge Windy City in the semifinals. Brewcity has not previously faced WCR, while Cincinnati lost big to them twice in 2009 — once at ECE 127-54, and again at the 2009 NC tournament 136-63.

4 Killian Destroy // 5 Trauma // 6 Celia Graves // 11 Sk8r-Kinney // 13 Maime // 15 Dr. McDerby // 18 K.Lethal // 21 June w/ a Cleaver // 29 Ruff”n the Passer // 32 candyKICKass // 33 Buckhead Betty // 43 Wheezy // 44 Mirderher // 66 Sista Sacralicious // 69 Sk8 Crime // 83 Jungle Lacy // 85 Hannah Ouchocinco // 86 Nuk’em

1 Anna “Killy” Krajcik // 02 Servin Justice // 5 Skittle // K8 Cookie Ciano // 17 Pound Anya // 22 Latina Heat // 23 Sharkira // 24 Carrie A. HackSaw // 27 Roadie Foster // 30 Romaniac // 37 Rhoda Ruin // 44 Fidela Castrate // 60kV High D Voltage // 68 Moby Nipps // 78 Rejected Seoul // 86 Slayerha // 99 Becky the Butcher // 425 Betty Clobber // 716 Zotay // 999 Kat Scratch Fever