Weekly Rollup and Open Thread, 9/02/2011

There are no easy words to prepare anyone for this tragic article about a skater from Assault City Roller Derby.

On a lighter note, we can probably all agree that the Oly Rollers are the best sports team in western Washington.

It isn’t very clear how roller derby made it into this police report (check out the last item listed under August 5), but it sounds like this town has some bigger problems.

This week, we debut the Weekly Rollup Automotive Edition with the next three items:

Most derby skaters have some familiarity with aerodynamics, but very few must spend as much time thinking about it as Shovey Camaro (and don’t miss the headline).

When will the guys on Top Gear invite a derby skater onto their show to test drive a car such as the new Fiat 500?

If you were to google search the phrase “roller derby zombie” (I mean now, as I’m sure most of you have done this before), you’ll likely come upon this technabob article.

Smash One Media did a pretty artistic video recap of the Rookie Rumble event hosted by the Rose City Sirens of Camrose Alberta: