Assault City 141, CTRG Yankee Brutals 49

Assault City 141, CTRG Yankee Brutals 49 Assault City's Dolly Foxx (in red) led all scoring with 70 points on the night. Photo: Mike DiDonato.

WOODBRIDGE, CT — Connecticut’s B-team, the Yankee Brutals, debuted five skaters playing in their first games and immediately fell into a big hole against the more seasoned Assault City (Syracuse, NY), down 57-0 after ten jams on their way to a 141-49 loss. Despite some strong jams that breathed some life into the skates of the Yankee Brutals, Assault City took and held control from the start.

Assault City jammers Dolly Foxx and Blaze went back to back for the majority of the bout, and that combination worked out well for those 57 unanswered points. Yankee Brutal jammers Pam Terror, Dee Nasty, Lady Braga and Delilah all went up in those ten jams and came away scoreless; it wasn’t until the Yankee Brutals called a timeout to regroup that they’d finally get on the board. Pam Terror pulled lead jammer status and an eventual 8-5 win in a jam that saw both jammers go to the penalty box, and while the deficit before them was vast, the Yankee Brutals had finally broken the cold streak. They’d add a few more before the half closed with Assault City up 81-15.

The second half continued mostly as the first with the Assault defense pushing Dolly Foxx and Blaze through while successfully holding back the Yankee Brutal jammers. It wasn’t until the closing minutes of the bout that the Yankee Brutals had one more moment to really shine, as Pam Terror took full advantage of a powerjam to put up a 22-0 that accounted for nearly half of her team’s final point total — but did manage to keep the score margin under triple digits at 141-49.

Dolly Foxx and Blaze combined for nearly all of Assault City’s points with 70 and 52 respectively; Pam Terror picked up all but 10 of the Yankee Brutal points with 39. Stryct was named MVP for Assault City while Babe Vigoda got the nod for the Yankee Brutals.

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