2010 East Region Playoffs Recaps

2010 East Region Playoffs Recaps Carolina blocker Jojo Gadget goes in for a hit on DC Jammer Small Frye. Photo: James Calder

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Championship: 1E Gotham 133, 2E Philly 103 — After losing the 2009 East Regional final to Philly, Gotham was clearly on a mission for a different outcome this time. While Philly was able to put up a better fight than any of Gotham’s previous 2010 opponents, Gotham was sitting on a 90 point lead with about 10 minutes to play. However, the final score ended up not reflecting Gotham’s dominance for the majority of the bout, as a stunning 64-4 run for Philly in the last few jams erased two-thirds of that lead.

Like last year’s meeting, this was easily the highest-tempo game of the tournament weekend. Packs often raced at near jammer speeds, making it very difficult for jammers to take more than one scoring pass.

After an scoreless opener, the second jam started with a full 40 seconds between the pack and jammer whistle as neither team was willing to give up their position in the back of the pack. When Suzy Hotrod and Mo Pain were finally released, Suzy drew first blood but couldn’t finish her scoring pass before the return of Mo Pain and pulled a 2-0.

Though Philly got on the board early with a 2-0 and 2-1 jam, Gotham shut them out on the next five jams and scored on each to go up 22-4. Philly caught a break at that point when a rare Gotham jammer penalty on Hyper Lynx gave Philly’s Shenita Stretcher a path to a 13-0 and a new score of 22-17 Gotham. Philly’s following jammer Glorida Grindem was boxed during the following jam, but Philly absolutely abused Hyper Lynx with some very sharp-angle hits to rescue the jam at 4-3 Gotham. As the clock counted down to about 10 minutes, Philly was right on their longtime rivals at 28-21.

Philly lost a bit of an opportunity when Teflon Donna took a lead jammer status over a trapped Suzy Hotrod, but Tef back-blocked in a failed apex jump and was boxed in a jam that ended up turning out 10-3 for Suzy. From that point on, Philly was unable to get anything going offensively in the half — even with getting lead jammer in the final couple of jams, they only ended up with a 2-2 tie and a 2-0 loss. At the break, Gotham was holding a much more sizable lead than they’d had in the previous year’s matchup, 65-28.

Although Philly played Gotham almost evenly for the first five jams of the second half, they once again got in trouble following a jammer penalty. This time It was Elle Viento boxed on a fourth minor, leading to a 9-0 for Bonnie Thunders followed by 5-1 Swede Hurt, 6-0 Hyper Lynx and 9-0 Suzy Hotrod. Gotham broke triple digits there at 105-37 with about 15 minutes to play.

It got as dire as 129-39 for Philly before an improbable late-game collapse from Gotham led to three late-game powerjams for Philly and made the last 10 minutes of the game look much different than the previous half-hour. Gotham jammer Swede Hurt spent a minute in the penalty box and immediately returned to it upon being released; with Gotham also dealing with a lopsided pack situation, Philly turned those 2 minutes into a 25-0 for Teflon Donna and a 15-0 for Mo Pain. That nearly doubled Philly’s score at 129-83, and Bonnie Thunders had to use her lead jammer status for a 0-0 next.

After yet another huge Philly powerjam — this one 15-0 to Shenita Stretcher as Gotham’s Papierschnitt was boxed –Philly called their second-to-last timeout with 47 seconds left and the score 129-98, hoping for a miracle. Things went their way in the opening pass as Mo Pain got lead jammer status and Bonnie Thunders got her star knocked off her helmet during her opening pass. But Mo Pain let the period time expire instead of calling the jam with a few points, meaning Philly had to pick up all 31 points in the remaining time — a little too much to hope for. That final jam went 5-4 for Mo Pain for a final score that had seemed impossible just a few minutes ago: Gotham 133, Philly 103. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Bout Stats (courtesy N8 and Miranda Wrights) | Archived DNN Textcast

Third Place Bout: 4E Charm City 162, 3E Boston 128 — This bout for third place would determine who would go on to Nationals in Chicago and who would stay home. The entire bout featured fast and furious jams, small packs, open lanes, and huge hits. Both teams began conservatively with Boston’s starting 7-0 run answered by Charm’s 8-0. Charm City’s co-captain Just Carol, who had an amazing bout, opened up the scoring after five minutes with a 17-point powerjam to give Charm a 25-7 lead. Then Krushpuppy dodged behind good blocking by Anna Wrecks’Ya to answer with 14 and narrow the gap to 5 points. Boston’s big blocker Shellby Shattered followed up by clearing the way for Sugar Hits to bring the Massacre within 1. Boston captain Claire D. Way then recaptured the lead with a 9-point powerjam.

Charm City fought their way back incrementally until the midway-point of the half. With skaters all over the place on the track and in the box, Lady Quebeaum blew up for a 17-point powerjam and a 50-43 recapture of the lead. Boston began to take advantage of the swift, shorthanded packs of Baltimore to even the score again at 50. Joy Collision and Holly Gohardly played great penalty-killing defense, however, and Holden Grudges retook the lead at 55-50. Allie B. Back’s great balance enabled her to achieve a one-legged lead-jam status and stretched the lead to 9.

The agile Krushpuppy slalomed through for 8 points to close the gap to 4 with a minute to play. Then, Charm pulled a sudden jammer-switch and Joy Collision flew ahead. Sugar Hits matched her stride for stride until she met up with a huge upper-body hit by Dolly Rocket which brought the stretcher out onto the floor. Thankfully, it left empty, and Sugar Hits walked off with her team to the locker room, down 78-73.

Boston was within just one point at 78-77 after the second half’s first scoring jam, but never retook the lead. The score was 112-89 Charm with just under a quarter to go when Boston apparently got crossed up on their bench and failed to put a skater on the jammer line. An unopposed Just Carol took the lead up 10 points more.

As Lois Carmen Dominator and Anita Bangher held a great front line for the Massacre, Krushpuppy was able to get 9 back to bring the deficit down to 33 with 11 minutes to go. Five minutes later, Claire D. Way attempted to call off her jam after Boston got within 29, but no whistle was blown and, though she removed her star and skated off the track, a heads-up Just Carol kept going and scored 9 on a mostly-empty track.

With three minutes remaining, I.M. Pain played good jammer-on-jammer defense on Claire D. Way as both skaters ran up points against small packs and two minutes later the score was 162-120, Charm. The last minutes featured some confusion, fouling-out, official conferences, and a desperate one-second-remaining Boston time-out, but this story had been told. Despite there being many penalties, Charm had avoided giving up a single powerjam to Boston in the half and, with a 162-128 victory, was headed to Nationals. – Michael Frighten’d

Bout Stats (courtesy N8 and Miranda Wrights) | Archived DNN Textcast

5th Place: 5E Steel City 151, 7E Carolina 121 — A bout that told two very different stories in two halves began with 4 major penalties in the first jam, foreshadowing the first-half story. Carolina captain Holly Wanna Crackya opened what would be a dominating half of scoring with 9 points on a powerjam and Eris Discordia kept it going with fleet feet, leading to a 16-4 early Carolina lead. Two jams later, Steel City’s Hurricane Heather found herself in the penalty box for the second time in as many jams and a great block by Ms. Anthrope the Mordant on Damage Dahl freed Holly Wanna Crackya for 15. Pittsburgh, reeling from this relentless onslaught, recovered somewhat a third of the way through the half as The Shocker absorbed big hits from JoJo Gadget and Elka Meano to get 11 back while Athena controlled Celia Fate.

The momentum shift was short-lived as The Shocker went to the box at the end of the jam setting Holly Wanna Crackya up for a 14-point powerjam. With the Carolina lead at 30, Bonecrusher and Athena kept Celia Fate under control during yet another powerjam, drawing their own jammer penalty with a signature “Steel Curtain” four-skater wall. ‘Snot Rocket Science capitalized for Steel City with 19 points despite JoJo Gadget’s heroic solo-work on defense. This closed the gap to 49-43 Carolina.

Some confusion then caused Hurricane Heather to not get to the jammer line in time, and Holly Wanna Crackya began with another powerjam. She eventually finished with 13 despite being on the low end of a high-low block with DVS on a collapsing Athena. The half closed with another 19 from Holly Wanna Crackya, who totaled 79 for the first 15 minutes, as JoJo Gadget flattened both The Crippler and Ally McKill. After 10 powerjams in the half, Carolina had a surprising 101-55 lead.

Carolina’s lead peaked at 111-63 two minutes into the second half. A strange decision there may have caused momentum to shift. Pink Slip, jamming for Carolina, captured lead jammer but was outskated by ‘Snot Rocket Science. Looking to the bench for the expected call-off, she was seemingly told to keep going and Steel City came away with a 9-1 jam. Then Hurricane Heather, looking to have some clean runs around the track, found herself with her own powerjam. Ms. Anthrope the Mordant showed some textbook cross-track blockwork but Heather came away with another 16, narrowing the gap to 112-88.

Three jams later, Ally McKill drew a back block from Eris Discordia while JoJo Gadget was trapped in a Steel City goat pen, and though Ms. Anthrope the Mordant kept Hurricane Heather from capitalizing for more than 5 points, the lead was now down to 15. Then, at the 12-minute mark, Friction VixXxen and Damage Dahl formed a front line that dominated the pack for Steel City and The Shocker struck for 17 points to take the lead at 123-116, but ended the jam in the box.

Carolina looked to get the lead back on the powerjam but ‘Snot Rocket Science, in at blocker, held Holly Wanna Crackya to 5 points preserving the lead. Bonecrusher caused a major cut by Holly Wanna Crackya and Hurricane Heather scored 10 before going to the box herself, but Bonecrusher came up big again and led a defense that kept Carolina off the board. Hurricane Heather returned to play in the next jam and met with good defense by Jesse King until the Carolina blocker was floored by Dresta Kill to give the Steel City jammer enough time to stretch the lead to 143-121.

The final four minutes featured some rough play. As Dresta Kill fouled out, Holly Wanna Crackya desperately dove past Bonecrusher’s and Athena’s back wall and wound up spearing Friction VixXxen as she returned to play. Then, upon returning from the box, the Carolina captain, leaving everything out on the floor, blasted out of the box a bit ahead of ‘Snot Rocket Science for an illegal procedure, and fouled out of the game. ‘Snot Rocket Science decided not to skate out the final 90 seconds seeing as there would be no opposing jammer, much to the displeasure of the crowd. Still, Steel City had completed an amazing 88-10 run led by their blockers, and took home the victory and fifth place at 151-121. – Michael Frighten’d

Bout Stats (courtesy N8 and Miranda Wrights) | Archived DNN Textcast

7th Place Bout: 6E Montreal 271, 8E Providence 38 — After playing the most exciting game of the tourney thus far in a two-point, last-jam nailbiter against Carolina to close Saturday’s action, Montreal seemed to have no interest in creating any more drama. For the second time in the weekend, Montreal defeated an opponent by well over 200 points, but they finished one slot below where they came in.

They blanked Providence for the overwhelming majority of the first half, as a Providence jammer rotation missing the services of Craisy Dukes was having a lot of trouble with hard-hitting Montreal defense. After four jams, Montreal was up 13-2 in this one, at which point Providence jammer Jetta Von Diesel managed to pick up three box trips in the course of two jams, leading to a 14-3 and a 8-0 for Montreal — and it was off to the races for Montreal.

In the half’s 8th jam, Montreal blocker Lil’ Mama was all over Providence jammer The Phury, knocking her to the ground 4 times before Phury finally majored out with a track cut and ended the jam in the box. The sequence went 8-0 to Ewan Wotarmy and then 4-0 to Georgia W. Tush, and the points just kept coming for Montreal. Providence was shut out for 11 jams in a row, during which time Montreal went on a 78-0 run to make the score 109-5 with about five minutes left in the half. At the break, Montreal was up 123-10.

Although there was slightly more offense for Providence in the second half, Montreal didn’t slow down in the least. The second saw a 24-0 Iron Wench jam, a 25-0 Georgia W. Tush jam, and Montreal breaking 200 points with about 15 minutes left in the game. Montreal closed the game on a 57-0 run to win by 233.

Montreal went 2-2 to finish in 7th place; Providence goes 1-3 and ends up in 8th. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Bout Stats (courtesy N8 and Miranda Wrights) | Archived DNN Textcast

9th Place Bout: 10E DC 206, 9E Dutchland 118 — When DC and Dutchland had faced off six months ago in Lancaster, Dutchland delivered a 92 point rout at 156-64. DC repaid the favor at tourney time, though, consigning Dutchland to a winless weekend with an 88-point defeat.

This one started out as a pretty low-scoring contest with Dutchland narrowly in the lead 9-5 after the first six jams, but a 12-0 powerjam win for DC’s Small Frye gave DC the advantage at 17-8 about 8 minutes into the bout. Though it’d take most of the rest of the bout for DC to make their lead insurmountable, they never trailed again.

Dutchland seemed to generally be doing a better job of staying out of the penalty box than they had in their first two bouts and they were pulling the majority of the lead jammer calls in the half, but they were also hampered by questionable timing on calling the jam off. With about 13 minutes left in the half, Dutchland’s Nash Villain had lead jammer but lost a 8-3 jam to Marion Barrycuda; that made the score 46-27.

On the following jam, though, Dutchland got their first big score of the bout when White Thrash rolled for 16-3 while Dutchland’s defense worked over a tiring Roller Rage Rosie. That narrowed the DC advantage to just 49-43, but DC got it all back one jam later as Dutchland’s Skid Ho was boxed as jammer and Sookie Slaughterhouse went 13-0.

With DC up 66-43 one jam later, Dutchland’s odd choices with lead jammer status continued to keep them from fully exploiting their opportunities. DDR’s Sukkubus Strixe had lead jammer and a 4-0 but let the jam keep running long enough for DC to get a full pass, forcing Strixe to go around again to get a 7-4 — and on the following jam, Twisted Scizzors called at 1-0 although she apparently had an advantage on Free Radical. At the half, DC remained in front 83-69.

Over the first 10 minutes of the next half, DC took lead jammer status on 4 out of 6 jams and doubled their lead, pushing it to 117-82 at a Dutchland timeout with 20:44 left in the game. Even when Dutchland was able to start getting some more lead jam calls, the margins didn’t work out in their favor. At about the 15 minute mark, Dutchland’s Subbukus Strixe had lead jammer but picked up a fourth minor in her first scoring pass, leading to a 15-3 win for DC and a score of 142-85 with a quarter of gameplay left. Two jams later, Sookie Slaughterhouse put it away for good with a 24-4 powerjam.

DC finished the weekend 1-2, improving on their original seeding by one; Dutchland was the weekend’s sole winless team and finished in last place. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Bout Stats (courtesy N8 and Miranda Wrights) | Archived DNN Textcast


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Consolation: 7E Carolina 127, 6E Montreal 125 — It took almost two full days for the Eastern Region playoffs to produce a close game and a seeding upset, but it was a memorable one with 10 lead changes — and also a controversial one, as the final jam was bookended by 11 minutes worth of official timeout.

Huge jams for both teams defined the first fifteen minutes of this game, with Carolina’s Holly Wanna Crackya taking 12-0 win on the opener over Iron Wench, but Montreal’s Georgia W. Tush answering with 24-0 and 13-4 jams over Eris Discordia. After the second of those, Montreal held a 20 point lead at 41-21.

Montreal’s offense went mostly cold over the next six jams, with only a 4-0 to Ewan Wotarmy increasing their total. Carolina nicked away until they were down by just 5 at 45-40 with about 13 minutes left in the half, and then got a bit of a break when Ewan Wotarmy was sent to the box on a controversial track cut, allowing Eris to make back part of her point differential with an athletic 18-0. That put Carolina back in the lead for the first time since the second jam, 58-45.

That lead lasted about two minutes, as Montreal’s Iron Wench got her first big jam of the game with a 20-0 over a boxed Celia Fate and put Montreal up 65-58 with just under eight minutes left in the half. Once again, Carolina managed to consistently nab lead jammer status, with three LJs in a row leading to a 4-0, 3-0, 4-0, 4-0 sequence that put Carolina back in the lead again, 71-68, with just about two minutes in the half.

The final two jams of the half saw two major missed opportunities for Montreal. Eris Discordia went to the penalty box in consecutive jams, but they went 0-0 and 5-4 Carolina. At the break, Carolina had a tiny lead at 76-72.

On the second jam of the second half, Montreal regained the lead but lost it before the end of the jam when it closed at 78-77. The Carolina lead hovered in single digits for the next 15 minutes until finally peaking again at 100-87. Carolina was facing a lopsided pack situation going into the next jam, and Montreal called what turned out to be an effective timeout to prepare. Montreal turned it into a lead jam for Ewan Wotarmy, and exploited the pack advantage to the tune of 20-0 and yet another lead change — 107-100 Montreal with 12 minutes to play.

Just as Carolina had clung jealously to a tiny lead for most of the half, it was Montreal’s turn to hang on. The next three jams were perfectly even at 9-9, 0-0 and 0-0 before Carolina got a powerjam with about 7 minutes left on the clock, and Holly Wanna Crackya turned on the jets for a 13-3 jam that put Carolina in front at 122-116 with 5:30 left in the bout’s 8th lead change.

Smack Daddy bit into the lead with a 3-0, and Ewan Wotarmy somehow managed to keep her balance long enough for lead and a 2-0 … narrowing the Carolina lead to just 1 point at 122-121 with 3 minutes left to play. Carolina called their final timeout here.

The next jam went scoreless, and with 1:36 to play, Montreal also took their final timeout to talk it over. Iron Wench and Holly Wanna Crackya went at 3-3 packs, and Wench got lead and had to chase down a very fast pack of Carolina skaters — but the pack split as Carolina ran away, forcing their blockers to let Wench through. She called with 4-0 and about 37 seconds left on the clock, putting Montreal ahead yet again at 125-122.

But because there were more than 30 seconds left in the game, there would be one final jam — after a 7 minute referee timeout to figure out a complicated penalty box situation. That last jam saw Carolina put up Holly again against Smack Daddy for Montreal. Holly got the critical lead jammer status that Carolina needed, but Smack Daddy wasn’t too far behind and closed the gap even further when Holly nearly lost her footing on the race back to the pack. Both jammers entered the pack together, with Holly flying around the outside of turn 4 while Smack tried to take the inside — but Smack was sent to the box mid-pass for a track cut, and Holly called it at that point.

This would lead to yet another lengthy referee timeout while the scoring for that pass was worked out. Four minutes of conferencing later, the final decision was announced — 5-0 Carolina — and Carolina took a dramatic 127-125 win. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Bout Stats (courtesy N8 and Miranda Wrights) | Archived DNN Textcast

Consolation: 5E Steel City 189, 8E Providence 90 — A penalty-filled bout which featured a new WFTDA tournament scoring record began quietly as Steel City unveiled a patient clock-control strategy. In the second jam, after Providence’s Baby Fighterfly skated clear of Athena’s booty blocking and got through the pack, lead jammer Hurricane Heather, having scored 15 points, spent the remainder of the 2 minutes personally preventing her from rejoining the pack. Steel City’s Cheeseburger followed suit with total jammer-on-jammer defense on The Phury until the Pittsburgh penalty box cleared and Dresta Kill took over.

Despite beginning in a 24-0 hole, Providence fought back, with Rhode Kill scoring an unanswered 14 on a powerjam as both boxes started to fill. The Riveters kept it close until just past the midpoint of the half when Pittsburgh’s ‘Snot Rocket Science shot through the inside for 12 while Dresta Kill continued to frustrate The Phury despite a pack disadvantage. In the following jam, however, Rhode Island took their turn at a full box and Hurricane Heather took advantage in record-setting fashion. The dreadlocked speed- and dance-skater rode that powerjam for an incredible 35 points, a new record for WFTDA tournament play, and the score blew up to 80-23 Steel City.

‘Snot Rocket Science drew oohs and aahs from the crowd with a pair of spins to avoid going out of bounds on consecutive hits and scored another 14 to give Pittsburgh a 71-point lead. In the penultimate jam of the half, Rhode Kill and Shelby Bruisin reasserted Providence’s defensive chops, keeping The Shocker under control while Leonardo DiCapitator called off her powerjam with 4 points. The speedy Phury took to the line to close out the half on the continued powerjam but a very fast defensive line of J-Bomb, Damage Dahl, and Dresta Kill kept her off the board, as the Steel Hurtin’ defense had done for 13 of 18 jams of the half, and the score sat at 105-27.

Shelby Bruisin and Rhode Kill kept up their yeoman’s work on the back wall but Dresta Kill, Damage Dahl, and Bonecrusher held out longer at the front and ‘Snot Rocket Science beat The Phury 15-0 to begin the second half. Penalties continued to mount for both squads and Jetta von Diesel capitalized for Providence, answering for 13 points to bring the score to 120-40. Baby Fighterfly used her plus speed and agility to take on a shorthanded Steel Hurtin’ front line, leaping over Bonecrusher’s block on the inside. The Steel City co-captain was having none of that the second time the flying Baby Fighterfly went to that well and completely flattened her after she’d closed the gap to 131-61.

Play continued with shorthanded, loose packs for both sides. The Shocker shrugged off multiple hits as Damage Dahl came to the fore, playing great penalty-killing defense while her teammate Friction VixXxen fouled out. With the score 151-75, the diminutive Mean Burrito dipped and dodged through the open pack for 19 points, a run ended definitively by a big hit from Providence’s co-captain Hot Sauce. Two jams later, The Shocker sped through the pack but a minor track-cut kept her from lead jammer. With The Phury only needing to clear the pack to gain lead and end the scoring, Bonecrusher kept her under wraps until her teammate had scored an “organic” grand-slam. Mean Burrito’s patient jammer-play ended the game with 10 more points and a final of 189-90.

Steel Hurtin’ goes on to take on the winner of Montreal-Carolina for fifth place in the tourney. – Michael Frighten’d

Bout Stats | Archived DNN Textcast

Semifinal: 2E Philly 162, 3E Boston 56 — This bout bore a mild resemblance to Boston’s June bout against Rose City, as Boston put in an impressive first-half performance against a higher-ranked opponent but was severely outplayed in the second half.

Boston stuck with Philly for most of the first 30 minutes in this one, seemingly inspired by a crowd more animated than it had been at any point previously in the weekend. With 19 minutes to play in the first half, they were only down 21-11 — but a jammer penalty on Boston’s Claire D. Way opened the door for a 20-0 jam from Philly’s Teflon Donna that nearly doubled their score.

One jam later it was 44-11 Philly, but at the 15 minute mark it was Boston’s Lil Paine taking complete advantage of a Philly defensive collapse on a Boston powerjam. Paine found tiny space between Philly blockers on pass after pass, getting back many of those points with a 22-4 jam to make it a tight game again at 48-33 Philly.

Philly took a timeout here at the 13:30 minute mark, but couldn’t regain momentum quite yet. After a Philly 3-0, Shelby Shattered and Claire D. Way locked down on Philly jammer Mo Pain, keeping her stuck long enough for Killary Clinton to take 5-0 and make the score 51-38 at the ten minute mark. The teams continued to trade jam wins and ties, leaving the score 61-45 Philly with just under 5 minutes to play.

Boston had another opportunity when PRG jammer Shenita Stretcher got boxed on an opening-pass track cut, but Philly killed the penalty perfectly, punctuated by a major takeout of Boston jammer Lil Paine by Castro. In the end it’d go 5-0 to Shenita, who put an apex-jump exclamation point on it. When that was immediately followed by a successful 15-0 powerjam for Mo Pain on the final jam of the half, Philly finally had solidly regained the momentum. They claimed their largest lead of the bout in the half’s last seconds, 81-45.

The second half didn’t bear too much resemblance to the first, as Philly dominated the first 15 minutes of the half to go up 122-51, and Boston only got on the board in five jams. After a tough first half, Philly cruised through the second, scoring the same amount of points they’d scored in the first but holding Boston to just 11.

The result makes the final two games of the 2010 Eastern Region Playoffs both rematches, as Philly takes on Gotham in the final and Boston faces Charm City in the third-place game. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Bout Stats (courtesy N8 and Miranda Wrights) | Archived DNN Textcast

Semifinal: 1E Gotham 223, 4E Charm City 86 — Although it took longer than usual for Gotham to take control of this bout, and Charm City looked like they had a reasonable shot at a huge upset fairly late into the first half, a huge 30-0 jam for Bonnie Thunders with about 7 minutes to play in the first half changed a 55-50 nailbiter into another blowout win for Gotham. The 137-point margin of Gotham’s win was extremely similar to their 126-point win when the teams met earlier this year in April.

For the first twenty minutes or so, Charm City was having a lot of success forcing Gotham into playing Charm’s trademark slow, grinding game. Many jams saw nearly stopped pack work as jammers had to claw their way through for punishing passes. Charm City held a lead for exactly one jam at 3-0 before they lost it for good at 4-3 on the following jam, though they hung around for quite awhile. In the first half, lead jammer calls were fairly even with 7 going to Charm and 9 going to Gotham.

With about 15 minutes to play in the first half, the score was 42-33 favoring Gotham when three big jams changed the game for good. First off, Gotham’s Suzy Hotrod was able to pull a 13-0 and threaten to pull away at 55-33, but two jams later, Charm City’s Dolly Rocket went in for a rare turn with the jam star. She ended up getting Charm’s biggest jam win of the game when opposing jammer Suzy Hotrod went to the box and Dolly hopped her way to a 17-0 — but it ended with a back block. Charm had closed the game to 55-50, but they got no closer. On the subsequent powerjam, Bonnie Thunders ended up with a full two minutes to play as Dolly went right back to the box upon getting out. Charm City only had two blockers on the track, and Bonnie made short work of a strung-out Thoroughbled and Holly Go Hardly to rack 30.

In the two remaining jams of the half, Suzy Hotrod pulled 9-0 and Bonnie Thunders got a 10-2 to leave Charm City doubled up at the break, 104-52.

Gotham dominated lead jammer status in the second half, 14-5. That resulted in a lot of shutout jams against Charm City. The Baltimore crew was blanked slightly more often than they scored, and even when they did, they were rarely able to win jams. Only two jams in the half went in Charm’s favor, and they also suffered a significant loss when standout jammer I.M. Pain went down with an apparent injury to her right leg and was removed by stretcher. The extent of her injury was not known at the end of the game.

Gotham advances to the Eastern Region championship bout for the 4th out of 4 times; Charm City will appear in the third-place game for the second year in a row. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Bout Stats (courtesy N8 and Miranda Wrights) | Archived DNN Textcast

Consolation: 6E Montreal 297, 9E Dutchland 32 — After an unsuccessful outing in the Friday quarterfinals against Boston, Montreal took out some frustration on Dutchland, getting 90 points on the board before Dutchland broke into double digits.

As had been the case in Dutchland’s first bout against Providence, they were consistently hamstrung by penalties to jammers and blockers alike that gave the opposing team significant numbers advantages throughout.

After the teams traded jam wins in the opening two jams, Montreal jammer Georgia W. Tush had a lot of open space to look at when a huge amount of penalties left only Tush, two Montreal blockers and one Dutchland blocker on the track. That 19-2 win for Montreal gave them a 28-5 lead about five minutes into the game.

While Dutchland was able to hold Montreal to 4 points or less for the next six jams, Dutchland only got on the board once in that sequence with a 3-0. Montreal had pushed their lead to 42-8 and then landed a series of big wins on powerjams that put the game away early. 10-0 to Iron Wench, 10-0 to Ewan Wotarmy and 14-0 to emerging jammer Lil’ Mama, followed by a 10-0 for Wench while Sukkubus Strixe was tied up by Montreal defense, had Montreal up by an overwhelming 86-8 with 10 minutes to play in the first half.

Montreal’s defense was particularly effective in the first half, managing to get their jammers multiple passes even when Montreal hadn’t gotten lead jammer status. All three of Montreal’s primary jammers had two or more double-digit jams in the half, and a late-half sequence saw Montreal go 14-0. 19-0 and 20-4 on the way to a dominant halftime score at 150-15.

After Montreal blasted into the second half with a 10-4, 12-0, 22-0 opening sequence, they began to switch up the jammer rotation a little bit by giving turns to Mange Moi el Cul, Smack Daddy, Cheese Grater and Romeo. That didn’t do too much to slow the rate at which Montreal’s lead increased, though. A huge 29-0 from Ewan Wotarmy got Montreal’s margin over 200 points at 243-26 with about 13 minutes to play, and the final score saw Montreal win by 265.

Montreal plays Carolina at 8pm Saturday; the winner will play to the 5th place game. Dutchland plays DC in the 9th place match at 10am on Sunday. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Bout Stats (courtesy N8 and Miranda Wrights) | Archived DNN Textcast

Consolation: 5E Steel City 198, 10E DC 88 — Saturday morning at Eastern Regionals opened with the first bout of the seeding bracket featuring two teams coming off Friday losses. DC began the scoring, striking a stunning early blow on a powerjam as the fleet Small Frye earned a quadruple grand-slam, easily dodging Damage Dahl in the back and the 3-skater Pittsburgh front wall. DC was up 20-0 to start, but Steel City then regained their composure and methodically got themselves back in the game.

WhipSmart! fought off a 3-wide DC front wall to free ‘Snot Rocket Science for Pittsburgh’s first points. J-Bomb, Ally McKill, and Friction VixXxen controlled the DC jammers on consecutive jams as Steel Hurtin’ inched their way back to tie it a 23. DC’s Soledad answered with solid work on Hurricane Heather and the All-Stars regained a 25-24 lead despite the booty-blocking by Athena on Marion Barrycuda at the back of the pack. The Crippler, however, shot through a sudden gap in the next jam to score 4 unanswered points to give Steel City a lead they would never relinquish.

After some close, defensive jams, The Crippler took advantage of a loose pack with her long strides to open the lead to 14 as penalties began to play a major part. With a full DC box, the lightning-fast Hurricane Heather struck for a 27-point powerjam, with Madame Abagael dominating Marion Barrycuda upon her return. A back block by The Shocker opened up another powerjam opportunity for the super-speedy Small Frye, who scored 11 and regained some momentum for DC heading into the final 5 minutes with the board showing an 85-36 score.

With three minutes to go, however, Steel Hurtin’ put on an amazing defensive display with a four-blocker immobile back wall of Athena, Ally McKill, WhipSmart! and Madame Abagael. Unable to adjust to this change in strategy, one DC skater after another went to the penalty box while ‘Snot Rocket Science tallied a backbreaking 30 unanswered points. Mean Burrito followed with a grand slam of her own as the half expired, despite the continued strong hitting by Soledad, and the score was 124-38.

Soledad and Chinese Cheker began the second half anchoring a strong back line and DC played with much better teamwork. Both teams played short, controlled jams with the DC star-bearers winding up on top of a 19-5 9-minute run. Then ‘Snot Rocket Science came up with 17 as a combination of a toe-stop equipment failure and J-Bomb’s blocking kept Marion Barrycuda off the scoreboard. DC’s Roller Rage Rosie answered with a double grand-slam as the huge-hitting Hoova Dayum took out Hurricane Heather whose collected minors sent her to the box.

With the lead holding steady, the final 5 minutes got a bit sloppy with big hits and major penalties and when the final whistle blew, Steel City had come away with a 110-point victory. – Michael Frighten’d

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Quarterfinal: 2E Philly 220, 7E Carolina 34 — These longtime rivals played a high-speed and very dynamic bout — but almost every jam played out to Philly’s advantage. Carolina made Philly work for their passes much more than Providence had been able to do in the previous mismatch against Gotham, but Philly consistently pulled lead jammer status and denied Carolina points. The size and strength of Philly’s big blockers proved to be far too much for the speed and agility of Carolina’s pint-size jammer rotation, and Carolina only scored in three of the first-half jams.

Carolina didn’t get on the board in this one until the 15 minute mark, by which time Philly had already thrown 60 points up on the board — and it was only 1 point for Holly, leaving Philly with a hefty 60-1 advantage. With about 10 minutes left to play in the half, Holly was back to collect Carolina’s first jam win of the game with a 8-0 that ended with a thunderous hit, but that was almost it for Carolina first-half scoring. Philly broke the century mark at 104-9 with about two minutes left in the half, and Eris Discordia managed to nab one point on the half’s last jam to make it 105-10 at the break.

While Carolina scored more often in the second half, the momentum never changed as almost all of Philly’s jammer rotation had at least one double-digit jams to their names.

Philly moves on to face 3 seed Boston in a Saturday semifinal at 4pm; Carolina will play the winner of Saturday’s Dutchland / Montreal bout at 8pm the consolation bracket. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Bout Stats (courtesy N8 and Miranda Wrights) | Archived DNN textcast

Quarterfinal: 1E Gotham 314, 8E Providence 14 — Providence had the bad luck of facing Gotham in the Eastern Region quarterfinals for the second year in a row, and for the second year in a row, Gotham laid a ruthless blowout on them — this time in record-setting fashion, breaking Rocky Mountain’s year-old record for the biggest win in WFTDA tournament history (a 319-27 win over Tucson at 2009 Western Regionals) and also holding Providence to the lowest point total ever in tournament play (one less than Pikes Peak scored in a 198-15 loss to Bay Area at the 2007 Western Regionals.) Providence only scored on 4 of the bout’s jams.

Providence got a bit of a gift on the opening jam when Gotham’s jammer Suzy Hotrod cut her way to the box during her first scoring pass, but even with a minute of Suzy in the box, Gotham’s defense still managed to win the jam 4-3. That was pretty much as good as it got for Providence, as Gotham essentially put the game away in the third and fourth jams with a 25-0 for Suzy Hotrod followed by a 30-0 for Bonnie Thunders to make it 68-3.

Gotham’s lead had hit 100 points in just over 15 minutes at 103-3 with 12:30 left in the first half. Providence got a chance for points when Gotham jammer OMG WTF pulled a back block at the very end of a 9-0. But Ginger Snap, Beatrix Slaughter, Suzy Hotrod just continued the clinic by killing the full minute of OMG’s penalty and then having OMG pass the star to Suzy Hotrod out of the box for a Gotham 7-0.

At halftime Providence had only scored on the first jam of the game, and Gotham had the biggest halftime lead ever in WFTDA tournament play at 189-3, larger than Rocky Mountain’s 142-5 lead over Houston at 2009 Nationals. It wasn’t until the third jam of the second half that Providence finally won a jam and got into double digits at 199-11, but Gotham established a 200 point lead on the next jam and Providence only scored once more and lost by exactly 300 points.

Gotham plays Charm City in the semifinals Saturday at 2PM Eastern. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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Quarterfinal: 3E Boston 147, 6E Montreal 85 — In stark contrast to the previous bout, Boston outsped Montreal in a breakneck-paced, high-flying tussle. After an inspired gossamer double-rainbow introduction by Montreal, Boston came out of the gate with great defense and speedy jamming. For the first 16 jams, Boston took lead jammer 13 times and shut out Montreal in all but two. Lois Carmen Dominator, Shellby Shattered, and Harlot Fevah led the big hitting for Beantown.

Boston jammers led and kept the jams brief until the first powerjam of the bout at the 24-minute mark, where Sugar Hits and Killary Clinton struck for 13 and 15, respectively, opening up a 36-3 lead. Maura Buse, at pivot for Boston and reaching back to whip Sugar Hits, shrugged off and knocked out Montreal’s Cheese Grater, freeing Sugar Hits for a quadruple grand-slam opening up the lead to 60-3 midway through the first half.

Montreal got their first powerjam shortly after and Ewan Wotarmy capitalized for 18 points as the speedy pack screeched to a halt, bringing the score to 60-21. Killary Clinton answered with a 15-point powerjam of her own as Shellby Shattered delivered a huge hit on Cheese Grater. With 3 minutes remaining in the half, the New Skids’ defense asserted itself for a 13-0 run featuring a great last-ditch hit by Rae Volver to keep Boston’s Claire D. Way from lead jam. The half ended with an 88-35 Boston lead.

The second half began with one-pass jams by both teams until the 23-minute mark. Boston’s Lois Carmen Dominator, Harlot Fevah, and Maura Buse heaped a waterfalling defense on Georgia W Tush who then went to the box as Lil’ Paine capitalized with 12 points to bring the lead up to 109-42. Montreal continued to battle, however, as Ewan Wotarmy tallied a double grand-slam, putting a great deke on Lois Carmen Dominator, narrowing the deficit to 60 but that would be as close as they would get.

Lil’ Paine ended any hope of a comeback with a 17-point pinballing powerjam and the Boston defense stayed dominant. With 4 minutes remaining, Ewan Wotarmy took lead jammer then took out Lil’ Paine who was then called for a major cut on her next pass, but the front wall of Lois Carmen Dominator, Pina Collidah, and Harley Quinn simply out-skated the Montreal powerjammer for several laps and she could only come away from the advantage with 5 points – part of a final 23-0 Montreal run that was ultimately too little, too late.

Winners at 147-85, Boston moves on to the semifinals and will face Philly or Carolina at 4pm on Saturday. – Michael Frighten’d

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Quarterfinal: 4E Charm City 181, 5E Steel City 107 — A physically punishing bout saw the favored Charm City end up on top in this battle of “slow game” strategies. Birthday girl Flo Shizzle skated the first high-scoring jam of the bout as Charm’s Holden Grudges banged The Crippler into a back block and Flo Shizzle rode the powerjam for 18 and a 20-6 lead. Then Friction VixXxen answered for Pittsburgh, banging a hole in Baltimore’s wall to free Hurricane Heather for 9 to narrow the early deficit to 5. With seven jammer penalties for both teams over the next seven jams, Steel City’s ‘Snot Rocket Science, Cheeseburger, and The Crippler led a surge to give Steel City the lead at the first-half midpoint, 33-32.

Charm City’s defense reasserted itself, however, as they recovered a full pack. With the score 41-36 Steel City, Dolly Rocket and Joy Collision led a dominating 10-minute, 34-0 point run featuring 19- and 14-point jams by Holden Grudges and Allie B. Back. Now down 89-50 with less than a minute left, Hurricane Heather looked to have a golden opportunity to recapture some momentum. Blockers Ally McKill and WhipSmart! freed a jumping Hurricane Heather for lead jam and 9 points, but then her high block set Allie B. Back up for a 7-point powerjam and end the half at 96-59.

The second half continued Steel Hurtin’s frustration as Hurricane Heather was unable to capitalize on an opening powerjam when Dolly Rocket forced her to cut the track. The match proceeded at a glacial pace as both teams and officials called time-outs on seemingly every other jam which, combined with the slow-moving packs, added to an enervation of a subdued crowd. Flo Shizzle took advantage of a jammer-on-jammer contact penalty by ‘Snot Rocket Science to skate through a 4-2 pack for 13 points and brought the lead up to 121-69. After ‘Snot Rocket Science and Hurricane Heather netted a couple of 4-point jams, Dolly Rocket and Reckless Ndangerment responded, taking turns controlling The Crippler as I.M. Pain skated scot-free through the short, stopped pack for 16 points. Allie B. Back followed two jams later with 14 unanswered points of her own, blowing the lead up to 171-98.

Ultimately, Charm City’s blockers proved to work the slow game better, as, even short-handed, big hitters like Dolly Rocket, Joy Collision, and Holden Grudges still were able to control Steel City’s jammers. Time ticked down in this much-anticipated bout to see a 181-107 victory and a semi-final berth for Charm City. – Michael Frighten’d

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Opening Round: 7E Carolina 164, 10E DC 88 — Bottom seed DC gave Carolina a serious run for their money in the first 30 minutes and held a lead very late in the first half, but a much tighter defensive performance from Carolina in the second half provided a solid margin of victory.

This one started very up-tempo with the packs going at near-jammer speeds in the opening passes, and Carolina took a early timeout after the first three jams spooled out 14-4 in their favor. After the short break, it seemed that Carolina had much better control of the park speed, leading to some DC blockers getting caught 20ft ahead of the pack.

CRG played very effective point denial for the first ten minutes, often going to jammer-on-jammer defense away from the pack usually choosing to call jams before finishing a pass to ensure that DC couldn’t get on the board. It was 25-4 Carolina with about 18 to play in the half before DC finally got a lead jammer back to the pack, but it still went 2-1 Carolina.

DC finally got a clean jam win about 15 minutes in as Marion Barrycuda took 8-0, making it 30-13 and leading to a second Carolina timeout. This time, though, DC kept the momentum, as Soledad and Hoova Dayum were all over Carolina’s jammer Celia Fate while DC jammer Free Radical was able to come around for a grand slam. Both jammers would get boxed in that jam, leading to a full-length 9-0 win for DC and a 30-22 score with 12:35 in the half.

A few jams later, Carolina started to rebuild their lead with the help of a Holly Wanna Crackya light-pack powerjam for 15-0, making it 54-26. But DC answered it immediately and more with a Free Radical 19-0, making it a 9 point game at 54-45. One jam later, DC’s Small Frye skipped her way to a messy but effective 8-0 and made it just a one point game at 54-53.

DC’s blockers had a lock on Carolina’s Eris Discordia for the full two minutes of the next jam, and although DC jammer Marion Barrycuda could only pull out 4, it was enough to give DC their first lead of the game at 57-54 with just seconds left in the half.

DC was on a 31-0 run, but their lead wouldn’t last the half. Carolina got a powerjam on the last frame, opening the door for Holly Wanna Crackya to drop a major momentum-changer with 20-0 as Carolina blockers Deviled Legs and Ms. Anthrope the Mordant were outnumbered but effectively isolated a single opponent in the back. At halftime, the score stood at Carolina 74, DC 57.

Carolina came out of the half with refocused defense, going on a 27-8 run to hit the century mark at 101-65 with 20 minutes left to play. They went back to the hit-and-quit style that had served them well in the beginning of the bout, but didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity for multiple passes when the pack set up correctly — a 10-0 for Pink Slip and a 13-0 for Holly Wanna Crackya dotted a long string of small wins that had Carolina up 126-68 with about 13 minutes left. DC never figured out a way to solve the Carolina defense in the second half, and only had one bright spot in a 14-0 to Small Frye. The half went overwhelmingly to Carolina, 90-31.

Carolina moves on to play 2 seed Philly in Friday’s final game at 8pm. DC will play the loser of Charm City vs. Steel City at 10am Eastern on Saturday. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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Opening Round: 8E Providence 190, 9E Dutchland 134 — Dutchland had routed Providence just two weeks ago in a 158-85 game, but Providence clearly learned something from their loss, dealing Dutchland a similarly-sized defeat in the opening bout of the Eastern Region playoffs.

Providence came out of the gate with a big 18-0 jam that was helped along by nearly the entire Dutchland pack going to the box, leaving jammer Skid Ho to get relentlessly battered by Providence. That quick deficit seemed to stun Dutchland a bit, and they’d fall behind 42-16 in the first ten minutes.

Dutchland finally got something going on a powerjam for White Thrash at about the 15 minute mark — she put up a 14-0 and narrowed the score to 45-32 Providence. One scoreless jam later, Skid Ho got on the board for the first time as the Dutchland pack — and specifically blocker Treasure Chest — had a bead on opposing jammer The Phury. That 12-0 for Skid made it a one point game at 45-44 with ten minutes left in the half.

But as quickly as the Dutchland offense had come together, it was gone again. Dutchland once again was decimated by penalties on the next jam, getting reduced to just one blocker on the track in the form of O’Chit for a momentary 5 on 1 situation. Bleeding Rainbow had plenty of space to match Craisy Dukes’ opening jam with an 18-0 and give Providence some breathing room again at 63-44 with 8 minutes in the half.

Momentum stayed with Providence for the remainder of the half, as Dutchland consistently found themselves outnumbered in the pack due to penalties and Providence did a good job of exploiting the advantage.

By the final jam of the half, Providence’s lead had ballooned to 89-48. Dutchland had an opportunity to get some momentum there a powerjam for Skid Ho, but Providence killed the penalty very effectively for just 5-0, and the halftime score was a 36 point lead for Providence at 89-53.

Over the first ten minutes of the second half, Dutchland played Providence more or less evenly but could not cut anything off the lead — it was 110-75 with 20 minutes to play. But a huge blow came on a Craisy Dukes powerjam with about 13 minutes to play, as she swooped through another light Dutchland pack for a 25-3 jam that made it Providence 146, Dutchland 85.

Dutchland didn’t fold there, though, and managed to get back within 30 again at 157-127 with 5:19 to play, just on the outside edge of possibility. But Dutchland once again had no answer for Providence ace Craisy Dukes, who put the game away for good as Hot Sauce, Bleeding Rainbow, Rhode Kill and Fo’Shizzy Borden buried Dutchland jammer White Thrash in blue. The 20-4 jam sealed Dutchland’s doom, and 3 minutes later it was all over at 190-134.

Providence advances to play Gotham at 6pm tonight; Dutchland will head to the consolation bracket. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Bout Stats (courtesy N8) | Archived DNN Textcast