2010 West Region Playoffs Recaps

2010 West Region Playoffs Recaps Surprising 6 seed Bay Area held determined 4 seed Rose City just out of striking range for almost their whole bout, and secured the invite to the WFTDA Championships with their second upset of the weekend, winning 133-102. Photo: Axle Adams.

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Final: 2W Rocky Mountain 127, 1W Oly 86 — The clash between the top seeds in the West Region turned out to be everything it was billed to be, as both long-undefeated Oly and Rocky Mountain played a very fast, very intelligent game with plenty of lead changes. In the end, though, Rocky Mountain proved the better team, and their ace DeRanged landed two huge jams in the last ten minutes that made RMRG the West Region champions.

After a scoreless first jam, Atomatrix got Oly on the board first with a 2-0 over Urrk’n Jerk’n as Booty Blockya, but DeRanged answered with an 8-0 over Harmony Killerbruise for a 8-2 Rocky lead next. Atomatrix could only get 2-0 of her own on the following jam, and after 5 minutes, Rocky was narrowly up 8-4.

The first powerjam went to Oly at the 23 minute mark when DeRanged pulled a 4th minor on a track cut — that left the track open for a very hard-cutting Tannibal Lector to take 10-0 and call the jam with DeRanged still in the box. Atomatrix followed up but had a hard time on her opening pass before getting lead — but made an odd decision to call the jam with DeRanged still on her opening pass, which meant Rocky got out of the second powerjam with a 0-0.

At the 20 minute mark, Heffer took lead over DeRanged, but with De right behind her, had to also call at 0-0. With packs extremely fast and both teams’ blockers doing an excellent job of recycling on opposing jammers, there was very little scoring for three jams until an RMRG pack of Psycho Babble, Ecko and Flame and Fury totally had Oly jammer Harmony Killerbruise on lockdown; DeRanged lapped her three times on the way to an 15-0 jam that put Rocky in front at the 15:53 mark, 23-18.

Rocky’s powerjam defense got put to the test after Whipity Pow was boxed on a major track cut — Heffer capitalized on a chaotic 9-0 that gave Oly the lead again at 27-23. Heffer was back to extend the lead to 31-23 a few jams later by taking advantage of a late jam call from Urrk’n Jerkin, but Rocky took it all the way back by once again victimizing Oly’s jammer Harmony Killerbruise, allowing DeRanged to lap twice for a 10-0 and another lead change at Rocky 33, Oly 31.

Oly took the lead back on the next jam, only to have Rocky tie it up with a 3-0 from Urrk’n Jerkin that featured a gorgeous jump dodge. With 4 minutes left in the first half, it was 36-36.

Oly edged out in front 39-36 on the following jam but Rocky Mountain once again got a lucky break when Atomatrix got lead over Amanda Jamitinya but again apparently failed to realize the opposing jammer was still stuck in the pack — Atom called with Oly at a track advantage but no points yet. Rocky made Oly pay for it in the final two jams of the half — DeRanged picked up 3-0 to once again tie at 39 and the half ended with Rocky Mountain on top 45-39 following a 6-0 Urrk’n Jerkin jam.

Although Oly got the first points of the second half with a 3-0 to Atomatrix, the rest of the opening ten minutes were all Rocky Mountain. Penalties started raining down early in the half, leading to a jam that momentarily had just one blocker for each team out on the floor — but since Oly’s jammer Atomatrix was boxed in that one, it worked to Rocky Mountain’s advantage. With about 20 minutes to play, Rocky had grown their lead to 77-44. Even when Oly’s Heffer got a much needed lead jammer status for Oly, Rocky killed their advantage when opposing jammer Amanda Jamitinya managed to slow Heffer enough to leave her re-engaged by the Rocky pack to force a 0-0.

Following that, though, Oly finally got a solid jam win with 17 minutes left to play when Rocky jammer Frida Beater was boxed on a fourth minor — and the box already had two RMRG blockers there waiting for her. Heffer, jamming her second turn in a row, turned that into a 14-3 jam that made the score 80-59 Rocky Mountain. That started an Oly rally, and they finally got within 10 again at 80-70 with 12:22 to play.

A 4-0 from Amanda Jamitinya ended a three-jam drought for Rocky Mountain there, but that wasn’t the end of the Oly comeback. Oly caught a break when the Rocky box filled again with Heffer on the floor, and the result was another 15-0 Oly powerjam — and Oly’s first lead since late in the first half, 85-84, with 9:12 to play.

Action stopped for a little while on a referee timeout following that lead change, and after it was resolved, both Heffer and DeRanged started the next jam from the penalty box – but DeRanged was released almost immediately. That powerjam was huge for Rocky, as DeRanged motored for 18 points to re-establish Rocky’s advantage at 102-85 with 7:15 to play.

Two 0-0 jams burned more time off the clock, and then Heffer had to settle for a 1-0 over Urrk’n Jerkin when Urrk’n used some amazing footwork to battle her way out and get in scoring position before Heffer could get much. That left the score at 102-86 with just about 4 minutes to play, and then the game-deciding jam came when both DeRanged and Atomatrix were boxed almost simultaneously during their respective opening passes. When they were freed, Atomatrix majored her way back into the box — but DeRanged turned on the jets for an auditorium-exploding 25-0.

With the score 127-86 and only about 90 seconds left to play, the outcome was assured — and almost as if the score itself knew it, the last two jams went 0-0, making Rocky Mountain the 2010 queens of the West and handing Oly their first WFTDA sanctioned loss ever.

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3rd Place: 6W Bay Area 133, 4W Rose City 102 — Rose City was never out of this game, but in a way, it was decided on the first jam of the game when a huge powerjam win for BAD ended up being the majority of BAD’s final margin of victory. Bay Area utilized very effective powerjam work on both offense and defense to hold Rose City at arm’s length for the whole bout, and at the end, Bay Area picked up their second trip to the WFTDA championship tournament while sending Rose City to their fourth straight disappointing end in the Western Region tournament.

Bay Area took a quick 20 point lead in this bout when they were gifted a first-jam powerjam courtesy of Soulfearic Acid — Bay Area jammer Burlybot turned that into a 24-4 win that got the Bay Area fan section very rowdy. After that big frame for Bay Area, though, things were pretty back and forth over the first 10 minutes to a new score of 39-22. At that point, Bay Area went on a run of 4 lead jammer calls — although they didn’t pick up any big jams like the first one, they slowly pushed their lead from narrow to comfortable with a 19-0 run to make it 58-22 Bay Area with just about ten minutes to play.

Following that there was a spot of jammer musical chairs when both Rose City’s Sully Skullkicker and Bay Area’s Chantilly Mace pulled majors; Rose City apparently wanted a review that Sully’s back-block major had occurred on an opponent already illegally blocking ahead of the engagement zone, but wouldn’t get satisfaction.

The score stood at 60-26 with 8 minutes to play following that, and although Rose City had powerjam opportunities on both following jams, Bay Area effectively sped the pack up to get out of that sequence, only giving up 11 points total. As the clock reached the 5 minute point in the half, Bay Area’s lead was 60-37.

On that next jam, Bay Area did a much more effective job when they had the powerjam advantage. Friskie Meow, Velveteen Savage and Lusty Malice effectively isolated the Rose blockers and eventually forced all but Mel Mangles to the box on out-of-play violations. That jam went 23-0 for Burlybot, and although Burly ended the jam in the box on a back block, Bay Area had a big advantage on the scoreboard and a lot of emotional momentum at 83-37 and 2:14 in the half. Two jams later, Bay Area was taking a 39 point advantage into the half at Bay Area 89, Rose City 50.

With both the Bay Area and Rose City fans getting increasingly vocal and the hitting becoming more intense than it had been all weekend, the tension began to rise considerably in the second half. Bay Area started the second half with another excellent demonstration of powerjam defense, starting with their jammer boxed but pulling a controlled runaway that limited the damage to 8-0. That still kicked off a bit of a rally for Rose when Soulfearic Acid followed up with a 5-0 to make the score 89-63 after two jams.

At the 19 minute mark, Bay Area broke 100 points, going up 104-68 with a lot of help from some more effective penalty killing, and although Rose got three lead jam calls and wins in a row going into the last 10 minutes, Bay Area still held a 116-88 lead at the 9:56 mark. Rose City got a much needed powerjam here which saw Cadillac pass the star to Rhea DeRange after scoring 5 — but Rhea was boxed after only adding 3 more. Still, though, that got Rose City within 20 at 116-96 with 7:28 left to play.

Burlybot finally staunched the Rose City momentum with an agile spinning move to avoid being decked on a block, pick up lead jammer and go 9-0 over the still boxed Rhea. That made it 129-96 Bay Area with 5 minutes left.

Both Sully Skullkicker and Scratcher in the Eye picked up lead jammer and 3-0 jams for Rose to follow, but the deficit was still 27 points at 129-102 after a Rose City timeout with 3:01 to play. BAD made it even harder for Rose when Astronaughty snuck out of a very slow pack for a lead jammer and 4-0. After that call, Bay led 133-102 with only 1:40 left on the clock.

When Chantilly Mace got lead on that jam with Scratcher in the Eye right behind her, she smartly went right to jammer defense, killing the rest of the period clock away from the pack. With the large BAD cheering section helping Mace out by counting down the final seconds, she called it off as soon as time expired for a 0-0 and an explosive celebration from the black-and-gold fans — final score Bay Area 133, Rose City 102.

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5th place: 5W Rat City 136, 3W Denver 127 — For the fourth time in a row, Denver had a very cold start in a tournament game, but it took them much longer this time to recover. A huge early run for Rat City gave them just barely enough cushion to survive in a narrow, last-jam win.

Like they’d done in their previous match against Sacred, Rat City put out the bruising Anya Heels as their first jammer against Denver’s smaller Heather Juska. Anya powered her way to lead, but collected a major back block almost as soon as she started her scoring pass — and Denver jumped all over that early powerjam for a 29-4 first frame.

Rat City seemed unrattled by the early deficit, winning the next five jams to stay close at 30-22 — including a 4-1 win for Rat that saw a blocking Anya Heels getting revenge for that opening jam by smashing jammer Heather Juska to the floor three times in her opening pass. It was the only the first of many jams that saw Anya owning the opposing jammers. With 21:42 left in the first half, Denver called their first timeout to think it over.

That timeout didn’t blunt Rat City’s momentum at all, though. They kept coming and took the lead at 37-31 with just over 18 minutes to play on a 9-0 for Ann R. Kissed. That lead eventually grew to 55-31 as the vaunted Denver defense simply couldn’t find a way to play together — Rat City was on a 51-2 run following the anomalous opening jam.

It wasn’t until the midpoint of the half that Denver got a jam win, helped along considerably by Rat City jammer Primp Daddy joining an over-full Rat City penalty box. Heather Juska’s 15-0 made the score Rat City 55, Denver 46 with 12 minutes to play.

That broke the Denver scoring logjam just in time. Though they couldn’t equal Rat City’s big run, they managed to establish lead jammer status more consistently and nick away at the lead, finally tying it at 64 on a Julie Adams 4-0 with 3:48 left in the first half. Rat City did step up defensively here, with Juliet Bravo and Anya Heels continuing to stand out while still assisting their own jammers through. At the half, Rat City’s lead was 19 points, 83-64.

Through the first 10 minutes of the half Rat City managed to keep that lead at about 20 points, but at the 19 minute point, it was once again a powerjam when Denver was able to get in the lead for the only time in the half on a big 20-0 for Amanda Sharpless. Denver was up 99-96 there, but Rat City took it right back on a 5-0 from Ann R. Kissed marked by an apocalyptic hit on Denver jammer Julie Adams by the ubiquitous Anya Heels. With 17 to play, it was 101-99 Rat City.

Two quick scoreless jams followed before Rat City came out on the right side of a full-length jam while Anya Heels yet again rained chaos on Denver’s offense with four jammer take outs in the same jam. It went 14-0 to Carmen Getsome, leaving the score 115-99. Denver had an opportunity when Carmen ended that jam on a major track cut, but opposing jammer Heather Juska got a back-block major before doing anything with the powerjam, and Carmen increased the Rat City lead to 119-99 with eleven minutes to play.

By the time there was 6:30 left to play, Denver had only managed to shave 4 points off that lead and trailed 122-106. They called their second timeout out at that point and Rat City in a problematic penalty box situation, as they had two blockers in and Anya Heels queued up to go when a space opened. But Carmen Getsome forced Heather Juska out of bounds on the way to the pack to make her ineligible for lead, and successfully killed most of the penalty box problem on a 0-0. A bang-bang call off from Julie Adams on the following jam also ended in a jam tie at 2-2.

With about 4 minutes left to play, both Sharpless and Carmen Getsome became ineligible for lead jammer, and the full-length jam saw Carmen Getsome hit the box on a track cut. Once again, Denver did their best on powerjam, turning it into a 16-5 and making the new score 129-125 with only 1:54 on the clock.

The fact that there was less time on the period clock than on the jam clock ended up being Denver’s downfall in the final jam. Heather Juska started unopposed for Denver and picked up lead, but only scored 2 points before committing a fatal track cut. Carmen Getsome burst out of the box and took one insurance scoring pass for 5 points, then patiently waited behind the pack until Juska was freed. With not enough time left in the jam to make up the difference and no way to stop the period clock, there was no path to victory left for Denver, and the final jam ended 7-2, giving Rat City the win in a thrilling 136-127 final.

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7th place: 7W Jet City 149, 9W Tucson 95– The last time these two teams met in June, Jet City romped to victory in a 215-86 final. They had to work harder for the win this time, as a Tucson team who had had to face Oly and Rat City earlier in the weekend had a strong first half but couldn’t replicate that performance in the second.

This game was both low-scoring and very close in the first ten minutes, as jammers often entered their scoring passes at the same time, causing the lead jammer to call with just one or two points. With 18:58 left to play in the first half, Tucson was holding a tiny lead at 18-16, but Tucson got an opportunity here when Jet City jammer Missus Unshine was boxed on her initial pass on a major forearm. With only Angelica Della Morte and Molly Python in a light Jet City pack, it turned into a 15-0 for Tucson, a 33-16 lead for Tucson, and a timeout for Jet City.

Jammer penalty trouble continued when Precious N. Metal was boxed for Jet City, but extremely good defense from Retro Bution and Nasty Nikki Nightstick eventually forced Tucson jammer Myna N Possession into a major track cut, and Jet City ended up winning the jam on a full-length 5-3.

Jet City kept narrowing the lead and had a chance to take it over with about 8 minutes to play, but Jet City’s jammer Ivana Hercha took just a little bit too long to notice her bench beseeching her to call with 9-0, giving Sami Automatic just enough time to turn it into a 9-4. That still narrowed the lead to just 1 point at Tucson 40, Jet City 39.

Finally, with 4:11 left in the half, Jet City got their biggest jam of the game with a 14-0 for Precious N. Metal over Myna N Possession that saw both jammers enter and leave the box. That made a new score of 53-46 favoring Jet City, and they’d add a little bit to go into halftime at Jet City 66, Tucson 56.

Jet City did a good job of extending that lead and got some relief performance on the jam line from Angelica Della Morte. A 12-0 powerjam from Ivana Hercha was the biggest score in that opening run — that jam moved the Jet City margin to 30 points at 91-61.

It would stay right about on the edge of comeback territory for Tucson until there were 10 minutes to play. Ivana Hercha and Bess B. Ware dropped back-to-back 15-0 powerjams to put the game out of reasonable reach, moving the margin from 109-82 to 139-82 with six minutes left to play. A few jams later, it was all over at 149-95.

Jet City ends up finishing exactly as their seeding suggested in 7th; Tucson managed to improve on their 9th place tournament seed by finishing in 8th.

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9th place: 10W Sacred City 198, 8W Duke City 72 — After being on the wrong side of a record-setting rout to Rat City on Saturday, Sacred City came out with something to prove in their last bout of the tournament — and this time, brought their A skaters with them. A tight three-jammer rotation of Daddy’s Girl, Cash Money and Four Closer didn’t have too much trouble evading Duke City blockers, and a big Sacred win consigned Duke City to a winless weekend.

Duke City got almost all of their points in the half on the very first jam. With Brutalitaur jamming for Duke, Sacred City jammer Daddy’s Girl was boxed and the Sacred City pack just kept missing on Brutalitaur, staking Duke to a 24-0 lead after just a couple of minutes.

After that, though, the action was all Sacred City. They dropped 36 unanswered points on Duke over the course of the next ten minutes, with Shadow Soldier a particular force in the pack against Duke jammers. Duke was able to pick up 6 more on another powerjam with about 18 minutes, but after that 36-31 score, Duke City only picked up 2 more points in the half — meanwhile, Sacred waltzed to an even 100 for a halftime score of Sacred City 100, Duke City 33.

The second half saw a bit of tempers flaring late when Elvira Mental leveled Sacred jammer Daddy’s Girl on a very hard hit to force DG to call the jam — but Sacred’s Shadow Soldier followed up with an after-the-whistle hit that got her sent to the box. Meanwhile, the Duke City bench seemed to get a bit confused about blocker platoons, starting short two times — once by fielding a pivot while a pivot was already in the box, and once by apparent indecision on which blocker to field. It didn’t help a Duke City team that was already overmatched in the jammer department, and Sacred City increased their lead to win by 126 points.

Sacred City finished the weekend 1-2 and improves their seeding by one; Duke City slides two spots by going winless and ends in last place.

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Consolation: 3W Denver 267, 7W Jet City 66 — The final Saturday bout ended up looking very similar to Denver’s morning bout against Duke City, as the first ten minutes saw an unexpected lead for the low seed but Denver quickly started a blowout after a shaky opening. Jet City came into this one missing a key jammer, as Connie Torturous was off the roster after suffering an ankle injury late in the Friday quarterfinal against Rocky Mountain, though Denver was also sitting primary jammer Julie Adams.

After two jams, Jet City was up 5-4 when Jet’s Precious N Metal managed to take an on-track grand slam over Amanda Sharpless. Denver won the next two to go up 18-5, but Jet City was able to capitalize on a box trip for Sharpless on the 5th jam for 10-0 followed by 4-0. With 20 minutes to play in the half, Jet City had the tiniest of leads at 19-18.

Once again, though, Denver took very little time to erase any hopes of another big upset. Over the next five jams, they went 9-0, 10-0, 8-0, 0-0 and 15-0 to extend their lead to 60-19 — and after Jet City finally got back on the board in a 3-3 tie between Missus Unshine and Denver’s Kim Wilms, Denver landed one of their signature powerjam haymakers with a 25-0 for Monica Carson. It was 88-22 at that point and Jet City only scored once in the remaining six jams of the half. At the break, Denver was up by 99 points at 125-26.

The second half started out with even scoring through the first three jam until Jet City’s Beelzababe absolutely refused to be stopped, making her own holes through the Denver pack and even blasting opposing jammer Amanda Sharpless to the ground mid-pack in the course of a stunning 18-0. That got the crowd rocking and got Jet City some emotional momentum, but it also seemed to galvanize Denver. Following that new score of 130-51, Denver totally unloaded on Jet City with a brutal 132 to 4 run over 9 jams that included 7 double-digit jams in a row. When Denver was done with that, there were only 5 minutes left in the game and the lead was 259-55.

With only about three minutes to play, Jet City jammer Cia Woodenwannabia went down with an apparent knee injury, an unpleasant reminder of Connie Torturous’ injury at the end of the Rocky Mountain game. She was helped off the track; the chances of her return in Jet City’s 7th place matchup tomorrow against Tucson are unknown.

Denver will go on to play Rat City for 5th place Friday at 2pm.

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Consolation: 5W Rat City 141, 9W Tucson 72 — There were few surprises in the first half of this bout, as Rat City didn’t get close to the record-setting point totals they’d attained against Sacred City in the day’s first bout but did easily control Tucson.

Rat City didn’t get to put up too many big jams early, but on the other hand their defense made sure they didn’t have to. Tucson was kept off the board in 10 of the game’s first jams, with only Pixie Axe getting any point production for Tucson in a 2-0 over Valtron. At about the 15 minute point Rat City was holding a 37-2 lead, and when Tucson finally found some points in a 5-3 for Pixie Axe again over a boxed X-Khan, Rat City punished them for it by dropping their biggest jam of the game immediately afterwards in a 18-0 for Jalepeno Business.

Overall, Tucson only scored in three of the first half jams and was barely in double digits at the break, looking at a 89-10 deficit. The second half looked a little odd on paper, as Tucson actually won the half 62-52. It was a bit of a statistical anomaly as two-thirds of those Tucson points came on 14-0 powerjams — but they also did a much better job of grabbing lead jammer status, taking 10 lead jams against 7 for Rat City. That translated into much more offensive production for a bit of a moral victory, but in the end Rat City had an easy win by 69 points.

Rat City’s win will send them to the 5th place game against Denver tomorrow while Tucson will play in the 7th place bout against Jet City.

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Semifinal: 2W Rocky Mountain 142, 6W Bay Area 44 — Bay Area gave it a strong go, but after advancing to the semifinals with a surprising and thrilling upset on Denver on Friday, they were unable to find an answer to the extremely physical, agile and track-aware Rocky Mountain crew. The San Francisco girls hung in there for about 20 minutes before Rocky locked into gear and started running up a significant lead.

Bay Area’s Burlybot and Rocky Mountain’s Urrk’n Jerk’n As Booty Blockya traded 4-0 jams to start this game off tied after two jams, but a very confident-looking Rocky Mountain didn’t waste a lot of time building a lead over the upstart 6 seed. Halfway through the opening 30, Rocky Mountain was up 30-7, making heavy use of DeRanged and Psychobabble on the jam line, neither of whom had taken turns on the jam line in their Friday quarterfinal matchup against Jet City.

Though Bay continued to battle through the middle of the half and didn’t allow the lead to get out of hand, things changed with about 10 minutes to play, as a 37-15 Rocky lead suddenly leapt to 49-15 after a patient jam from Urrk’n Jerk’n. And with 4 minutes to play, Urrk’n Jerk’n continued to establish herself as one of the most dangerous threats on an already stacked team by adding another big jam in a 15-0. At the break Rocky was up 77-24.

Bay Area couldn’t get anything going offensively in the first ten minutes of the second half. Even on a rare lead jammer call for Burlybot against a 4-2 pack favoring Bay Area, she had to call at 0-0 as PsychoBabble and Frida Beater outplayed the full BAD pack and gave RMRG jammer DeRanged time to catch up. The only Bay Area points in the opening ten came on a 3-1 for Astronaughty over Urrk’n Jerk’n, but by that point the Rocky Mountain total had reached triple digits at 103-27.

In the last few jams, Rocky Mountain seemed content to run time off the clock by gaining lead jammer status and just patiently skating behind the pack until the Bay Area jammer escaped. That ended up keeping Rocky Mountain’s margin of victory just under 100 points at 98.

With the win, RMRG guarantees that they’ll advance to the WFTDA Championships for the second year in a row. Rocky Mountain will face Oly in the West Region championship on Sunday night; Bay Area will play in the third place game against Rose City, with the winner getting the final regional invite to the WFTDA Championships in November.

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Semifinal 1W Oly 148, 4W Rose City 109 — Rose City gave Oly about 40 minutes of serious trouble, but the defending champions took over in the last 20 minutes and came away with a win more comfortable than it first seemed it would be. Oly increased their record undefeated streak in WFTDA sanctioned play to 22 in a row and will be returning to their regional championship game — and the WFTDA championships — for the second straight year.

Although the bout seemed closely matched to start based on the intensity and complexity of the blocking, Rose City was unable to get on the board in the first three jams and fell into a 15-0 deficit. Rose’s first lead jammer status and jam win went to Soulfearic Acid, who pulled out a 4-1 on the fourth jam, but Rose City didn’t get any other points in the first fifteen minutes.

The front of pack blocking from Oly pivot Sassy, in particular, seemed to be giving Rose City jammer serious trouble as she was often able to slow them all the way from top speed to a crawl following a plow stop — and Tannibal Lector continued to terrorize jammers with very accurate hits and an extremely quick turnaround toe stop at the boundary line to trap opponents out of bounds.

At about halfway through the opening thirty and Oly up 31-8, there was a controversial break when Atomatrix, jamming for Oly, got out of the pack on what looked like a front-of-pack track cut — the lead jammer whistle was delayed for a few seconds while the jam ref took some time to decide whether it was a cut or not. When the LJ call was finally made, it turned out to come at almost the same time that Rose jammer Sully Skullkicker was also called lead. After the debate, the call and score stood, though.

Rose closed to 36-17 soon afterwards, and then they got the jam they really needed. Atomatrix tried to power her way around Blood Clottia but ended up just knocking her to the ground, and on the resultant powerjam Oly seemed to completely lose all defensive cohesion. Sully Skullkicker slalomed through the light Oly pack for a stunning 29-0 jam that set the crowd on fire and put Rose ahead for the first time, 46-36. Although Sully was boxed on a back block at the very end of that, Rose’s lead peaked at 51-36 on the next jam when Oly’s Heffer pulled a major track cut and left the floor open for a 5-0 return from the box for Skullkicker.

Oly settled down effectively after that uncharacteristic sequence, though, and re-took the lead before the half ended at Oly 69, Rose City 56.

Oly took a very early advantage in the second half when their Atomatrix took lead jammer status and lapped Soulfearic Acid twice, but Atom bumped Rose City blocker Smack Ya Sideways from behind and was boxed, giving Acid the chance to win the jam at 9-8. Rose hovered just a jam’s worth of points behind for the remainder of the opening ten minutes of the half, but after that, Oly finally took complete control of the bout.

Rose ran into big penalty trouble at about the 18 minute mark, filling their box with Atomatrix as the opposing jammer — Atom scored a 15-4 and called in time to set up the next lead jammer opportunity for an unopposed Heffer. She took it and 4-0 to put Oly up 108-81. Two jams after that sequence, the Rose City box was full again, making it party time for Harmony Killerbruise on a 10-0 jam that moved the score to 118-82 with 11:20 to play.

That was the last point that Rose City seemed like they had a solid shot at the win, as Oly continued to shut out Rose. It wasn’t until there were three minutes left in the game that Blood Clottia finally got Rose City back on the board with a 4-0, but by that point it was Oly 145, Rose 86. Rose City did pick up a lot of points in the final two frames, but it was too little too late to put Oly in any danger of losing that lead.

Rose City will face the loser of Bay Area / Rocky Mountain in the third place game on Sunday; Oly faces the BAD / Rocky winner for the West Region championship.

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Consolation Round: 3W Denver 288, 8W Duke City 54 — This consolation-round bout was a rematch of a bout played in May of this year in which Denver smoked Duke City 262-48. The final score here looked fairly similar to that one, as Denver’s jammer speed created some very lopsided jam victories on the way to a 234-point final margin.

Denver took a little time to get their game together in this one, giving Duke a few early opportunities when Denver jammers got hit with penalties. With the help of a 12-0 powerjam to Brutalitaur, Duke City was holding a surprising 21-19 lead after the first 10 minutes. That didn’t last very long, though: Denver took the advantage for good on a full-length 11-2 jam when jammers Carson B. Demented and Amanda Sharpless were both boxed. When that was followed by a 25-3 frame from Denver’s Julie Adams soon followed by an Andrea Hill 19-0 and an Amanda Sharpless 22-3, the game had changed from Duke City lead to Denver blowout in the course of just four jams, 98-27. At halftime the Denver lead was 111-36.

The story of the game continued to be the consistency with which Denver’s jammer got huge scores. The second half saw four separate jams in which Denver put up 20 or more points while their pack usually had their way with still-developing Duke City jammers Justin Beaver and Sixty Seven Stitches. Brutalitar and Led Zyppin had a little more luck, but could not overcome Denver’s agility and speed control.

Denver goes on to play again tonight against Jet City; the winner of that bout plays for 5th place on Sunday. Duke City is headed to the last-place game against Sacred City at 10am on Sunday.

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Consolation Round: 5W Rat City 367, 10W Sacred City 32 — Sacred City decided to use this matchup against Rat City as mostly a development game for the bottom six of their 20-skater roster, sitting some of their strongest players from Friday’s Jet City game. Daddy’s Girl, Shadow Solider, Cash Money, Spiller, Slingshot and Aly Sylum rode the bench this time, and it ended up showing in record-setting fashion on the scoreboard. By halftime, Rat City had established a new record for most points at halftime of a WFTDA tournament bout with an overwhelming 206-10 advantage.

Rat City did cycle in a few new players of their own by sitting Jalepeno Business, Rebel Belle and Hard Cora in favor of Ivana Clobber, Kitty Kamikaze and Slutnik. Clobber’s appearance in Rat City green-and-white made her the only skater to have played for three different teams in WFTDA tournament play (she’d previously played for Boston in the 07 Eastern Regionals and Kansas City in the 08 Western Regionals).

By the time the second half rolled around, the only question was how high the Rat City score would go — and about 10 minutes into the half, the perfect storm came together for a record-setting jam. Sacred City fielded two pivots, meaning that one was immediately sent off the track and left them skating short — and then they filled the penalty box, meaning that Sacred blocker Rose Villain was all alone against a Rat City trap. Primp easily skated untouched laps around the nearly stopped clump and picked up her last 5 points at the whistle for a 39-0 point jam — the most ever scored in WFTDA-sanctioned play.

When it was all over, Rat City had also broken Rocky Mountain’s record for most points scored in WFTDA tournament play (239 in a 2009 Nationals win over Houston, 239-46) and largest margin of victory in WFTDA tournament play (335, busting the record set just last week at Eastern Regionals when Gotham beat Providence by 300 at 314-14.)

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Quarterfinal: 2W Rocky Mountain 211, 7W Jet City 72 — Like Oly’s previous match, Rocky Mountain’s bout against Jet City was much more of a warmup game for the high seed than a serious contest. RMRG had little need for ace DeRanged, who suited up but spent the whole game in a bench coach role.

Jet CIty did manage to get on the board more often and much earlier than Tucson had managed against Oly, as Precious N. Metal pulled a 3-1 jam on the bout’s seventh frame; at that point, though, Rocky Mountain was up 33-3.

Late in the second half, they’d established a 82-4 lead before Jet City got a bright couple of moments during an RMRG jammer penalty that that spanned two jams; 13-0 for Connie Torturous followed by a 10-0 featuring some smart jamming from Beelzababe. That made the score 86-27, but it didn’t presage any serious Jet City rally; at the half, Rocky Mountain was up 104-28, as Jet City had only scored on 4 jams in the half.

RMRG played even tougher defense in the first twenty minutes of the second half with only one lapse of any consequence, where they allowed Jet City’s Connie Torturous to put up a 15-0 powerjam on the half’s 4th jam. Jet City was blanked on the other 9 of the half’s first 10 jams and went into the final ten minutes down 163-43.

JCRG got more offense going in the last stretch, but they also suffered a tough loss with only about 3 minutes to play when one of their key jammers, Connie Torturous, went out of the game on an apparent ankle injury (the extent of the injury was not known at the end of the game). In the end Rocky won the half 107-44 and the game by 139.

Rocky Mountain used the opportunity to work in their recent Duke City transfer and longtime veteran Amanda Jamitinya, who took a few successful turns as jammer in her first sanctioned game as a Rocky Mountain player. They also put out the complexly named and preternaturally sure-footed Urrk’n Jerk’n as Booty Blockya, who put up some electrifying big jams as Jet City blockers had extreme trouble predicting her abrupt cuts and spins.

Rocky Mountain advances to play Bay Area in Saturday evening’s semifinal at 4pm Pacific.

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Quarterfinal: 1W Oly 267, 9W Tucson 19– After the high drama of the day’s first four bouts, Oly made sure there would be nothing unexpected about their first bout. A calm, disciplined Oly squad methodically shut down an badly outmatched Tucson from start to finish with smooth and remarkably clean positional play. A deep jammer lineup of Heffer, Atomatrix, Harmony Killerbruise , Tannibal Lector, Clitty Clitty Bang Bang and new addition Licker N Split cruised to overwhelming victory in Oly’s 21st WFTDA-sanctioned win in a row.

It wasn’t until there were 8 minutes left in the first half that Tucson got any offense at all in a 3-0 win for Sami Automatic, by which point Oly had already put 87 points on the board. Bianka Trohl also got some points for Tucson late in the half with a 4-0, and Sami Automatic valiantly refused to call the jam upon getting a rare lead jammer call, allowing for a full 2 minute jam in which to get Tucson some more points. Though they lost that jam 13-7, it finally got Tucson into double digits at 130-14, which is where the half ended after a final-jam 0-0.

There wasn’t much change in the second half, with a final score nearly identical to the first: 137-5, leading to a final Oly margin of victory of 248.

Oly advances to play 4 seed Rose City in a semifinal on Saturday.

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Quarterfinal: 6W Bay Area 132, 3W Denver 128 — Bay Area continued their stunning comeback year by laying a major upset on Denver, barely squeaking past last year’s third-place WFTDA team in yet another last-jam classic at the West Region playoff.

Things started off in Bay Area’s favor, as they picked up the first five lead jams calls of the game and built a 19-1 lead. On the fifth jam, Denver again lost their jammer — this time Heather Juska — and Astronaughty managed to outwit the slow pack work from Denver for 5-0. Seven minutes into the game, Denver was sitting in a 24-1 hole against the 6 seed.

Denver called a timeout to try and regroup, and got a lucky break when the powerjam flipped as BAD’s Ivy Prophane lost lead jammer status on a major track cut. Juska burst of the box to put up 14 against 4 for Ivy, and Denver finally had some offense with a new score of 28-15. With Ivy boxed to start the next jam, Julie Adams had a spectacular apex jump in the middle of a 14-0 and suddenly Denver was ahead 29-28 with 18:44 in the first half, inspiring a Bay Area timeout.

The Denver lead increased to 51-37 with about 13 minutes to play, but as the defense on both sides got more intense, points became considerably harder to come by. All jammers had a very tough time on their opening passes and most jams ended scoreless or with tiny differentials. At about the 5 minute mark, though, Burlybot scored an 8-0 and narrowed it to 57-55 Denver — and Ivy Prophane busted out a 7-0 jam as Velveteen Savage and Belle Right Hooks worked over Denver jammer Juska to put Bay Area in the lead 62-57 with three minutes left in the half. Denver tied it at 62 next but Bay Area took a 66-62 lead into the break.

The lead changed on three consecutive jams in the first five minutes of the second half, ending with Denver’s jammer Amanda Sharpless dropping a 15-0 in a classic Denver slow pack powerjam. That gave Denver the advantage at 90-79 with 22 minutes left, and they finally got a good string of winning jams to extend the lead to 98-79 with 19 to play.

A nightmare sequence right there for Denver saw them lose their jammer 4 times in 4 jams, handing Bay Area the lead — and eventually the game. First came 10-0 on a powerjam for Burly Bot, after which Denver jammer Gabby Begeman made a fatal miscalculation by returning from the box in front of Bay Area jammer Chantilly Mace at the beginning of the next jam. That false-start major sent her right back to the box and Mace went 14-0 to put Bay Area back ahead,103-98, with 15:18 left to play.

Bay Area had serious momentum there, and it got worse for Denver as Julie Adams got knocked around badly next while Astronaughty put up an 8-0. On top of that, Adams got boxed as well on a major trip while trying to go to jammer defense. And when Adams came out of the box on the next jam, she quickly committed a major cut and, like Begeman before her, went right back to the box. BAD picked up 5 more points there and was up 116-98.

After another Bay Area win with 4-0, Denver called their second timeout with 10:20 left to play and the score 120-98 — Bay Area’s biggest lead since the first few minutes of the game. But once Denver could keep their jammer on the track, things began to turn around with three consecutive lead jammer calls. With 7 minutes left to play, Denver had narrowed the BAD lead to 120-113, and with 5 to play, it was 120-116 BAD.

Monica Sharpless claimed lead next, but committed a track cut major before calling it. Denver’s defense stepped up very big at a critical moment to keep Ivy to only 5, but it did give BAD a little more breathing room at 125-116 with 2:30 to go. Astronaughty added 4 more on the next, making it 129-116 with 1:35 left to play.

Denver’s Juska called the next jam at 0-0 during a split pack, and both teams called a timeout with 33 seconds left to play – followed by a lengthy referee timeout that gave both teams plenty of time to prepare.

The last jam set Juska again against Ivy Prophane, with Denver needing 13 points to rescue their game. Juska was through for a very fast lead jam call and lapped Ivy twice, driving the crowd apoplectic — but she couldn’t finish the third scoring pass against bonecrushing hits from the BAD pack. When she called the jam, she’d only picked up 12, while Ivy managed to add 3 insurance points. After a final referee conference to settle the final score, Bay Area had completed a shocker, 132-128.

Bay Area moves on to take on the winner of Rocky Mountain vs Jet City in tomorrow’s semifinal.

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Quarterfinal: 4W Rose City 122, 5W Rat City 104 — It took almost 40 minutes before this game got as close as the seeding and team histories suggested it might be. Rat City was down as much as 64 points before back-to-back huge jams in the second half made it pulse-pounding in the last stages of the game.

The story of the first half was the nearly impeccable pack work of Rose City’s blockers, who used both positional and physical play to keep Rat City’s formidable jammers bottled, frustrated and tired over and over again. Rat City drew first blood with a Carmen Getsome 4-0, but that was the end of the Rat City offense for the next ten minutes.

Rose City got an early powerjam opportunity on the third jam when Rat jammer Ann R. Kissed was boxed on a low hit. Although Rat City’s Sirius Mischief, X-Khan and Valtron were able to run away for a little while, Rose City jammer Soulfearic Acid still managed to wind her way through for a 15-0 that put Rose up 18-4 after three jams — and also led to a lengthy referee conference in the penalty box post-jam.

When action restarted. Rose’s defensive cohesion continued to stuff Rat’s jammers, with particularly effective front of pack work from Blood Clottia and big hitting by Layla Smackdown and Smack Ya Sideways. After 15 minutes, Carmen Getsome was still the only Rat City jammer with any points, and the Seattle crew was looking at a 40 point hole at 48-8.

Rat City finally got a lead jammer and a new jammer on the scoreboard for Jalepeno Business with about 12 minutes in the half, but it was only a 2-0 win and Rat was still down 59-8.

After a late half timeout, Rat City finally got a little bit of offense going by picking up lead jammer status on the last three jams of the half. Valtron got the biggest result out of that on the final jam of the half, scoring an 11-0 when her pack swallowed up opposing jammer Cadillac. That gave Rat City some desperately needed momentum at the break, but still trailing significantly, 68-27.

Rose CIty got right back to business in the second half, increasing the lead to 98-34 about ten minutes in, but Rat City got something going with a 10-0 followed by a huge light-pack 24-0 powerjam for Carmen Getsome. That suddenly got Rat City back in a game they were in danger of being blown out of, putting the score at 98-68 with 16 minutes to play.

Carmen pulled a track cut major at the very end of her big score, but Rat City did a good job of containing the potential damage and continued the charge. With about 8:30 to play, Rat had closed to 104-81 before a jam that saw Rat lose a big opportunity when Rat’s jammer Ann R. Kissed followed Rose’s jammer Scratcher in the Eye to the box. Ann did manage to finish a second scoring pass at the very last second for a 10-5, making the new score 109-91.

Great defense from Juliet Bravo helped ReAnimate Her to a 9-3 jam next, and with the score 112-100 for Rose, Carmen Getsome looked like she might potentially get Rat in front after lapping Rose’s Cadillac. It wouldn’t be, though, as Carmen got boxed on a forearm. More heads-up powerjam play from Rat City meant Rat didn’t give up any ground in the jam at 4-4, leaving the score Rose City 116, Rat City 104 with 2:03 on the clock following a Rat City timeout.

When Rose City’s Scratcher In the Eye got lead jammer over Carmen Getsome there, they played very smartly by keeping Scratcher away from the pack after her first scoring pass. Carmen passed the star to Valtron, but Rat City’s last chance slipped away when when Valtron rammed Scratcher to the floor from behind, picking up a fatal back block major. Although Rat City used their last timeout with 3 seconds left to force one more jam, Rose City had nearly a full minute to get the game-sealing lead jammer call and win 122-104.

Rose City will face the winner of Oly / Tucson in the semifinal tomorrow.

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Opening Round: 7W Jet City 125, 10W Sacred City 111 — In a closely matched thriller, Jet City fell behind bottom seed Sacred City by 51 and 30 points on separate occasions, but still managed to go ahead in the last eight minutes and dodge a bullet in the last jam to win by 14.

Although Jet City established a lead early in this one, up 11-1 after the first five minutes, Sacred City came back with a series of big jams that quickly put the high seed in an unexpected hole. Jet City had major problems keeping skaters on the floor, creating opportunities for three 14-0 jams in a row from Sacred. Four Closer, Cash Money and Daddy’s Girl each took a turn blasting through big open holes from a clearly discombobulated Jet City, putting Sacred up 43-11 after the first ten minutes.

The low seed continued to dominate the action all the way to 64-13 with about 15 left to play before Jet City started a comeback with back to back 10-0 jams. With ten minutes to play, Sacred called time with the score Sacred City 64, Jet City 33.

Over the next few jams, Sacred continued to fill the box and Jet City continued to make them pay for it, with Bess B. Ware dropping a 15-0 that got the Sacred lead reduced to single digits at 64-57, concluding a 44-0 Jet City run. Though Sacred got back on the board, they were clinging to a 69-65 lead at the half.

Sacred came roaring out of the break, quickly taking the momentum away from Jet City. After an opening 0-0, Sacred got the first points of the second half in a big way following a major track cut for Beelzababe; impressive work from unopposed Four Closer gave Sacred their biggest jam of the game for a 20-0. More jammer penalties on Jet allowed Sacred to continue building that lead, and it reached 95-65 before Jet City finally got on the board with a 1-0 after about nine minutes of play.

Following a referee timeout with 20:59, Jet City was looking at a 95-66 deficit. After a 4-0 for Precious N. Metal, a couple of heavily defensive jams went 0-0 before Jet City’s Connie Torturous got a powerjam opportunity and rolled to a 16-0 that narrowed the score to Sacred City 95, Jet City 86. Sacred called their second timeout here with 14:26 left in the game.

Packs got slow and brutal for the jammers next, with Sacred’s Neil n Weep and Jet City’s Nasty Nikki Nightstick both blasting opposing jammers. The jam ended in some confusion as Sacred jammer Daddy’s Girl received a fourth minor at the same time she tried to call the jam. Both teams seemed to think the jam was over, but it ended up going 2-0 for Sacred.

Confusion continued to reign as jammer musical chairs saw both Missus Unshine and Daddy’s Girl majoring their separate ways into the penalty box; it ended with Unshine pulling 10-0 and making it a one point game at 97-96, Sacred still up.

With Jet City’s Ivana Hercha starting unopposed, it looked like Jet was going to take over the lead, but an incredible defensive performance from Shadow Soldier not only held up Ivana but also opened a hole for Daddy’s Girl to get lead jammer out of the box and call at 0-0. After another 0-0, it was still 97-96 with 8:09 — but Jet City finally retook the lead on a 4-0, 100-96. Sacred called their final timeout with 7:22 to play.

A 3-0 for Daddy’s Girl made it again a 1 point game, this time with Jet City ahead, but Jet answered with two hard-fought 2-0 jams to go ahead 107-99 with about three minutes to play. The next jam went the full two minutes with Daddy’s Girl and Precious N. Metal going almost point for point until Metal got reabsorbed in her second scoring pass. At the end of some brutal hitting, it was 12-8 for Sacred, leaving the score at 115-111 with 1:03 to play, where Jet City called their second-to-last timeout.

The final jam put Ivana Hercha up against Four Closer. Sacred was handed a huge gift when Ivana took an ill-advised major track cut, but before Four Closer could get through her opening pass, she’d join Ivana in the box. Hercha came out of the box and added 10 insurance points, giving Jet City the comeback win at 125-111.

Jet City moves on to play Rocky Mountain in the quarterfinals at 8pm.

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Opening Round: 9W Tucson 134, 8W Duke City 120 — These two longtime rivals played a very closely matched opening half, but Tucson took control early in the second half to open up a solid lead, allowing them to survive a huge last jam from Duke City that was ultimately too little too late.

The bout opened up very low-scoring — through the first eight minutes, only 4 points went on the board for each team as a number of jams were called at 0-0. Tucson edged ahead at 10-4 after a 6-0 jam for Myna N. Possession, but a huge 15-0 powerjam for Duke City’s Brutalitar put the Albuquerque girls back in front with about 10 minutes gone in the first half, 19-17.

Duke City’s lead did not grow past single digits, but they managed to stay barely ahead through the middle of the half, with good defense from Tucson’s Helen Wheels and Pixie Axe being matched by Carson B. Demented and Killer Queen in the Duke pack.

At about the 8 minute point, the lead started swinging back and forth again — three jams in a row saw the lead changing and Tucson managed to edge ahead on the last jam of the half at 55-54.

The second half didn’t look too much like the first, though. Tucson locked down control of the front of the pack and established lead jammer status over and over — and even when Duke got lead, some questionable call-off timing led to them either losing those jams on point differential or having to settle for a tie. Over the first 17 minutes of the half, Tucson outscored Duke by an impressive 57-4 and had a solid 112-58 lead.

Duke City finally got some offense going here, keeping Tucson’s lead just on the shy side of comfortable — but Duke was never really within striking distance after the first few jams of the half. With 47 seconds left on the clock, the score stood at 133-96 Tucson, and although Duke’s Brutalitaur put up a crowd-rousing 24-1 final frame over backup jammer Sassy Sue, Tucson had the game in hand and won by 14.

Tucson advances to play Oly at 6pm on Friday.

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