North Central 7th Place: 7NC Brewcity Takes Down 5NC Cincinnati, 157-99

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Milwaukee’s Brewcity Bruisers kept their seventh seed in the North Central playoffs with a decisive win against fifth seed Cincinnati.

Cincinnati never led in the game, finding themselves in a 27-point hole just four jams into the action. Brewcity blanked the Black Sheep for another ten jam stretch behind the efforts of – among others – pivot Servin Justice, who skated perhaps the best interleague game of her career, to build the lead to 59-10. Late first half power jam points from Wheezy and K. Lethal closed the gap to 64-29, but Miliwaukee’s Scooter opened up the gap again on a 13 point PJ for a 77-29 halftime lead.

Brewcity had an answer to Cincinnati’s K. Lethal, holding her to just nine points in ten jams, but not to their own jammer penalty woes. All of the Black Sheep’s 70 second half points came as a result power jam opportunities. In fact, all but 14 of Cincinnati’s points came on powerjam.

Wheezy led Cincy’s scoring with 27 points, and Hannah Ouchocinco added 24. Carrie A. Hacksaw and Scooter were Brewcity’s one-two punch, with 61 and 53 points.