North Star Shines 185-64 Over Sioux City

ST. PAUL, MN – The North Star Roller Girls Supernovas of Minneapolis, MN hosted the Sioux City Roller Dames from Sioux City, IA in an exhibition bout that was part of a doubleheader hosted by the Twin Cities Terrors on April 23, 2011.

After scoring over 70% of their points in the first half, the Supernovas had their scoring rampage toned down in the second period by Sioux City, who came back from halftime with renewed fire. The Roller Dames, freshly welcomed this month by the WFTDA as an apprentice league, had a roster of less than a dozen and a jammer rotation of three for this bout.

In the first half, the Supernovas kept SCRD’s point-scoring low while racking up big numbers of their own, especially in the eight power jam situations created by SCRD jammer penalties. Sioux City jammers Stella Italiana and Sum Mo Payne were only able to get the lead jammer whistle three and two times, respectively. NSRG had a 66-13 lead at 15 minutes and an even more comfortable 133-24 lead at halftime.

SCRD returned from the halftime break running a tighter ship. The Roller Dames were lead jammers ten of the first eleven jams of the second period, using the advantage to bleed off the Supernovas’ scoring momentum. In the first 15 minutes of the second half, the Supernovas only scored 23, and SCRD held close to that with 19 of their own, to bring the score to 156-43. NSRG’s Ida Kildher broke the Dames’ hold on being lead jammer with 13 minutes left to play, putting the advantage back into the Supernovas’ hands for six of the nine remaining jams of the bout.

Both teams’ defenses relied heavily on walls at the front (SCRD) and back (NSRG) of the pack as well as speed control. The Supernovas’ two 20-point first half jams were facilitated by packs at a complete standstill. SCRD jammer Stella Italiana proved herself one to watch with both her ability to evade blocks and her exceptionally fast skating outside of the pack; NSRG rookie Obscene Sheen made her Supernovas debut with an impressive 24 points.

Top scorers, NSRG: Katarina Hit (41 points), Kayzilla (34), Obscene Sheen (24); SCRD: Stella Italiana (35), Sum Mo Payne (21), Dubbs (8)

Photoset from Preflash Gordon, Wijadi Jodi, and Fotodog.