Weekend in Review, 9/13/2010

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WFTDA Sanctioned

2010 WFTDA North Central Playoffs — As expected, top seed Windy City rolled to a second victory in the regional playoffs, but their road there wasn’t as smooth as it was last year. After knocking off 9 seed Naptown 177-85 in the quarterfinals, they went back and forth for nearly the whole bout with 4 seed Cincinnati before finally taking over in the last 15 minutes to win 172-147.

In the tournament final, Windy City faced an unexpected opponent in 7 seed Minnesota, who had shocked both 2 seed Detroit (118-99) and 3 seed Madison (119-107) with big second-half comebacks in each game. Though Windy City solidly defeated Minnesota 132-82, Minnesota will be advancing to the WFTDA Championships for the first time.

Third place went to Madison, who fended off a strong challenge from Cincinnati, 165-143. Madison will also advance to the November 5-7 WFTDA Championship tournament in Chicago, IL.

9 seed Naptown and 10 seed Omaha improved their standings after the consolation bouts, finishing 6th and 9th respectively, while 2 seed Detroit (5th place), 6 seed North Star (7th place), 5 seed Brewcity (8th place) and 8 seed Arch Rival (last place) all slipped a little bit. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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Dutchland 158, Providence 85 — Fans were given a preview Saturday night of Game #1 of WFTDA’s East Region Tournament, Derby in the Burbs, as Dutchland hosted Providence for WFTDA sanctioned action.  The game was scheduled prior to the teams securing consecutive WFTDA East Region ranking spots with Dutchland at #9 and Providence at #8.  In the end, Dutchland achieved a rankings upset, beating Providence 158-85.

Providence took an early lead with jammer Craisy Dukes going 5-0 over Dutchland’s Skid Ho. Sukkubus Strixe, a recent transfer from Lehigh Valley, took the star for Dutchland next and managed to squeeze out 5 points before being sent to the box on a major track cut. Strong defense from the Dutchland pack held Providence’s Jetta Von Diesel to 2 points. 

Over the next several jams, Providence maintained the lead with Dutchland hovering behind. In jam 7, Dutchland’s Nash Villain was able to shut out Baby Fighterfly of Providence 10-0, putting Dutchland in the lead 26-23. Over the next 4 jams, Providence put 5 more points on the board, thanks to a single grand slam by Baby Fighterfly, while Dutchland tacked on another 22 including 14 points by White Thrash in jam 12, leaving the score 48-28.  Unfortunately, Providence captain and key blocker Hot Sauce sustained an ankle injury in jam 12 and did not return to the game.  Over the 5 remaining jams of the period, Dutchland continued to build their lead, going 19-8 over Providence. The halftime score stood at 67-36.

Dutchland picked up where they left off in period 2 with Skid Ho grabbing 5-0 over Providence’s Leonardo DeCapitator followed by Sukkubus Strixe’s 13-4 over Jetta Von Diesel. Strixe then returned in jam 5 to lay down 14-2 over Von Diesel. Providence gained some momentum while Nash Villain was boxed in jams 6 and 7 with Ruca A. Salt grabbing 12 and Sweet Tease 10, but Nash was sprung from the box and picked up an impressive 15 points leaving the score 125-70.

Over the next 6 jams, Providence jammers were shut out, with the exception of Craisy Dukes. She grabbed 4 points before being sent to the box for an IP major after removing her mouthguard on the track; a second devastating IP major was then assigned when she removed her helmet prior to entering the box.  Dutchland was up 146-74 by that point, and the final few jams played out evenly for a 158-85 final in Dutchland’s favor.

MVP’s were Craisy Dukes for Providence and Spinal Snap for Dutchland. — Josie Cuervo

WFTDA Sanctioned | General Interleague | Banked Track

General Interleague

#9 Charm City 159, #15 San Diego 73 — The non-WFTDA San Diego Wildfires got their first bout against an unofficial top-ten WFTDA team, but suffered from immense jammer penalty trouble for nearly the whole bout and were unable to seriously threaten home team Charm City, going down to a 86-point loss.

Although San Diego’s Steely Jan picked up lead jammer in the opening frame, she’d be sent to the box on a cut before completing her first opening pass, presaging similar troubles later on. The opener instead went 13-3 for Charm City’s Just Carol, and on the following set Flo Shizzle and Kiki DiAzz got to play musical chairs, with both going to the box in what ended up as a 4-1 to Flo, putting Charm City up 17-4.

At the midpoint of the half, San Diego was still trying to break out of the single digits at 36-9, and finally got a solid jam out of Kiki DiAzz, who picked up 8-0 with opposing jammer IM Pain boxed. SD’s Bonnie D. Stroir added a 5-0 to follow up to make it 36-22 with about 11 left in the half, but Charm’s defense — and San Diego’s penalty box — blanked San Diego for the last ten minutes, leading to a 66-22 score at halftime.

Just as in the first jam of the game, San Diego’s Steely Jan got lead but ended up in the box during her opening pass, and Charm City’s IM Pain rolled up even more points this time, dropping a 20-2. With the score 86-24, the rout was on in earnest.

About halfway through the final 30, Charm City started putting in usual blocker Dolly Rocket for a few jams, and they paid off, with a 15-0 for Dolly followed by a 10-0 for Joy Collision to move the score to 127-40 with 13:51 to play. San Diego didn’t give up any more ground from that point on, but the outcome was academic by then.

IM Pain took the Charm City MVP for the second bout in a row, while Steely Jan got it for San Diego. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Full bout video courtesy Tuffnerd Productions (first half) (second half) | Archived DNN textcast

CCRG Night Terrors 171, Roc City 99 — In an undercard bout for the Charm City vs San Diego main event, Charm City local team Night Terrors took over in the second half to deliver a solid win over Rochester, NY’s Roc City all-stars, 171-99.

The Night Terrors fielded a mix of new faces and some returning skaters who played for the original Terrors lineup of 2006 — Joy Collision, who had skated for the Terrors in 2006 and 2007 before switching to the Mobtown Mods in 2008, Dr. Skabs, who also played those years before transferring south to the DC Rollergirls, and Mibbs Breakin’ Ribs, who did not skate but returned to run the Terrors’ bench.

The first half of the bout was fairly evenly matched, with Roc City getting some good contributions from similarly-named jammers Asa Clubs and Jacky Spades, along with Thea Pocalypse. The first two jams both went 4-4, but the Terrors established a third-jam lead at 17-12 that they never lost.

For most of the half, Roc City hovered about 20 points behind the home team. They narrowed it to 9 points at the 9:24 mark with a 7-0 for Thea Pocalypse followed by a 6-4 jam between Jacky Spades and Nuckin Futz, but the Terrors played a textbook slow pack on a powerjam for LA Riot to give her a 17-0 and open up a 68-42 lead. At the break, the Terrors were up 76-55.

There was a scary moment on the second half’s first jam when the Terrors’ jammer Nuckin Futz tripped over a downed skater and went down very hard, but she was able to call the jam before a short injury timeout, and returned later in the game. At about 10 minutes in, Roc City lost their jammer on three consecutive jams and the Terrors made them pay for it — 14-0 to LA Riot, 10-0 to Dr. Skabs and a back-breaking 25-0 for Nuckin Futz.

That made it 134-61 with 17 minutes to play, and the Terrors lead got as big as 90 points at 159-69 after a 12-0 for Tamurai Sword in her debut bout with 10 minutes left to play. Roc City didn’t let the Terrors increase the lead after that point, and managed to cut a little off the margin by the end, losing by 72 points. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Full bout video courtesy Tuffnerd Productions (first half) (second half) | Archived DNN textcast

#15 San Diego 112, Harm City 94 — After taking a tough loss to #9 Charm City on Saturday night, San Diego played a very rare and much closer men vs women bout against Men’s Derby Coalition team Harm City Homicide on Sunday afternoon. Homicide held a small lead at the halftime, but San Diego played a more effective second half to get out of the weekend with a 1-1 record.

The opening jam went 4-0 for Justice Feelgood Marshall over Kiki DiAzz, but San Diego’s defense was all over the next Homicide jammer Abe Froman, and SDDD’s Steely Jan was able to pick 17 before Abe finally got lead and called it.

Harm City was able to stay with San Diego over the next couple jams, and retook the lead on a full-length jam between Justice Feelgood Marshall and Steely Jan, where Steely got boxed and Harm City picked up a 13-4 win to make the score 28-22 in favor of the boys.

Homicide’s lead got to 9 points at 37-28 before SDDD jammer Lila Monster tied it at 37-37 with about 15 minutes to play in the half, at which point San Diego’s Trish the Dish was ejected on gross misconduct for trying to pull down Homicide jammer Abe Froman.

Homicide took the lead back following that jam and kept the margin at around ten points for most of the rest of the half, though they were only up 72-68 at the break.

The second half was shortened to 20 minutes due to a time crunch, but San Diego’s halftime adjustments saw them switching to a much more positional game and it paid off for them. Homicide was blanked for the first five jams of the half, and San Diego went on a 33-9 run to open up a 101-81 lead with about six minutes left to play.

Homicide caught a tough break here when Justice Feelgood got the first lead call of the half for Harm City and lapped Kiki Diazz, but got his skate hopelessly caught in the track rope before starting a second pass, causing the jam to be called for safety. It was 101-85 there, and Virginia Slim added a 4-0 next to put Harm City within striking distance at 101-89 with only enough time for two more jams.

The first went 0-0, and the last one would be between Justice Feelgood Marshall and Bonnie D. Stroir. Justice got a quick lead on an apex jump, but was tied up during his opening scoring pass while Bonnie was able to catch up and pass, eventually leading to a concession at 11-5 for San Diego and an 18-point win for the visiting ladies. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Archived DNN textcast

Circle City 191, Stateline 50 – The Socialites of Indianapolis ended their 2010 season on a high note on September 11 in Beloit, Wisconsin, where they trounced the Stateline Derby Divas.

Stateline was aided by a few players from other teams, including Holly Hotwheel and Tekillya Shot from Iowa and the not-soon-forgotten Sugar N’ Slice from the Quad City Rollers (who earned the Socialites’ vote for MVP Jammer when the two teams played in May).

The Socialites dominated from the start, with Socialite jammer Robin Sock’Em taking a couple whips from Beattie Sedgwick to chalk up an easy four points. The Socialites’ Liberty Spykes then scored 15 points (assisted by Shock Hop’s quick footwork and hard hits) and Roll-R-Damage earned 16 points (while Ho CrackHer kept the Diva jammer under control with hip checks).

The Derby Divas’ luck finally changed when Socialite jammer Polly Dent got sent to the box on a major track cut and Diva jammer Sugar N’ Slice power-jammed to rack up the first 10 points of the game, making their devoted crowd go wild. (Later, Polly Dent, a strong blocker for the Socialites, got to prove serious jammer skills when she racked up 20 points on a power jam). But Indianapolis stayed strong, with Socialite blocker Faye Stunaway’s legendary hits frequently sending Divas to the floor. By halftime, the score was 121-13, Socialites.

The ladies of Beloit came back fighting, and in one exciting jam, Diva jammer Daft Spunk got the crowd roaring with some fist pumping as she won lead jammer and five points for her team. Meanwhile, the Socialites experimented with unusual jammers and tricks, like a whirl-around backwards whip from Ionic Bondage to Roll-R Damage, and a jammer baby – Roll R-Damage reached between her legs to pull jammer Robin Sock’Em through, making Robin lose her helmet cover but resulting in the moment everyone wanted pictures of. -– Jackie Bauer

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Banked Track

LA Ri-ettes 187, Tucson Iron Curtain 73 — The LA Derby Dolls’ Ri-ettes produced a plethora of points at the Doll Factory Saturday night, routing Tucson’s Iron Curtain 187-73 in a banked-track exhibition.

LA’s all-star contingent blazed their way to way to an instantaneous lead that they would never relinquish.  Lace ‘n’ Arsenic and V. Lee each racked early nine-pointers, and the Ri-ettes led Tucson by 23 before their opponents could muster a single point.  DeRanged and Psycho Babble (guest skaters from Rocky Mountain Rollergirls) helped get the Iron Curtain on the board with a five-point jam apiece, but the Ri-ettes still enjoyed a robust 40-10 edge by quarter’s end.

The second quarter saw the Ri-ettes stretch their advantage, despite valiant efforts by an Iron Curtain defense organized by guest skater Demanda Riot of Bay Area Derby Girls. Veteran LA stars Gori Spelling and Laguna Beyatch helped the Ri-ettes run up the score, but the quarter belonged to Lace ‘n’ Arsenic.  Lacey netted twenty-seven points in the second stanza alone, staking LA to a 76-23 halftime lead.

The Iron Curtain’s standout jammer, DeRanged, gave her team some hope, racking fifteen points in the half’s first jam en route to a twenty-six-point quarter.  Her fine efforts made the third quartile roughly a stalemate, but the Ri-ettes still enjoyed a lusty 120-58 advantage going into the fourth.

Long Island Lolita’s gutsy eight-point jam early in the final quarter snuffed any glimmer of a Tucson comeback.  As the bout wound down, blocking stalwart Krissy Krash donned the starred helmet and smoked the Curtain pack thrice before calling the jam with a spin move that brought the Doll Factory throng to its feet.  Matters ended as they had begun, with top-scoring jammer Lace ‘n’ Arsenic ghosting her way through the Tucson defenders to put a final flourish on the Ri-ettes’ emphatic victory. — DF

Full bout video: First Half (Part 1), First Half (Part Two), Second Half | Photo gallery from LA Derby Dolls