ECDX: DC Outlasts Providence, 122-109

FEASTERVILLE, PA — In a bout with major implications for the East Region tournament picture, DC (officially #11 WFTDA East) and Providence (officially #10 WFTDA East) played an extraordinarily tight match with a total of 11 ties or lead changes. The 13-point DC margin at the end of the game was the largest lead that either team held during the match, as DC seemingly ejected Providence from the region’s top 10 with a 122-109 win.

Momentum shifts and costly jammer penalties were the story of the first half. DC was up 8-4 after three jams, but was on the wrong side of a short unopposed jam for Ruca A. Salt — that created the first lead change of the bout in a 9-0 that put Providence up 13-8. Two jams later, DC was back up on a 10-0 Sookie jam marked by a huge hit by DC’s Soledad on PRD jammer Rhoda Perdition, making the score 21-13 for DC.

At the midpoint of the half, DC was working a small lead at 32-22 when Providence got a big break with a little help from both their opponent and the jam ref — DC jammer Marion Barrycuda successfully called off the jam while not lead and also down 2-0 in the jam. That set up a powerjam for Ruca A. Salt, and the resultant 14-0 jam gave the lead to Providence once again at 38-32 with 11:30. DC called their first timeout there.

Once again, though, a powerjam changed the lead as Providence’s Cleo hit the box very early in the next jam and DC’s Sookie Slaughterhouse made Providence pay big with an 18-0. It was Providence’s turn to try to blunt momentum there with the score 50-38 DC and 9:12 left in the first half. Sookie, though, ended the jam in the box, creating yet another unopposed jam; Providence’s Craisy Dukes kept trucking through some hard hits from key blocker Soledad and pulled out a 12-1 jam that made it a one-point game at 51-50 DC with 7 minutes left in the half. Rhoda Perdition got her team back ahead 53-51 with a 3-0 to follow.

DC momentarily tied the game at 53-53 on the following jam when Providence had a lead jammer but was far too late on the call-off — ironically enough, DC’s Dr Skabs had lead but then lost an identical 2-0 jam to Providence. Providence clung to a very small lead for the last few jams of the half and went into the break up 61-55. There had been 5 ties or lead changes in the first 30 minutes.

DC came out of the halftime break strong, though; it only took two jams in the second half for DC to tie the game up again at 61-61 and three for them to retake the lead 66-61. Hoova Dayum and Soledad were all over Ruca A. Salt on the next jam, keeping her from getting lead long enough for Marion Barrycuda, who got out first without lead, to take a 3-0 win. DC’s lead grew to 73-61 before Providence finally got on the board, but it was a big jam as Providence’s Bleeding Rainbow, Cleo and Shelby Brusin totally had a lockdown on ace DC jammer Yankee Scandal and broke a 20-0 for Ruca. That made it 81-73 Providence with about 22 minutes in the game in the contest’s 8th tie or lead change.

However, Providence couldn’t sustain momentum after that big blast, and DC chipped away, small jam by small jam. By the time the 15 minute point hit, the Providence lead had been whittled down to just one point at 87-86, and DC retook the lead on a Dr Skabs 2-0 on the next jam that made it 87-86. As the game entered the final 10 minutes, DC was up by just one scoring pass at 94-90.

DC got a considerable break when Ruca A Salt got a 4-0 but inexplicably waited until Soledad entered the pack and got 2 points to call it, leaving DC with a 2 point lead at 96-94. A big jam for Sookie Slaughterhouse gave DC their biggest lead of the game at 105-94 to follow, but Providence’s Ruca A Salt made up for her previous error and more with a 14-0 that put Providence ahead yet again at 109-105 with 4:30 left in the game.

A quick 3-0 to DC made it 109-108 Providence with 3:30 to play, and DC’s Obitchuary got a 4-0 capped by a smooth move around Shelby Bruisin’ to flip the lead for the 11th time at 112-109 DC. With about 2:30 to play, Providence got what looked like it was going to be a fatal penalty when jammer Jetta Von Diesel cut the track and left the floor open for Sookie Slaughterhouse, but Providence D managed to hold a clearly tiring Sookie to only 5-0 on the powerjam. That made it 117-109 DC with 49 seconds left; Providence called time there.

Providence needed a lead jam call to win it, but Sookie went back to the line to get the lead jam call (and picked up 5 risky insurance points by making a scoring pass rather than waiting to call when time expired). In the end, DC pulled it out 122-109 for their second WFTDA upset of Providence in a row.