2010 North Central Region Playoffs Recaps


Final: 1NC Windy City 132, 7NC Minnesota 83 — Although Windy City had looked a little shaky for most of their opening game against Naptown on Friday and had had to fight extremely hard to turn back a semifinal challenge from Cincinnati on Saturday, they played a very effective game here against surprising Minnesota to deny MNRG their third upset in a row and become repeat North Central champions.

For the first ten minutes of the game, though, it looked like Minnesota might not be out of magic. After a scoreless opening jam, Minnesota got on the board on three consecutive jams while continuing to blank Windy City. By the beginning of the fifth jam, it was 15-0 favoring the underdogs — but a big 14-0 powerjam for Windy City’s Varla Vendetta erased almost the entire margin with 20 minutes left in the half. For the next 40 minutes worth of gameplay, it was pretty much all Windy City. Particularly hard hitting from Go Go Hatchet and Hoosier Mama seemed to sap the strength of Minnesota’s jammers, and the Windy scoring attack was again led by Shocka Conduit. By the half it was 73-24 for the defending regional champs.

Although Minnesota’s previous two games had featured epic second-half comebacks, Windy City seemed to come out after the break determined to not give them a chance to adjust. Ten minutes deep into the half, Windy City’s lead peaked at 92 points, 117-25, and hovered around 90 until there were 12 minutes left to play.

Minnesota finally got their offense restarted at about that point and went on an impressive 46-5 run to the end of the game, but there wasn’t enough time remaining for Windy City’s lead to seem seriously threatened. They did, though, manage to make the final margin a more respectable 49 points. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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Third Place: 3NC Madison 164, 4NC Cincinnati 143 — For the third day in a row, Cincinnati treated the audience to a thriller of a back-and-forth contest. For almost the entire running length of the bout, the margin between Madison and Cincinnati was fewer than 10 points, but in the very end, Cincy was brought low by an accumulation of track cuts on their jammers that gave Madison room to open it up. For the second year in a row, Cincy was stopped one bout short of a trip to the championship tournament, while Madison heads back for their second appearance.

Like Cincy’s semifinal game against Windy City, this one was a relatively high-scoring affair. In a bit of foreshadowing, Cincy jammer K Lethal went to the box on the first jam, allowing Madison to go up 19-2 early, but they weren’t able to extend that lead at all as Cincinnati came storming back. Eight minutes in, a chaotic jam had Cincy’s Wheezy on a powerjam against a full Madison box, leading to a 14-0 jam and Cincinnati’s first lead at 38-27.

Cincinnati held that lead until about the 11 minute mark. Madison’s Lil’ Miss Behavin’ took a 8-0 to put Madison back up 54-50, but that lead wouldn’t get wider than 10 points before Hannah Ouchocinco took it back at 64-63with 5 minutes left in the half on a quick 4-0. But by the break, Madison was barely in front again, 78-71.

Madison was once again unable to extend the lead beyond single-jam range early in the second, and stayed ahead by a hair for the first 12 minutes of the half. At last Cincinnati put together two jam wins in a row — 4-0 K Lethal and 2-0 to Hannah Ouchocinco — to make it Cincinnati 99, Madison 98 with 17:45 left to play.

Right here was where a whole slew of Cincinnati jammer track cuts, most going to K. Lethal, made things quite a bit tougher for them. Cincy only had the lead for one jam before K Lethal took a major cut and a 4th minor cut in the same jam, leading to two jams in a row where Madison scored at will. They put up 24 unopposed points to take their biggest lead of the game at 123-99 with 13:30 left on the clock.

After a 0-0 jam, the track cut bug bit K Lethal yet again – but this time Cincinnati’s pack stepped up very effectively to kill the powerjam without a score. And then, with 9:44 left on the clock. Cincy’s Hannah Ouchocinco delivered an explosive 29-0 jam as a light Madison pack simply couldn’t build walls quickly enough to slow her roll. Once again Cincinnati was in front, 128-123, with 7:07 left in the game.

But the Cincy momentum was killed when K Lethal cut track to the box yet again. Madison’s Mouse took 9 and put Madison in front for good, 132-128, with 5:37 left. K Lethal fouled out on that box trip, robbing Cincy of half of their primary jammer rotation.

On the game’s 2nd to last jam, it was, fittingly enough, a jammer track cut that would be the final nail in the coffin for Cincy. This time it was Trauma off to the box as Madison’s Darling Nikki trucked through for 20 unanswered points, making it 157-132 with only a few ticks left on the period clock.

Cincy called timeout to force a last jam; Hannah Ouchocinco needed a 25-0 just to tie and ran the full 2 minutes in hopes of a miracle, but the last jam’s score of 11-7 was far from enough. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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7th Place: 6NC North Star 138, 5NC Brewcity 84 — After taking the lead from Milwaukee’s Brewcity Bruisers in the third jam, the North Star Supernovas refused to give it up and closed out the bout with a 138-84 win. NSRG and BCB finish the tournament in 7th and 8th places, respectively.

Brewcity jammer Rejected Seoul started the bout with four unanswered points, but North Star quickly erased their lead and created a twelve-point cushion in their favor over the next three jams. Jamming again 13 minutes in, Seoul did her best to even it up while opposing jammer Jawbreaker sat in the penalty box, but NSRG took only three minutes to undo all of her work. Midway through the half, BCB jammer Rhoda Ruin took advantage of two North Star blockers serving penalties to put up seven points but ended up in the box herself, allowing North Star jammer MEDUSA to gain eight on the following power jam.

BCB jammers ZoTay and Skittle added five points apiece to bring the Bruisers up to 35, but a track-cutting call on BCB jammer Skittle gave North Star’s Stalker Channing the chance to put up five more while skating unopposed. MEDUSA literally leapt in the lead jammer position with two minutes remaining and she and Jawbreaker brought the score to 55 NSRG – 35 BCB at halftime.

For the first 1:07 of the second half, the pack literally went nowhere, finally crossing the line and releasing the jammers after BCB’s pivot left the penalty box. North Star employed the slow pack start again at the start of the second jam, drawing loud boos from the crowd but creating a confused Brewcity pack which, combined with a major penalty against BCB jammer High D. Voltage, gave North Star Katarina Hit the chance to rack up 20 points.

This led into several jams rife with major penalties against blockers and jammers for both teams. The box emptied with just over 15 minutes left and a score of 89 NSRG – 57 BCB, but major penalties leading to unopposed jams allowed BCB to earn 19 and NSRG jammers 35 in the final ten minutes. Skaters and refs took a knee with less than one minute on the clock for NSRG jammer Stalker Channing, who was injured coming around a turn but left the track under her own power. After an official timeout and discussion with both teams, the match was ended with the final score 138-84. — Ayn Rant

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9th Place: 10NC Omaha 169, 8NC Arch Rival 112 — With the Green Bay Packers playing away in Philadelphia, Lambeau Field sat empty on Sunday morning. The action was right across the street in the Brown County Arena, where the Omaha Rollergirls and Arch Rival kicked off another long day of the WFTDA North Central Regional tournament. It was a free-wheeling affair, with tournament newcomers Omaha steam rolling St. Louis 169-112.

More experienced Arch Rival gained the early lead at 34-8 ten minutes into the game.  Omaha slowly found their confidence and edged back to within 17, 54-31. After that, the flood gates opened up for Omaha. Omaha captured nine lead jams in a row for a 64-0 run, highlighted by 25-0 and 15-0 power jams from Anna Maniac and Ima Firestarter.  While points rained for Omaha, the penalties came for Arch Rival. Omaha led at half, 87-54. 

Thirty-seven combined points from Artemischief and South City Shiner in five short minutes closed the gap for Arch Rival to 120-94 at the 16:30 mark in the second half.  Penalties would plague Arch Rival once again, and Omaha finished the game on a 49-18 run. Arch Rival would end the game with 33 majors and 85 minors compared to 22 majors and 76 minors for Omaha.

While the jammers went round-and-round, both packs time and again resorted to stop pack defense and counter-rotation skating. Sometimes the bout was more of a contra dance than a jammer race. The slow and stop game was something new for Omaha, but they learned how to play it and defend it well during the bout.

Anna Maniac finished the game with 81 points.  Ima Firestarter added 42 points more.   South City Shiner scored 48 points for Arch Rival, while Artemischief had 37 points. — Geoffrey Saucer

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Consolation: 9NC Naptown 120, 5NC Brewcity 119 — In a game of scoring spurts, the Naptwon Roller Girls outlasted a final scoring rush from the Brewcity Bruisers All Stars for a 120-119 victory.

The tone of the game was set early when Blue Messiah erased an early 8-0 Brewcity lead in the game’s fourth jam with 15-0 effort behind an defense that locked up High-D Voltage in the pack for a full two minutes. Succeeding Naptown jams of 4, 9, and 4 points built the Naptown lead to 32-10. Although Carrie A. Hacksaw and rejected Seoul closed the gap with jams of 14 and nine points, Milwaukee regained the lead with a cautious control of lead jammer status, eventually going up by 14 points, 52-38 with just over six minutes remaining in the first half. Naptown regained the lead behind another series of big pack-control jams of 10, 12, and 10 points, finishing the half on top 70-54.

The two teams started the second-half with more close cat and mouse scoring, but this time it was Naptown that slowly built the lead, eventually reaching a gap of 114-80 as they kept Brewcity scoreless for six and half minutes with six straight lead jams.

It was Brewcity’s turn to score points in bundles, first with eight from Skittle, four from High-D Voltage, and nine from Rejected Seoul. The score was 120-103 with 58 seconds left as Seoul once again took the jammer. Seoul scored three grand slams, her momentum broken mid-jam by a stumble, and it was just too little too late to bridge the gap. — Geoffrey Saucer

Consolation: 2NC Detroit 195, 6NC North Star 73 — After the Madison/Minnesota bout, with the pitch in the arena quieted down to a hum and nothing to play for but pride, Detroit and the North Star Supernovas could be excused for not having their hearts in the game. As the game progressed, however, it was Detroit that would assert their strength and demonstrate why they came into the tournament as the number two seed.

Medusa opened the bout with a 19-0 power jam, but Racer McChaseHer turned the score upside down two jams later with a 32-0 power jam, settling her team into the lead for good 32-24. The game fell into a consistent rhythm, but it was Detroit would made the most of their lead jams to build the gap to 28 point at halftime, 79-51.

Detroit opened the second half with seven straight grand slams from Effin Money and Cookie Rumble to deliver and early death blow to North Star. The Supernovas only managed 22 points in the second half, while Detroit flirted with the double century mark. Despite the no-stacks nature of the game, Detroit’s defense gave no quarter to the very end, skating almost on automatic and conceding only three lead jams to Northstar in the second half. — Geoffrey Saucer

Semifinal: 7NC Minnesota 119, 3NC Madison 107 — In Green Bay, the Minnesota RollerGirls get to wear the glass slipper. After their upset win against number two seed Detroit on Friday, the team from St. Paul took out number three seed Madison, 119-107. The win guarantees Minnesota their first trip to the WFTDA Championship tournament in Chicago, November 5-7.

Following the pattern they set on Friday, Madison’s Dairyland Dolls used the power jam to break out to the early lead. After a 15-4 jam from Darling Nikki and a 19-0 score from Jewels of Denile, Madison was in command 50-15 at the mid point of the first half. After that, the well ran dry for Madison. In a drought evenly straddling both sides of the half, The Dairyland Dolls scored 17 points in the next 30 minutes, during which time Minnesota sprang into the lead, 89-67.

Key to Minnesota turning around the game was a big change in the jammer rotation. Trailing 59-39 at half, Minnesota started star defensive player Scarmen Hellectra at jammer as a counter to Madison’s size at block. Initially, Minnesota ate into the Madison lead slowly. It was a big 17-0 jam from Scarmen that put Minnesota up for the first time since early in the bout, 73-66. Suzie Smashbox and L’exi Cuter both added seven points in the following jams to pad to the lead, 89-67.

Madison broke out of their doldrums with back-to-back 13-point power jams from Lil Miss Behavin’ and Mouse to regain the lead, 93-91, but L’exi Cuter followed that with 13 points of her own to put Minnesota ahead once again, 104-93. Venus ThighTrap added 15 more in the next jam on a power jam, but committed a major cutting the track penalty late in the jam to set the stage for Madison’s last charge for the win.

Mouse scored 14 for Madison to close the gap to 119-107, and Venus ThighTrap collected another major to give Vicious van GoGo one last chance with 1:32 remaining in the game. Vicious, however, accrued her fourth minor to spring Venus from the box, and Minnesota ran out the time for the final score. The Minnesota fans counted down the final seconds, and the roar that followed felt right at home in the spacious confines of the Brown County Arena.

The most remarkable element of Minnesota’s big second half jams from Scarmen Hellectra and L’exi Cuter was that they weren’t power jams. Minnesota’s defense bottled up both Lil Miss Behavin’ and Daring Nikki, who otherwise drove Madison’s scoring. — Geoffrey Saucer

Semifinal: 1NC Windy City 172, 4NC Cincinnati 147 — In a game that was still in question much later than most thought it would be, underdog Cincinnati traded the lead multiple times with Windy City and was narrowly ahead with 15 minutes to play, but Windy City played a very strong endgame to come out on top.

The first jam spooled out 7-6 in Cincy’s favor, but a particularly high-speed second jam saw Windy City’s jammer Beth Amphetamine going to the box at the very end of a 4-0 to make it 10-7 Windy City. After about ten minutes, though, Cincinnati was still right with the defending regional champions at 29-26, engaging in some stop-pack tactics that led to some big powerjams.

While Windy City’s Shocka Conduit got a stylish 9-zip to extend the WCR lead to 38-26, Cincy reeled them back in with single digits by the midpoint of the half, and then once again Cincinnati locked in the slow game on a light Windy City pack during a powerjam. K. Lethal racked up a 20-0, and suddenly the 4 seed was leading the top seed at 50-38 with 12 minutes left in the first half. When WCR’s jammer Beth Amphetamine also went to the box to the following jam, Windy City’s penalty trouble continued to hurt them as Cincy had the numbers advantage and was able to slow the pack yet again for a 12-0. That put Cincinnati up 62-38 with about 10 in the half.

That was Cincinnati’s largest lead of the game, though. WCR finally turned the tables in the next couple of jams, putting together back to back wins to close to 62-55 with about 6 minutes to play and finally getting the lead back on the last jam of the half, a big 20-3 powerjam for Kola Loka. That ended the half’s action at Windy City 79, Cincinnati 72.

There was very little separation to be had early in the second half. Cincy went ahead on the first jam of the half, but that was soon followed by a 93-93 tie. Windy went back in front following that, but they couldn’t put double digits between them and the tenacious Cincy attack … yet. At the 17 minute mark, Windy City held a 111-108 lead, but Cincinnati took advantage of a penalty-ridden jam for Windy City that at one point left Varla Vendetta as the only WCR player on the track. The resultant 15-4 run for Hannah Ouchocinco put Cincinnati ahead at the 15 minute mark, 123-115.

Two jams later, though, Windy City took the lead back for good on a 15-0 powerjam for Kola Loka with about 11 to play. They were finally able to put together their first sustained run of the game, going 2-0, 9-4, and a killer 14-0 from Kola Loka over boxed Cincinnati jammer K. Lethal.

With 2:38 left on the clock, Windy City had pushed their lead to 165-133 and Cincy called time to guarantee two more jams — but Windy City pulled lead jammer on the last two jams to kill the clock. Although Cincy’s K. Lethal pulled a 15-7 jam to close the game when Windy’s Ruth Enasia went to the box, the margin was out of reach and Windy City managed to hold off a very strong challenge, 172-147.

Windy City advanced to the final, assured themselves a place at the WFTDA championship and will face either Madison or Minnesota on Sunday; Cincinnati goes to the third-place game against one of those two teams, with the winner getting the final invitation from the NC region. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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Consolation: 5NC Brewcity 154, 10NC Omaha 88 — This one was all Brewcity in the first half, as the black-and-gold tournament hosts were able to sit one of their best players in Carrie A. Hacksaw and still run up a 36-0 lead over the first ten minutes of the game. It wasn’t until 15 minutes deep in the game before Omaha got on the board with an unopposed jam that led to a 5-0 Anna Maniac score; Omaha jammer Midlife Crashes picked off a 2-0 to follow up, making the score 38-7 with about 11 minutes left in the first half. Omaha got a nice last jam of the half with Ima Firestarter coming out of the penalty box on a jammer switch to pick up 8 points to Rhoda Ruin’s 3, but the Brewcity lead was 79-28 and seemed quite secure at the break.

Ten minutes deep into the second half, Brewcity was cruising at 119-39. However, Omaha did manage to go on an unexpected strong run at that point that was keyed by 15-0 and 19-0 jams from Anna Maniac, getting the score to a slightly more respectable level at 139-82 Brewcity with about nine minutes to play. Though they weren’t able to keep that rally going any longer, they were at least able to solidly reel back Brewcity from the triple-digit margin they were threatening to break early in the half.

Brewcity continues in the consolation bracket and plays Naptown Saturday night at 7; Omaha will play for 9th place against Arch Rival at noon Central on Sunday. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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Consolation Round: 6NC North Star 147, 8NC Arch Rival 118 — As had been the case all weekend long, jammer penalties proved to be a hugely important factor in this consolation bout. North Star played a very effective isolation game in unopposed jams and their ace jammer MEDUSA had another very impressive game with the star as the St. Paul team defeated Arch Rival for the second time this year.

North Star took a 40-0 lead over the first five jams, as MEDUSA got to jam unopposed twice during that sequence and battled through hard hitting in slow packs for a 10-0 and 15-0. The St. Louis team finally got on the board after the first ten minutes after a timeout with a 4-4 for Artemischief, and it looked like they might have a little momentum when their jammer South City Shiner got a second lead jammer call. But when Shiner went to the box during her first scoring pass, their advantage vanished on a big 19-3 jam from MEDUSA. That left North Star up 63-7 about halfway through the first.

Although Arch Rival had a good run over the next five minutes, going on a 26-1 tear to get within 30 at 64-34, the scoring slowed down a little bit until there were about 5 minutes left in the half. At that point, North Star got yet another powerjam, this one for Tara Bichapart, and they pulled out their slow game again to score a 16-0 and go ahead 90-34. A few jams later, the half closed at 95-38.

But the halftime score didn’t keep the game from being back in question fairly early in the second half. Arch Rival turned the slow game around on North Star on the second jam and third jams of the second half, where NSRG was jammerless. Suddenly it was North Star’s pack that were spread out and scrambling backwards on the track in failed attempts to get position on a looming jammer, and that resulted in Downtown Dallis dropping a 19-0 and South City Shiner following up with a huge 29-0. Suddenly North Star’s seemingly insurmountable 57-point halftime lead was just 16 points at 102-86 with 23 minutes still to play.

While Arch Rival didn’t get more big bombs like those two, they chipped away with some very small margin jams through the middle of the half and finally got to within 10 points at 120-110 with 13:10 left to play. A critical jam here went 8-0 for North Star’s Jawbreaker, giving North Star a little much-needed daylight going into the final ten minutes. Although Arch Rival was only one big jam away for the final few jams of the game, North Star did an excellent jam of using lead jammer status to kill the clock, and NSRG held on their advantage to rebuff Arch Rival’s comeback, 147-118.

North Star will play again in the consolation round later on Saturday, taking on Detroit at 5pm; Arch Rival will be playing for 9th place at noon on Sunday against the loser of Omaha vs. Brewcity. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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Quarterfinal: 4NC Cincinnati 145, 5NC Brewcity 138 — Cincinnati jumped out to a big lead on the first three jams of this bout, as Brewcity was unable to keep their jammer on the track for the entirety of any of them. With that opening sequence going overwhelmingly to Cincy, they were holding a 42-6 about 10 minutes into the game.

However, Brewcity swung right back, rolling up points while Cincinnati suddenly could not bust their jammers out of the Brewcity packs. With 15 minutes left in the half, they’d closed to 42-30, and a 9-0 jam from Brewcity’s Carrie A. Hacksaw narrowed it all the way to 42-39 with 13:40 in the half.

Cincinnati didn’t let the Brewcity wave overwhelm them just yet, though, and were up 49-43 with about 10 to play in the half. Rejected Seoul finally got a 10-0 that put Brewcity in front for the first time, 58-52, with about 7 minutes to play in the half.

Brewcity’s scoring kept going, up to 72-52 before Cincinnati finally got some points from Dr. McDerby in a 14-8 run over Brewcity’s High D. Voltage. Going into the last jam of the half, Brewcity was sitting on a 80-66 lead, but Cincinnati’s Hannah Ouchocinco put up an 8-0 that closed the half at Brewcity 80, Cincinnati 74.

Cincy came out of the halftime break as strong as they had in the first, putting up 21 unanswered points in the first five minutes to take the lead back at 95-80 before Carrie A. Hacksaw got Brewcity on an even bigger unanswered run of their own. By the time there were 15 minutes left to play, Brewcity had dropped 38 points in a row to take the lead 113-95.

Right there, though, it totally started falling apart for Brewcity in an avalanche of jammer penalties – 4 jammer trips in just three jams. At the end of it all, Cincy was up 133-126 with 6:30 left to play.

At the 5 minute mark, it was just a 3 point game with Cincy up 133-130 — and Hannah Ouchocinco got lead but passed up a chance to take a 4-0 that ended up being a 5-4 to put the score 138-134 with 3 minutes left. Brewcity’s Carrie A. Hacksaw got lead on the followup and swept through the pack for 4, but Cincy’s K. Lethal grabbed 2 at the last whistle, making it 140-138 with under two minutes to go.

Hannah Ouchocinco went up against High D. Voltage and pulled lead, but a perfectly timed hit from Servin’ Justice sent Hannah to the ground to force a 0-0. The final jam started wt. 52 seconds left to play and Carrie A. Hacksaw up against K. Lethal, who pulled a critical lead jammer call … and when Carrie went to the box, K. Lethal was able to wait the clock out after a 5-0 pass and give Cincinnati a nail-biting win, 145-138.

Hannah Ouchocinco (57 points) and K. Lethal (55) were the scoring engines for Cincy, while High D. Voltage (50 points), Zotay (28) and Rejected Seoul (21) led Brewcity. Jammer box trips were a major factor in Cincy’s win, with Brew jammers going to the box 10 times while Cincinnati’s jammer sat only 5.

Cincinnati advances to the semifinal bout at 3:15pm Central Saturday afternoon against Windy City, while Brewcity goes to play Omaha at 11:45am. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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7NC Minnesota 118, 2NC Detroit 99 — Minnesota dropped a huge upset on the tournament’s second seed, playing a truly inspired second half to eliminate Detroit from contending for a slot at the WFTDA championships.

This one started back and forth, with Detroit up 34-18 halfway through the opening 30 minutes, but Minnesota ran into some penalty trouble soon and was shut out for a few jams as Detroit increased their lead to 46-18. Minnesota packs seemed to be having trouble slowing down the controlled runaways from Detroit on the powerjams, but a big back block by Detroit jammer Sista Slit’chya opened the door for a little bit of an answer at 6-2 Susie Smashbox.

With about a minute left in the half, Minnesota was crawling back into it at 52-37 after taking a 4-0, 4-0, 2-0 series, though Detroit jammer Racer McChaseher shrugged off some Minnesota hits in the final jam of the half for an 8-0 that gave Detroit a little more halftime daylight at 60-37.

The second half started as another good demonstration of Detroit’s effectiveness of killing powerjams when Sista Slit’chya went to the box in the first jam, as Minnesota had to settle for just a 3-0 on an unopposed jam — but after that, it was suddenly all Minnesota. With Detroit’s jammer still in the box, Minnesota pulled out an 11-0. Slit’chya went right back to the box during that jam, and a 13-0 for Minnesota’s Juke Boxx put MNRG ahead at 64-60.

The scoring kept coming, and Minnesota had doubled their first-half score at 75-60 before Detroit finally got on the board with a 3-0 with about 21 minutes to play. Detroit finally got back within single digits with about 14 minutes to play at 80-71.

That margin changed quickly a couple of jams later on a huge Susie Smashbox 19-0 powerjam followed by a 10-0 for Lexi Cuter. With the score 109-71 and eight minutes to play, the question started changing from when Detroit would start a comeback to whether a comeback would happen at all.

It almost did … but not quite. For two jams in a row, Racer McChaseher put up 10 points on a powerjam but then ended the jam in the penalty box. The second major proved to be Racer’s 7th trip to the box, though, and she was ejected, taking Detroit’s most effective offensive weapon away right when they needed her most. With 2:51 left to play and the score 113-95, Susie Smashbox picked up 5 more points for Minnesota to make it 118-95, but Detroit answered with a 4-0 and a call-off with about 38 seconds left on the clock.

That put the score at 118-99 with only about 8 seconds left at the beginning of the final jam. Detroit’s Sista Slitcha needed a huge jam against Juke Boxx, but Juke got lead, called it off and kicked off a fevered celebration on the Minnesota bench.

While the first half went 60-37 to Detroit, the second half was 76-39 for Minnesota. Racer McChaseher led Detroit with 41 points, backed up by Sista Slit’chya with 21. For Minnesota, Suzie Smashbox led with 44, with L’exi Cuter putting in 26.

Minnesota advances to the semifinal and will face Madison at 3:15 Central on Saturday. Detroit is headed to the consolation rounds to play the winner of North Star vs. Arch Rival at 5pm on Saturday. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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Quarterfinal: 1NC Windy City 177, 9NC Naptown 85 — There’d be no second upset for Naptown here, as Windy City was up 10-0 after the first jam and had run it up to 55-7 after about ten minutes. However, for the next 40 minutes, Naptown was able to stay nearly point for point with the top seed as WCR had much more trouble keeping their jammers out of the box — Windy City jammers had 11 box trips against just 5 for Naptown.

With about 12 minutes to go and the score 67-17, Naptown finally managed to capitalize on a powerjam for Slammy Faye Bakker over Athena DeCrime and get a 10-0 to make it 67-27. Naptown got some lucky breaks on the following jams, as Windy City was missing a jammer for parts of the next three jams, but they could only get 3 points closer over that sequence against tough Chicago defense. That made it 70-34 with about three minutes to play in the half, and once Windy City could keep their jammers on the floor, they opened up the lead to 88-34 at the break.

Jammer penalty troubles continued to bite Windy City in the second half, allowing Naptown to pick off a few more points in the opening eight minutes, closing to within 94-57. Even after Shocka Conduit managed to stay on the track for a full jam and deliver a 19-0, WCR immediately lost their jammer again — this time, Kola Loka — and Naptown just started their slow march again.

With just over 11 minutes to play, Windy City was up 125-81 and Naptown was winning the half 47-37 — but Varla Vendetta finally busted out with a big 15-0, followed by a 18-0 to Beth Amphetamine, to turn the half’s advantage definitively back to the top seed, 158-81. Windy City finished the bout on a 52-5 run to win 177-85.

Shocka Conduit (69 points) and Beth Amphetamine (48) led Windy City’s scoring; Maiden America (31 points) and Willa Hoeflinch (19) picked up the most for Naptown.

Windy City advances and will face the winner of Brewcity vs. Cincinnati on Saturday at 1:30pm Central; Naptown heads to the consolation bracket to play the winner of North Star vs. Omaha at 7pm Central, also on Saturday. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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Quarterfinal: 3NC Madison 162, 6NC North Star 73 — This game was greatly decided by powerjams which consistently accrued almost all to Madison’s advantage. Madison picked up 70 points in the first half alone on jams where North Star was missing their jammer.

North Star came out of the gate looking very strong, beating on Madison’s jammers while getting a 7-0 performance out of ace jammer MEDUSA. Unfortunately for the underdogs, they lost followup jammer Jawbreaker on both the second and third jams, leaving the track upon for Madison to bust two big powerjams. JB didn’t finish a jam on the track until the fourth, by which point North Star’s 7-0 lead had become a 41-8 deficit with about 20 minutes to go in the first half.

Through the midpoint of the half it became an incredibly low scoring game as North Star scrapped for small-margin jams and nearly clawed their way back into the game. Madison called timeout with about 9 minutes to play in the half, with their lead having dwindled to Madison 45, North Star 21. Madison got to capitalize on another powerjam immediately following that timeout, as North Star’s jammer Katarina Hit was boxed, and Madison finally extended their lead again at 60-25.

Two jams later, a false start from North Star jammer Stalker Channing completely filled the North Star box. That led to another big Madison jam for 14-0, and suddenly Madison was in control at 77-27. At the break, Madison held a 86-35 advantage.

On the second jam of the second half, North Star suffered a critical loss when key jammer Jawbreaker was ejected with for gross misconduct after delivering what was called as a knee to the back of the thigh of Charlie Hustle. The loss of such an important player seemed to deflate North Star’s play a bit; the second half didn’t see quite as many lopsided powerjams, but Madison won the half by almost the exact same margin to take a 89 point victory.

Madison jammed 11 of their skaters, with Mouse (50 points) and Sugalumps (34) leading the total; MEDUSA (29 points) and Katarina Hit (25) were responsible for almost all of North Star’s points.

Madison goes on to a semifinal game at 3:15pm Central on Saturday, where they’ll face the winner of Friday evening’s Minnesota / Detroit bout. North Star is headed to a consolation-bracket bout against Arch Rival at 10am on Saturday. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Archived DNN textcast | Unofficial stats (courtesy N8)

Opening Round: 7NC Minnesota 144, 10NC Omaha 41 — Minnesota made sure the weekend wouldn’t start with two upsets in a row, jumping all over bottom seed Omaha for an early 38-0 lead on the way to a 103-point victory.

Minnesota took the lead on a 2-0 Lex’i Cuter jam in the second jam, and Venus Thightrap followed with a huge 23-0 powerjam as Minnesota brought the pack to a crawl to capitalize the on the unopposed action. After 12 minutes, Omaha finally got on the board in a 1-0 jam for Anna Maniac, but by that time Minnesota was up 38-1, and it was only a momentary respite from MNRG’s attack. A Susie Smashbox 15-0 had the St. Paul girls up 53-1 halfway through the opening 30 minutes. Omaha broke into the double digits with about 8 minutes left to play at 67-11, but points continued to be hard to come by for Omaha while Minnesota blockers consistently bounced their jammer backwards through the pack. At the break, Minnesota had a comfortable lead at 83-15.

While Omaha had more offense in the second half, they were never able to mount any serious resistance to the much more experienced MNRG crew. Minnesota’s lead just kept going up and finally broke triple digits on the final jam, 144-41.

Minnesota advances to play 2nd seed Detroit at 5pm Central on Friday. Omaha goes to the consolation rounds and will face the loser of Cincinnati vs. Brewcity at 11:45am on Saturday. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Archived DNN textcast

Opening Round: 9NC Naptown 119, 8NC Arch Rival 71 — In a minor upset to kick off the tournament, Indianapolis’ Naptown buried Arch Rival under a first-half avalanche to take a 71-15 lead in the first 30 minutes and were able to use that point cushion to keep Arch Rival at arm’s length through the second half.

Arch Rival took the lead first here on a 4-0 for South City Shiner, but Naptown brought it hard in response, exploiting a few lopsided powerjams to put up big scores. They had a 35-1 run in response to ARRG’s opening salvo, as Arch Rival found themselves having a lot of trouble handling the speed of Naptown jammer Willa Hoeflinch when married to some extremely slow play from the Naptown pack. Even when Arch Rival got their offense going again, Naptown was still extending the lead. With about ten minutes left to play in the half, Naptown was up 58-15.

The St. Louis crew seemed to catch a break when Naptown lost their jammer Willa Hoeflinch against key Arch Rival jammer Artemischief, but Artemischief couldn’t get through an unopposed pass before getting sent to the box herself, costing Arch a much-needed chance to cut into the lead. ARRG was shut out for the last ten minutes of the half, while Naptown nickel and dimed their lead up to 71-15 at the break.

Arch Rival got a little help from Naptown penalty trouble in the first few minutes of the second half, and managed to double their score early on, with the score 81-31 with 22 minutes to play. While Arch Rival stayed right with Naptown for the majority of the half and had a few solid runs to cut a little bit off the lead, Naptown was never in serious danger of losing the advantage. At about the 10 minute mark, they passed the century mark at 102-57 and held on for the win.

Naptown advances to play top seed Windy City at 3:15pm Central; Arch Rival will play again at 10am Saturday against the loser of Madison vs. North Star. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Archived DNN textcast