Big O: Sac City Surprises Pikes Peak, 181-149

EUGENE, OR — Frequent lead changes and jammers often playing musical chairs in the penalty box made this one a neck and neck game, but in the end apprentice WFTDA league Sac City defeated established Pikes Peak (#18W) in a game much closer than the final score implied, 181-149.

A tight first half had Sac City finally opening up a bit of daylight in the final 6 minutes, extending a 60-49 lead to 72-51 at the break. Through the opening jams of the second half, it looked as if Sac City might continue to open up space; with 27 minutes left, Sac City had a 84-55 lead.

However, a 10-0 power jam for Pikes Peak, followed up by a 8-0 for Kamilla Bloodspilla, quickly got Pikes Peak back to within striking distance at 84-73 with 23 minutes to play.

The momentum swung wildly in the next two jams. First, Sac City got a break when Pikes Peak jammer Moxxy Malicious hit the box on a cutting-track major and Sac’s La Lucha picked up an 8-0, but immediately afterwards, it was Kamilla Bloodspilla running amok on a huge 24-0 frame as Sac City’s blockers went to the box one after another. That one flipped the lead, making it 97-92 Pikes Peak with 17 minutes to play.

That lead survived for only two jams; once again, it was a powerjam that changed the advantage, as Sac City’s Quick Fire rang up 18 unanswered points in the 11th jam of the half to make it 114-101 Sac City. But Quick Fire got sent to the box just at the end of that run, leaving PPDD’s Pepper Slay to answer it perfectly with 18 of her own. With 10 minutes to play it was 119-114 Pikes Peak.

The lead changed for the third time in three jams when Sac City dropped a natural 15-0 run while Pikes Peak jammer Moxxy Malicious took a beating; Sac was up 129-119. Sac City barely stayed ahead over the next two jams as the penalty box remained a popular vacation destination for both teams.

With under four minutes to play and the score 146-134 Sac City, Pikes Peak seemed ready to capitalize on a 4-2 pack situation and went up 149-146 during the jam, but PPDD lost their jammer later in the jam and it ended Sac City holding a 151-149 lead.

It was truly anybody’s game going into the final jam, but that changed quickly when Pikes Peak completely filled their penalty box early, leaving La Lucha a clear path to a 30-0 exclamation point in the last jam. Sac City’s margin after the final jam was larger than it had been at any point during the game, and they claimed the 181-149 win.