Providence Escapes Green Mountain, 174-161

ESSEX JUNCTION, VT — Fresh from the off-season, Providence’s Rhode Island Riveters and Green Mountain’s Grade A Fancy met for what should have been a shut-out Saturday night. Green Mountain, #22 in the East Region, were predicted to lose by over 100 points to Providence, ranked #13. Providence did win, but it didn’t go quite as expected; they needed nearly the full 60 minutes to claim a 13 point win, 174-161.

Green Mountain’s Nancy Nightmare grabbed the first lead jammer status and racked up a quick 4-0 jam, setting the trend for the bout. Despite getting the next lead jammer, the Riveters only answered with two points of their own, and it took them another four jams to add any more points to that, while Green Mountain brought the score up to 23-7 at the end of jam 6.

It was more than halfway through the first period by the time Providence made a significant addition to their score, with Rhoda Perdition making use of a power jam to score 20 points. A few jams later, Rhoda got another 20-point power jam, and then the two teams traded moderate gains to end the half with Green Mountain leading 94-80.

The second period was punctuated with long official time outs to fix reffing, scorekeeping, and timekeeping issues, but despite the pauses, the game was still full of energy. Green Mountain kept the lead for nearly 20 minutes before Providence snagged a 137-135 lead, held on for a jam, lost the lead for two jams, and then took it back with just enough time on the clock for one more jam.

Green Mountain started the last jam with half of their blockers in the box and a 12-point deficit, and though both teams scored points, Providence held onto their lead just long enough for the period clock to run out and secure their 174-161 win over Green Mountain.

2012 is Green Mountain’s second WFTDA season; this September, they’ll be co-hosting the East Region Playoffs with Montreal. In the more immediate future, Green Mountain will go up against Hudson Valley (ranked #28 in the East by WFTDA) at home on March 17th; Providence’s next game is at home on March 10 against New Hampshire (#26E).