New York Wins First MDC Championship Match

HAGERSTOWN, MD — The first official Men’s Derby Coalition season came to an end on Sunday, October 17 as the New York Shock Exchange played a dominant second half to defeat Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen by a final of 159-95 for the championship, and the hosting Harm City Homicide rolled over the Connecticut Death Quads by a final of 231-57.

Although the MDC has grown to include eight member leagues in Puget Sound Derby Outcasts, Magic City Misfits (Jacksonville, FL), St. Louis Gatekeepers and Race City Rebels (Indianapolis, IN), all those teams joined after the beginning of the six-game 2010 MDC season and thus will start playing in MDC action in 2011.

Championship: New York Shock Exchange 159, Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen 95 – The last time these two teams met, the game was called at halftime due to unsafe track conditions with Pioneer Valley being closer than they had ever been to their first win over the undefeated Shock Exchange with a 55-33 lead. This time, the teams played another fairly close first half, but New York took control after the half and had a comfortable lead for most of the last 30 minutes.

The first 15 minutes of the match were a very low scoring struggle with extremely fast and aggressive packs. After three jams the score was tied at 5-5, and although Pioneer Valley momentarily inched ahead following a 2-0 to Davy Jones, it was soon tied up again at 9-9 after 7 jams.

New York got a little bit of daylight here, winning 6 out of the next 7 jams to go up 46-19 with about ten minutes left in the half. However, with the exception of a 10-0 for Ladies Knight late in that sequence, all of NYSE’s jam wins were fairly narrow. Pioneer Valley was able to get a small-ball rally going to end the half, outscoring New York 23-11 over the last jams of the half — including an important momentum jam on the second-to-last frame when Dr. Spankenstein went 10-2 over Jonathan R. At the break, Pioneer Valley was very much in it, just 15 points down at 57-42.

Pioneer Valley drew just one point closer at 58-44 two jams into the second half before New York dropped the series of jams that would decide the game. PVRD jammer Mars Travolta was boxed in the third jam, and a swarm of Abe Drinkin’, Filthy McNasty, Teen Wolf and Wolfgang Von Stomp were all over PVRD blocker David Ketchum. With the other PVRD blockers getting caught out of play by New York’s trap, NYSE jammer Jonathan R dropped a hugely demoralizing 24-0.

That created a new score of 82-44, and Pioneer Valley seemed a bit rattled by it. They were unable to get back on the board in the next 6 jams, by which time New York extended their lead to 102-44 — a 44-0 run. That sequence ended up being the lion’s share of the final 64-point margin. Mars Travolta pulled out an 8-0 following that to give PVRD faithful a little hope, but when it was followed by a 8-3 to NYSE’s Rinkworm and a 15-0 powerjam to Ladies Knight, it was 125-55 with about 12 minutes to go and it was just a matter of time until NYSE sealed their victory.

NYSE relied almost entirely on a rotation of three equally effective jammers — Jonathan R (13 jams, 53 points, +20 JPD), Ladies Knight (11 jams, 46 points, +15 JPD) and Rinkworm (15 jams, 46 points, +15 JPD). One effective support jam each came from Teen Wolf (9 points, +9 JPD) and Abe Drinkin’ (5 points, +5 JPD).

Though not PVRD’s highest scoring jammer, Dr. Spankenstein proved to be their most effective by being the only one in positive point differential (9 jams, 24 points, +2 JPD). Jurasskick Park led scoring with 32 points on 12 jams and a -15 JPD, and Mars Travolta rounded out the leaders with 25 points on 9 jams with a -7 JPD. Davy Jones contributed 13 points on 9 jams but was outscored by 36 points, while Mongo took the star twice but only got 1 point and was outscored by 8.

NYSE finishes their season 6-0 with one unfinished game played against Pioneer Valley; PVRD closes at 4-2.

Full bout video courtesy Pioneer Valley Roller Derby: (First half) (Second half) | Archived DNN Textcast

Third Place Bout: Harm City Homicide 231, Connecticut Death Quads 57 — In the third place game, the hosting Harm City Homicide didn’t have too much trouble in scoring their third victory of the year over the Connecticut Death Quads. Homicide used a slightly larger jammer rotation than usual, with primary jammer Virginia Slim playing exclusively in the pack due to a hip injury, but it didn’t hurt them on the scoreboard. The 231-57 final score ended up being Homicide’s biggest win of the series, as the previous meetings ended 216-78 and 141-71.

Connecticut had a very short-lived lead after a 3-0 opener went to CT’s Zakk Sabbath over Carnage Asada, but the 12-0 to Homicide’s Abe Froman on the followup jam set the tone for the rest of the bout. It was 19-9 for Homicide after four jams, and then Homicide opened it up on the subsequent three jams as Justice Feelgood Marshall went 10-0, Sin Diesel added a 4-0, and Froman was back to land a 16-0 on Kenny Kamikaze. After that series, Homicide was up 49-9 with about 17 minutes left in the first half.

The visitors’ score went up in fits and starts from there but Homicide scored on almost all jams. They hit triple digits at 100-19 on a 18-0 to Justice Feelgood Marshall after CT’s Cirkle Jerk pulled an unfortunate fourth minor on a false start, and two jams later the half ended at 102-28 Homicide.

Things didn’t start looking up for Connecticut in the second half, as Homicide went on a huge 97-9 run to start punctuated by a 25-0 to Justice and a 20-0 to Abe Froman. That put it at 199-37 with about 12 minutes to play, and Homicide brought in for a 231-57 landing at the end.

Homicide scoring was led by MVP Abe Froman (10 jams, 75 points, +55 JPD), Carnage Asada (12 jams, 58 points, +37 JPD), and Justice Feelgood Marshall (8 jams, 56 points, +54 JPD) with support from Quad Almighty (5 jams, 30 points, +21 JPD) and Sin Diesel (3 jams, 12 points, +7 JPD).

Zakk Sabbath was the leading scorer for Connecticut (13 jams, 23 points, -36 JPD) with Cirkle Jerk (11 jams, 15 points, -35 JPD) and Kenny Kamikaze (8 jams, 15 points, -45 JPD) tied behind him. Ben Jammin’ (3 jams, 4 points, -25 JPD), Hit Happens (1 jam, no points, even JPD) and Karn Evil (1 jam, no points, -25 JPD) also took the star.

The Death Quads end their MDC season 0-7; Homicide finishes 3-4 with all of their wins over the Death Quads.

Full bout video courtesy Pioneer Valley Roller Derby | Archived DNN Textcast