2010 WFTDA Championships Recaps

2010 WFTDA Championships Recaps Texas blocker The Angie-Christ races to help as Bay Area blocker belle RIGHT hooks holds back Bloody Mary. Photo: Joe Rollerfan

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1W Rocky Mountain 147, 2W Oly 146 — see full recap

Bout stats (courtesy N8) | Archived DNN textcast

1E Gotham 162, 2E Philly 51 — This third-place bout – a repeat of so many past tournament matches – brought the Gotham Girls to battle against the Liberty Belles of Philadelphia at the UIC Pavillion on November 7th, 2010.  First blood was given to Philly, whose Elle Viento scored three.  After two slow-starting jams, Gotham found their lane and took two leads in a row to take the score to 9-5, Gotham up.

With twenty to go in the half, Suzy Hotrod took an accumulation of four minors, sending her to the box while Persephone spun up for nine power jam points.  That would be the last time that Philly would score for over ten minutes as Gotham took four of six lead jams and built a lead on top of their defense.  No Philly jammer could advance at any rapid pace, giving the Gotham scorers plenty of time to lap, pass, and score.  Insult added to injury, an Elle Viento minor-penalty accumulation sent her to the box at the four-minute mark. Philly’s pack followed, and Bonnie Thunders scored 19 points – almost a quad slam. 64-18, Gotham up.  Despite two scoring runs by Philly, Gotham entered halftime in the lead, 74-26.

Gotham built on that lead in the first ten minutes of the second half by brandishing their pack on Philly jammers like a blunt instrument.  While Bonnie Thunders and Suzy Hotrod charged around the flat track, their teammates Fisti Cuffs and Kandy Kakes struck at the top of the pack.  Philly grabbed two leads of seven, losing the point battle 8 to 25; 99-34 Gotham in the lead with twenty left.

Philly’s pack woke up and held back Gotham for two jams (scoring eight unanswered points), but Gotham charged ahead and hit the century mark with fifteen minutes remaining.  Elle Viento grabbed one more lead in the bout for three.

However, Gotham took control of the jammer clock from that point.  Whether it was Bonnie bursting the pack ahead of her or Suzy Hotrod jumping across legs on the outside, the Gotham Beast charged ahead.  Bonnie Thunders topped her own record with 108 points scored in the bout, and Gotham emerged after sixty minutes of hard battle victorious.  Gotham takes 3rd place here at the center of derby in Chicago, IL. Final score: 162-51. — Garrison Killer

Bout stats (courtesy N8) | Archived DNN Textcast

2W Oly 106, 2E Philly 81 — Philly – the East’s 2nd seed – took on Oly (West’s #2) for the right to play Rocky Mountain in WFTDA’s finals on Sunday, November 7th. Philly took the first score lead with three lead jams by Mo Pain, Persephone, and Elle Viento, but Oly charged back with an 8-point jam, breaking past Heavy Flo and the rest of the Philly pack. 8-7 Oly up with four minutes gone in the half.

The lead changed three more times over the next several minutes with rapid-fire hit-and-quit-it tactics in a half that was very evenly matched — neither team held a double digit lead until there were six minutes to play in the half. Philly took control as Mo Pain scored nine on a power jam…and held it against Oly.  Oly was efficient taking their losses by delaying the opposing jammer with their fast-pack play, but Philly’s defense also shone as Ginger Vitis and Heavy Flo killed Oly jammers at every apex.

With eight minutes remaining, Oly retook the lead with an unanswered nine-point jam as Oly’s Sassy and Femme Fatale stymied Mo Pain (33-32).  This started a streak of four lead jams that had Philly’s jammers unsuccessfully juking and diving for forward passage through the pack. As the game hit the half, Oly had taken a eighteen-point lead and were beginning to take their fast game to the Belles of Philly.

The score began at 52-34 in the second half.  Oly kept the speed, and kept the pressure.  Atomatrix’s acceleration, Sassy and Tannibal Lector in front, and Heffer scoring just as often as Atomatrix; Philly  simply could not break past it all more quickly than Oly could execute on a score.

Philly kept up for a time; a penalty visit by Oly’s Licker-n-Split gave Teflon an opportunity to triple slam the Oly pack and narrow the margin to 68–52 Oly with twenty left.  Oly then kept the Belles scoreless for four jams while their jammers scored 25. Another power jam for Philly gave them another seventeen points, but it simply wasn’t enough.  Atomatrix hit the century mark for Oly with seven minutes to go (101-74), and Philly, though never in an inescapable hold, simply couldn’t find their moment from then on.  Final score: 106-81.

Both the remaining games will be rematches of 2010 regional tournaments. Gotham and Philly match up at 2pm CST in a rematch of the Easterns final, and Oly moves forward to repeat the Westerns finals at Western Regionals at 4pm CST on Sunday.  This time, it’ll be for everything. — Garrison Killer

1W Rocky Mountain 113, 1E Gotham 79 — In a long-awaited clash, the top team from the West met the best of the East in the first semifinal match, and Rocky Mountain held Gotham at arm’s length for almost the full bout to earn a trip to the championship bout and deal Gotham their first defeat of 2010 in the process.

Both teams sent their best one-two punch to the jammer line to start the game, as the first and third jams saw DeRanged take on Bonnie Thunders and the second and fourth saw Urrk’n Jerk’n as Booty Blockya against Suzy Hotrod. Rocky’s jammers played a very physical offense, unafraid and often even eager to bash their own way through the pack. About seven minutes in, Rocky had managed to keep Gotham off the scoreboard while building a 14-0 lead. Gotham got their first points on a 4-0 to Hyper Lynx on the bout’s 7th jam, but that got answered by Rocky Mountain’s first grand slams of the game when Urrk’n Jerk’n as Booty Blockya lapped Suzy Hotrod twice for a 10-0.

Gotham was down 37-4 with about 16 minutes left in the first half when they got an opportunity to change the situation — Urrk’n Jerk’n as Booty Blockya picked up a 4th minor at the end of a turn as jammer, and so Gotham got a minute to sent Bonnie Thunders unopposed against Rocky Mountain, but extremely solid defense from DeRanged, PsychoBabble and Amanda Jamitinya held her to just a 4-0. Their next break would come about 9 minutes left in the half when Deranged lapped opposing jammer Swede Hurt twice and then went to jammer defense — unfortunately for her, when she took down Swede with a block, it was deemed illegal and DeRanged lost lead jammer status on her way to the box. Swede managed to get through the pack twice to equalize the score at 10-10, with DeRanged still stuck in the box to start the next jam. Bonnie Thunders swooped through for Gotham’s biggest jam win at 9-0, and Gotham finally had more than a handful of points at 59-27.

Judging by the response, the crowd seemed to be on Gotham’s side and hoping those jams would be the beginning of a comeback, but Rocky Mountain called timeout and finished off the half only allowing 3 more points for Gotham. At the break, Gotham was looking at the bleakest halftime score of their tournament history at 75-31.

The usually very effective juking from Suzy Hotrod had been having extremely little luck in the first half against extraordinarily tight pack play from Rocky Mountain — she was completely blanked on all eight of her first-half jams. Suzy managed to finally break her personal scoring drought on her first second-half jam with a 4-0 over Urrk’n Jerk’n As Booty Blockya, and Gotham’s notoriously effective second-half adjustments seemed to be bearing fruit as the bout played on. The teams were picking up lead jammer perfectly evenly through the first ten jams of the half, with 5 leads to each — but Gotham was just barely outscoring Rocky Mountain at the midpoint of the half. Still, Rocky had a fairly comfortable 93-54 lead with 15 minutes to play.

It was at about that point that Rocky Mountain started playing some effective — if not very popular with the crowd — prevent defense. On three jams in a row, RMRG took lead jammer status with the Gotham jammer right behind, and successfully managed to speed up their packs to suck time off the clock while forcing the Gotham jammer to sprint longer just to claim a 0-0. And after eating about four minutes, Rocky continued to claim lead and start converting it into points to finally hit the century mark at 100-54. Gotham spent 6 jams off the board and finally got a 4-0 for Bonnie Thunders followed by a 3-0 to make it 100-61 with 7 minutes left.

Gotham got a potential opportunity with about 5 minutes to play when Frida Beater started a jam in the box as the Rocky jammer and went right back into it after committing a major back block — but Gotham was unable to take big advantage of it on a tough Rocky Mountain pack, and Suzy Hotrod called that jam off with 5-0. Even though Bonnie Thunders picked up 10-0 on that, Gotham needed more than just 15 points out of that situation, staring at a 100-76 score with only 1:03 to play.

Suzy Hotrod pulled lead jammer over DeRanged on that jam but couldn’t find a way through the pack before DeRanged caught up and completed a scoring pass — Suzy was forced to call with a 4-3 win for DeRanged. With the score 104-79, Gotham called timeout with 5 seconds left to play. The last jam would be Bonnie Thunders for Gotham up against Urrk’n Jerk’n As Booty Blockya for Rocky Mountain. Bonnie went directly to jammer offense, forcing Urrk’n Jerk’n As Booty Blockya out of bounds — but went out of bounds herself, making both jammers ineligible for lead. It bought Gotham an extra 1:55 in the game, but it wouldn’t buy them a miracle last jam. Urrk’n Jerk’n As Booty Blockya ended up picking up 4 to 0 in the last frame. Although Gotham had won the second half 52-38, they still ended up on the wrong side of the total, and Rocky Mountain defeated the top team from the East, 113-79. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Bout Stats (courtesy N8) | Archived DNN textcast

2W Oly 178, 1NC Windy City 76 — To the massive cheers of the Windy City Rollers home crowd, the North Central champions came to the track against the legendary Oly Rollers of Olympia. Their last bout resulted in a blowout of massive proportions for Chicago. They lost 220-61, and the Rollers have been hard at work dissecting that bout to be able to take on Oly here in this final quarter-final.

Early minutes showed Windy having taken their medicine. The very first jam resulted in seven points unanswered by Shocka Conduit against Oly’s Heffer. However, Atomatrix, Harmony Killerbruise, and Tannibal Lector brought the scoring and went ahead, 36-16, even breaking a Varla Vendetta lead jam.

Oly then went scoreless for ten minutes as Windy spun widdershins around their opponents. They could not score more than four in a jam, but a wide range of jammers made a few points while Georgia on Yer Behind and Hoosier Mama (as well as captain Varla Vendetta) held the Oly scorers back.

Then the gears switched. Over the last eight minutes in the half and due in part to a Shocka Conduit penalty visit, Oly more than doubled their scores…including the half’s final jam by Femme Fatale that gave Oly fifteen points unassisted by a power jam situation. At the half, Oly had built a decent lead – 74-31.

Olympia kept the defensive pressure on. Sassy and her blocking staff kept Windy scoreless and forcing penalties for the first seven minutes. Atomatrix scored a triple slam for Oly in the first jam of the half; the team scored twelve more unanswered points before Varla Vendetta at last got nine and it was 101-40 Oly after seven minutes.

Then followed a series of four power jams for Oly over the next fifteen minutes of play. The problem seemed to be that Windy – such a fast team normally – could not play for sustained periods at Oly’s speed. Oly took advantage and scored 45 points off of those jams. And while Windy City had two power jams over two consecutive jams, Windy could only score twelve during theirs. By the end of the final Oly power jam with five minutes left, Oly was up 173-60.

Windy recharged for the end; resolute to bypass their last score against Oly (61), WCR jammers took the final four leads and easily blew past to the final score of 178-76. Oly advances, and now faces Philly in the semi-finals at 7:15pm CDT. — Garrison Killer

Bout stats (courtesy N8) | Archived DNN Textcast

2E Philly 147, 1SC Kansas City 126 — The last time these two teams met in August, Philly handed Kansas City a 94 point defeat, but Kansas City stayed considerably closer to their opponents this time. Philly lost almost all of a 43 point lead and Kansas City was within just one point in the second half, but Philly’s pack work ended up just being slightly too much for Kansas City to overcome.

While the game started with three very low scoring jams that had KCRW narrowly ahead 4-2, Kansas City filled their box on the fourth jam of the game and Philly’s Mo Pain got an 8-0 that put her team in front 12-4. Although Kansas City whittled away piece by piece with a 3-0, 2-0 and 2-0 that had them within a point at 12-11, they once again had a jammer penalty hand their opponents 8 points. Hall Balls had lead and got KCRW barely in front during the jam, but was whistled off on a major track cut before she was able to call, and Teflon Donna picked up a 8-3 to keep Philly ahead at the end of the jam, 20-14. Philly increased their lead fairly steadily, heavily relying on Shenita Stretcher on the jam line (she’d jam in 7 of the half’s 16 jams.)

Philly caught a break in a jam near the end of the half when Kansas City jammer Track Rat flew into the pack at high speed and scored all four points before being knocked into the infield — she tried to call the jam off from the floor, but Philly’s jammer Shenita Stretcher managed to enter the pack and score all four points to equalize the score before the jam was called. That jam ended with Philly up 54-26 and quite a few boos from the underdog fans in the crowd.

As the time in the opening half ticked down, it looked like Kansas City might end up in an inescapable hole by the break, but on the last jam of the half, Kansas City got exactly the situation they needed — Shenita Stretcher serving out a penalty from the previous jam and then Philly filling their penalty box. Kansas City’s Case Closed turned that minute into a 20-0 jam win that sent them into the halftime with only a 23 point deficit, 78-55.

Philly opened up the second half by slightly increasing their advantage to 89-58, but Kansas started claiming lead jammer regularly after the first couple of jams and started a slow comeback that suddenly exploded into a major one. 6-0 and 4-0 jam wins to Track Rat and Case Closed were soon followed by a stadium-exploding 20-0 powerjam for Kelley Young as the Kansas City pack once again demonstrated their skill at separating opponents to make space for Young’s slaloming style. All told it was a 30-0 run over four jams, and all but one point of Philly’s formerly large lead was gone with the score Philly 89, Kansas City 88 with about 20 minutes left in the game.

Philly started scoring again just in time to avoid losing the lead, pushing it back out to double digits by answering with a 10-1 to Gloria Grindem. With about 14 minutes left to play, a particularly penalty-heavy jam ended with both jammers being sent to box twice each; when it was all over, it was 104-97 Philly and both jammers — Hall Balls for KC and Shenita Stretcher for Philly — had to start the next jam from the box. That jam went full-length as well, making for some very tired jammers by the time it was all over, but it was Shenita getting the better of it with a 7-0 win that put Philly up 111-97.

That series seemed to take some of the wind out of Kansas City’s sails. as they were held off the board for 4 jams in a row. Kansas City performed a very impressive penalty kill with about 8 minutes left in the game when Track Rat was boxed and Philly’s Teflon Donna was unopposed, but Kansas City blockers Bruz-Her and Eclipse held her to just 4-0. Still, it only slowed the rate at which Philly pulled away in a 7-0, 4-0, 4-0, 15-0 series that had Philly in control, 134-97, with only about 6 minutes to play.

Desperately needing a huge jam, Kansas City jammed Kelley Young three times in a row (though she was forced to jam the middle one due to starting in the penalty box) and in four of the game’s last six jams. She was able to give Kansas City a last-jam prayer by getting them within 31 points at 147-116 with just enough time for one more jam, but there just wasn’t enough time in the last jam for Case Closed to make up that many points. A Kansas City 10-0 ended the game with Philly hanging on against a surprisingly effective Kansas City attack, 147-126.

Philly moves on to play the winner of Windy City vs. Oly at 7:15 Central. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Bout stats (courtesy N8) | Archived DNN Textcast

1W Rocky Mountain 165, 3E Charm City 103 — Rocky and Charm couldn’t grab an edge in the opening minutes of this second quarterfinal. The teams scored three points overall in the first four jams. Rocky’s DeRanged finally dropped a grand-slam on Charm to go ahead 7-1 with six minutes gone in the half.

In the following jam, Urrk’n Jerk’n as Booty Block’ya took the lead, scored two, then got hit with a back-blocking penalty. Charm City’s Just Carol went on the attack and scored sixteen on the resulting jam, stealing the lead change for her team. 17-9.

Charm kept that lead for three jams, but Rocky recovered. A track cut from Flo Shizzle sent the Baltimore jammer to the box, and this gave Rocky’s Urrk’n a fresh minute of power jam. Urrk’n scored fifteen. Only a few jams later, the refs sent Urrk’n herself to the box on a track cut. However, Charm’s Holden Grudges could only snag a double slam and Rocky stayed ahead. 38-33 with ten left.

Rocky lost the lead and regained it in a matter of minutes as their fast, intense pack play began to run roughshod over Charm’s stutter-pack strategies. However, the difference in score by the end of the half was by no means conclusive. Rocky had only gained a fifteen-point lead as time was called on the half. Rocky 67 – Charm 52.

As play resumed, the track fell into a mess of penalties and chaos; a perfect storm of bad falls that resulted in Rocky Mountain came out of with a massive jump in lead. After an official timeout, Rocky had increased their lead to 103-64.

Within just two more jams, Charm began to feel the strong effect of the new seven-penalties-and-out rule. With twenty minutes to go, Rosie the Rioter, Thoroughbled, and blocker impresario Dolly Rocket were all showing five penalties each in addition to being down by almost forty points.

Rocky’s She Who Must Not be Named extended the lead further on a twenty-five point power jam fifteen minutes before the end of regulation. Joy Collision and Just Carol came back with two strong lead jams to bring the game within 50 (137-91), but it was here that the Rocky Mountain team retook control. Rocky kept Charm from scoring for ten minutes…slowly building their lead to 156-91.

Charm’s penultimate jam brought them their final score; Just Carol’s 12-point jam took them over the century mark. However, Dolly Rocket went out for her 7th penalty and was taken to the back. Urrk’n scored nine on the resulting short pack, and brought the game to its conclusion at 165-103.

Rocky Mountain will now take on Gotham in the first semi-final at 5:30pm CDT tonight. — Garrison Killer

Bout stats (courtesy N8) | Archived DNN textcast

1E Gotham 151, 2SC Texas 52 — The third entry in the Gotham / Texas rivalry once again played out with the New Yorkers on top, and their path to victory was familiar to fans who have been following them all year — a somewhat uncertain start in the first few jams, followed by increasingly effective play as the first half went on, followed by near-complete defensive dominance in the second half. Texas was only able to get on the board in four second-half jams and didn’t break into double digits on the second half until the final jam of the game.

Texas came out of the blocks strong, pulling lead jammer in the first two jams with an Olivia Shootin’ John 4-0 followed quickly by a 3-0 for Bloody Mary, but it only took about 5 jams for Gotham to find their footing. With the score 8-5 after four jams, Bonnie Thunders battled through for a 10-0 over Bloody Mary that put Gotham in front for the first time, 15-8. Texas avoided giving up any big jams to follow it up, but lost three low scoring jams in a row to find themselves down 27-14 with about 18 minutes to play and called an early timeout.

At about the 15 minute mark, Gotham’s Bonnie Thunders got a pop from the crowd by helping her own cause in a 10-0 win over Luce Bandit by taking her down away from the pack after her first scoring pass, forcing her to be re-absorbed by the pack. That moved the score to 41-15, and Suzy Hotrod followed up with a 10-zip of her own to put Texas in a serious hole at 51-15. Texas had a chance to make up some ground on the next jam when Olivia Shootin John got an increasingly lead jammer call for Texas, but she picked up a fourth minor and was sent to the box in a jam that ended up going 10-4 for Gotham’s Hyper Lynx.

Gotham’s lead had increased to 65-26 going into the last jams of the first half when Texas finally got an opportunity for a powerjam on Suzy Hotrod, who was boxed in her opening pass; unfortunately for Texas, opposing jammer Bloody Mary didn’t realize that Suzy had been sent to the box, and called off the jam immediately upon being called lead jammer. Texas was only able to squeeze a 5-0 out of the following jam and found themselves down 65-31 with about 2:40 in the half. After an 0-0 to follow up, Suzy Hotrod hit the box again on a major back block, and that gave Texas a little more momentum at the break as Olivia Shootin’ John scored a 8-0 in the unopposed time to end the first 30 minutes at Gotham 65, Texas 39.

That halftime score seemed doable for Texas, but Gotham came back from the break with some of their trademark second half lockdown defense, not allowing Texas to get on the board in the first 8 minutes. Their cause was also seriously set back on the half’s second jam as Suzy Hotrod claimed the largest jam of the game with a 23-0 powerjam following a cut track major from Bloody Mary. With about 20:42 to play, Sarah Hipel got the first Texas points of the half on a 3-0, but by that time the score was 95-42 favoring Gotham after a 30-3 run. At about the midpoint of the half, Gotham broke the century mark with a 14-0 powerjam to Suzy Hotrod, pushing Gotham’s advantage to 111-42 with 14 minutes to play, and it was almost all Gotham for the rest of the game — they held Texas scoreless for 9 jams in a row and picked up lead jammer on 16 of the half’s 19 jams.

Gotham advances to play the winner of Charm City / Rocky Mountain at 5:30 today. Texas’ elimination means this year will be the first time Texas has failed to reach the last day of a championship tournament. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

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Saturday | Friday

2W Oly 214, 3SC Nashville 53 — As expected, the final bout of the day turned out to be the biggest blowout — although it was only 1 point larger than the 213-53 spanking that Philly had put on Madison just previous. As usual in Oly wins, Oly picked up their margin of victory slowly and steadily — there were few double-digit jams, but the great majority of the jams saw Oly increase their lead by 4 to 9 points, and that eventually buried Nashville.

Nashville stuck mostly to a three-jammer rotation of Ramb0 Samb0, Maulin’ Monroe and Britches N Hose with a few support jams from Lady Fury, while Oly put out a wider array than usual and jammed the normally very heavily used Atomatrix and Heffer only a handful of times — Heffer only jammed once in the second half and spent the majority of her time in the pack. 8 Oly skaters would take the jam star overall — Heffer, Atomatrix, Harmony Killerbruise, Clitty Clitty Bang Bang, Licker *N* Split, Scara 2 Death, Tannibal Lector and Femme Fatale.

The underdogs fired up the crowd on the first jam when Ramb0 Samb0 managed to take lead jammer on the opener and tied Oly’s Heffer on a 1-1, but the next four jams saw Oly go 9-0, 10-0, 9-0 and 10-0 to claim a 39-1 lead. Nashville was able to get on the board fairly consistently after that, but only for the only double-digit win for Oly came about halfway through the half when Femme Fatale took the jam star in a full-length frame against Maulin’ Monroe — Oly took it 19-3, by which point they had built up a 69-11 lead. At the half Oly was up 94-40 — still in the realm of comeback possibility in theory, but Nashville had only been able to string together consecutive jam wins once at the end of the half.

In the second half, though, Oly seriously stepped up their defense, took lead jammer on the first eight jams of the half and only allowed Nashville to score on 4 of the half’s jams. Any hopes that Nashville fans might have had for an epic turnover went out the window at about the midpoint of the half, with the score 135-50 — a full-length jam saw Nashville lose jammer Maulin’ Monroe to the box and Atomatrix drop a 15-0 to give Oly exactly a hundred-point lead at 150-50; Femme Fatale followed with 20-0. That kicked off Nashville’s roughest patch of the bout, as they couldn’t get on the board for eight straight jams while Oly put up 75 unanswered points. Only a 3-0 to Ramb0 Samb0 on the game’s second-to-last jam saved Nashville from being shut out for the final 15 minutes, and in the end Oly’s margin of victory was 161.

Oly advances to play tournament hosts Windy City Saturday at 2:45pm. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Bout Stats (courtesy N8) | Archived DNN Textcast

2E Philly 213, 3NC Madison 53 — The score didn’t look very close in the game, but the game still wasn’t quite as close as the score implied. Philly absolutely dominated Madison over the first 45 minutes of the bout and held them to just 13 points in the first half on their way to a very impressive win.

Philly didn’t waste any time establishing control of this bout, as Madison fell into a hole right off the bat when Philly took an opening 4-0 followed by a big 19-0 powerjam to Teflon Donna and 9-0 to Persephone. When Shenita Stretcher followed with a 2-0, it was 34-0 in Philly’s favor just six minutes into the game. Madison finally got their first lead jam call of the game when they pulled a quick jam start by having their pack start on an knee, and turned it into a 5-0 for Jewels of DeNile, but that didn’t presage much a comeback. Madison wasn’t able to break into double digits until there were almost 20 minutes gone in the game at 68-11 — and Philly really put the boot down after that, only allowing two more points in the half. At the break, Philly was having almost no trouble, up by 105 points at 118-13.

The second half began with a lot more of the same — Madison jammers unable to find their way to daylight behind very cohesive blocking from Philly and the stronger and more agile Philly jammers fairly consistently frustrating the Madison defenders. Madison only scored on two of the half’s first 11 jams and was down by a harrowing 182-18 with about 12 minutes left in the game. Things got as dire as 206-24 before Madison was able to take advantage of Philly moving outside of their normal jammer rotation to give usual blocker Ginger Vitis a few turns with the jam star. Madison actually ended up scoring the majority of their points on her as she was boxed twice in her four jams — they picked up a 10-0 and 15-0 to make the final score a little more respectable, but in the end it was still an overwhelming 160 point victory for Philly.

Philly advances to play Kansas City Saturday at 1pm. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Bout stats (courtesy N8) | Archived DNN Textcast

3E Charm City 249, 2NC Minnesota 118 — Big first-half penalty trouble for Minnesota led to big lopsided powerjams for Charm City in this early-round shootout that bore very little resemblance to the earlier highly defensive battle battle between Texas and Bay Area.

For the first twenty minutes of the game it looked as if Minnesota might have yet another big upset in them. The opening jam went full-length as neither Charm’s Joy Collision nor Minnesota’s Suzie Smashbox were able to get lead jammer status; it ended in a 16-10 win for Joy, and I.M. Pain followed with a 9-4 over L’exi Cuter to stake Charm to an early 25-14 lead. However, over the following six jams, Minnesota managed to hold Charm City to only 2 points during a 4-2 Minnesota win for Psycho Novia over Lady Quebeaum, and by the end of that run Minnesota had slowly but surely pulled themselves into the lead at 35-27.

That was a 21-2 run for Minnesota, but it was erased in just one 24-0 powerjam to Just Carol when Minnesota jammer Scarmen Hellectra went to the penalty box. It was the first of multiple jams in the half where Minnesota ended up with their penalty box totally full. Two jams later, I.M. Pain took advantage of a similar situation for a 15-1, and with about ten minutes left in the half, it was still fairly close at 66-42. Minnesota suffered a big setback right there though when Charm hit them with a 14-0 powerjam followed by a 15-3 to give Charm City a 95-45 advantage. The last three jams of the half ran more or less evenly, leaving Charm up 109-58 at the break.

Minnesota needed a good momentum jam to kick off their second half, but they got the exact opposite when Suzie Smashbox went to the box on her opening pass and I.M. Pain dropped a 20-0; when that was followed by Just Carol turning in a 9-0, Charm City’s lead had ballooned to 80 points at 138-58. Over the next 15 minutes or so, Minnesota was able to keep Charm’s lead from growing, but could only get as close as 62 points at 154-92. At that point, though, Charm City started putting up the lopsided scores again — 12-0 to Quebeaum, 17-4 to I.M. Pain, 19-3 to Holden Grudges and 19-0 to I.M. Pain during a 83-8 run that saw Charm City take 8 of 9 lead jam calls and go up 241-100. Three jams later it was all over at 249-118.

Charm City advances to play Rocky Mountain Saturday at 11:15 Central. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Bout Stats (courtesy N8) | Archived DNN Textcast

2SC Texas 72, 3W Bay Area 59 — Both teams played a smart, clean and very conservative game in the kickoff to the 2010 Championships. Although there were almost no jammer penalties throughout the game, the low scoring contest was still decided by the 21-0 Texas margin on those few powerjams, and Texas advanced to play Gotham on Saturday.

This one opened with effective defense from both teams, as Astronaughty opened for Bay with lead but only a 1-0 and Bloody Mary followed for Texas with lead but only a 2-0. On the game’s third jam, though, Burlybot was able to get a full 5-0 before Lucille Brawl escaped blocking and called it off. That gave Bay Area a 6-2 lead that was immediately erased by Olivia Shootin’ John’s 4-0, making it tied at 6-6 with 24 minutes left in the first half. A quick 1-1 later, it was still a tie at 7-7.

Texas got the first powerjam of the game when Chantilly Mace got herself a major track cut, but Belle Right Hooks, Friskie Meow , Brawllen Angel and Auntie Christ did a decent job of killing it for only a 6-0 to Bloody Mary. Bay Area was forced to go to penalty killing again on the very next jam, and once again managed to get out of a jammerless minute with minimal damage, giving up a 5-0 to Olivia Shootin’ John.

Texas was up 18-7 there, but BAD’s Ivy Profane erased that whole lead with a 13-0 as Texas’ Bloody Mary was nicely pinned down by Bay Area black-and-gold. With the score 20-18 Bay Area, Texas called time with exactly 16 minutes left in the first half.

Things stayed low-scoring and tight to the 10 minute mark, as almost every jam was being called with only one or two points to the leading jammer. Bay Area was barely getting the better of it, though they couldn’t expand that small lead into double digits. As the time counted down to about 5 minutes left in the half, Bay Area was up 32-28 — but Texas finally got their first double-digit jam of the game when Bloody Mary lapped Chantilly Mace twice for a 10-0. That put Texas in the lead for the first time in about 10 minutes at 38-32, and two jams later the half ended with a 5-0 to Ivy Profane that left Texas up by just one point at the break, 38-37.

The lead changed hands four times in the first ten minutes of the second half. Bay Area was ahead 43-41 with 23:30 to play. However, a game that had been very clean up to that point suddenly had a jammer penalty pileup as BAD’s jammer Chantilly Mace picked up a cut track major that boxed her, Texas’ Bloody Mary picked up 5 before committing her own major back block, and then Mace, freed from the box, went right back on a major back block. That left Texas with a 46-43 lead and an unopposed minute on the following jam that Luce Bandit turned into a 5-0. With 19:22 left in the game, Texas was up 51-43, and with about 15 minutes to play they’d matched their largest lead of the game at 58-47.

Bay Area chipped away at the lead as the game continued to be built around tiny point differentials, and they were within 5 at 58-53 as the game entered its last ten minutes. But Texas got a big jam with about 7 to play as Belle Starr and the Angie-Christ did a good job of containing and tiring Ivy Profane while Olivia Shootin’ John racked a 8-0 to give Texas their biggest separation at 68-53. With 6:25 to play, Bay Area called their first timeout.

BAD got lead jammer status on the following three jams, but only got two points out of the whole thing on a 2-0 — Texas jammers followed them right out of the pack to force 0-0 calls on the other two. With only 3:03 to play, BAD called their second timeout looking at a 68-55 deficit. A lead jam call for Sarah Hipel there was a major blow to BAD’s hopes there, as she pulled out a 4-0 and sucked precious time off the clock for Bay Area, who were forced to call their final timeout with 1:43 to play and down by 17 points at 72-55.

Bay Area put their chips on Astronaughty in the final jam, and some nice blocking from Friskie Meow and Velveteen Savage allowed Astro to lap OSJ and pick up 4 points — but while caught up behind the last Texas blocker on that first scoring pass, Astro made a fatal miscalculation and called off the jam with 27 seconds left on the clock. Bay Area couldn’t stop the clock again, and Texas won as time expired before another jam could go off, 72-59. — Justice Feelgood Marshall

Bout stats (courtesy N8) | Archived DNN Textcast