Connecticut Scales Green Mountain, 154-59

Connecticut Scales Green Mountain, 154-59 The majority of the pack goes down in a pileup. Photo: Mike DiDonato.

WOODBRIDGE, CT — After the visiting Assault City crew had just swamped the Connecticut B-team by 92 points in the undercard match of a doubleheader, the WFTDA-sanctioned main event between Connecticut (officially #12 in the WFTDA East, unranked nationally by DNN) and all-new WFTDA league Green Mountain (not yet ranked by either WFTDA or DNN) turned out to be a mirror image, favoring the home team. The halftime margin had CT up 82-18 (as opposed to the 81-15 score in the undercard) and the final saw Connecticut victorious by 95 points at 154-59, just a few points off the 141-49 final from the opener. Like the Yankee Brutals, the Stepford Sabotage went through a bit of a roster change in the offseason, including most notably, the promotion of some of last year’s Yankee Brutals.

The bout started off with a bang as Sabotage’s C. Mya Rage jammed against GMDD Star Slayer. Slayer started strongly, but Black Cherry ended the jam abruptly with her vindictive shoulder. Slayer was forced to end the jam, and thus began a bout of many many hits. In the next jam, GMDD Unita Hearse took a crack at Murphy’s Outlaw, but didn’t stop her from earning 10 points for the Sabotage. Shortly thereafter, Girl Fawkes knocked Sonic Euthanizer back, helping CT’s jammer Ramona Rotten add 5 points to the Stepford scoreboard.

Connecticut’s blockers were in their groove during this bout. Luciana Pulverotti had a beautiful block in the seventh to aid Pepper Grind-Her. Shortly thereafter (the 14th), Pepper came through with a clutch whip to help propel jamming Black Cherry to the front of the pack. Any better executed and Black Cherry might have been launched into orbit.

Curiously, the first half saw lead jamming status split fairly evenly between the teams, each with 8 successful leads. Despite this, Connecticut was following through with their lead status, averaging 5 points whenever lead jammer status was achieved – compared to only 1.38 for the visiting Vermonters. This could stand as testimony to the strong pack work of the Stepford Sabotage who prevented points with devastating blows, or the successful ability of the Connecticut jammers to weave through the pack even without a lead to force the GMDDs to end their jams early. As a result of CT’s consistent scoring, the local team stood ahead 82 to 18 at halftime.

Connecticut continued their dominance over the visiting team into the second half. Even considering the mighty blocks of GMDD Annie Cockledoux, who delivered a mean blow against Ramona Rotten in the third, the Connecticut girls could not be slowed. Ramona had back to back jams with 14 and 5 points, followed by 8 more from Rage, and 4 from Pepper. The Green Mountain ladies got some life back as the bout slowed to its conclusion (Star Slayer and TerminateHer scoring 19 points between them in the last five jams), but it wasn’t enough to overcome the consistency of the ladies in black. The night concluded with a final score of 154 to 59 in favor of the Stepford Sabotage.

The bout was Green Mountain’s first WFTDA game ever. It was Connecticut’s first WFTDA game and win of 2011 (they’d go on to squeak out a 1 point victory over #17 WFTDA East Long Island the following weekend, bringing them to 2-0 on the year).

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