North Star Comes Back on Tucson, 105-96

North Star Comes Back on Tucson, 105-96 North Star was down by 40 points at halftime but played a 82-33 second half to defeat visiting Tucson. Photo credit: Paul Robertson.

ST. PAUL, MN — Joining the Twin Cities Terrors for a double-header at the Terrors’ home stomping ground in St. Paul, Minneapolis’ North Star Supernovas came from behind to beat the Tucson Saddletramps 105 – 96 in WFTDA-sanctioned action on Friday, February 4.

North Star took a quick lead, with jammers Katarina Hit and Jawbreaker (skating under her government name, Kim Gallant) scoring eleven unanswered points in the first two jams; Tucson high-scorer Bianka Trohl put her team on the board on the third. A quick pace and solid defense kept the scoring low for both sides until North Star jammer Jawbreaker landed in the box on a major back block, giving Tucson jammer Ferocious Oxide the chance to score ten. This put the Saddletramps in front 19-15.

Tucson took lead jammer status on nine of the twelve jams remaining in the first half, leading 29-18 halfway through the period, and North Star managed only five more points before halftime. Two eleven-point jams by Trohl and Sami Automatic gave the visiting Tucson crew what appeared to be a commanding 63-23 lead going into the second half.

The second half started out looking similar to the first, but the Supernovas defense gelled on the second jam. The Supernovas held their opponents to only three points in ten jams while scoring 55 points of their own, including a 17-point power jam by Kayzilla. With 18 minutes left to play, the Supernovas took back the lead 70-66. Tucson reasserted themselves as lead jammers more in the final 15 minutes, but the Supernovas continued to outscore them until the last three minutes of play. By that time, their lead was great enough that a 23-point scoring run by Tucson – including a 12-point final jam by Myna N. Possession – brought the Saddletramps close, but they were unable to bridge the gap.

Photo gallery from Paul Robertson