Tallahassee Upsets Green Country, 215-178

TULSA, OK — Green Country’s first game since their 7th place finish at the South Central Regional Tournament turned into quite an upset on Saturday night. What initially appeared to be a by-the-book, season-opening victory for Green Country rapidly turned into a Tallahassee upset in the second half. When the dust settled the final score stood at 215-178 for underdog Tallahassee, who came into the game officially ranked #15 in the region.

After the opening three jams the score stood at 13-9 for Tallahassee, but the favored Green Country took over afterwards. Jammers Str8 Legit and T-Pain each took four unanswered points, and Temptress Storm took home a huge 24 points in a power jam while Tallahassee’s Stone Her sat in the box for an illegal high block. Green Country had nearly a two to one advantage on points at 41-21.

The rest of the half went by quickly and cleanly as each team sought to score and call it off as fast as possible. Tallahassee took 13 leads to Green Country’s 7, yet the gap never closed from the earlier power jam. Green Country’s pivot Electra Violet led her team’s strong defense, and at halftime Green Country held the advantage 80-61.

The second half opened in Green Country’s favor, as a full-length jam allowed their Temptress Storm to earn 25 points to Stone Her’s 12. This jam marked a turning point in the game as Tallahassee went on a scoring spree. Over the next seven jams Tallahassee’s Great Wall of Gina brought in 42 points, low maim 17 and Stone Her 8, while Green Country totaled only 9 between their jamming staff. Tallahassee reclaimed the lead 139 – 114.

The game closed out with both teams advancing their score with leaps and bounds with 15 and 20 point jams being just as common as nickels and dimes, but Green Country never managed to get closer than 26 points. The comparatively conservative game play from the first half was left behind in favor of both teams going full offense. This often did not work in Green Country’s favor as they were plagued by penalties on their jammers. On the blocker side of penalties, Green Country’s Rosie the Wrecker played a relatively clean first half, only serving one penalty, but the furious second half of the game saw her ejected after a series of penalties culminated in an insubordination call on the last jam.

Tallahassee’s Erin Breakabitch and Vaginamite led their blocker lines with faster paced offensive plays, and strong walls. Tallahassee’s low maim ended the game with a 14 – 3 jam to expand their lead over the Oklahomans. Despite a relatively even split of lead jammers in the second half (11 for Tallahassee against 10 for Green Country), the ladies from Florida managed to switch the lead by 56 points for an upset victory, Tallahassee 215, Green Country 178.

Tallahassee knocked off #20SC Northwest Arkansas 181-86 the following night to improve to 2-0 in their WFTDA play for 2012. Tallahassee’s next WFTDA bout is on the road against #25E Charlotte on March 17. Green Country is next up at home against #6SC No Coast, also on March 17.