Outfit Stumps North Star In Second Half

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – The North Star Supernovas hosted the Chicago Outfit Syndicate on April 30, 2011 at their league home, the Minneapolis Convention Center. Looking back at two hard-fought prior wins against the Outfit, the Supernovas expected no less of a challenge from this bout, although major North Star personnel shifts since their last meeting created a need for the Supernovas to adapt to meet the high-energy skating of their opponents.

The first half went as anticipated. The Outfit jumped to a fast lead, with Sweet Mary Pain skating the first of several double-digit jams after just five minutes of play, capitalizing on a power jam to build a 20+ point lead. Her scoring run was matched and exceeded by the Supernovas’ Dreidel Robber, who similarly jumped on the unopposed jam just before the 15:00 mark, racking up 19 and bringing the score to North Star 30 – 29 COS, the first of four lead changes before halftime.

In the first half, both teams’ blockers were on high alert, limiting the jammers to one scoring lap when both jammers were on the track. The only exception was the night’s first jam, when the Chicago defense sat on North Star’s Katarina Hit, as they would continue to do all night. Katarina put up points on only one jam the whole bout, an 18-point lead jam earned by leaping over Outfit blockers that turned into a power jam. This single point-earning jam from the usually prolific Supernovas veteran was a prime example of Chicago’s relentless blocking, which only got tighter as the bout wore on.

After breaking the Supernovas’ hold on the lead right before halftime, the Outfit ran away with the bout. North Star was completely shut out of the first fifteen minutes of the second half, unable to get a foothold while the Outfit handily earned the lead jammer whistle on every jam. Supernova jammers would be on the verge of clearing the pack, only to take blocks to the inside or outside of the track that landed them back where they started. The visitors scored 75 unanswered points before Supernovas rookie Obscene Sheen managed to break the run while opposing jammer Lola Blow served time in the sin bin; by that time, with 13:28 left to play, the Outfit had built up a 162-72 lead.

Sheen’s six points, combined with five from Dreidel Robber and three from Scarlet Raven, were all that NSRG could bring against the Outfit’s raging drive in the second half. Chicago’s five jammers scored a combined 132 points in the second period, with 50 of those points coming from just three power jams. The Outfit hit the double-century mark on the second to last jam, but the Supernovas refused to give up even in the face of major defeat, with Dreidel Robber earning their only lead jam of the half on the very last jam, and scoring five points to none for Chicago. At the final whistle, the score was Chicago Outfit 202 – Supernovas 81.

The Outfit’s top scorers were Sweet Mary Pain (87 points), Queefer Sutherland (50), and Lola Blow (35); North Star’s scoring was led by Scarlet Raven (25), Dreidel Robber (24), and Katarina Hit (18)

Photoset by Fotodog, Preflash Gordon and Wijadi Jodi.