Team Finland Announces World Cup Roster

Team Finland Announces World Cup Roster Bloody-HO-Mary, Suvi Hokkari, Kati Kyyro, Kata Strofi. Photo: Marko Niemela

World Cup team announcements are coming fast and furious now, with Finland piling on this week’s bandwagon. More announcements expected in the coming week, check back!

Also enjoy DerbyLife’s interview with Team Finland Head Coach Estrogeena Davis.

Bloody-HO-Mary – 85 (Tampere Rollin’ Hos)
Doris – 404 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
Estrogeena Davis – 2997 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
KC Knucklebone – 886 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
Kata Strofi – 10 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
Kati Kyyrö – 95 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
Liisa Saari – 121 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
Lizz Troublegum – 96 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
Page Disaster – 6 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
Suvi Hokkari – 99 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
Tigre Force – 142 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
Trixie GrandBang – 94 (Helsinki Roller Derby)
Juicy Butther – 22 (Dirty River Roller Girls)
Misbitch – 1 (Kallio Rolling Rainbow)
Pink Spanker – 8 (Kallio Rolling Rainbow)
Udre – 3 (Kallio Rolling Rainbow)
Misty Muffdivah – 09 (Crime City Rollers)
The Blizzard – 54 (Bristol Roller Derby)