Preview: MRDA Championships

OLD BETHPAGE, NY — The top six teams in the Men’s Roller Derby Association come together on Saturday in New York for the organization’s first-ever championship tournament. Last year, when the organization was only 4 teams and known as the Men’s Derby Coalition, the New York Shock Exchange defeated Pioneer Valley’s Dirty Dozen in the MDC championship, 159-95. This year, the organization has grown to 18 teams; NYSE and PVRD are joined by the St. Louis Gatekeepers, Dallas Deception, Magic City Misfits (Jacksonsville, FL) and Puget Sound Outcasts (Tacoma, WA) in the battle for men’s derby supremacy.

All games from this weekend’s action will be streamed live on DNN beginning at 10am Eastern on Saturday, October 22.

In the six-team elimination tournament, top seed St. Louis and 2 seed New York receive first-round byes. 3 seed Magic City takes on 6 seed Dallas Deception in the opening round, with the winner playing New York; in the other opening round, 4 seed Puget Sound is up against 5 seed Pioneer Valley and the winner will face St. Louis. Both opening round bouts are rematches of bouts played in May at the MRDA / Fort Wayne Spring Roll event. Magic City defeated Dallas 211-104 while Puget Sound took out Pioneer Valley 127-102.

(1) St. Louis GateKeepers


2011 MRDA Record: 5-0

First game: 3pm vs winner of Puget Sound / Pioneer Valley

St. Louis came on the derby scene in dramatic fashion in the spring of 2010 when they came within one point of defeating the much more derby-experienced Puget Sound in the championship bout of that year’s Spring Roll. They more than followed through on the promise they showed there at this year’s edition of the Spring Roll, where they went 3-0 and ended the New York Shock Exchange’s four-year winning streak in the process.

Along with NYSE, St. Louis has taken down Harm City, Puget Sound, Twin Cities and YMMD this year; Magic City is the only other undefeated team in this tournament.

If seeding holds and Puget Sound advances to face St. Louis in the semifinal, St. Louis’ chances look good — when the teams met at Spring Roll earlier this year, St. Louis buried Puget Sound in the first half 123-36 on their way to a 201-78 victory. St. Louis and Pioneer Valley have never met on the track, though.

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(2) New York Shock Exchange


2011 MRDA Record: 7-1

First game: 12:30pm vs winner of Magic City / Dallas

NYSE’s 23-game, four-year winning streak came to an end against St. Louis earlier this year; they also had a tough time against Puget Sound, barely holding on in a last-jam situation to win 125-118 at Spring Roll. However, they’ve run up the winningest record in the MRDA with some squash matches over overmatched teams that didn’t make it to Championships — 237-38 over Connecticut, 267-41 over Central Mass, and 311-89 over Harm City. They also have two slightly closer wins over Championships participants Pioneer Valley (164-96 in the East Coast Derby Extravaganza’s first-ever men’s game) and Dallas Deception (182-46).

Even though New York has one of the two byes, they could have their hands full with tough Magic City right off the bat if MCM beats Dallas again in the first round; at Spring Roll, both teams were able to trounce Dallas. Magic City and New York have never previously played one another. If they get out of their first round, it could very well set up a championship match against St. Louis in which New York will have a chance for revenge.

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(3) Magic City Misfits


2011 MRDA Record: 4-0

First game: 10am vs Dallas

Magic City opens the tournament on Saturday morning against bottom seed Dallas in perhaps the only game of the weekend with a heavy favorite — Magic City dropped a triple-digit victory on Dallas at Spring Roll, 211-104. MCM has long been looking to match up against the New York Shock Exchange and will finally get their chance if they do in fact knock off Dallas.

With many of their skaters coming from a jam-skating background, Magic City has consistently been one of most athletic and dynamic teams in men’s derby; with their steadily increasing focus on derby discipline — reflected in their undefeated record — they’re a serious threat to go all the way in this one.

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(4) Puget Sound Outcasts


2011 MRDA Record: 3-2

First game: 11:15am vs Pioneer Valley

Although they’ve only been in the MRDA for about a year, Puget Sound is one of the older organizations in men’s derby, having organized the first serious attempt at a men’s flat-track tournament back in 2008 at Throwdown in the Sound.

With the exception of nightmare first-half against St. Louis that led to their all-time biggest loss at 201-78 at Spring Roll, it’s been a strong year for Puget. Paradoxically, their most impressive result was actually their other loss — they took NYSE all the way to a last jam before losing 125-118. They faced first-round opponent Pioneer Valley at Spring Roll, and while their 127-102 win was fairly close on paper, Puget Sound was in the lead for almost the whole bout.

If Puget Sound beats Pioneer Valley again, they’ll have to find a way past the St. Louis team that picked them apart at Spring Roll.

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(5) Pioneer Valley Dirty Dozen


2011 MRDA Record: 2-3

First game: 11:15 vs Puget Sound

For Pioneer Valley’s Dirty Dozen, this tournament is particularly special — they were the very first flat-track league to sport a men’s team. Back in 2006, they had a grand total of 0 potential opponents, but five years later they’re scrambling to stay near the top of the burgeoning scene.

They have a challenging but attainable goal in the first round as they need to take down Puget Sound to advance. Their all-time record against Puget is 1-1, though Puget held them just out of striking range for the majority of their Spring Roll meeting before winning by 25. Notably, Pioneer Valley comes into this one with the shortest roster of any participating team at 11 players.

If Pioneer Valley lands the upset they’ll have a first-ever meeting with St. Louis in the semifinals.

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(6) Dallas Deception


2011 MRDA Record: 2-2

First game: 10 am vs Magic City

Dallas narrowly beat out upstart Iowa team YMMD for the sixth and final invitation to this tournament, and they’ll get a tough test immediately up against Magic City. The Deception has no shortage of hard hitters and agile skaters, but Magic City matches up very well against their style. Their previous meeting at Spring Roll this year was one of the weekend’s most kinetic and crowd-pleasing matchups, but Magic City handily beat them by 107 points when it was all over.

Even if Dallas manages to find a way past Magic City, they’ll find themselves matched up against New York in the semis, who defeated them even more definitively at Spring Roll, 182-46. Dallas is the only team at this tournament who has never defeated another tournament participant; their MRDA wins earlier this year came over Twin Cities (128-114) and Harm City (188-133).

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