SC Championship: 2SC Texas Reclaims SC Throne From 1SC Kansas City, 132-92

SC Championship: 2SC Texas Reclaims SC Throne From 1SC Kansas City, 132-92 Texas blocker Polly Gone against Kansas City jammer Case Closed and pivot Annie Maul. Photo: Phil Peterson.

KANSAS CITY, MO — The final bout of the tournament had the 2010 South Central champions, the Kansas City Roller Warriors, fight for first place against 2009’s champions, the Texas Texecutioners. The game was intensely close for all but the final few minutes, when Texas began a 40 point run on points that Kansas City could not respond to. Texas emerged a clear victor with a 132-92 win.

The first minutes set the stage perfectly, as the teams traded four 4-0 jams in a row to leave things tied at 8-8. Kansas City’s Track Rat and Case Closed picked up 9 between them in two successive jams to give KC a 17-8 lead, but a series of major penalties gave Texas a 4-2 pack advantage, and over the next three jams they narrowed the score to 17-16 Kansas City. In the next jam, Texas’s Bloody Mary and Kansas City’s Case Closed were forced to slowly pick their way through a heavily defensive pack. While Texas had the lead advantage, powerful hits by Kansas City’s Eclipse kept her down to only 3 points, while Case Closed stole 2 points right as it was called off. Once again the game was tied, this time at 19.

Texas ran the track for the next three jams and reclaimed their lead at 26-19 at the halfway point of the period. A quick 4 points by Kansas City’s Kelly Young, 13 more by Hall Balls, and a final 4 by Track Rat allowed Kansas to move ahead 40-26 after 3 successive jams. Texas’s jammers were stymied by Kansas City’s one-woman wall known as Evolution. Three more jams saw Kansas City widen their lead to 50-30 with just 7 minutes left in the half. Texas called for a time out and regrouped.

The last five jams of the half were dominated by Texas as they took every lead and almost all the points. A Texas pack advantage of 4-2 allowed Olivia Shootin’ John to grab 14 points, and Vicious Van Gogo took 4.In the final jam of the half, Texas’s Vicious Van Go Go took lead and 5 points to reclaim the lead, then tacked on four more to end the half at 59-53, advantage Texas.

Texas expanded their lead as the second half began with Vicious Van Gogo taking the lead and 3 points with the help of a huge assist by blocker Belle Star. Kansas City’s Track Rat, Hall Balls and Kelley Young took the lead from Texas over the next eight jams, giving Kansas City a nine point lead at 71-62. Texas’s Olivia Shootin’ John captured 5 points in a natural grand slam right as the clock ticked past the 10 minute mark to close the gap to 71-67, advantage: Kansas City. Texas’s Lucille Brawl got another lead for Texas, but Kelley Young flew by a Texas wall on what appeared to be one wheel to get 4 points for Kansas City before it could be called off.

In what was the first power jam of the game, but not the last, Texas jammer Olivia Shootin’ John was sent to the box for a major back block, but she warmed the seat for no more than 30 seconds before Track Rat followed her there on a fourth minor infraction. Track Rat came out after her own 30 seconds were served, but Texecutioner defense kept her to 1 point, while Olivia Shootin’ John grabbed 9. There were now just 15 minutes left in the half, and the score was yet again tied at 76.

Both teams came out on full defense, with four blockers on each jammer. It took a full 45 seconds before Texas’s Vicious Van Gogo was able to get lead. No sooner had she gotten lead she was knocked out and then cut the track to earn her a trip to the penalty box. Kansas City’s Case Closed finally escaped the vicious Texas-controlled pack, where they outnumbered Kansas City 4 to 2. Exhausted, Case Closed was only able to earn 5 points, due in no small part to Texas blocker Lucille Brawl.

Kansas City’s Track Rat started alone on the jammer line and took a lead and 5 points before calling it off right as their power jam ended. With just 10 minutes left, Texas jammer Olivia Shootin’ John skated her own four points and narrowed the game to 86-80 Kansas City with 10 minutes to play.

Texas finally took the lead as Vicious Van Gogo was marked the lead jammer, and Kansas City’s Track Rat went to the box to keep three of her blocker friends company. With a huge track advantage, Texas was able to rack up 15 points and took the lead for the final time, 95-86.

On the other side of the powerjam, Olivia Shootin John was sent to the box on a major low block just as Kansas City jammer Track Rat was coming out. Despite a full minute to herself she couldn’t retake the lead from Texas, and the score stood at 95-92 Texas.

The last four jams of the game were completely dominated by Texas as they took every lead and benefitted from two powerjams. At the end of the game Texas had a commanding 40 point lead at 132 – 92.

Texas earns the South Central’s top placement after being #2 for a full year, and gains a first round bye in the WFTDA Championship. Kansas City secures second place in the South Central, and also advances to the Championship tournament.